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									      Organisational Effectiveness Consulting

        Organization Effectiveness Consulting is a
full-service organizational development consulting team
      aiming at delivering value added to our clients.
          Project Director - Business Process Excellence

In charge of leading the European Logistics Optimisation program
which target was to assess intra-Europe product storage, distribution
and transportation network and identify opportunities to reduce costs,
add revenue and improve efficiencies.
Thus by assessing the current network and distribution design and
overlay five years of business growth projections and develop a simple
financial template to communicate expected year on year costs changes.
        Regional Export Business Process Reengineering
                   Strategic Project Leader

Leader of Regional Export Business Process Reengineering
ensuring an adapted and standard solution was in place after the
restructuring and transformation of the enterprise seven different
business units.
    Identification and deployment of key rules that govern the process,
    key stakeholders and their roles & responsibilities, International
    Trade Requirements properly known and adherent to the process,
    systems master data accuracy, put in place metrics that evidence
    system is under control.
    Adaptation and training of the solution in the 3 different platforms
    in the region, creating a weekly operational export review.
    Consolidation of export shipments from the different platforms.
    Visibility and status of orders in the pipeline, creation of weekly
    operational calls decreasing the emails and phone calls (50% of time),
    less errors in operations, less time spent in correcting them (40% of
    time) and all costs related to it, elimination of actions happening
    outside SAP and proper usage the system, improvement of 2 wks
    inventory 200K$.
           European Strategic Network Consolidation
                 Project Manager and Analyst

Closing the European Distribution Centre in France and Migration of all
the products into 2 key outsourced suppliers, termination of partnership
with 2 companies on site, termination of 60 people, total cost exposure
of 11M$ being the major project in 2007 in Operations in Europe,
reporting directly to a Corporate Steering Committee and with no
Exposure to the European Business Law and Management of Social
Procedures in France involving work Councils.
Thanks to the detailed preparation with the Leader of the Program, there
was no commercial, legal or social issues and no impact on customer’s
satisfaction and we managed to save 2M$.
The project was the success of 2007 and the 2 platforms were running
100% speed by end of the year as planned.
     EAMER Kiosk Equipment Operational Reenginering

Manager of EAMER Kiosk Equipment – Assemble to Order
Process implementation, moving from a push to a pull supply
chain aiming at creating a lean operating model with flexible and
responsive operational teams.
   Decrease of inventory in Western Europe of 8 Mio $ in 1 year, 70%
   of costs in 6 months.
   Decrease of transportation costs, 11% in shifting supplier and 100k$
   in adjusting volumes of the Kiosk to the size of the air shipments.
   Clear understand of the cost drivers on Key Account Roll outs and
   improve discipline.
   Implementation of a Customer Index Survey enabling to score the
   Supplier and drive continuous improvement.
   Optimisation of information flow enabling the decrease of costs and
   time (less notes, less calls, more clarity, clear roles & responsibilities,
   clear understanding of decision makers.
   Creation of daily dashboard all functions actively using as the
   operations management tool (pipeline visibility tool with many hands
   on and many time zones.
      Coaching, Consultant Role in Leadership Capability

Responsible for the deployment and follow up of the Strategic Policy
Plan in the Region (Hoshin Plan) in Regional Operations, alignment with
Corporate Goals, Global Operations and Key Business Directions.
Member of the Regional Leadership Team responsible to drive and
implement change through strategic business planning in Operations
implementing Lean Principles as the Philosophy to deliver business
goals with the Operations Management at Business and Management
level (consultant, behavioural, methodology).
Responsible for the design, implementation and lead the consolidation of
the Regional Monthly Operational Reviews and the escalation problem
solving process (Operations Operating Plan).
Leader of Migration to all product lines to Outsourced Partner

Excellent commitment upfront, bringing structure, identifying and
anticipating problems and led the team many times with sensible
topics to reach a good conclusion.
Execution of the management process on a first class, excellent
dealing with people from different areas and different companies,
getting people move forward along priorities despite their
workload, put necessary emphasis on understanding the business
context, excellent skill in distinguishing what issues needed
escalation and an excellent judgment on what needed to happen
with resources and adjustment of Standard Operating Manuals.
Creation of strong relationship with Partner Project Manager and
Senior Management, guiding the overall stakeholders of the
project to achieve objectives on target.

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