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					Dr. Hans Peter JENSEN
Dr. Hans Peter Jensen, MSc University of Copenhagen, Fil.dr. Chalmers University of
Technology, Sweden. Doctoral Thesis “Polarized Light, History and Contemporary use in
Coordination Chemistry”.

In 2001 Dr. Jensen retired from the post as Rector of the Technical University of Denmark
(DTU) following a period of 16 years in that post. DTU is the leading technical university in
Denmark and Dr. Jensen was in the same period chairman of the Danish Rector´s Conference
and the Nordic University Association. By the end of this period he conducted the
transformation of DTU from a traditional university into a self-owned institution with a
professional board and an employed team of leaders instead of the traditional elected team
from within the institution.

Before becoming a Rector Dr. Jensen was doing research in phase modulation spectroscopy
and coordination chemistry and he has more than 50 scientific papers in inorganic and
physical chemistry on his publication list. At the same time he was also doing teaching in
general and inorganic chemistry and he has published several text books in these subjects.

After leaving DTU in 2001 Dr. Jensen became Research Director in the Danish Institute for
Food and Veterinary Research and he ended his public carrier as Department Head for
Natural Sciences at Roskilde University for one year.

Nowadays Dr. Jensen is managing a major private dormitory with 500 students in central
Copenhagen (Egmont H. Petersens Kollegium) and he is a member of several foundation and
company boards.

Internationally Dr. Jensen has been a member of the Board of Governors of JRC since 2001.

Further he has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Forum of EFSA for 3 years, member
of the Higher Education and Research Committee of the Council of Europe for 9 years and
chairman in a Unesco committee on engineering education in developing countries for 5

Presently Dr. Jensen is for a.o. the European University Association doing evaluation of
universities in relationship to quality development, the Bologna process, management
development etc.

In Denmark Dr. Jensen is for the time being chairing a governmental committee dealing with
internationalisation of Danish Educations.

Dr. Jensen holds 3 honorary Doctor´s degrees (2 in the US and one in Finland) and he is
commander of the Danish order of Dannebrog.

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