Asbestos Fibers Are Responsible For Mesothelioma And Asbestosis by anamaulida


									Deadly Diseases from Asbestos Fibers Asbestos fibers are responsible for
several deadly diseases like lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis and
pleural plaques. Several studies have shown that inhalation or ingestion
of fibrous substance can damage the lungs and can lead to the development
of cancer over time. When some irritating substance inhaled by an
organism, the mucus produced in the human body that surrounds the
irritant and is also expelled from the body by coughing. Another way to
rid the human body as irritants is called phagocytosis, and it occurs in
the human immune system. Fibers remain in the body The fibers that remain
in the body in the lungs and cause scarring in their tissues. Irritants
can lead to complications much deeper for an extended period of time in
the development of serious diseases like lung cancer. These fibers
eventually reach the inner lining of human lungs begin irritate and cause
damage to cells in the surrounding areas. These fibers are surrounded by
calcium deposits forming pleural plaques. This condition becomes
progressively worse and eventually develops into mesothelioma. When
asbestos fibers are swallowed, mesothelioma begins to develop in the
abdominal wall. Inhalation of asbestos fibers Many doctors now believe
that cancer mesothelioma occurs due to constant inhalation of harmful
substances in the fibers in the lungs. In almost all cases, the
mesothelioma cancer has occurred in the workers were exposed to
abnormally high levels of asbestos at work. On the other hand,
asbestosis, asbestos fibers is not a disease and cancer develops
gradually over a period of ten to thirty years. When the fibrous material
that is trapped in the lungs, the body produces acid to the eradication
of these fibers. The internal tissues of the lungs can cause scarring in
the Continuous production of an acid and can reach a stage where they can
not function properly. This can cause serious respiratory problems.
Different types of asbestos fibers 1. Amphiboles 2. Coils Amphiboles are
needle-like shape and can not break down easily in the human body and
remains there for years. Asbestos fibers are coil-shaped corkscrew and
the inside of our body breaks down easily, but can cause severe
irritation. Asbestos is used in industries and construction since the
mid-1800s and was largely responsible for many dangerous diseases. Its
effects are not visible for decades, and many victims of diseases
associated with asbestos fibers in the seventies. All those who work in
asbestos mines, mills, shipyards and construction at high risk of
diseases related to harmful material. Protecting the legal rights
Although the use of asbestos has reduced to a large extent in the last
ten years, is still used to make fire safety products. All those who are
rehabilitating old buildings, or working in buildings that contain this
harmful substance is in danger. If you have suffered an illness because
of asbestos, you may contact a competent attorney to discuss legal
rights. Professional legal advise and assist you in the event. Claims:
contact a lawyer A lawyer can help you get compensation for any real
health problems like mesothelioma and asbestos become something of you.

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