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CRN 1554 Course Information Sheet Spring 1996


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									                                         Course Information Sheet: Biostatistics                             Spring 2010
                                           9:30 – 10:45 TTh, Smith Hall 511
                                            BSC 417 Section 201 (CRN 1299)
                                            BSC 517 Section 201 (CRN 1338)
                                            MTH 518 Section 201 (CRN 3125)
I.   General Information
     Instructor:     Dr. Laura Adkins                                              Office phone: 696-3034
     Office/e-Mail: SH 724 /                                  Office Hours: 10:00 – 11:00 MWF
     Texts: Principles of Biostatistics (2nd Edition) by Pagano and Gauvreau                     2:00 – 3:00 TTh

II. Course Description and Objectives
     A. Description
         Biostatistics. 3 hrs.
         Statistical skills for biological/biomedical research, with emphasis on applications. Experimental design/survey
         sampling, estimation/hypothesis testing procedures, regression, ANOVA, multiple comparisons. Implementation
         using statistical software such as SAS, BMDP. (No prerequisite)
     B. Objectives
         The student will be able to …
          design and implement a statistical study.
          summarize and analyze the results using appropriate statistical software.
          report the results in a clear and coherent form.
          interpret and apply the results of published statistical studies.
III. Schedule of Topics
     A tentative schedule of topics and due dates appears on the last page of this document.
IV. Attendance Policy
     Attendance records will not be used to compute grades (except possibly in borderline cases). However, missing class
     can be expected to significantly reduce your chances of success.
V. Testing and Grading
     A. The following grades will be taken:
           Research Plan / Report (grad only)               Tuesday March 2 / Thursday April 29
           Computer Projects                                Approximately every other week
           Mid-Term Exam                                    Thursday March 4
           Final Exam (NOT comprehensive)                   8:00 – 10:00 Tuesday, May 4
     B. For students in BSC 517 and MTH 518 only, the Research Plan / Report will be worth 100 points.
        Computer projects will be worth 100 points.
        The higher of the two test grades will be worth 200 points.
        The other test grade will be worth 100 points.
     C. The course grade will be based on the percentage of the total possible points (400 for undergraduates, 500 for
        graduates). The following scale will be used:
             90 -100%     --   A
             80 - 89%     --   B               This scale MAY be lowered slightly.
             70 - 79%     --   C
             60 - 69%     --   D
              0 - 59%     --   F

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V. D. Missing Exams
      - If you miss a test due to an unexcused absence, you will receive a grade of 0 for that test.
      - If you miss a test due to an excused absence, you must provide verification within one week of the test.
                You will then be allowed to take a make-up test. This test will be SIGNIFICANTLY MORE
                DIFFICULT than the original test.
      - If you cannot be at the final exam, let me know as soon as you know. A missing final exam score means an
         automatic grade of F for the course.
    E. Cheating
       - In a case of suspicion, a student may be asked to re-take the test.
       - Confirmed cheating will result in a grade of 0 on the test.
VI. Miscellaneous
    Free tutoring is available in SH 526, through Student Support Services (call 696-3169), and for veterans.
    The last day to drop this class is Friday, March 20. (All drops will be recorded as a grade of W.)
    The last day to withdraw completely (from all classes) for the semester is Friday, April 30.

VII. University Policies
     Policy for Students with Disabilities: Marshall University is committed to equal opportunity in education for all
       students, including those with physical, learning and psychological disabilities. University policy states that it is
       the responsibility of students with disabilities to contact the Office of Disabled Student Services (DSS) in
       Prichard Hall 117, phone 304-696-2271 to provide documentation of their disability. Following this, the DSS
       Coordinator will send a letter to each of the student’s instructors outlining the academic accommodation he/she
       will need to ensure equality in classroom experiences, outside assignment, testing and grading. The instructor
       and student will meet to discuss how the accommodation(s) requested will be provided. For more information,
       please visit or contact Disabled Student Services Office at Prichard Hall 117,
       phone 304-696-2271.

     Additional University Policies:
     The list below provides links to information regarding specific policies of the university.
        Academic dishonesty:
        Nondiscrimination: (p. 88)
        Computing Services Acceptable Use Policy:
        Inclement weather: (pp. 89–90)

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Biostatistics                                                                                                 Spring 2010
Tentative Calendar

Date    Textbook         Assignment Due                         Date          Textbook          Assignment Due

1-12    Chapters 1–2                                            3-9           Chapter 12

1-14    Chapter 3                                               3-11          Chapter 12

1-19    Chapter 6: 1–3                                          3-16          Chapter 15

                         Project 1: Numerical &                 3-17
1-21    Chapter 6: 4–5                                                        Chapter 16        Project 4: ANOVA (SAS)
                         Graphical Summaries (Excel)            Last Day to
                                                                Drop Friday

1-26    Chapter 7: 1–3                                          3-23          SPRING

1-28    Chapter 7: 4                                            3-25          BREAK

2-2     Chapter 8                                               3-30          Chapter 16

2-4     Chapter 8                                               4-1           Chapter 17

2-9     Chapter 9        Project 2: Numerical &                                                 Project 5: Categorical Data
                                                                4-6           Chapter 18
                         Graphical Summaries (SAS)                                              (SAS)

2-11    Chapter 10                                              4-8           Chapter 19

2-16    Chapter 10                                              4-13          Chapter 19

2-18    Chapter 11                                              4-15          Model Selection

2-23    Chapter 14:1–4                                          4-20          Chapter 20

2-25    Chapter 12       Project 3: Hypothesis                  4-22          Chapter 22        Project 6: Regression &
                         Testing (SAS)                                                          Model Selection (SAS)

3-2     Review                                                  4-27          Chapter 13

                                                                4-29          Review
3-4                      MID-TERM EXAM                          Last Class

                                                                              8:00 – 10:00      FINAL EXAM

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