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What is Mesothelioma by anamaulida


									What is Mesothelioma      It is a rare, form of cancer, that develops,

  from the protective lining, that covers, many of the body's
internal organs, the mesothelium.      It is usually caused by exposure
to asbestos.      It's most common site, is the pleura, (outer lining of
the lungs      and internal chest wall),       it may also occur, in the
peritoneum, (the lining, of the      abdominal cavity),       the
pericardium, (a sac, that surrounds the heart),       or the tunica
vaginalis, (a sac, that surrounds the testis).       Most people who
develop mesothelioma cancer, have worked on jobs       where, they inhaled
asbestos, and glass particles,      or they have been exposed, to
asbestos dust, and fiber, in      other ways.       It has also been
suggested, that washing the clothes of a       family member, who worked
with asbestos, or glass, can put a       person at risk for developing
mesothelioma cancer. Those who have been exposed to asbestos, utilize
asbestos      attorneys to collect damages for mesothelioma law suits

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