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Biostatistics _MPH_


									2011/2012 College Catalog – Programs Offered                                   Epidemiology and Biostatistics
                                                                                         Biostatistics (MPH)
Biostatistics (MPH)

The MPH program in Biostatistics provides educational opportunities for students to acquire a broad
knowledge in biostatistics and apply biostatistical methods to public health problems. The MPH program
emphasizes the applications of quantitative methods to a broad range of public health problems. The
intended audience of the program includes individuals with strong quantitative background and
interests in a professional career in a public health setting. The program trains students to be able to
design studies, to implement data collection and management plans, to formulate analysis plans and
conduct analysis, and to report and communicate analytical results. The program will also provide
students with knowledge in statistical and computational methods and public health.

In addition to the overall Master of Public Health degree competencies, Biostatistics graduates will be
able to:
1. Apply biostatistical methods to the design of experimental and observational studies with respect to
    sample selection, randomization, and power.
2. Apply common probability distributions to public health outcomes.
3. Use statistical techniques including descriptive statistics, data exploration, estimation, hypothesis
    testing, and modeling.
4. Demonstrate basic data management skills and use common statistical software packages for data
5. Communicate effectively to public health practitioners in terms of formulating research problems
    and interpreting statistical results.
6. Read and interpret scientific literature on selected public health topics.
7. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues related to the use of biostatistics in public health.
8. Develop written and oral presentations based on statistical analyses and field experience.
9. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of public health issues.

•   Public health course prerequisites:
    o HSC 4551 Survey of Human Diseases
    o PHC 4101 Introduction to Public Health
    o Or an equivalent course is required for students who lack training in public health or biological
•   Suggested/preferred undergraduate majors: mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, natural
    sciences, biological sciences, engineering, medical sciences, environmental sciences, management
    information systems.
•   Prerequisite undergraduate courses: linear algebra, calculus, basic computer skills (e.g. operating
    system, internet, word processing, spread sheet).
•   Work experience: Prior work experience is preferred, but not required.
•   For admission requirements see the MPH Degree page.
•   Other criteria: Academic background, goal statement, student's academic interest, references and
    availability of faculty and facility resources are also considered as part of the entrance evaluation.

University of South Florida, College of Public Health                                 S e c t i o n 3 | 102
2011/2012 College Catalog – Programs Offered                                   Epidemiology and Biostatistics
                                                                                         Biostatistics (MPH)
Additional Program Information

•   Supervised Field Experience: No experience, or less than two years using biostatistical principles in a
    work setting: 3 credits minimum. Two or more years experience using biostatistical principles in a
    work setting: 1 credit minimum.
•   Examples of common elective options
    o HSC 6054 Design and Analysis of Experiments for Health Researchers
    o HSC 6056 Survey Sampling Methods in Health Sciences
    o PHC 6701 Computer Applications for Public Health Researchers
    o PHC 6xxx Public Health Data Base Management

Additional Links

•   College Master of Public Health degree requirements
•   Department Specific Guidelines for Special Project, Field Experience, Comprehensive Exam
•   Academic and Student Affairs: Registration, Academic Procedures, etc.
•   Tuition and Financial Aid
•   College Admission Requirements
•   Course Descriptions

University of South Florida, College of Public Health                                S e c t i o n 3 | 103
  2011/2012 College Catalog – Programs Offered                                          Epidemiology and Biostatistics
                                                                                                  Biostatistics (MPH)

                              College of Public Health - Program Curriculum Check Sheet

Name:                                                                 Dept:                 EPB
Advisor:                                                              Degree:               MPH
Semester/Year Accepted:                                               Concentration:        Biostatistics
        Any grade below a C (C- to F) is required to be retaken. The grade will be included in the student's GPA.
College Core Courses                                                    Total Needed           15     Grade       Taken
PHC     6000    Epidemiology                                                                  3
PHC     6057    *Biostatistical Inference I                                                   3
PHC     6102    Principles of Health Policy and Management                                    3
PHC     6357    Environmental and Occupational Health                                         3
PHC     6410    Social and Behavioral Sciences Applied to Health                              3
               During 2nd semester meet with advisor and begin planning field experience.
Required Concentration Courses                                           Total Needed        15
PHC     6053    Categorical Data Analysis                                                     3
PHC     6051    Biostatistics II                                                              3
PHC     6060    Biostatistics Case Studies and Consulting I                                   3
HSC     6055    Survival Analysis                                                             3
PHC     6020    Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials                                         3

Electives (see previous page for examples)                               Total Needed         9

Culminating Experiences                                                  Total Needed       7-18
PHC     6945    Supervised Field Experience (1-12 credits, see previous page)

PHC     6977    Special Project                                                               3
PHC     6936    Public Health Capstone Course                                                 3
   Minimum 45 credit hours (not including field experience)            Total GPA Hours                       GPA
                                                                  Total Hours Attempted
Rev Fall2010                              The College Reserves All Rights to Repeal And/or Modify

  *Students who have previously taken introductory statistics courses and have a strong mathematical
  background must take the more advanced level biostatistics course "PHC 6057: Biostatistical Inference I"
  instead of "PHC 6050: Biostatistics I". However, if a student does not have this prior training in
  introductory statistics coursework then she/he can take both PHC 6050 Biostatistics I and PHC 6057
  Biostatistical Inference I.

  University of South Florida, College of Public Health                                        S e c t i o n 3 | 104

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