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					                                                     Course Syllabus
Instructor's Name:LEE, WAN-KAI
Year:97          Semester:2 (1-autumn term 2-spring term)
Class Number:04301            Course Number:04307

Course Name:Geographic Information Application Software Production
Total credits:2         Weekly classroom hours:2
Department:04 Urban Planning and Disaster Management
Is this course a       semester Course ?          required    Course ?
 Week          Unit                                                           Points to be covered
  1 Introduction of GIS                    1.The category of GIS2.The application of GIS3.The implement of GIS
         applications                      application
   2     The examples of GIS               1.The design of water pipe management2.The design of power network
         applications                      manager3.The design of parcel management
   3     The operation of parcel           1.The design and management of parcel data base2.the flow chart of parcel
         management GIS                    management3.query of parcel information4.statistics of parcel
                                           information5.output of parcel information6.system maintenance
   4     System analysis of GIS            1.Requirement Analysis2.Evaluation of Alternatives
   5     System Design of GIS              1.The establishment of the goal2.The principal of system design3.the design of
         applications                      module or sub-system4.code define
   6     Database design of GIS            1.the concept of GIS database2.the design of attribute database3.the design of
         applications                      spatial database4.the link of spatial and non-spatial data5.the management of
                                           spatial data
   7     Management and                    1.the management of GIS applications2.the maintenance of GIS applications
         maintenance of GIS
   8     Spatial analysis of GIS           1.The spatial analysis for Urban Planning2.The spatial analysis for
         application                       Earthquake3.The spatial analysis for water pollution4.The spatial analysis of
   9     Model design of GIS               1.the concept of model2.the usage of model3.the development of model
  10     Mid-term exam                     on-line test
  11     DTM and applications              1.DTM and DEM2.Data acquire of DTM3.TIN4.interpolation of DTM5.the application
                                           of DTM
  12     Introduction of raster            1.what is ArcGIS spatial analyst2.the format of raster data3.raster
         Analysis                          analysis4.surface analysis
  13     The operation of parcel  conversion of raster data2.process of raster data3.model and expression
         management GIS           expression
  14     Operation of Vector               1.the attribute analysis2.the spatial analysis
  15     Spatial Decision Support          1.Spatial analysis and SDSS2.spatial decision support system3.the related
         System                            technology
  16     Exercise 1                        Exercise 1
  17     Exercise 2                        Exercise 2
  18     Final exam                        on-line test

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