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Dr. Nancy Wiegand is at the University of Wisconsin-Madison working on the use and
development of semantic technologies for the geospatial area. She also has a background in
Database Management Systems. N. Wiegand, Dave Kolas, and Gary Berg-Cross organized the
Terra Cognita workshops on geospatial semantics at both the 2008 and 2009 International
Semantic Web Conferences. These workshops brought together people working on the Semantic
Web with those interested in geospatial information.

Dr. Gary Berg-Cross is a Cognitive Psychologist (SUNY Stony Brook) who has taught at several
colleges (SUNY, Widener, Delaware GW, GMU) and whose professional life included R&D in
applied knowledge engineering, collaboration and AI. Major thrusts of his work include reusable
knowledge, vocabularies and semantic interoperability achieved through semantic analysis,
formalization, capture in knowledge tools and access through Web Sites. For the last 10 years he
has had a dual focus on the semantics needed to understand enterprise knowledge and on the
advancement of general understanding of the developmental process for cognition.

Mike Dean is a Principal Engineer at Raytheon BBN Technologies, where he has worked on
Semantic Web standards, tools, and applications since 2000. He is co-author of a geospatial
ontology trade study and a co-convener of the Open Ontology Repository initiative.

Dr. Naijun Zhou is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland College Park. His
research activities include geospatial data interoperability using semantic and ontological
technologies, geospatial portals, and Web-based GIS.

Dave Kolas is a Scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies. He has authored many papers in the
geospatial Semantic Web area and co-chaired the Terra Cognita workshop on geospatial
semantics in 2008, 2009, and 2011. He is also the co-chair of the GeoSPARQL Standards
Working Group in the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Dr. James Wilson is an assistant professor in geography at James Madison University.

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