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Camp Keliix


									                                               Camp Keliix 2011 (June 27 – July 1)
                                                     Counselor Application
 Send completed applications to: Barb Ruble, 4733 17th Ave So, Minneapolis, MN 55407 or email to
                                           Accepting applications May 1 – June 11
                                                         Apply early!!!

                       Date of Application:



                          Mailing Address Street:


                                  Phone #:

                             Date of Birth:

Name of High School or College Attended
and 2010-11 Grade, if applicable
(Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

Describe your soccer experience

Describe other related work or camp

Have you attended Camp Keliix in the
past? If so, when/where.

Did you play soccer for Keliix? If so, what
team and what year(s).
Are you available from 9:00AM – 4:30 PM
each day of Camp Keliix June 27 – July 1?
If not, explain when you would not be
available and why.

Are you applying for First-year counselor   1st year counselor (No prior Camp Keliix or Keliix Development Camp counselor
($100/week) or Experienced counselor        experience) Yes / No
($300/week) position?                       Experience counselor (Prior Camp Keliix or Keliix Developmental Camp counselor
                                            experience) Yes / No
Qualification Question #1                   Why do you want to be a camp counselor? What contribution do you think you can make at
                                            camp? What qualities or characteristics do you feel you have which will enable you to be an
                                            effective counselor?

Qualification Question #2                   Outline your soccer training and/or experience. Include any experiences which might have a
                                            bearing in this application. Be sure to include any competitive or varsity experiences:

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