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					       Award Winning Publication of Golden Valley VFW Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary
           The Post Home: 510 West Allen Street, Clinton, Missouri 64735 Telephone: 660-885-5980
            Cathline Vest, Editor & Publisher—(660)885-9777 Email: VFWPost1894News@yahoo.com
Commander:       Harold Houk      351-1294                       President:     Barbara Danforth     492-7495
Adjutant:        Roy Brandt                                      Secretary:     Pat Snyder           885-6817
Quartermaster:   Bob Easton       885-4920                       Treasurer:     Mary Hubbard         885-7404
Chaplain:        Jerry Day        885-5910                       Chaplain:      Cathline Vest        885-9777

Issue III                                                                                   MARCH 2012

COMMANDERS CORNER                                               PRESIDENTS NOTES

                         Veterans of Foreign Wars District 6 Awards for
                        Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen Winners
          On February 12th, 2012, winners of the Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen essay contests and their
  families attended the District 6 meeting in Concordia, MO where they enjoyed lunch and were presented
  awards for their win at the district level.
          Golden Valley VFW Post 1894 members are very proud of the accomplishment of our two winners
  from Clinton. Each student received a certificate and savings bond award for their exceptional work. Brett
  Hendrich, 7th Grade at Davis R-12, won District 6 third place for his Patriot’s Pen written essay on the theme
  “Are You Proud of Your Country?” Taylor Sullivan, 12th Grade home-school student, won District 6 second
  place for her Voice of Democracy audio essay on the theme, “Is There Pride in Serving in Our Military?”
          These two scholarship opportunities are annual programs through the VFW, beginning with a stu-
  dent’s entry at the local post level.
          Area schools are provided with materials each year and gracious teachers assist by offering entries to
  their students or including the program in class activities. The following Patriot’s Pen and Voice of Democ-
  racy themes have been set for the 2012-2013 school year: Grades 6-8, “What I Would Tell America’s Found-
  ing Fathers” and 9-12, “Is Our Constitution Still Relevant?” Details and contest entry forms are available
  through Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #1894 in Clinton.
          Our congratulations are extended to Taylor Sullivan and Brett Hendrich for their work; and to their
  families for their encouraging these fine young students to take such patriotic interest in their country.
RALLY at the CAPITAL                                  Physical Disability Board Review Up-                             MO VFW Service Officer
                                                                                                                    Fundraiser Pins. Available
The main theme for Veterans Legis-                    date: Congress established a Physical
                                                                                                                     through the Quartermaster,
lation in the State of Missouri this                  Disability Board Review (PDBR) in                               Ladies Auxiliary Treasurer
year will be a DEDICATED                              2008 to review disability determina-                             or they can be available
                                                                                                                             through YOU.
FUNDING SOURCE to support                             tions of veterans discharged between                For more info please contact the
and build back the Missouri Veterans                  September 11, 2001, and December 31,               QM or LA Treasurer for more info.
Commission Capital Improvement                        2009. Those with a combined disability
Trust Fund (MVCCITF) for the fu-
                                                      rating of 20 percent or less who did not        FLAG SCHEDULE 2012
ture and not just one year at a time.                                                             ¡ New Years Day~ Sun-Jan. 1
Therefore, we have scheduled                          retire can apply for a review. Since the
                                                                                                  ¡ Martin Luther King Jr Day~ Mon-Jan. 16
                                                      programs creation, only 5 percent of
                                                                                                  ¡ Presidents Day~ Mon-Feb. 20
     Rally at the capitol                             those eligible have applied to have their   ¡ Armed Forces Day~ Sat-May 19
      1st floor rotunda                               status reviewed. DOD is partnering          ¡ Memorial Day~ Mon-May 28
                                                      with VA to reach out to others to notify    ¡ Flag Day~ Thurs-June14
       March 22, 2012                                                                             ¡ Independence Day~ Wed-July 4
                                                      them about the PDBR by sending let-
                                                      ters to veterans this year. While the       ¡ Labor Day~ Mon-Sept. 3
The time will be 0900-1000 assem-                                                                 ¡ Patriot’s Day~ Tues-Sept. 11
                                                      collaboration will help ensure that vet-
ble in the Rotunda and place unit                                                                 ¡ Columbus Day~ Mon-Oct. 8
flags on the stairway. The program                    erans have access to their benefits, eli-   ¡ Veterans Day~ Sun-Nov. 11
will begin at 1000. As time goes by                   gible veterans can also directly contact    ¡ Pearl Harbor Day~ Fri-Dec. 7
we will advise all of you of any                      the PDBR immediately through their          Flags up 6:50 am          Flags Down 4:45 pm
                                                                                                   Meet: front of Elks Lodge (Ctr. N Side of Sq.)
changes to what, when, where, etc.                    website. We also ask you share this             Contact: Bill Harrison (660) 492-0183
Please pass this information along to                 information with everyone you know.
your Posts, Districts, etc and ask                    For more, go to http://www.health.mil/
members to put this in their calen-
                                                      About _MHS/Organizati on s/
dars now so we will have another
successful event. Please wear your                    MHS_Offices_and_Programs/PDBR/
organizational covers (hats).                         pdbr-faqs.aspx
We have to let our elected officials
know all veterans want to keep our                                                                        VFW NATIONAL HOME
Missouri Veterans Homes open, our                                                                           FOR CHILDREN
                                                            Got a Great Recipe?
Missouri Veterans Cemeteries open                                                                     NEW website is up, Check it out at
and our Veterans Outreach programs                            Share it the next                         http://www.vfwnationalhome.org/
strong. I hope to see you all there.                            newsletter!!                           If you’re not already a Life Member
                                                                                                      please consider it for this worthwhile
                                                       All you need to do is send it to:              organization. Cost is $35.00 and in-
Bob Wonnell                                                                                                 cludes a Life Member Pin.
Publicity Chairman

           Solution - back page in Solution Corner.
                                                   YOUNG AMERICAN CREATIVE PATRIOTIC ART
        TAKE                                             SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY

Background: All military retirees and
                                              VFW Post #1894 Ladies Auxiliary, Clinton, are still seeking entries for our Young
                                              American Creative Patriotic Art Awards contest open to 9th – 12th grade students in pub-
                                              lic, private, parochial, or home-school settings. The only students not eligible for this
active duty service members will see          contest would be a previous first-place national winners, foreign exchange students, or
increases in their health care costs under    students over the age of 20.
the proposed Department of Defense
(DOD) FY 2013 budget.                         Art entries must be on paper or canvas. Water color, pencil, pastel, charcoal, tempera
                                              paint, crayon, acrylic, pen-and-ink, or oil may be used. Digital art is not accepted. Do
All existing fees and co-pays will drasti-    not frame ! Canvas submissions should be on stretcher frames. Entries on paper should
cally increase over the next five             be matted on heavy white paper. Mounted and floating mats may also be used. Color
years. Fees and co-pays will nearly dou-      mats will not be accepted. The art should be no smaller than 8” X 10” but no larger
ble for lower retirement pay earners;         than 18” X 24”, not including the mat. If the American Flag is included in the artwork,
however, because the budget proposals         it must conform to the Federal Flag Code as to color, number of stars and stripes, and
include tiers which tie future increases      other pertinent code rules. Entry forms must be attached to the backside of the art-
based on retired pay, many will pay           work. Contact your local contest chairman for further entry rules and requirements.
more than four times the current amount
within five years. In addition to increas-    Examples of previous winning entries may be found at:
ing existing fees and co-pays (starting       https://www.ladiesauxvfw.org/programs/scholarships.html
Oct 1, 2012), the budget proposal would
also institute entirely new and costly        There are Local, Department (State of Missouri), and National awards of varying
enrollment fees for TRICARE Standard          amounts available; with the National first-place winner receiving $10,000, $5,000 for
and TRICARE for Life (TFL).                   second, $2,500 for third, $1,500 for fourth, and $500 for fifth through eighth places.

For example, a TFL beneficiary making         Students are encouraged to accept this invitation as an opportunity to express their patri-
less than $22,589 would pay $150 per          otic artistic view of our country. Participants compete to win awards for their college
individual by FY 2016, and the fee            fund. Entries are being accepted until March 31st, 2012.
would be indexed to civilian medical
inflation thereafter.                         For additional contest details or entry forms, contact our VFW Post #1894 Ladies Aux-
                                              iliary chairman, Rai Remer at 885-8727.
Active-duty service members and their
families would also feel the pinch as co-
pays for brand name drugs would double
in 2013 for all pharmacy beneficiaries
and would continue to rise each year.                                            Salmon Rosti
We cannot stand by and allow the De-                                       317 Calories per serving
fense budget to harm the military and its                               Makes 4 servings, 2 cakes each
personnel. VFW opposes any increases
in healthcare costs for all military retir-
                                              2 6– to 7-oz cans Salmon,                4 cups frozen hash-brown
ees and our service members.                      boneless, skinless, drained                   shredded potatoes
Congress must support a budget that           1/2 cup finely chopped red onion         2 Tbls. Extra-virgin olive oil
does not include fee increases which          2 large eggs, plus 1 egg white, beaten 1/2 cup reduced fat sour cream
passes budget savings on to our service       1 Tbls. whole grain mustard              1 Tbls. Capers, rinsed, and chopped
members and retirees.                         3 Tsp. dried Dill, divided               1 Tsp. lemon juice
                                              1/2 Tsp pepper & 1/4 Tsp. salt
Action Needed:                                Combine salmon, onion, eggs and egg white, mustard, 2 Tbls. Dill, pepper and salt in
Contact your Legislators today and urge       large bowl. Add potatoes and stir to combine.
them to block DOD’s authority to in-          Heat 1 Tbls. Oil in large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Fill a 1-cup measure 2/3 full
crease any TRICARE fees as part of the        with salmon mixture and firmly pack it down 4 times. Unmold into pan and pat to form a
Defense Authorization bill. Those who         3-inch cakes. Cover and cook until browned on bottom, 3 to 5 minutes. Gently turn over
have fought for our country deserve no        and cook, covered, until crispy on other side. Remove from pan and keep warm. Wipe
less. Congress should insist that DOD         out pan and cook 4 more cakes with remaining salmon mixture and tablespoon oil.
find efficiencies in other areas and leave
those who have fought and continue to
fight for our country out of any budget

   Let them know we expect any fee
   increases to be dead on arrival!
A big THANK YOU to all who showed up for the Legislative Days last Monday                            Members of
and Tuesday. It was the largest turnout that I have seen in the last ten years. We
now have the backing of Governor Nixon, the Missouri Veterans Commission
                                                                                                   VFW Post 1894
and many members of the House of Representatives for our bills to get a dedi-
cated funding source for the Missouri Veterans Commission with the primary bill
                                                                                            currently deployed overseas.
right now being HB 1160 for the $1 additional admission fee for the gaming                  Please provide information for those serving to the editor.
boats. Although we have several State Senators who have stated their support for
the bill in the Senate, the word we are getting from various sources there is it will
                                                                                        LCPL Stephen Schildgen
not pass in the Senate. Various reasons are being given such as "we are taking          3/7 Lima Co, 2nd Plt
the funding from one source and not distributing it from several sources" and           Unit 41590
"this is a tax on the gaming industry and we will not pass any new taxes". This         FPO AP 96427-1590
means that we will have to work much harder on the senators in the coming               Currently serving in Afghanistan
weeks if we hope to have any chance of success. One of the efforts you can be-          Feel free to drop them a line and let him know that we
gin right now is to continually remind your Senator and Representative of the           are thinking of him and supporting him!!!
importance of passing a funding bill for the Missouri Veterans Commission that          There’s nothing like a letter from home!!
meets the total needs of the Commission. We should have the details ready for
publication for the Veterans Rally in The Capitol on March 22, 2012 sometime                Funding the Nat’l Dept of MO & Ladies Aux VOD Scholarship.
this week and will make them available to all of you. Hopefully the legislation
we are seeking will have passed the House and be in the Senate at that time and         The Department Council of Administration voted to proceed with soliciting
our rally can be directed toward the Senate.                                            funds from Posts between now and the June Convention to support the cost.
                 Call your State Senator today and let him/her know                     The one-time cost to refund the scholarship at $1500 would be $21,000, due
                  you want them to pass HB 1160. It’s important.                        by December 31, 2012 with a commitment by July 15, 2012. If sufficient funds
                                                                                        were not raised, there would be a vote at the Convention in June as to what
                                                                                        the Department would fund. You may send your contributions stating now to
Your Department Council of                  If you wish to have your lo-                Department Headquarters. Be sure to mark your check as for National VOD
                                                                                        Scholarship fund. Cost of a $1500 Scholarship would be less than $.50/
Administration voted to sup-               cal memorial in the calendar                 member. Please encourage your District and Post to contribute at your next
port Production, sale and dis-             you may start now sending in                 Post and Ladies Auxiliary meeting.
tribution of a 2013 Calendar.              your pictures. Pictures should
The Calendar would display a
picture of selected War me-
morials around the state sub-
                                           be sent via email to me at
                                           adj@mo.vfwwebmail.com or
mitted by posts or individuals.
The calendar would include a
                                           A committee will be formed
                                           at some later point to choose
                                                                                             Electronic Newsletter
                                                                                                             (Aka) Email, and it’s Free
raffle where prizes would be               the ones that get in the calen-
awarded daily, weekly,                     dar this year. When a cutoff                                         Register Today
monthly and etc. from tickets              date is established for receiv-
drawn. Schedule of drawings                ing pictures is determined you                        Simply send your information to:
and amount to be determined                will be notified. This en-
later in the year. Calendars               deavor has reaped many bene-                      vfwPost1894News@yahoo.com
would be printed this spring               fits for other states that have                        and have your next newsletter delivered
and available for sale in June             done it. Done properly, this                                   directly to your Inbox.
with drawings for prize                    could fund many of our De-
                                           partment Programs and save                                         Benefits include:
money starting in January
                                           your post from many solicita-                x      Early Delivery
2013. Iowa, Nebraska and
                                                                                        x      Full Color Display (can be printed in B/W too)
Wisconsin have been quiet                  tions.
                                                                                        x      Easy to print single pages (8.5 x 11)
successful with this program.                                                           x      Save the Post $$$ on postage/handling.
                                                                                        x      Easy access to important links and information

         DAYS TO REMEMBER THIS MONTH                                                                    **Solution Corner**
    To all those who have a birthday or anniversary this month….
                 Many Happy Returns and Best Wishes!!
   March 9-Post/Aux. Meetings, 7pm
  March 11-Begin Daylight Saving Time
      March 17—St Patrick’s Day
     March 20—First Day of Spring
   March 22—Fourth Thursday Social!!

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