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					                            Department of Strategy & Human Resource Management
                                           Paper Offerings for 2011

Paper Code Title                                                              Lecturer
HRMG241            Organizational Behaviour (Jan-Feb)                         TBA
HRMG343            Business Research Methods Nov - Dec                        Assoc Prof Jarrod Haar
STMG391            Strategic Management (Jan-Feb)                             TBA
STMG556            Work Life Balance Jan-Feb                                  Assoc Prof Jarrod Haar
STMG560 NET        Special Topic Spirit and Enterprise Nov-Dec                Assoc Prof Kathryn Pavlovich
A Semester
Paper Code         Title                                                      Lecturer
STMG191            Introduction to Management                                 Mr Neil Harnisch
STMG285/385        Strategy for Enterprise                                    Dr Steve Bowden
STMG311 NET        International Business Environment                         Assoc Prof Jens Mueller
STMG346/436        Strategy & the Internet                                    Dr Jenny Gibb
STMG388/488        Strategic Alliances and Networks                           Assoc Prof Kathryn Pavlovich
STMG391            Strategic Management (Hamilton & Tauranga)                 Dr Stephen Bowden Dr David Lyons
STMG425            Managing with Spirit                                       Assoc Prof Kathryn Pavlovich
STMG512            Strategic Innovation                                       Dr Jenny Gibb
STMG580            Strategies for Sustainability                              Dr Eva Collins
STMG588 NET        International Business Strategy                            Assoc Prof Michèle Akoorie

HRMG241            Organizational Behaviour                                   Mr Jones/Dr Grant/Dr Twiname
HRMG341            Managerial Behaviour                                       Prof Clive Gilson
HRMG342            Human Resource Management                                  Dr Linda Twiname
HRMG343            Business Research Methods                                  TBA
HRMG374            Women and Mgmt                                             Dr Suzette Dyer
HRMG401            HRM and Employment Relations                               Prof Mark Harcourt
HRMG488            International HRM                                          Dr Peter Haynes
HRMG541            Issues for Managerial Behaviour                            Dr Suzette Dyer
HRMG544            HRM Strategy                                               Prof Mark Harcourt
MCOM331            Managing Conflict and Consensus                            MCOM
PSYC572A/573B      Personnel, Recruitment and Training (15 pt modules)        Psychology Department

B Semester
Paper Code         Title                                                      Lecturer
MNGT100            Sustainability                                             Dr Eva Collins
STMG191            Introduction to Management                                 Mr Glyndwr Jones
STMG222 NET        Net Ready: Navigating the Business Landscape               Dr Jenny Gibb
STMG344            Business Government and Society                            Dr Eva Collins
STMG391            Strategic Management                                       Dr Heather Bircham-Connelly
STMG324/424        Entrepreneurship and Innovation TAURANGA                   Assoc Prof Jens Mueller
STMG315 NET        Business in BRICs                                          Dr Paresha Sinha
STMG412 NET        International Business Strategy                            TBA
STMG502 NET        Research Methods                                           Dr Peter Haynes
STMG517 NET        Current Issues in International Management                 Dr Paresha Sinha
STMG555            Foundations of Org and Strat                               Dr Steve Bowden

HRMG241            Organizational Behaviour                                   Mr Jones/Dr Grant/Dr Twiname
HRMG342            Human Resource Management (Hamilton & Tauranga)            Dr Peter Haynes
HRMG402            HRM and Practice                                           Mr Glyndwr Jones
HRMG445            Career Management and Development                          Dr Suzette Dyer
HRMG543            Pay and Performance Management                             Prof Mark Harcourt
HRMG545            Employment Relations                                       Dr Linda Twiname
HRMG574            Women and Organizations                                    Dr Suzette Dyer
PSYC585            Organizational Change & Development (15 pt module)         Psychology Department
MCOM431            Negotiation and Persuasion                                 MCOM
Students doing an HRM major can also take MCOM331-08A, MCOM431-08B and PSCY572/573 and count to their HRM major.
Students taking a MMS in Strategy can count SCEN501 or SCEN502 to their major
Shaded papers can count to either a Strategy or a Human Resource major but not both majors.

Social Enterprise Program
SCEN301   A        Engaging with Social Enterprise                            Dr Suzanne Grant
SCEN501   A NET    Social Enterprise in Context                               Assoc Prof Maria Humphries
SCEN502   B NET    Management and Social Enterprise                           Dr Suzanne Grant
SCEN503       AB   Social Enterprise Practicum                                AP M Humphries/Dr S Grant
SCEN504   A NET    Issues in Third Sector Research                            Assoc Prof Maria Humphries
Directed Studies, Dissertation and Thesis are available in all subjects. Please see the Graduate Conveners to discuss further.

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