Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Cancer

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					Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a very dangerous type of cancer which
develops in the pleura region. This pleura region is responsible for the
movement of lungs during the breathing process, and are responsible for
producing the pleural fluids which help the lungs to move more
flexible.What is the cause of malignant pleural mesothelioma? This is the
most important question when we talk about mesothelioma, the top reason
is Asbestos. This word refers to a kind of material that was used in the
manufacturing field in the past, especially the construction companies
used these materials for a long time in the past. Now, the manufacturing
companies don't use these dangerous materials any more.How does it
develop? After inhalation of asbestos, asbestos can reach to lungs and
settle on the pleura and make abnormal activities in the pleural cavity,
through the incoming years, tumors begin to develop on the pleura. From
here the dangerous effects will appear.The fluid effusion will be
observed due to the excess of the normal fluids, this leads to a
shortness of breath and makes some chest pain. The main problem for the
doctors too is the delay of symptoms to appear - the symptoms may take
from 30 to 50 years to appear. Another problem to diagnosing
mesothelioma, when the symptoms appear, they are very similar to the
symptoms of other common and less dangerous diseases.The treatment
options of pleural mesothelioma can be one of the following methods, or
doctors may make a combination for all methods. The first option is the
surgery, the second option is the chemotherapy and the third option is
the radiation therapy.

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