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					                                       Club Collins
DATE: Thursday October 21, 2004
TIME: Basement opens at 9:00 p.m.
     Program starts at 9:15 p.m.

THE IDEA: To create a fake bar setting in the basement of Collins Hall. The idea is to
create a party environment similar to that of a bar. In this setting, we will then create
situations to emphasize the possibilities of dangers that with an evening of drinking at the
bar. Some of these scenarios may include, but are not limited to rape, date rape drugs,
ecstasy, alcohol-related illness, and a bar raid at the end to emphasize the legal
consequences of underage drinking.

TIMELINE:              8:00 p.m. - An actors meeting will take place to run scenarios
                       9:00 p.m. - The basement opens for students (only center staircase
                              is available)
                       9:15 p.m. - HAWKS Peer Educators and Collins Hall R.A. Staff
                              begin to participate in roles
                       10:15 p.m. - MUPD liaisons raid Club Collins
                       10:45 p.m. - HAWKS conclude processing- “Club” remains open
                              until approximately 12:00 a.m.


          Role                Description                                      Staff Assigned
          Door Bouncer        Work the door, will be responsible for           Steve Meyers (COL)
                              checking ID’s to create a realistic bar entry.
                              Bracelet for 21+ and “X” for underage
          Bouncer 2           Roam around the bar to create the feeling        Jon Therrian (COL)
                              of crowd control, intimidation, and to keep
                              the peace. Will also be responsible for
                              breaking up the bar fight.
          Head                Will Be Responsible for making and               Beth Stelling (COL)
          Bartender           serving the mock tails. And be responsible
                              for making sure the bar runs smoothly,
                              only serving those with wristbands.
          Bartender 2         Will Be Responsible for making and               Cailin Bloese (COL)
                              serving the mock tails
          Bar Back            To be in the Basement mixing drinks and                        (COL)
                              keeping the bar full of drinks, and any
                              other supplies.
          Acquaintance        To simulate a rape scenario of two people                       (HAWKS)
          Rape 1 (?)          who meet that night at the bar, and have no
                              prior meeting. This will be the victim.
          Acquaintance        See Above. This person will be the                              (HAWKS)
          Rape 2 (?)          attacker.
          Date Rape 1         This scenario will play out as two people                       (HAWKS)
                              will arrive at the bar together, and will
                              leave. The attacker will then return to the
                              bar to “brag”. This person will be the
          Date Rape 2        See Above. The victim will return to the                      (HAWKS)
                             bar, and search out their friend following
                             the attack. This person will portray the
          Date Rape 3        See Above. This person will play the                          (HAWKS)
                             concerned friend in the date rape scenario.
          Ecstasy Dealer     This person will be responsible for dealing                   (HAWKS)
                             ecstasy to members of the bar community.
          “Pass Out          This person will consume too much                             (HAWKS)
          Drunk”             alcohol, and become belligerent and pass
                             out in the bar, and be removed by the
                             bouncer, and left in front of the bar.
          Bar Fight 1        These two will get in a fight. This                           (HAWKS)
                             participant will spend most of their time in
                             the bar. This person will be the “cause” of
                             the fight, going around and harassing girls,
                             and specifically this one guy’s girlfriend.
          Bar Fight 2        See Above. This will be the guy whose                         (HAWKS)
                             girlfriend gets harassed.
          Bar Fight 3        See Above. This will be the girlfriend who                    (HAWKS)
                             gets harassed.
          DJ                 Responsible for filling the role of MC for     J Hurr (COL)
                             the night, and play the music.
          Raid Force         Responsible for bar raid at the end-legal      Nathan & Company (MUPD)
                             consequences of underage drinking/fakes
          Date Rape          Will have stickers, acting as “date rape                  (COL or HAWK)
          Drug               drugs”, to slip on residents drinks while
                             getting them a drink.
          Shot Girl          Serve Jello shots to the residents. This one                   (COL)
                             will have randomly selected date rape

** If there are not enough HAWKS Peer Educators/Actors for this program, we can cut
one of the rape scenarios planned for the night

It should all take place roughly in the following order...Remember this is not a “normal”
reenactment. There will be lots of things going on at the same time, so it’s not like all
eyes are on you. You will be, for the most part, trying to cause somewhat of a disruption,
but the goal is reached even if only 2 people witness your scenario.

Brief Timeline:
9:15- flow into the bar- begin “drinking”
9: 35- Bar Fight
9:50- Rape scenarios take course (There are 2 listed, but most likely we will only do 1)
10:05- Pass out drunk
10:15- RAID
10:15-10:45- HAWKS Peer Educators lead

-date rape stickers and ecstasy will be throughout the evening, no specific time
T-SHIRTS ARE IN! THEY ARE $9 (checks payable to Miami University) IF YOU

-Beth Stelling
105 Collins Hall

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