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									Appeal for support                                                                                             History and Background
We are appealing to you for help to cover the deficit of $800, 000.00 in the development of the IMAN           Ithna-asheri Muslim Association of the Northwest (IMAN), formed in August 1997, promotes the
Center of Kirkland. These funds need to be collected as soon as possible to fulfill contractual obligations.   teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Ahlul Bayt as it focuses on the development of
                                                                                                               individuals who will contribute to human progress aiming to seek closeness to Allah (SWT).
       The parable of those who spend their property in the way of Allah is as parable of a grain
       growing seven ears (with) a hundred grains in every ear, and Allah multiplies for whom He               IMAN’s roots as an organization can be traced to the weekend Islamic school that was started in
       pleases and Allah is ample giving, knowing - Holy Qur’an (2:261)                                        1990 when parents and teachers who moved to the Greater Seattle area came together to
                                                                                                               provide Islamic education for the young children in the community. Associations developed
IMAN’s remodeled facilities will be the only facility of its kind for the Shia Ithna-asheri Muslims in the     through the interactions at the weekend school evolved to community members convening to
entire state of Washington. Our community has so far raised more than 80% of the necessary funds from          observe religious and community occasions and eventually establishing a permanent center.
within towards the project. His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Sistani has authorized utilization of
Sehme Imam portion of the Khums dues towards the IMAN Center project.                                          IMAN’s activities benefit a broad and diverse cross-section of people in the Greater Seattle area that
                                                                                                               includes natives as well as immigrants represented by multiple ethnicities (Iraqis, Moroccans,
We are now relying on your generous donation and any help you can provide to raise the remaining sum.          Lebanese, Saudis, Iranians, Indians, Pakistanis, Africans, Europeans, Asians, etc.).
We are very hopeful and invite all to join hands to pursue the development of a center in the Northwest
of USA that will be a beacon for humanity to the Islamic message as taught by Prophet Muhammad (SAW)           IMAN has had a rich tradition of reaching out to Muslim and non-Muslim organizations in the Greater
and his purified family as we seek closeness to Allah (SWT).                                                   Seattle area to increase understanding and building bridges across faith lines. In addition to
                                                                                                               presentations, panel discussions and dialogues this reach out effort has also taken the form of
You can send your kind and generous donation by any of the means described below:                              working together across faith lines to build homes to help low-income families in King County, WA.

   By Check –         Direct to: IMAN            P. O. Box 6544, Bellevue WA 98008-0544, USA
                                                                                                               IMAN Social Services program through generous contributions of its members maintains a food-bank
   Please be sure     Or, to: NASIMCO            P. O. Box 87629, Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 7R3, Canada          that benefits families in need. Members at IMAN on a regular basis volunteer to cook for the
   to designate                                  P. O. Box 29691, Brooklyn Centre, MN 55429, USA               homeless and needy in the area. IMAN has responded to natural disasters around the world (India,
   IMAN as the        Or, to: The World          WFKSIMC, Islamic Centre, Woodland                             Iran and Pakistan earthquakes, Southeast Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina). IMAN undertakes
   donation           Federation of Khoja        Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4LQ, UK                              several activities for the relief of poverty through education and humanitarian assistance around the
   recipient          Shia Ithna-asheri                                                                        world including faraway places such as Afghanistan, Tanzania, India, Iraq, etc.
                                                 (Only use this option if you are outside North America)
                      Muslim Communities
                      Bank Name:                 Bank of America                                               Members at IMAN have contributed at the national level by participating in activities of umbrella
                      Bank Address:              7450 170th Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052, USA                      organizations and contributed to the establishment of Islamic Centers across North America.

                      Bank ABA Number:           0260-0959-3
   Direct Deposit
                      SWIFT:                     BOFAUS3N
                      Routing Number:            125000024
                      For the Credit of:         Ithna-asheri Muslim Association of Northwest
                      Account Number:            21860416
   Credit Card        Browse to:        and follow instructions on the site

Directors and Executive Committee
                               Board of Directors              Executive Committee
                                                     President         Mohamed Jawad Khaki
                    Mohamed Jawad Khaki              Vice President    Sameer Tejani
                    Sameer Tejani                    Treasurer         Mohammed Nikjoo
                    Mohammad Nikjoo                  Secretary         Sukaina Versi
                    Gulamabbas Juma                  Member            Syed Iqbal Rizvi
                    Abed Jawad                       Member            Kristen Jawad
Activities and Accomplishments 1997 – 2008                                                                  IMAN Center Project Costs
 Weekend School operating since 1990                                                                                       IMAN Center of Kirkland     Costs          Funds Raised    Deficit
 Weekly Religious Gatherings since 1997
                                                                                                                            Building Acquisition        $ 2,700,000    $ 2,700,000     -
 Annual Muharram and Ramadhan Programs since 1997
 Invited (>35) speakers from different backgrounds to promote Islamic teachings                                            Projected Remodeling        $ 2,300,000    $ 1,500,000     $ 800,000
 Nikah and Funeral services to the local community since 1989                                                              Totals                      $ 5,000,000    $ 4,200,000     $ 800,000
 Acquired a permanent facility in 2004
 Social Services Programs:
                                                                                                            Project Status
     -     Volunteers for monthly cooking at a homeless shelter                                             Hardworking volunteers from the community have worked with DLR, a local architecture firm, to
     -     Operates Food bank to help families in need                                                      develop plans for a remodeled building. City of Kirkland has issued a construction permit for the
     -     In-kind or financial aid to those in need                                                        proposed remodeling plans. IMAN has signed contract with S. D. Deacon to complete the project
     -      Reach out to Muslim children in the Foster Care System during Ramadhan and Eid                  before the blessed month of Ramadhan, inshallah.
     -     Sponsorship of >130 children around the world through various programs
     -     Volunteers & donations to build low-income families homes (
 Inter-faith and intra-faith activities:
     -     Promote understanding of Islam, Muslims, teachings of the Ahlul Bayt
     -     Intercommunity bridge building
     -     Full day seminars entitled Building Bridges to Islam attended by over 460 people
     -     Various presentations on Islam at IMAN center, Churches, Synagogues, community centers
     -     Fund raising for relief to victims of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricane, War
 Workshops on preventing domestic violence
 Reached out to elected representatives on issues of concern to Muslims.
 Interacted with members of the newsprint and TV media on world events and mosque struggle
 Supported various capital projects around North America
 Contributed to the activities of umbrella organizations such as NASIMCO, UMAA, etc.

Struggle to establish a permanent Islamic center
In 1998 members of IMAN resolved to acquire land and establish the first purpose built Shia Ithna-asheri
center in the Greater Seattle area. After many years of struggle and resistance from neighbors and local
authorities, it was concluded that an already built facility that could be converted to an Islamic Center
would be the preferred and least resistance approach.

November 2004 was an important milestone in IMAN’s history that culminated 6 years of struggle and
determination. A 12,000 square foot medical facility was acquired at a prime location in the City of
Kirkland, a centrally located suburb of Greater Seattle. The permanent location has enabled the
community to establish a base from where to operate its activities, a much welcomed relief from having
to move from one rental location to another from week to week.

However, the 40+ year old building acquired, in addition to needing repairs (e.g., leaky roof, aged and
hazardous electrical wiring, and an arcane heating/cooling system), also requires to be converted from a
medical clinic to an Islamic Center to provide:
 Weekend School classrooms
 Prayer Hall
 Adequate ablution and bathroom facilities
 Library
 Conference and Meeting rooms

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