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     Parent Portal
Project Scope and

                     USD - ITS
                     University of San Diego

Allowing parents access to student information in the MySandiego Portal is a highly desirable addition to
the suite of rich features within the University of San Diego Portal. An important factor in implementing a
parent portal is defining security and the parent role correctly to allow access to appropriate information
that conforms with associate laws.

Design and programming of the parent access to the MySandiego portal is a significant project and at this
time, ITS programmers are committed to several projects and daily production support. There will be a
considerable amount of support provided by ITS staff, however, approximately 12 weeks of a technical
consultant’s time will be essential to complete programming for the project. Based on the estimates
outlined below, the project will take 3 to 4 months to implement and with approximately $38,000 in
consulting costs (12 weeks at $80 per hour).


The MySandiego Portal went live in April 2007 and since then has grown into a useful service for USD
students, faculty and staff.
There has been continued demand to provide access to some key information for USD parents — features
such as financial and student records, class schedules, grades, in compliance with the Family Education
Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the E-signature Act of 2004.

The portal has a progression of tabs with specific information per tab for users from Applicant to New
Student. When a prospective student applies to USD, they get an account with the "Applicant Tab." When
they get accepted to USD, their role changes and they get the "Accepted Student Tab.” When they make
their deposit and commit to the university, they get a new role and the "New Student Tab.” This is all
driven by Banner. At the point that the student becomes a “New Student,” we would allow the student
(while logged in to the portal) to set up a parent account request for his/her parent that includes that
level of access and provides an email address for the parent. Using a web service, ITS would provision an
account for the parent on our directory and send an email to the parent (using the email address
provided) with instructions on how to activate the account. Once the account is activated, the parent can
use the portal to view information about the student (only to the extent the student allows him/her). This
will involve a combination of technologies such as Luminis, Banner and Web Services.


On a strategic level, this project will provide the opportunity to build a parent community which not only
helps the parents to get information and services more easily. We anticipate that it may help offset some
parent phone calls to the student service units. In addition, parent access to MySandiego may also assist
in University fund raising efforts.

The approach is to use a combination of technologies:

          Luminis Portal
          Banner
          Web Services
          LDAP

Students choose the Student Tab to give their parent/guardian access to some of their university
financial and academic information. We then emails the parents information on how to login, etc.
The parent/guardian then logs in to the portal and the Parent/Guardian Tab is rendered, which
contains an array of information which the student has granted access for their parent/guardian.


         Tasks          Steps                                            Estimated   Resources

                        Creating a new role
1.       Luminis        Creating a new tab                               4 weeks     MySandiego
         Tasks          Creating new channels                                        Team
                        Creating new custom channels
                        Creating new tables
2.       Banner Tasks   Updating data using web services                 3 weeks     Banner team/
                        Providing access to parents using parents                    Identity team
                        Provisioning parental account/role
                        Custom channels in the portal to retrieve
3.       Web Services   information from Banner and display in           3 weeks     MySandiego
         Tasks          the portal                                                   Team
                        E-forms to store the student requesting
                        their parental access
                        Custom web services to provision an
                        account for the parent
                        Displaying the student information to the
                        parent using custom channels
                        Communicating with LDAP. Once a parent
4.       Security       account is provisioned by the student and        2 weeks     TBD (likely ITS
         Tasks          the corresponding message is relayed to                      staffing)
                        the directory using a JSON object, a
                        “token” is assigned to the parent account.
                        This token and all other information such
                        as the parent’s name, email address and
                        access levels will be stored in a table in the
                        Luminis database. Eventually when the
                        account gets activated, this token becomes
                        the parent’s immutable ID. That is how the
                        association with the student’s account is
                        maintained allowing the parent to view
                        the student’s information in Banner (SSB).
                    Users/Students/Parents                     2 -3 weeks
     Testing                                                                 Users
                    Consulting Resources Required              12 weeks
     Programing     (at $80 per hour, or $38,000)                            Technical
     Tasks                                                                   Programming
                    All Consulting Resources                   $38,000
     Total Cost

Please Note: The time estimated is actual time to complete tasks – the actual duration of project
will be 3-4 months.


This scope is based on the fact that required resources and funding will be available.

   Exhibit B
Your student must request access for you in the Parent/Guardian Access channel in MySandiego.
   [I can’t Financial Aid, It won’t show up and Tax Form
Within theview Exhibit B. Academic Record on my screen.]link, they will need to select at least one
area from the following for you to have access:

      Scholarship information, grades, class schedule, request certification of enrollment or access to an online PDF
       copy of the IRS Form 1098T.

Your student will receive verification of their request and be given instructions to ask you to check
your email for a message providing you with a web site to visit, along with a "token" number to
activate your account within two weeks of receiving the initial email message. You then will receive
an email telling you to activate your MySandiego ID. Once this is complete, you should be able to
access MySandiego within 24 hours.

For access to billing information, your student will log in to the Cash Net bill payment system, a
secure, authorized third-party site, and add authorized users to their account.

If you have more than one student at USD and want access to all their information, a separate
parent/guardian account is required for each student you have enrolled.

Once a student is no longer enrolled at USD, a parent's/guardian's MySandiego account will be
inactivated. If a student re-enrolls at USD, the student may reactivate the parent/guardian
MySandiego accounts by following the aforementioned steps to authorize the parent/guardian access.

Once parental/guardian MySandiego access has been inactivated (when the student becomes a former
student), parents/guardians may still contact the USD Registrar's Office if they want to obtain
information on their former student, providing the parent/guardian is able to demonstrate eligibility
to receive this information in compliance with FERPA guidelines.

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