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Connecting Threads


									                                                      January 2005

                                            The Thread Gatherer

                                            Connecting Threads

                            In 2004, we celebrated our own for a retailer    two boats.”
Special points of
                            personal...                       near you.
interest:                                                                                     “Spilt water cannot be re-
                                                              A few of my favorite proverbs   trieved”.
??   A few favorite Chi-    We hope some of your local        from this calendar are:
     nese Proverbs.                                                                           The illustrations are beautiful
                            shops used some of the ideas
??   New Tints, Tones &                                       “A good friend shields you      that accompany each proverb!
                            that we shared at the markets
     Shades                                                   from the storm.”
                            throughout the year, such as a                                    We have a new theme planned
??   Beautiful Boxes to     fortune cookie discount.          “A good bee never takes         for this year. We’ll introduce it
     stitch & finish
                            I enjoyed the theme so much       pollen from a fallen flower.”   in our February newsletter.
??   Lung Fever Salve -
     an old Amish recipe.   that I purchased a 2005 calen-    “Beware the person with a
??   Our new email ad-      dar of ‘Chinese Proverbs’.
                                                              Buddha’s mouth and a
     dress                  Each month has a proverb col-
                                                              snake’s heart.”
                            lected by Ruthanne Lum
                            McCunn and the illustrations      “Do not climb a tree to look
                            are by Hu Yong Yi. If you         for fish.”
                            would like a copy you can con-
                            tact Cedco Publishing at
                                                              “One foot cannot stand on

Inside this issue:
Tints Tones & Shades 2      New Email Address for The Thread Gatherer
Designing Ladies      2
Boxes                       We are changing our email ad-
Year of the Thread    3     dress. Please email us at:
A Good Read           3
               Connecting Threads

                                   Tints, Tones & Shades
                                   We are adding a new selection of     achieve with just the original        ing these colors to our Shep-
                                   colors in the Silk ‘n Colors that    color formula. With color names       herd’s Silk, Sheep’s Silk, Sani-
                                   we are calling, ‘Tints, Tones &      such as Wine & Roses, Came-           bel, Oriental Linen lines. Se-
                                   Shades’. Each hue (color)            lot’s Lady, England’s Rose, and       lected colors will also be avail-
                                   comes in four depths of shade—       Shell Stone you can picture in        able in Silken Pearl, Silken Che-
                                   from very pastel to very dark.       your mind from dark to light this     nille and Savoir Faire. More
                                   What makes these colors so           dusky rose color! We have two         colors are in the Dye Pot!
                                   beautiful and useful in stitching    variations of greens also avail-
Shades & Tints of
                                   is that each hue has a percentage    able now. Wart Frog, Newt
Shades—just what                   of the color formula made up of      Green, Wisp of Willow and
every needle artist                black, a toner, or the compliment    Coastal Sand and in a slightly
Needs to complete                  of the color. This adds a rich-      more ’olive’ hue Tuscan Olive,
a stitching palette                ness and quality in shading and      Rye Grass, Winter Moss and
                                   stitching that is difficult to       Colonial Tint. We are also add-

                                   New Boxes—To ‘Dye’ For!
                                   Judy Odell from JUST A               There you can see all the boxes       een—no matter what your age!
                                   THOUGHT has published a              and read more about her finishing     Giulia’s Italian Renaissance
                                   new book Designing Ladies’           book. My Italian friend & de-         Box is an exquisite use of color
                                   “Stitcher’s Treasure Box” which      signer, Giulia and her daughter,      and design. The picture also
                                   walks you through the assembly       Sofia , as well as my French friend   shows the inside of Giulia’s box.
                                   process for finishing the designs    and designer Virginie used            Virginie’s box depicts her love
                                   of several talented designers.       Threadgatherer threads and rib-       of color and garden. Garden
                                   You purchase the designs sepa-       bons and Wild Hairs in their de-      Fairies, Roses and Bee Skeps. . .
     Hallowitch Box by Sofia
                                   rately from the designers. See       signs. Sofia’s box is called          .what more could a garden want?
                                   Judy’s website (to purchase the      ’Hallowitch Sewing Box’ and
                                   book) at       appeals to those who love Hallow-

      Fairy Rose Garden by Virginie Menzildjian                        Italian Renaissance Box - by Giulia Manfredini

                           January 2005

Year of the Thread Colors
We will be keeping a few of the        SNC 310 Asian Plum
Year of the Thread Colors.
These include:                         We are discontinuing the fol-
                                       lowing colors:
SNC 300 Yellow Crane
                                       SNC 303 Green Dragon
SNC 301 Pagoda Red
                                       SNC 304 Kimono Kraze
SNC 302 Mandarin Duck
                                       SNC 305 Lotus Flower
SNC 306 Japanese Sea
                                       We have limited supply of
SNC 307 Samuari Star                   these colors and they will be
SNC 308 Ming Dynasty                   sold on a first come/first serve
SNC 309 Wasabi

Homemade Salves & Remedies
It is flu and cold season in       Quite often it was the turning         Middlefield, Ohio 44062
Idaho! Everyone seems to have      point to recovery. I’ve shared         Phone (216) 632-5201. They
a miserable cold in our valley     the salve over the years and eve-      sell a kit with the liquid and dry
here. I make up a salve called     ryone says it works. Recently          ingredients to make this salve.
“Lung Fever Salve” each year.      my little 2 yr old granddaughter
                                                                          Another good book is:
It is an old Amish Remedy that     has had viral pneumonia and
was used often when pneumonia      again we used the salve. If you        Plain & Happy Living
seemed to be ‘winning’ the bat-    are interested contact:                Published by Goosefoot Acres
tle and the Doctor would say
                                   Roose Drug Store                       Press in Cleveland, Ohio
“I’ve done all I can do” and the                                                                               The Thread Gatherer
mothers would use this salve.      PO Box 96                              ISBN: 1-879863-71-5                  2108 Norcrest Drive
                                                                                                               Boise, ID 83705

                                                                                                               (208) 387-2641

A Good Read                                                                                                    (208) 387-1251 (fax)

Lalu, known as Polly Bemis,        struggle and survival as a                                        
died in Idaho in 1933. Born in     woman, a slave in china and the
                                                                                                               If your local shop does not carry
China, she was called her fa-      American West. You will never
                                                                                                               our products, or you wish to pur-
ther’s treasure, his ‘thousand     forget her. . . .ever. . . .once you                                        chase the patterns and threads/
pieces of gold’, yet when famine   read her story. This book is                                                ribbons for the Stitcher’s Treas-
struck in 1871 he was forced to    written by Ruthanne Lum                                                     ure Boxes we have shown we can
sell her. Thousand Pieces of       McCunn.                                                                     assist you in locating a shop for
Gold is her story. A story of                                                                                  mailorder. Please email or write
                                                                                                               to us.

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