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									 Line #      Page #     Section #   Class   Current content and comments
             Page 13.                       Can we show an ‘Aggregator’ Customer as one of
              Fig 2                         the recipients of an OpenADR signal?

             Page 13.                       What’s the red+orange/red+green concentric oval
              Fig 2                         shape indicating in that diagram? Is there any
                                            significance to the color difference?

             Page 19                        Is the ‘Demand Response Provider’ role same as
                                            ‘DR aggregator’? The role ‘DR aggregator’ is
                                            mentioned in various rows in the table, but not
                                            defined anywhere

line 510     Page 47      3.5.1             What’s the use case for FTP? If mentioning FTP,
                                            should we mention SMTP (for email?)

lines 514,   Page 47                        the statement about “3rd party providers when
    515                                     customers authorize their use of utility data” seems
                                            to be more OpenADE specific than ADR. The
                                            verbiage probably needs to be changed to reflect
                                            the ‘control’ aspect of OpenADR.

Line 117                                    are we really addressing DER resources in version
                                            1 of this doc?

Line 485                                    table 3.4.2 for Data elements: We probably need to
                                            add “Randomization” flags – to control the ramp-in
                                            and ramp-out during DR events. Similar to SEP 2.0

   307                                      Replace Controlling Entity with Service Provider
312   Fig. 4 (Fig   1. Ssuggest merge LSE into Energy Service
       2 in pdf)    Provider.

312   Fig. 4 (Fig   2. Suggest add System/Market Operator to Figure 4
       2 in pdf)    as new swimlane and add process to initiate DR
                    Event for SMO.

378     Fig. 6      Include message for DR Event and Notify DR Event
                    in diagram
312   Fig. 4 (Fig   3. Suggest we discuss if all the Business Processes
       2 in pdf)    shown in Section 3.2.1 are adequately represented
                    in Figure 4.
320     3.1         Suggest this LSE be thought of more as a Logical
      Table of      Component, and for purposes of this table we
      Business      combine with Energy Service Provider and remove
       Roles        LSE from the table and from Figure 4, overview of
                    business process flows.

All                 Label and index all tables in document.

350                 I think Ed suggested this would be better named Dispatch
                    DR Objectives rather than Instructions. Also I wonder if
                    DR Direct Load Control should be under Dispatch DR
                    Instructions at all, since it is more in the nature of a
                    control command and probably should be under only DR
                    Event Execution.
357                 Operational Coordination should be raised one level in
                    outline. (Same bullet level as execute)
             3.4       Some data objects listed here do not appear in Figure 6.
                       Also labels in Figure 6 are not same as Data Object
                       names in the list in this section.

468-470      3.4

                       Don't understand these requirerments
            3.4.2      Where do we show whether this is a new event, updated
                       event, or cancelled event?

            3.4.5      There is no separate section to Update or
                       Cancel/Retire, although there is a data element
                       called Report Type that covers this. Suggest put
                       report type in front matter before all the data
                       required for enrollment.
            3.4.6      What is this? Should there also be a data element
           State of    called Report Type as there is for Resource to
          Registrati   indicate if this is an initial enrollment, update, or
             on        cancellation/retirement?

            3.4.4      Resource / Asset State
                       Operational Constraints
                       DR Assets Characteristics:
                       How do we define schedule? Where do we draw the
                       line on level of detail?
                       What is in place today?

                       Consider referencing Security Standards from OSG
                       Horizontal Team

            3.5.3      Add step by step process diagrams to section for
                       Service Patterns.

                       Add Ed's comments
Proposed Change
                  John Mani

                  John Mani

                  John Mani

                  John Mani

                  John Mani

                  John Mani

                  John Mani








Update Figure 6.                                               TS
Register of DR Program is Customer Enrollment
Enroll DR Asset / DR Resource (2 messages)
Add DR Event messags for Asset/Resource/DR Controlling
Entity (recursive)
Change DR Signal to DR Event                                   TS
Status / State
Remove Continuous Response (Is this a periodic
Add comment for on request or periodic report.

 Suggest put report type in front matter before all the data   TS
required for enrollment.


TF Disposition

Explain that cloud signifies
communication transport, not the
whole network and roles or

Can we get a hold of the
No significance. Can add
explanation of what is in the
Get rid of colors?

Eliminate from indirect references
to DR Aggregator.
Add to Service Provider as an
Also in LSE defintion?

Use case is Secure FTP is
commonly implemented for
exchange of data files. Email is
outside the scope of the SRS.
Add RFC number.
Will eliminate 2nd sentence.
("This responsibility…)
NIST Smartgid standards should
be applied.
TS will look for skinnied list.
We should collaborate with
OSG security team on this.
Also look at section 3.3 for this.
Non-repudiation as part fo
Exludes injection of power and
Yes, but limited to those DER
devices that can affectd load
levels on the grid.

Added along with Duty Cycle,
Event Control (Randomizer),
Criticality Level, Device Class,

Will change.
Current version maps to PAP09
Retail requirements as submitted
(Old comment that shoud be
This was removed, but can't
remember the reason. It makes
sense to put it back in.
(Is this message same as DR
Event as defined, if not, is it in
Is it a special type of DR Event?
Would like input from current
Important touch point with
Match Figure 6 for message
Will change.

Verified as same.

See first comment Figure 4.
Suggest that roles are aligned
with PAP09 list and combine as
part of logical components.
Remove Demand Response
DR Controlling Entity
Change swimlane in figure to
Add System & Market Operator


Will correct.
Which ones?

BB - In separate message for
3.4.3 , notify DR Event. Suggest
we combine into 1 message with
transaction and status elements.
TS - Planning vs. Execution must
be defined if combined.
Advance Notifiy has ability to
make changes.
TS - Comment retracted.

Yes, and rename the element as

Yes, and be consistent with Asset
& Resource

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