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					Choose your tasks – or create your own!

   2. Compose
   and perform                3. Create a                                      5. Write and    6. Research motivation
   an Olympic                 PowerPoint based on     4. Create a              perform         and sports psychology
   song for all to            research you have       timetable for the        speeches for    and produce a
   sing at the                gathered on the         first day of the         receiving a     presentation for young
   opening                    history of the          Olympic games            Gold, Silver,   athletes, using
                                                                                                                        7. Research
   ceremony                   Paralympics and the     including opening        Bronze and      examples, that gives
                                                                                                                        drugs in sport.
   – 6 points                 athletes that take      ceremony and first       coming 4th.     advice about managing
                                                                                                                        Create an anti-
                              part - 4 points         10 events – 5            Reporter to     their minds for peak
                                                      points                   interview – 4   performance – 6 points
 1.Research the origins                                                                                                 enhancing
 of the Olympics in                                                            points                                   drugs poster
 Greece and create an                                                                                                   and postcard
 information leaflet                                                                                                    targeted at
 using ICT – 4 points                                                                                                   athletes. Or
     14. Create your own                                                                                                argument – 5
     task – check it out                                                                                                points
     with your teacher – 5                                  The Olympics
                                                            London 2012
                                                                                                                        8. Re-design
                                                                                                                        the Olympic
    13. Create a visual aid                                                                                             logo – 2 points
    including a list of key
    vocab for performers
    within the Olympic
    Village. – 3 points                                                                 10. Create a training               9. Design a TV advert
                                                                                        programme for 2                     storyboard for the 2012
                                           11, For the ten most popular Olympic
     12. Create a menu for                 sports create a spreadsheet containing the
                                                                                        contrasting performers              Olympic Games – 3
     chefs to cater for different                                                       (Venn Diagram)                      points
                                           present World and Olympic records and
     perfomers from different                                                           – 5 points
                                           where and when they were achieved - 4
     countries – 4 points                  points

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