BIOSTATISTICS _BIOL 379_ – Spring 2000 by gegeshandong


									                             BIOSTATISTICS (BIOL 379) – Spring 2005

Instructor: Dr. Daniel Townsend     Office: Loyola 202            Phone: 941-6217
Textbook: R.E. Hampton (1994) Introductory Biological Statistics. Waveland Press.
Class times: Mon, Wed, Fri @ 9:00-9:50 am                Meeting room: Hyland 102

                               TENTATIVE COURSE SCHEDULE*
Dates                 Topics                                                          Text Chapters

Jan 31, Feb 2         Introduction, populations & samples, sampling                        1
Feb 4, 7              Statistical variables, data, frequency distributions                 2
Feb 9, 11             Descriptive statistics                                               3
Feb 14                Computer use – data handling & descriptive statistics
Feb 16, 18, 21, 23    Probability, Binomial & Normal distributions                         4

EXAM 1 Monday, Feb 28

Feb 25                Statistical inference, Sampling distribution                         5
March 2, 4            Student’s t distribution, Confidence intervals                       5
March 7, 9            Hypothesis testing, one sample t-test                                5
March 11              Statistical decision-making, Type I & Type II Errors                 5
March 14, 16          Two-sample t-test for independent samples                            6
March 18, 30          Two-sample t-test for paired samples                                 6

EXAM 2 Monday, April 4

April 1               Experimental design I
April 6, 8, 11        Analysis of variance I                                               7
April 13, 15, 18      Analysis of variance II                                              7
April 20, 22, 25      Correlation and regression analysis                                  8

EXAM 3 Friday, April 29

April 27              Experimental design II
May 2, 4, 6, 9        Categorical data & Chi-square analysis                               9
May 11, 13, 16        Other non-parametric statistics                              parts of 6, 7, 8

FINAL EXAM - week of May 17-21
* I reserve the right to change the schedule of topics and exams, if necessary; however I will always
provide notice of any change at least two class periods in advance.

BLACKBOARD. I use Blackboard as a supplemental academic tool. Each of you has already been
registered on Blackboard for this course. To sign onto Blackboard, go to the University website and
click on Blackboard (or type in the Location box). When you get the
Blackboard home page, click on Login. When the login page opens, enter your username (same as
for your email) and password (the first time you sign on, this will be your Social Security # followed
by the two-digit day of the month you were born). You should establish a new password soon.

POCKET CALCULATORS. Each person in the course must have a pocket calculator with sigma ()
function capability. You should bring it to every class and exam.

COMPUTER USE. Part of the course will involve learning to use the spreadsheet EXCEL, which is
resident on the PCs in Hyland 102, and in other computer labs.

READINGS AND CLASS ATTENDANCE. We will cover virtually everything in Hampton’s book.
There also will be several handouts of additional material, many of which I will post on Blackboard.
Some of what we will do in class is not covered in Hampton. Therefore, while I do not require
attendance, I highly recommend that you attend class regularly.

HOMEWORK. There will be regular homework assignments, averaging one per week. A list of
known assignments with their due dates is attached; these will be due by 5:00 pm on their due date,
unless I announce otherwise. There will be additional assignments, which I will announce in class.
        You can hand homework to me in class, put it in my mailbox in the Biology office (L115,
open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays), or slip it under my office door (L202). It will be
possible to submit some assignments electronically, as email attachments or to the Digital Dropbox
on Blackboard.
        I usually grade homework assignments and hand them back in the next class session.
Homework submitted late will be subject to a 10% penalty per day that it is late. Your homework
grade counts for 20% of your final grade in the course.

EXAMS. There will be three exams during the semester and a final exam. Each exam (including the
final) will constitute 20% of your final grade in the course. Exams 1-3 will assess your understanding
of the subject material covered in the immediately preceding unit although we will build on what
has gone before. The final exam will be partly on the last unit and partly comprehensive.
        There will be no make-up exams. If you miss an exam due to a legitimate problem or
emergency, you must give me a written excuse that fully explains the nature of the problem or
emergency, in which case the grade for that exam will not be used in calculating your final grade. If
you miss an exam for no legitimate reason, you will receive a grade of zero for that exam.

GRADING. At the end of the semester, your total points from all homework and exams will be
transformed to a 100-point scale and final grades assigned based on the following:

A > 94                B+ 87-89               C+ 77-79              D+ 66-69
A- 90-93              B 83-86                C 73-76               D 60-65
                      B- 80-82               C- 70-72              F < 60

OFFICE HOURS:            Monday       10:00am to Noon
                         Tuesday      9:30 to 11:30am
                         Wednesday 10:00am to Noon
I am always happy to meet with students outside of class. During the days and times listed above, I
will be in my office. If you cannot see me during one of these times, please see me to arrange a
mutually convenient time when we can meet.

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