; CHART1 - Food Standards Agency
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CHART1 - Food Standards Agency


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									THE MAFF/DH                                                                                   Flavours, processing aids, sweeteners,
JOINT FOOD                                                      Dr Sandy Lawrie               additive intakes, Secretariat to the Food Advisory
SAFETY AND                                                                                    Committee (FAC)
GROUP                                                                                         Chemical migration from food packaging, miscellaneous additives, colours,
                                                                Dr David Watson               mineral hydrocarbons, solvents, food additives surveillance; Group finance
                               Additives and Novel                                            and financial administration.
                                 Foods Division
                                      D r J o n B ell                                         Novel foods and processes, biotechnology issues not
                                                                Nick Tomlinson                assigned to others Divisions; Secretariat to Advisory
                                                                                              Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP)

                                                                Rose Flavin                   Food safety and science information, group IT and statistics services.

                                                                M ik e C lem en t             FSA IT Infrastructure (reports jointly to Dr Bell (MAFF) and Dr Holt (DH))

                                                                Dr David Atkins/              Natural toxicants, mycotoxins
                                                                Dr Julie Norman

                                                                Dr Nigel Harrison             Environmental contaminants, heavy metals, nitrates
                                Food Contaminants
                                      Division                  Dr Chris Fisher               Risk management/assessment, food intolerance, food chemical exposure,
                                  Dr Richard Burt                                             liaison with SCF, Scientific Co-operation and JECFA

                                                                Bill Knock                    Feedingstuffs and fertiliser standards

                                                                Dr Roger Wood                 Methods of sampling and analysis (outstationed at Norwich).

                                                                D r J o n at h an B ac k      Food poisoning; fish hygiene.
                             Food Hygiene Division
                              Dr Richard Harding                C h r is P r at t             G eneral food hygiene, m ilk and egg hygiene.

                                                                C o lin M y lc h r ees t      Advisory C om m ittee on the M icrobiological S afety of Food

                                                                Rosemary Hignett              Food labelling and claims, EC Food Law Harmonisation,
                                                                                              foods for particular nutritional uses

                                                                Kris Green                    Food composition legislation, Food law enforcement and general food law.
                                  Food Labelling
                                  and Standards                 Dr Dorian Kennedy             CODEX; Scientific aspects of composition and processing of alcoholic
                                     Division                                                 and soft drinks, oils and fats, milk and egg products, infant foods
                                  Grant Meekings
                                                                                              Food authenticity and Scientific aspects of composition and processing of
                                                                Dr Mark Woolfe                 products of meat and fish, fruit and veg, cereals, sugar, coffee, tea,
                                                                                              and cocoa and chilled and frozen foods and food authenticity

                                                                Lyris Morris                  Trading Standards Adviser

                                                                Ned Kingcott                  Food law enforcement, local authority liaison & food hazard warning system.

                                                                Tom Murray                    General food hygiene & food hygiene legislation, inc. meat & meat
                                                                                              products, fish & shellfish etc.

                                Food Safety Policy                                            Microbiological safety of food (policy, research & surveillance [inc food
                                    D iv is io n (D H )         Dr Judith Hilton              poisoning]), medical & scientific aspects of food hygiene, Advisory
                                 Dr Roger Skinner                                             Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food

                                                                                              Safety of chemicals in food (inc. pesticides, veterinary medicines & animal
                                                                Dr Andrew Wadge               feedingstuffs), novel foods & processes, Joint secretariat to COT, FAC
                                                                                              and ACNFP.

                                                                Prof. Martin Wiseman          Medical & scientific aspects of nutrition and health. Health aspects of
                                                                                              nutrition surveys, food/nutrition research, nutrition policy. COMA Secretariat.

                                                                Tim Foster                    Red meat premises - hygiene standards, R&D, hygiene inspection charges,
                                                                                              general liaison with Meat Hygiene Service.

                                   M eat H y g ien e            G eo f f D ev ille            Poultry meat, game, minced meat, meat preparations and
                                       D iv is io n I                                         products - hygiene standards
                                   R ic h ar d M c Iv o r
                                                                Bob Youngs                    Licensing of red and white meat premises under fresh meat legislation.

  Geoffrey Podger                                               Tim Boulding                  Under-implementation of the meat hygiene Directives
 Head of the Group
                                                                Barbara Richards              SRM controls in licensed slaughterhouses and other premises
                                    M eat H y g ien e
                                      D iv is io n II           John Bush                     Bone-in beef, Meat Hygiene Appeals Tribunal, Over-30 Month Rule.
                                    C h r is L aw s o n
                                                                V ac an c y                   B S E E nforcem ent B ulletin, M eat H ygiene E nforcem ent R eport, B S E
                                                                                              R egulatory Forum .

                                 V et er in ar y P u b lic      Peter Hewson                  Red & white meat, game meat, meat products, meat preparations, R&D.
                                     H ealt h U n it
                                    D av id Tay lo r            Anthony Greenleaves           Field operations.

                                                                Ben Walters                   Radiation Dose Assessments, Nuclear Electric Sites

                                                                Paul Holley                   Safety Standards, BNFL sites, Food Irradiation Advice

                                R ad io lo g ic al S af et y    David Pryke                   Nuclear and other food safety emergencies; Magnox Electric sites
                              and Nutrition Division
                                 Dr Mike Segal                  Caroline Morris               Radiological Surveillance, Chernobyl, R&D, MOD, AEA and Other Sites

                                                                Bill Scriven                  Nutrition policy and advice; food fortification and vitamin supplements;
                                                                                              Expert Group on Vitamins and Minerals.

                                                                Steve Wearne                  Dietary surveys, nutrient intakes, nutrient content of foods, nutrition R&D

                                                                                              C onsum er relations, representation and policy, C onsum er
                                  Food Standards                M ic h ael C o o p er         Panel, Food Safety Information Bulletin, Consumer Helpline
                                  Agency Division I                                           Aspects of Food S tandards Agency im plem entation
                                    Jill Wordley
                                                                                              FS A Im plem entation - B riefing for M inisters and S enior O fficials

                                 Food Standards
                                 Agency Division II             M ar c u s N is b et          Food S tandards Agency W hite P aper and draft B ill
                                   Jane Brown

                                                                C at h er in e B ain es       Lead responsibility for D H on FS A W hite P aper & legislation

                                                                J ohn Orr                     Food S tandards Agency Im plem entation - P ersonnel Issues
                                Food Standards
                              Agency Division (DH)              V ac an c y                   Food S tandards Agency Im plem entation - resources and other finance issues
                                  Pat Stewart
                                                                C h r is t in e M u r p h y   R isk C om m unication U nit

                                                                V ac an c y                   Food S tandards Agency Im plem entation - program m e m anagem ent
                                                                                              post reports to Alice Perkins, D irector of R esources & Services in D H

Not part of the JFSSG      C h ief S c ien t is t s G r o u p   S t ep h en P u g h           Applied N utrition, Food Q uality; Authenticity, Intolerance, and R isk R & D
but providing scientific   C en t r al S c ien c e U n it
     R&D support.          D r N af ees M eah                   L ee M c D o n o u g h        C hem ical, M icrobiological, R adiological Food S afety R & D

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