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Photo From Polk Tornado Victim Found Over 129 Miles Away In


									Photo From Polk Tornado Victim Found Over 129 Miles Away In Cornelia,
Mon, 17 Mar 2008 13:16:47 -0000

Only hours after the devastating tornadoes stampeded through Polk and
Floyd County, a remarkable find was made in Cornelia, GA.

Denise Caudell was in the driveway of her Cornelia Georgia home
around 10pm and spotted what appeared to be a photograph. After
picking it up, she and her husband, Wesley, realized this was no
ordinary picture.

They had seen the coverage on WSB TV about the deaths that had
occurred in Floyd and Polk Counties and remembered hearing the name,
Bonnie Turner (the female killed in Polk County).

Upon inspection of the photo, they realized the name Bonnie Turner,
Aragon, GA was printed on the life raft and the man standing on the
boat is indeed Mike Turner, Bonnie's husband, who is still listed in
critical condition in Floyd Medical Center.

Apparently this photo was swept up in the killer tornado and carried
over 129 miles away and deposited, without damage, in the driveway of
the Caudell's home, which is just West of the South Carolina line.

The Turner's home off Live Oak Drive in Aragon, just over the Floyd
County line, was completely destroyed in the storm. Bonnie Turner was
killed instantly and her husband, Mike, was severely injured. Most of
the couples 100 Jack Russel Terriers were also lost or killed. Only 6
have been found alive so far.

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