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									                                 Parent Portal Logins

Student Login
      Go to JCPS home page
      Select students tab
      Select Parent Portal on left
      Click on the green bar (Parent Portal Acceptable Use Policy)
      Click on I agree
      Click on blue bar (See My Student’s profile)

This should take them to a log in screen. First time users will use their student username and
their password will be change.me.

They will then be prompted to key in an old password (change.me) and then at that point they
can change their password. We encourage students to use the same password as their network
(computer) log in.

Once you log into Infinite Campus, click on the schedule link to the left. Once they see their
schedule, they can then click on individual classes to see their grades.

Parent Login
      Go to JCPS home page
      Select parents tab
      Select parent Portal
      Click on green bar and agree to the terms
      Click on Blue bar
      To register your account follow these steps, if already registered disregard these
           o If you do not have a Activation Key call the COUNSELING office
           o After you obtain a key select the link at the very top under first time users
           o After you click on the link enter your 32 digit activation key and click submit
           o Create a username and password for your account and click create account
           o Click the link to go back to the log in screen
           o After you go back to the log in screen, log in with your username and password
      You will then be taken to your parent portal

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