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									                                   Division of Student Affairs
                                    2009-10 Annual Report

Department: Housing and Residence Life
Person Completing Report: Shannon Staten

Executive Summary – Shanon Staten

2009-2010 was a year of transition as several major projects were completed or had significant
progress completed. Staff met the challenge of working beyond the established business and
facility management processes in order to create vibrant communities for students.

By fall, 2009, 4,013 students could live in campus based communities which represents 24% of
the student population. This was accomplished through an “apartment management” business
enterprise that was established within Housing and Residence Life Office. This affiliation
process incorporated a method for working with both new apartment communities that were
being designed and existing communities that were contiguous to campus. A matrix of five
levels was created that would allow the communities to affiliate at different business degrees
with the Housing office and the campus. The department negotiated the first two affiliation
agreement to fall under this new process: Phoenix Place Apartments on the Health Science
Center campus and The Province on the Belknap Campus.

59% of all freshmen lived on campus for Fall 2009.

We completed the merging of business practices between the University Housing operation and
ULP in time to recruit the new freshmen to live on campus. Both housing operations appear
totally seamless to students and parents. Policies and procedures are similar, critical dates and
charges mirror each other, and students can move between facilities without penalty.

Along with the business practice merger, University Housing and ULP completed their move to
a totally paperless housing process with the opening of the new on line room selection process.
Student now apply for housing, pay the application charges, select a room and roommate, and
accept their housing assignment on line. This new process is faster, more efficient, gives the
student more control over their room and roommate selection. It also is more cost efficient by
reducing staff time, paper, printing and mailing costs. The time saved allows the Housing and
Residence Life staff to reassign rooms and maintain a shorter waiting list.

We requested and received an audit during the fall semester. We had not been reviewed since
1981. Since that time we have transitioned into a full auxiliary unit, created the affiliation
agreement process, partnered with privatized housing and changed our focus for growth.
Many recommendations were made regarding our internal auditing, policies and procedures (to
be updated), and some of the financial transactions that were not accurate.

This Annual Report highlights the various teams within campus housing. Data reported includes
the halls managed by ULP as well as the university owned halls.

Executive Summary: Teresa Crum, ULP General Manager

2009 was a busy year at University of Louisville Properties. It was not “Business as Usual” but
rather one of change. Basic tenants were the same, residents moved in, programming
occurred, rent was collected and residents moved out. We ran a successful summer conference
program. We coordinated with athletics to house their athletes. We sponsored and co-
sponsored events on and around campus with other departments and student organizations.
The pool was retrofitted to meet the Virginia Graeme Baker Bill. A plan was established with
the Southern Police Institute for their students to continue staying with us and accommodating
them with the number of beds they needed. We survived the flood with little to no damage
and were ready to pitch in where needed to assist the rest of campus.

The biggest accomplishment was getting RMS online with all of our beds and moving to an
online application and assignment process that coordinated with University of Louisville
Housing. We spent 1000’s of hours on this project. Students can now apply and sign a license
that is applicable to both areas. They also have the freedom, as space allows, to move
throughout campus with no penalties. The cancellation policy is the same in both areas and so
students are getting the same consistent message across the on campus housing units. This
process required us to spend time together negotiating business practices, time lines for
assignments, and coordinating efforts to get all the beds assigned on campus. This process has
created a real “team” atmosphere between both areas.

As we always do, our programming team had a fantastic year and are in the stages of planning
for a new year. In the 2009-2010 academic year we collaborated in some new ways and
formed new collaborations. We started an Urban Living series in coordination with DPS and
Housing and Residence Life. We took programming to both areas of housing with DPS on how
to live more responsibly in an urban environment. In addition to expanding our Queen of
Sheba series with PEACC we also helped sponsor Take Back the Night. These are only two of
the many examples of programming work that we are doing in the halls to engage our students
in their world.
Finally, ULP needed some clear direction about who we are and how that fits into the University
and Housing and Residence Life. The staff embarked on some “soul” searching and developed a
mission and motto that truly describe what we are about.

Mission: ULP is committed to fostering student development and success beyond the
classroom by enhancing the total living learning community through innovation, diverse
experiences and empowering human progress.

Motto: Where students thrive…from Acceptance to Commencement

   1. Programs and Services:

          Health Advocate Collaboration: Housing partnered with Health Education to add an
           executive council position to the RSA board. The Health Advocate served as the
           resource for programming and student health needs. Activities included
           presentation of programs throughout the year, posting the Health Student
           Newsletter, serving in an executive board position, coordinating a health advocate
           board composed of a representative from each hall. Health Education paid the
           housing scholarship; housing provided the meal plan.

          Programs: 323 programs were planned and presented for the residents living on
           campus in 2009-2010. Another 100 events were identified by staff for the resident
           students to participate in on campus (Student Activities, etc). Many programs were
           for multiple floors and halls to participate in as an effort to combine programming
           and build community between living areas. The types of programs ranged across
           the various learning areas. Some of the highlights in each area include:
                social events: Cornhole competition, game night, day at the beach, dinner of
                   Thanks, multicultural style show,
                community service projects: Clothe the back track staff, Scholars House
                   events, Angel tree, Community service fair, Penny wars, Mr. Bettie Contest,
                   ULDM participation, yard sale, Green Eggs and Ham – go Green campaign,
                academic support: Finals study tips and sessions, REACH advising, Expelled.
                   No Intelligence Allowed,
                educational: winterizing your vehicle, understanding your financial aid,
                   voting (registration drive); laundry 101, African American History Challenge,
                   Interracial Love Show, Active shooter video, Sex & Salsa (HIV/STI awareness),
                leadership development: RSA training, motivating your group,
       wellness: Eat healthy, weekly yoga, Eat Healthy newsletter, mocktails,
       community building: Roommate dos and don’ts, painting community space
        and baths, transgender program, Honoring Mother’s Day by a ULP wide
        thank you letter to mom contest, Urban living 101 (safety)

   Summary of Affiliate apartment community events: Services and Programs for
    affiliate housing (Phoenix Place and the Province) are collaboration through our
    representatives from the Housing and Residence Life Office (Hannah Piechowski)
    and the representative from the Province (Shannan Harrig). These programs
    include Tuesday night events and luncheons of staff from both areas. The
    purpose of the Tuesday Night Series was to bring the educational and social
    events found on Belknap Campus to the residential community at the Province.
    Events included a Civic engagement swap shop, a SAB Cook-Out, a Championship
    Game Celebration, A V-Day sponsored event, Yoga and Intramurals, and
    semesterly Kick-Off events. The Province staff hosted many social events
    throughout the semester and year: examples include pool parties, Thanksgiving
    Dinner, movie nights, and game nights.

   Student Leadership:

       First Year Guides (FYGs): The FYG Program expanded to include the ULP Halls
        for Fall 2009. This increased our FYGs from 30 to 46 student leaders. FYGs
        worked with RAs in the residence halls, including the addition of ULP halls, to
        develop social programs and connect new students to campus resources.
        Student satisfaction was assessed through surveys distributed to residents in
        the halls. FYG performance was assessed through surveys completed by the
        RAs the FYGs worked with and by their supervisor. Lead FYGs were
        implemented this year as well. Returning FYGs were asked to serve as
        mentors to new FYGs in each community. For example: Kurz Hall had a Lead
        FYG, while Miller Hall worked with another Lead FYG. The Lead FYGs also
        helped with Sunday staff meetings for the entire FYG staff. The larger total
        number of FYGs will continue next year as the increased number helped
        intentionally serve the entire freshmen live-on population.

       National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH): NRHH continued to recognize the
        positive contributions of the housing community through the publishing of
        the Of the Months (OTMs) and hosting the annual Housing Banquet. NRHH
        president for 2009-2010: Adam Scarsella.
             Resident Student Association (RSA): President for 2009-2010: Zac Seiler.
              Participated in the state, regional and national student conferences;
              conducted two retreat weekends of leadership training and development
              with the student leaders in the halls; and participated in several university
              initiatives and committees including the Food Advisory Board and the
              University Smoke Out drive with the Provost. RSA co-sponsored the Block
              Party, Foam Dance, and other SAB events throughout the year. The leaders
              supported Scholar House as their community service focus for the year by
              hosting the children for trick-or-treat, volunteering time at the site, and
              collecting personal hygiene products to create emergency kits for families in
              crisis. The president was recognized as Executive Board Officer of the Month
              for October at the regional level (SAACURH)

2. Major Accomplishments:

      Created and opened the “green resident room” in Louisville Hall.

      Affiliated with the new community: The Province which opened for fall 2009. 422
       female and 386 male students lived in this new community for the fall. Housing
       coordinated various programs from Student Affairs; the management of the
       community hosted many events as well.

      Affiliated with an existing community by the Health Sciences Campus: Phoenix Place
       which has 225 apartments of students, faculty, staff and professional doctors from
       the campus.

      Hired and placed First Year Guide Mentors in the ULP halls. They were training,
       supervised and paid by UL housing office.

      Meal plan: Participated in the overall program of dining services assisting with
       adding new locations, developing the new commuter meal plan, chairing the
       university task group which wrote the data program for the new meal plan, chairing
       the meal plan waiver committee and serving as the appeal decision for resident
       students (beyond the waiver committee).
      Finalized an updated electronic application and assignment process for students
       including: changing to an internal application data collection process, developing a
       (paypal) type account to collect application charges, developing a three step
       application, payment and self-assignment process, and interfacing with ULINK to
       allow students to see their assignment and their roommate information in real time.

      Flood response and recovery: We were able to convert Stevenson Hall and West
       Hall rapidly into temporary offices for education staff and faculty while the
       Education building was renovated after the August flood. We hosted the faculty for
       the fall semester. We also had to work with our buildings that flooded in the
       basements (Miller, Threlkeld, Stevenson and Unitas). Many inventory items such as
       extra desks, beds, mattresses and such stored in those areas were lost. Our archive
       files for students, staff and finances as well as historical paper files were lost as well.
       Some were able to be recovered, but most had to be destroyed. These files were not
       available in electronic format, so that information is not available. Michelle Massey
       and Jonathan Johnson represented our department throughout the fall and served
       the division well.

      Allen & O’Hara received a NASPA Bronze Excellence Award recognizing 10 years of
       partnership with UofL. It also highlighted the outstanding programming initiatives
       conducted by the ULP staff over those 10 years.

3. Staffing Summary:

      We were challenged this year with the amount of time three employees took
       regarding their staff performance; two staff resigning with little notice and one staff
       who was out of the office for several weeks due to a personal illness and recovery.
       Additionally, the director out of the office for 5 weeks in the summer due to a
       parental illness and death. Having fewer hands in the office and two staff who were
       not very efficient or effective caused other staff to work on extra tasks. Overall, the
       housing staff is positive as a team and almost always comes through with few flaws
       in the final product.

      UL Housing Staff breakdown can be found in the attachments. Overall the following
       applies: UL hired 181 staff for the 2009-2010 year. Of those 57% were female and
       43% were Male. The staff was diverse in ethnic background with 70% Caucasian,
       23% Black/Non Hispanic, 2% Hispanic and 5% other.
      ULP hired 52 individuals for their halls. The staff was 50% female and 50% male.
       58% of the staff were Caucasian, 35% Black/Non Hispanic, and 7% other.

4. Activities and Initiatives that Support Academic Units:

      Classroom space was available in Miller Hall Resource room for several classes.

      Stevenson Hall, West Hall, and the Miller Hall Resource room were used exclusively
       by the School of Education during the fall flood recovery.

      Unitas study room, Community Park Study, Center Hall study, Kurz Hall and Miller
       Hall hosted several tutoring sessions, study groups and final exam preparations.

      We hosted 55 short term post-doc research students and rotation students
       throughout the year in the Medical Dental Apartments.

      We established two student leader positions within RSA: the student advocate for
       health education and the sustainability director.

      Coordinated with the School of Engineering class who designed and funded through
       a grant the “green resident room”.

      Three staff taught classes (Gen Ed, and the Leadership Class)

5. Activities and Services that Support Diversity:

      MOVED hosted the 2nd annual Oppression Tunnel on the West Lawn

      Professional Staff participated in PRIDE week events including the “coming out” day
       for staff supporting the LGBT students

      Several programs were planned and presented in the residence halls regarding
       diverse student issues. See programming summary above.
6. Activities and Services that Support Community Service and/or Civic Engagement:

      RSA organized and hosted Haiti day in The Red Barn to raise money for the Haiti
       refugees. They raised $600.00 and a truck load of items that was shipped to Haiti.

      RSA hosted the Scholars House as its major focus for community service

      RSA participated in the ULDM and raised funds through a “pennies wars” in each hall
       for the marathon.

      The halls held trick-or-treat for the children of family residents and Scholars House

7. Staff Professional Development Activities and Programs:

      University of Louisville 2009 Housing Banquet Ceremony Program, Frazier Museum,
       April 2010, planned and hosted by NRHH: This is an annual program planned and
       hosted by NRHH to acknowledge service and outstanding initiatives in Housing for
       the year. Award winners were:
            Director’s Awards: Curtis Creekmore and Stephanie Bonenberger
            Housing and Residence Life RA of the Year: Steven Grayson
            Housing and Residence Life DA of the Year: Jennifer Shaheen
            ULP RA of the Year: Amanda Hinds
            ULP DA of the Year: Ashley Payne
            Kentucky RA of the Year: Ashley Smith
            RD/ RLC of the Year: Jeremy Williamson
            Advisor of the Year: Sean Bogle
            Full- Time Staff Member of the Year: Alicia Novoa
            Excellence in Service: Kymberly Falcone
            Outstanding Student Initiative: Bre Hogue, Ronald McDonald House
            Green Initiative: Jonathan Johnson
            Educational Program of the Year: I Am Beautiful (ULP)
            Social Program: Miller Haunted Maze
            Diversity Program: MOVED Tunnel of Oppression
            Service Program: Welcome to the Neighborhood, ULP with Family Scholar

             Conducted joint in-Service with all Resident Assistant staff about on-call and
              emergency procedures. RAs also contributed to a round table discussion
              about their roles as student leaders in a follow-up conversation about RA

   One UL professional (Sean Bogle) and two ULP professional staff (LaMont
    Johnson and Jeremy Williamson) attended a three day Campus Crime
    Prevention seminar at the Galt House sponsored by the University of
    Louisville Police and NCPI.

   Two staff members published articles; 18 programs were presented at state,
    regional and national venues; 4 participated in case study competitions; and
    4 held leadership roles in a professional organization. LaMont Johnson
    (KRAC) and Sean Bogle (KARH) both received best program awards at the
    state conferences.

   Conferences attended 2009 - 2010
              o ACPA: Curtis Creekmore, Elizabeth Cassady, Amanda
                  Morris, Pinkie Smyser, and Jonathan Johnson
              o ACPA MMI: Jonathan Johnson
              o ACUHO-I: Shannon Staten
              o ACUHO-I Global Summit: Shannon Staten
              o ACUHO-I Business Operations: Nichelle Compton,
                  Michelle Massey and Shannon Staten
              o ACUHO-I Living Learning Conference: Dorothea Muller,
                  LaMont Johnson, Lauren Rust,
              o ASCA: Amanda Morris
              o CPAK: Elizabeth Cassady, Lauren Rust, Jonathan Johnson,
                  Hannah Piechowski, and Shannon Staten
              o KAHO (UofL Hosted) All staff participated
              o KARH (state RSA conference): Sean Bogle
              o KRAC (state RA conference): Hannah Piechowski (advisor)
                  LaMont Johnson
              o NASPA: Hannah Piechowski, Sean Bogle, Michelle Massey,
                  Suhail Guerrero, Curtis Creekmore, and Shannon Staten
              o NPI: Elizabeth Cassady and Lauren Rust
              o Ohio First Year Summit: Elizabeth Cassady
              o RMS: Jose Rodriguez
              o SAACURH: Emily McPherson and Sean Bogle (advisor)
              o SACSA: Aris Hall, Emily McPherson, Levi Shanks (RA),
                  Amanda Morris, Lauren Rust, Jonathan Johnson, Hannah
                  Piechowski, Teresa Crum and Jacqui Smith
              o SEAHO: Lauren Rust, Amanda Cunningham, Hannah
                  Piechowski, and Shannon Staten
                              o UofL Veteran’s Symposium: Nichelle Compton, Amanda
                                Cunningham, Amanda Morris, Jeremy Williamson, JT
                                Stinnett, and Shannon Staten

  8. Assessment Initiatives:

      Housing engaged in a self assessment using the CAS assessment tool to gain informed
      perspectives on the strengths and deficiencies in our housing program. All staff teams
      were asked to rate their own functions as well as the functions of other teams in our
      department. Discussion notes taken during the assessment meetings revealed that
      many of the teams didn’t fully understand the function of the other teams and how they
      accomplished their areas. They found it difficult to rank some areas because of this
      “lack of knowledge”. A change made in 2010 as a result of the discussion was to provide
      a more focused staff meeting that gave teams a chance to share their projects and work
      with each other. Results of the actual ranking follows:

                                        Ave    Res       Adm &         A-             Overal
            Section              Fac.     E     Ed         Bus      Team     ULP           l

Part 1: Mission                   3.2      3    2.6          3.7       3.6      3      3.183
Part 2: Program                   2.6   2.85   2.58         2.83      3.25    2.7      2.802
Part 3: Leadership                2.8   3.33    2.8          3.4         3    2.8      3.022
Part 4: Organization
Management                        3.2     3    2.14         3.71       2.5   2.28      2.805
Part 5: Human Resources             7    3.1    2.5          3.5         3      3      3.112
Part 6: Financial Resources         7    3.4   2.37         3.88         3   3.28      3.117
Part 7: Fac, Tech, &              3.3
Equipment                           6     3    2.38          3.1      2.66   2.68      2.863
Part 8: Legal Responsibilities      3   3.16    2.6         3.16      2.66   1.83       2.79
Part 9: Equity and Access           7     3    2.66         3.42      2.85   2.85      3.058
Part 10: Campus and External      3.3
Relations                           3      3   2.66            4         4   2.66      3.275
Part 11: Diversity                2.5      3   2.25            3         4      3      2.958
Part 12: Ethics                   3.8   3.18    2.6         3.25       3.5    2.5      3.138
 Part 13: Assessment &             1.7
 Evaluation                          5      3       2        2.75        2.25    2.5           2.375
 Overall Average for each          3.0 3.07 2.472 3.3615384 3.0976 2.69
 Team                                6      8       3            6          9      8           2.961
Scale: 1 to 5. 1 = assessment criteria not met. 5 = assessment criteria fully met.

   9. Department Goals 2010-2011:

          Our goals for 2010-2011 will remain the same, but the major tasks under each will
           adjust as noted below.

               Acknowledge that our residents are our strongest asset by consulting with
                residents, encouraging and supporting student leadership, and focusing on
                providing quality customer service.
               Restructured our training for our student leaders to be more intentional in
                focus and we began to adopt the I2A model of critical thinking.
               We created the green room, and began a sustainability leaders group in our
                efforts of sustaining, recycling and creating a greener environment in the halls.
               2010-2011. Invite affiliated community staff to crisis training with the RAs
               2010-2011. Train supervisors and advisors on the Paul Eider model for critical
                thinking as it applied to student staff and leaders.
          Continue to update our administrative processes and options for students through
           vibrant technology and student controlled systems.
               We were able to interface RMS with Peoplesoft to provide data for IR from
                Housing that is “real time”
               We updated our application process to be entirely electronic (eliminating
                paper) and gave students more control over their assignments and process.
               2010-2011. Collaborate with IT programming to include affiliated communities
                in data reporting for campus housing.
               2010-2011. Determine the ability of the Allen & O’Hara data system to
                interface with PeopleSoft.

          Move the vision forward to increase campus housing, create a more unified housing
           program for our residents and extend campus life services on the Belknap and HSC
       campuses and into the community.
           We made several strides in this goal with our new affiliations, unifying the ULP
            and UL Housing business plans and our work with Business Affairs and Student
            Affairs to continue defining the vision of a college town neighborhood.
           2010-2011. Update the UTA lobby and front lawn to a student-friendly
           2010-2011. Finalize affiliation agreements and decisions regarding Liberty
            Green on the Edge (HSC), The Bellamy, and Belknap Crossings.
           2010-2011. Assist with opening of new affiliated community: 3rd and Cardinal.
           2010-2011. Restructure housing Organizational chart to allow for change in
            duties created by Affiliations.
      Identify ways to build relationships with academic and administrative units in order
       to be integral in building campus community for student retention and satisfaction.
           Stevenson Hall was taken off line as a residence hall facility to allow other
            offices to use the facility.
           Allowed HSC administration to use some of the rooms at Medical Dental as
            office space.
           2010-2011. Budget appropriately to take Medical Dental off line as resident
            facility. “Sell” to HSC administration.
           Collaborate to strengthen Living Learning environments, classroom and study

10. Issues and Challenges for the Department During 2009-2010 and Beyond:

      Correcting the recommendations of the Audit review and updating our procedure
       manual appropriately.

      Increasing the interface with PeopleSoft to prepare for a mandating freshman living

      Installing wireless throughout the halls

      Budgeting appropriately for increases without “out pricing” the market
   Growing our affiliation communities and redefining the central office role with the

   Publishing our work with affiliations and other areas

   Maintaining a reasonable level of our financial costs with the university such as
    grounds, security and other areas that are beginning to expect our support since
    money is not available in general budget
                              Housing and Residence Life Metrics

Judicial Information (UL Halls):

   List of the number of occurrences that happened under each violation for 2009:

   1,181 incidents were recorded and decided upon. The top five (1,076) occurrences and
   types of incidents represented 91% and included:
       755 escorts
       160 inconsiderate behavior
        76     alcohol
        59     visitation
        26     smoking
    Of the remaining 9%, 20 incidents involved alcohol, drugs, paraphernalia or possession of
   alcohol canisters. 21 incidents involved fire and life safety issues. 16 involved noise
   complaints. The remaining were a variety of policy violations that required documentation.

Occupancy Statistics:
Spring 2010
Occupancy                           Assigned Beds       Beds        Percentage
Bettie Johnson Hall                      481             490          98.16%
Billy Minardi Hall                       38              38          100.00%
Community Park                           347             358          96.93%
Center Hall                              81              88           92.05%
Kurz Hall                                382             402          95.02%
Louisville Hall                          192             213          90.14%
Medical Dental Apartments                55              70           50.00%
Miller Hall                              270             292          92.47%
Stevenson Hall                           159             176          90.34%
Threlkeld Hall                           228             241          94.61%
Unitas Tower                             292             308          94.81%
UTA Apartments                           58              64           90.63%
Wellness House                           71              79           89.87%
West Hall                                75              87           86.21%
Total                                   2759            2906          94.29%
First Year Freshman Per Hall
Bettie Johnson                         210           Hall             73
Billy Minardi Hall                     9             Threlkeld Hall   135
Community Park                         167           Unitas Tower     282
Center Hall                            46            Undergrad        2
Kurz Hall                              200           House            63
Louisville Hall                        2             West Hall        72
Miller Hall                            263
Total Freshman                         1524
Total % of Freshman Class              52.07%

Spring 2010:
Ethnicity                              ULP           UOFL               Total         %
African American                       439           185              624             23
American Indian / Alaskan              5             3                8               0
Asian/Pacific Islander                 21            25               46              2
Caucasian                              730           815              1545            58
Hispanic                               24            23               47              2
Other / no answer                      29            375              404             15
Total                                  1248          1426             2674

                                 Other / no
                                  answer                  African         American
                                   15%                   American          Indian /
                                                           23%             Alaskan


                            African American         American Indian / Alaskan
                            Asian/Pacific Islander   Caucasian
                            Hispanic                 Other / no answer
Locale                 ULP                UOFL      Total        %
In-State               803                787       1590        59
Out of State           431                134       565         21
International          14                 8         18           0
Local                                     403       429         16
NA/No Answer                              94        101          4
Total                  1248               1426      2674

                   Local                                             In-State
                                                                     Out of State
                International                                        International
                     0%                           In-State           Local
                           Out of State                              NA/No Answer

Gender                 ULP                Uof L                           Total      %
Male                   692                694                             1386       52
Female                 556                732                             1288       48
Total                  1248               1426                            2674

Summer 2009 (The beds not used by summer students were used for the summer conference
Occupancy                 Assigned Beds       Available Beds        Percentage
Bettie Johnson Hall              160                 490                 33
Billy Minardi Hall               10                  38                  26
Center Hall                      55                  90                  61
Community Park                   170                 358                 48
Kurz Hall                        190                 402                 47
Medical Dental Apts              136                 137                 99
UTA Graduate                     85                  86                  99
UTA Undergraduate                46                  55                  89

 Fall 2009
 Occupancy                     Beds           Available Beds       Percentage
 Bettie Johnson Hall           490                 490               100.00%
 Billy Minardi Hall             38                  38               100.00%
 Center Hall                    85                  87                 97.70%
 Community Park                357                 358                 99.72%
 Kurz Hall                     401                 402                 99.75%
 Louisville Hall               197                 213                 92.49%
 Medical Dental
 Apartments                    53                  71                  74.65%
 Miller Hall                   265                 293                 90.44%
 Threlkeld Hall                 219                 237                92.41%
 Unitas Tower                   275                 290                94.83%
 UTA Graduate                   44                  46                 95.65%
 UTA Undergrad                  93                  99                 93.94%
 Wellness House                 69                  75                 92.00%
 West Hall                       0                  81                  0.00%
 Total                         2586                2780                93.02%
Affiliated Housing
Province                812   858    94.64%
University Park
Apartments              212   225    94.22%
Phoenix Place            64   76     84.21%

Total Campus Housing   3674   3939   93.27%
First Year Freshman Per Building Fall 2009
Bettie Johnson                      231                    Stevenson Hall                         0
Billy Minardi Hall                    10                   Threlkeld Hall                       140
Center Hall                           41                   Unitas Tower                         256
Community Park                      198                    Wellness House                        62
Kurz Hall                           226                    West Hall                              0
Louisville Hall                        3                   UTA/Undergrad                          1
Miller Hall                         252                    UTA family                             3

Total # of Freshmen in
Housing                             1423
                                                         Percentage of
Total Enrolled FY Freshmen          2481                 Freshman                         58%

Fall 2009:
Ethnicity                    UOFL            Total               %
African American              191               630            23
American Indian / Alaskan       3                   3           0
Asian/Pacific Islander         54                  68           3
Caucasian                     953                 1650         60
Hispanic                       26                   45          2
Other / no answer             300                  336         12
Total                           7             2732

                               Other / no
                                answer                       African          American
                                 12%                        American           Indian /
                                                              23%              Alaskan


                         African American                 American Indian / Alaskan
                         Asian/Pacific Islander           Caucasion
                         Hispanic                         Other / no answer
Locale                              UOFL               Total                         %
In-State                             836                836                         55
Out of State                         143                143                          9
International                         18                 18                          2
Local                                429                429                         28
NA/No Answer                         101                101                          7
Total                               1527               1527

                     NA/No Answer
                          7%                                   In-State
          Local                                                Out of State
                                          In-State             Local
                                                               NA/No Answer
                    Out of State

Gender                             UOFL               Total                    %
Male                               794                794                      52
Female                             733                733                      48
Total                              1527               1527

University Park Apartments 2009-2010
                                 Male          Female           Total              %
Caucasian                        55              25              80                30
African American                 10              10              20                 8
African/Non American             4               2                6                 2
Asian                            35              28              63                24
Indian                           42              18              60                22
Muslim                           25              8               33                12
Polish                           4               2                6                 2
Total                            175             93              268

                                                                African American
                                                                African/Non American


UL Professional & Degre Position        Gend   Ethnicity          Employment Status
Administrative    e                     er

Shannon Staten     M.Ed.   Director     Femal White/Non           Currently Employed by
                                        e     Hispanic            Department

Michelle Massey    MA      Associate    Femal White/Non           Currently Employed by
                           Director     e     Hispanic            Department

Jonathan Johnson   MA      Associate    Male   Black/African      Currently Employed by
                           Director            American           Department

Suhail Guerrero    MA      Assistant    Femal Hispanic/Latino     Currently Employed by
                           Director     e                         Department

Carolyn Stevens    N/A     UBM          Femal Black/African       Currently Employed by
                                        e     American            Department
Jacqui Smith         BS    Tech          Femal White/Non           Currently Employed by
                           Specialist    e     Hispanic            Department

Dorothea Muller      MA    Project       Femal White/Non           Currently Employed by
                           Coordinat     e     Hispanic            Department
Pinkie Smyser        N/A   Administr     Femal White/Non           Currently Employed by
                           ative         e     Hispanic            Department
Amanda Morris        MA    Residence     Femal White/Non           Currently Employed by
                           Life          e     Hispanic            Department
Lauren Rust          MA    Residence     Femal White/Non           Currently Employed by
                           Life          e     Hispanic            Department
Sean Bogle           MA    Residence     Male   Black/ African     Currently Employed by
                           Life                 American           Department
Elizabeth Cassady    BS    Communit      Femal White/Non           Currently Employed by
                           y             e     Hispanic            Department

Tracy Chester-       BA    Program       Femal White/Non           Currently Employed by
Patrick                    Coordinat     e     Hispanic            Department
Jose Rodriguez       BA    Program       Male   Hispanic/Latino    Not Currently Employed
                           Coordinat                               by Dept.
UL                   Degree Position      Gender Ethnicity           Employment Status

Nichelle Compton     BA      Secretary    Female   Black/African     Currently Employed by
                             II                    American          Department

Amanda               BS      Prog.        Female   White/Non         Currently Employed by
Cunningham                   Asst. Sr.             Hispanic          Department
T’Andra            ASSOC    Prog.         Female   Black/African     Currently Employed by
Montgomery                  Asst. Sr.              American          Department

Cristina Mannari   BS       Prog.         Female   White/Non         Not Currently
                            Asst. Sr               Hispanic          Employed by Dept.

Jan Upton          MA       Adm.          Female   White/Non         Not Currently
                            Asst.                  Hispanic          Employed by Dept.

ULP Staff          Degre Position              Gende     Ethnicity          Employment
                   e                           r                            Status

Teresa Crum        MA      Community           Femal     White/Non          Allen & O’Hara
                           Manager             e         Hispanic           staff

LaMont Johnson     BS      Assistant           Male      Black/African      Allen & O’Hara
                           Community                     American           Staff

Jeremy             MA      Residence Life      Male      Black/African      Allen & O’Hara
Williamson                 Coordinator                   American           Staff

Michael Samples            Resident Services   Male      White/Non          Allen & O’Hara
                           Manager                       Hispanic           Staff

Ashley Smith       BA      Resident services   Femal                        Allen & O’Hara
                           Manager             e                            Staff

JT Stinnett                Leasing and         Femal     White/Non          Allen & O’Hara
                           Marketing           e         Hispanic           Staff

Brittany Babbage   BS      Assistant Leasing   Femal                        Allen & O’Hara
                           and Marketing       e                            Staff

Elizabeth                  Receptionist        Femal     White/Non          Allen & O’Hara
Dreschel                                       e         Hispanic           Staff

Heather Doiron             Receptionist        Femal     White/ Non         Allen & O’Hara
                                               e         Hispanic           Staff
Ann Tayne   Receptionist   Femal   White/Non   Allen & O’Hara
                           e       Hispanic    Staff
               Fema   Mal   White / Non-   Black / Non-
  Position                                                Hispanic   Other
                 le    e     Hispanic        Hispanic

    *P/A        13     6        12              5            2        0

 *Classified    9      4         8              4            0        0

    Grad        7      2         6              2            0        1

 Assist Apt
   Mgr          5      4         6              1            0        2

  Assistant     26    19        29             14            1        1

                0      5         4              1            0        0

 First Year
                27    19        34              9            0        3

   Office       1      0         1              0            0        0

                2      3         4              0            0        1

                37    38        50             18            0        7

                0      3         3              0            0        0

Resident                                                              0
Intern          3      1         3              1            0
52 / UL: 182
= 234)           130     104         160               55                 3    15

                 56%      44          68              24%                2%    6%

Note: Those rows that are * indicate that ULP staff are added to the totals.
2009 Summer Conference Program: total Revenue: $329,329.42

 $31,420.00 Miller Hall: Women’s Basketball, LaCrosse, Field Hockey, National Cheerleading
            Association (3 camps)

$104,154.05 Unitas Tower: State Police, Black Student summit, YTEP, ACAP, FEA, Men’s
            soccer (3 camps), Team Focus, Upward Bound, Kentuckians for the
            Commonwealth, Deaf Sports

 $24,265.00 Wellness Hall: West Louisville Boys and Girls Choir

  $3,775.50   West Hall: West Louisville Boys and Girls Choir

 $29,835.80 Stevenson Hall: Okolona and Blake Elementary, Wind Band, Louisville Ballet (2
            groups), Hebron School of Karate, Men’s Baseball (2 camps), Upward Bound,
            Young Leaders Academy

 $42,869.00 Threlkeld Hall: College Bound, Offense-Defense sports (defaulted for $9,461.00),
            Women’s Basketball (2 camps), Jamey Jazz, PEPP, National Cheerleading (2

 $93,010.07 Louisville Hall: Women’s Soccer, Wind Band, Kent School – German Camp,
            Suzuki Strings, Louisville Bar, INROADS, Swim (3 camps), Jamey Jazz (2 camps),
            Softball Camp, Civic Conference, school Violence Prevention, NCA (2 camps)

2010 Summer Conference Program: Total Revenue collected by 10/1/2010: $235,570.30; Still
due from groups $41,267.17. Total expected: $285,137.47.

  32,526.00   Miller Hall: Women’s Basketball, UL Field Hockey, National Cheerleading
              Association , Highland Upward Bound, UL Tennis Camp

 $60,397.97 Unitas Tower: Okolona and Blake Elementary, PEPP, YTEP, ACAP, Men’s soccer
            (3 camps), Upward Bound, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Deaf Sports,
            Cardinal Football (4 camps)

  $2,524.00   West Hall: State Police

 $93,199.00 Threlkeld Hall: Gutermuth College bound, LaCrosse, National Cheerleading (2
            camps), Upward Bound, Gear Up Kentuckiana, Women’s Soccer

 $82,074.50 Louisville Hall: Suzuki Piano, Jamey Jazz (2 camps), Shared skies Professional
            Development, Disability Resource conference, Cardinal Softball, Student media
             Group, Women’s Soccer, Suzuki Strings, NCA (2 camps), Wind Band, Women’s
             Basketball Camp, Kentucky Ambassadors, Louisville Bar,

$14,416.00 Center Hall: 1st Baptist Church, Leadership Advantage, The Joyful Noise Singers,
           Louisville Ballet (2 groups), Bonners Scholars


Physical Plant and Facility Assistant Work order totals from January 1, 2009 - December 31,
2009: 4856.

To help with the heavy load of work orders that Physical Plant receives, the Facility Assistants
have assisted them by taking care of day to day maintenance such as lights out, minor
maintenance concerns, furniture repair, etc. Total number of work orders completed by
student Facility Assistants: 844.

Sustainability: Jonathan Johnson and our student “green” representative served on the
University committees for sustainability. This included participation in the Campus “green day”
activities, presenting programs to students, and writing articles for various newsletters.

   Green Room Project: This is a collaborative project that enhances UofL’s sustainable
    footprint and increases education on campus through Housing, Arts and Sciences and the
    University Sustainability Council. A sustainable architectural class developed a design
    proposal to pilot a green residence hall room with a budget of $5000. A two-bedroom
    efficiency in Louisville Hall with a vaulted ceiling and large window for natural lighting was
    selected for the project.
   Certain features distinguish this room from any other room on campus. They are different in
    ways that make the room much more sustainable and naturally comfortable. Not only is
    the room easy on the environment, it is also very easy on the eyes. The floors are made of
    bamboo. Because bamboo is a grass, it is much more sustainable in its growing cycle than
    wood as grasses will grow back in a relatively quick manner. Bamboo is also exceptional to
    walk on! There is no need for carpet as the bamboo is soft and does not cold as tile often
    does. In addition, one wall is covered in clay. The clay has insulating features, as well as
    easy upkeep. The soft green color adds visual variety and a homey touch. The large
    windows let in vast quantities of natural light, cutting down a need for electrical use during
    the day. A beautiful ceiling fan helps regulate temperature. Having a low-flow showerhead
    and toilet and an aerator on the faucet have cut water use by approximately 50 percent!
    With tall ceilings, large windows, along with the several distinctive “green” characteristics,
    the room feels less like a dorm and more like a modern, innovative, energy-efficient living


Other initiatives through this project include recycling in the residence halls and in the Housing
Off Campus Housing Service:

Off Campus Service offers an Off Campus Housing component to serve those students looking
for off campus housing. This provides information on housing listings, roommates, sublets, and
message boards for furniture, carpools, etc., in the community.

Off Campus Housing Service Statistics for 2009:
Small Contracts to provide services for students:

Bed Bath and Beyond: BB&B sponsored and decorated Housing’s model tour room. They also
provided a pack and hold service for students in which students could purchase items from
BB&B on line and have those shipped to the nearest BB&B store close to Uof L for pickup. They
provided approximately $800.00 to RSA as a bonus from this service.
Bed Loft: Students could rent a bed loft that would be installed in their room. The loft would
elevate their bed to allow for extra living space underneath.

On Campus Marketing: This company provided a variety of opportunities for students and
parents. Study and final exam gift packs were ordered by parents and delivered to the
students. Microfridges and carpets could be rented from the company as well.

Staff participation and presentations:

Shannon Staten, Director of Housing:
    Attended: ACUHO-I Global Summit , ACUHO-I Annual Conferences, ACUHO-I Fall
      Workshop on Business Operations, KAHO, Veterans Symposium , SEAHO,
    Presentations: 22 total presentations
         o SEAHO – 2 Presentations: “Going to the Next Galaxy: Preparing and Seeking a
             Director’s Position” and “Global Summit Report”
         o ACUHO-I Fall workshop on Business Operations – 2 presentations: “De-
             Mystifying Public-Private Partnerships”. Co-presented with The Scion Group, LLC
             (consulting firm for Higher Education) and “Affiliation Agreements between
             Schools and Off-campus Housing Providers”
         o Speaker Bureau: 18 presentations in 2009.
                  “Developing an A+ Attitude, Starts from within”. June 10, 2009. Franklin
                    Asset Management, Inc. Annual Managers Meeting, Louisville, KY.
                  “Where does my time go? Gaining control and becoming more effective."
                    November 19, 2009: Credit & Financial Development Division. Louisville,
                    KY and January 23, 2009: CSG. Louisville, KY.
                  “Developing a personal Mission Statement.” Presented to seven 9 th
                    grade CIE classes at Floyd Central High School, Floyds Knobs, IN January
                    and November

Michelle Massey, Associate Director for Student Services:
    Attended: NASPA, SACSA, ACUHO-I Fall workshop on Business Operations
    Served as a Board member on the EDR Trust Board of Advisors; attended ULP
       Management Meeting
    UofL Chair: MMI Host Committee
    Chair: Meal Plan waiver committee
    Coordinated with IT the project for data program regarding new meal plan

Jonathan L. Johnson, Assistant Director for Facilities:
    Attended CPAK, ACPA, and SACSA
    Presentation for CPAK: “Sustainability accomplishments at UofL”
    Co-Authored journal Article with Dr. Cuyjet
    Co-Presentation at ACPA with Dr. Cuyjet
Suhail Guerrero, Assistant Director for Residence Education:
    Attended ASJA and SACSA

Amanda Morris, Housing and Residence Life Coordinator:
   Attended: SEAHO (won Case Study Competition), ACPA, LLC Conference, ASJA, and
   KAHO – UofL Hosted, on Host Committee and served as Secretary / Treasurer for

Elizabeth Cassady, Community Coordinator:
     Attended: ACPA, KAHO, SEAHO, CPAK,
     KAHO – Presentation: Go Fish: Hooking the Reluctant Student Leader
     KAHO – Elected Graduate Representative
     IU Southeast Leadership Conference – Presentation: Go Fish
     ACPA – Presentation: Marketing for Boston Convention 2010 and Elected to Convention
       Steering Committee as Graduate Intern
     KRAC
     GAPSA Elected Director of Programming
     SEAHO – Participated in PPP Program. Participated in Case Study
     First Year Initiatives pick sessions: Presented throughout summer orientations sessions.

Lauren Rust, Housing and Residence Life Coordinator:
    Attended CPAK and LLC Conference

Sean Bogle, Housing and Residence Life Coordinator:
    Participated in National Crime Prevention Institute for Campus Crime Prevention
    Served as RSA Advisor
    Attended: SAACURH, KAHO, SEAHO
    KAHO – Presentation: Time Management
    Vibrations – Published articles
    KAHO – UofL Hosted, on Host Committee

Jacqui Smith, Technical Support:
    Attended: SACSA and RMS
    Served on Host committee: MMI Welcome Committee

Pinkie Smyser, Business Services:
    Attended ACPA

Dorothea Muller, Marketing/Project Coordinator:
    Participated on I2A Committee
      VPSA Vibrations Newsletter Committee
      Participated in VPSA sponsored Spring Academy and Fall Academy
      Attended KAHO and LLC Conference
      Plone Website Training
      KAHO – Elected State Editor
      SEAHO Reports – Published articles

Amanda Cunningham, Program Assistant Facilities:
   Attended CPAK and Veterans Symposium

Nichelle Compton, Program Assistant to the Director:
    Attended: Veterans Symposium, SEAHO, Educators Visit – ROTC, KAHO and ACUHO-I
       Business Operations Workshop
    KAHO – UofL Hosted, Co-Chair Host Committee

Tracy Chester, Program Assistant Billing:
    Published book author

Tandra Montgomery, Program Assistant Billing:
    Law School Graduate Orientation – Represented Housing

Hannah Piechowski, Resident Community Coordinator:
    SACSA – 2nd Place in the Case Study Competition
    GAPSA Elected Director of Finance
    NASPA – Representative for UofL for the KY State Board

Lamont Johnson, ULP:
    Attended: KRAC, LLC Conference, and ACPA

Jeremy Williamson, ULP:
     GAPSA Elected Director of Programming
     Attended: Veterans Symposium and LLC Conference

Jose Rodriguez, ULP:
    Attended RMS Conference

JT Stinnett, ULP:
     Attended Veterans Symposium

Teresa Crum, ULP:
    Attended KAHO – UofL Hosted, on Host Committee, SACSA

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