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					= France; Gad = Switzerland; Asher = Belgium       *Note: Spiritism or spiritualism is common in
and Luxembourg; Napthali = Sweden; Dan =           certain areas of the Philippines. Spiritism is a
                                                                                                        Banal Na Pag-aaral (BNP)
Ireland; and Zebulun = Holland.                    belief that the dead communicate with the
                                                   living, usually through a medium. Sometimes             Banal Na Pag-aaral, (BNP), translated as
    The following are some of the unorthodox       the medium becomes unconscious, in a state of       “Sacred Study”, originated in Manila,
teachings of BNP:                                  ecstasy, when the spirit of the dead supposedly     Philippines, and has been banned to operate in
                                                   takes over the living body of the medium. Then      the Archdiocese of Manila, and in many
   1. Salve Carreon as Mahal Na Ingkong is         the spirit speaks, even using the mannerisms of     dioceses in the United States, including, San
       the Second Coming of Jesus.                 the dead that was summoned. The medium is           Francisco, Los, Angeles, San Bernardino,
   2. Salve as God is worthy of worship and        said to no longer be in control of their voice or   Orange, San Jose, Cleveland, San Diego,
       adoration.                                  actions. It is also called necromancy in            Chicago, Brooklyn and others. In general, priests
   3. The next Testament of the Bible will be      Scripture.                                          and laity are forbidden to support and attend
       the story of the BNP and Salve Carreon.          Spiritism or spiritualism, always risk         activities of the BNP.
   4. At the end of the world, those who will      evoking demonic activity, and often are
       be saved will be mostly BNP graduates.      undertaken for the sake of divination and/or                         “Sister Salve”
   5. The Catholic Church will be replaced by      magic. The rituals conducted by supposed                 Salvacion Pactadona Aguillon was born on
       the BNP.                                    mediums often involve religious elements            March 14, 1944, in Dagami, Leyte, Philippines.
   6. Encountering Mahal Na Ingkong in the         whose doctrinal basis denies Jesus' divinity. If    On January 16, 1965, she married Mr. Delfin
       person of Salve is far superior to the      Catholics undertake such practices to seek          Pablo Carreon at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic
       presence of Jesus in the Blessed            reassurance about the fate of their loved ones,     Church, Cloverleaf, Balintawalk, Quezon,
       Sacrament                                   they show lack of confidence in prayer and the      Philippines. She had four children with Mr.
   7. Serving as staff or auxiliaries during the   rites of the Church, and manifest underlying        Carreon and later separated from him, but never
       mission classes excuses from Sunday         defects in their faith. Those who seek guidance     divorced him civilly in the United States of
       Mass obligation.                            through a medium also show lack of confidence       America. There is no civil divorce in the
   8. The real birthday of Jesus as Mahal Na       in divine guidance (see 1 Chr 10.13-14).            Philippines.
       Ingkong in Oct. 23.                         Participation is a grave matter, and the Church          In 1968 she founded BNP in Novaliches,
   9. The woman crowned with twelve stars          warns her members to avoid having anything to       Quezon City, Philippines. As a sign of respect,
       in the Book of Revelation refers to Salve   do with such practices (see DS 3642/2182).          some of her followers began to call her “Sister
       Carreon.                                                                                        Salve”, even though she was never a religious
   10. The “Phenomenon” Mahal Na Ingkong,                                                              sister. Mrs. Carreon changed her name and
                                                        The Evangelization Station                     identity by tampering with her papers and
       demands complete surrender of the BNP                    P.O. Box 267
       followers will to the Ingkong.                                                                  documents, e.g., passport on August 20, 1984
                                                     Angels Camp, California, 95222 USA                and birth certificate on August 21m 1984, to
   11. The paper hosts, called “bilog” with               Telephone: 209-728-5598
       inscriptions on them are distributed to                                                         Miss Remedios Bautista Rios in order to come
                                                     E-mail:              to the United States. On February 4, 1985, under
       BNP members on Good Friday as a cure
       for sickness or ill fortune (Book of                     her new name, she married Mr. Estanislao (Nilo)
       Sacred Magic by Abra-Melin).                                                                    Hokson Stuart at the Candlelight Wedding
   12. The use of the incantation: “Sator,”        Pamphlet 575                                        Chapel in Las Vegas Nevada, out side of the
       “Arepo”, “Tenet”, “Opera”, “Rotas”,                                                             Catholic Church. She committed civil fraud,
       together with a distorted version of the                                                        civil bigamy, and according to the teachings of
       Magnificat — to ward off evil, etc.                                                             the Catholic Church, adultery. Under her totally
       (Book of Sacred Magic by Abra-Melin).                                                           new identity, she became a naturalized
                                                                                                       American citizen. On September 16, 1993 she
filed for an annulment of her marriage to Mr.       the will of the Mahal Na Ingkong. This doctrine            One effect of the BNP retreat can be to bring
Carreon. Without an annulment, she invalidly        and the total surrender it demands are not in          participants back to active participation in their
married Mr. Stuart on June 12, 1993 at St. Paul     accord with Catholic teaching and have led to          parishes. But they come back to parish life with
The Apostle Catholic Church, in Chino Hills,        family disintegration, divorces, and even loss of      BNP theology solidly implanted in them. During
California. The couple deceived the pastor, Fr.     properties.                                            their vigil of the Blessed Sacrament, the BNP
Michael Maher. Her new name is Mrs.                      BNP is a cult in that Mrs. Carreon becomes        members place an empty chair in the sanctuary
Remedios Bautista Rios Stuart. She fabricated       the absolute Messiah, Lord, God and Savior             near or beside the altar. The chair is supposed to
her church documents to fit her new identity.       because of the possession of Mahal Na Ingkong.         be reserved for Mahal Na Ingkong. Oftentimes
The actual marriage took place at St. Elizabeth     It is not simply a religious movement in the           the BNP adorers kneel in front of this chair
Ann Seton Catholic Church, Ontario, California.     Church. It is now an evolving religious sect with      instead of adoring the Blessed Sacrament.
The invalid marriage is recorded at St. Paul The    their own identity that unconsciously or                   The BNP phenomenona, Mrs. Carreon, as
Apostle Catholic Church. These dishonesties         consciously plans to take over the Catholic            Mahal Na Ingkong, occurs in an atmosphere of
and manipulations are with the full approval of     Church and to control more completely the              lowered resistance and in total darkness. Salve
Mahal Na Ingkong, a spirit and a god that she       spiritual, emotional, psychological, and financial     as Mahal Na Ingkong appears to change her
and her followers claims to possess her entirely    condition of their followers.                          appearance, size and voice. In private audiences
at times. Evidently, Mrs. Carreon deceived the                                                             with her chosen followers, she as Ingkong
civil authorities of the United States, the                     Brain-washing techniques                   demands total commitment (including financial
Catholic Church, but she cannot deceive God.             They use mind control and brainwashing            support) and inspires fear and guilt by alluding
                                                    techniques to reprogram the thought processes          in general terms to the individual’s past
                     Activities                     of their recruits. It is common for cults to use the   transgressions. SHE uses magic words found in
    Activities of the BNP include apostolic         brain-washing technique on “retreats” to fatigue       the Book of Sacred Magic by Abra-Melin, a
mission classes (weekend retreats patterned after   and exhaust candidates through sleep                   book on occultism.*
the Cursillo, nocturnal adoration of the Blessed    deprivation, special lighting and music. The               Among the specific doctrinal teachings that
Sacrament, special group Masses, and Our Lady       teachings of Banal Na Pag-aaral are given              BNP members seem unequipped to recognize as
of Fatima devotion (The statue of our Lady of       during the course of a weekend retreat called          contradictory to Catholic teaching are:
Fatima is brought to different homes where a        “Panawagan” and patterned after the Cursillo.
group prays the rosary). These devotions are        The rollos (presentations) dwell mostly on the             1. That Mahal Na Ingkong is the presence
used by the BNP to give a semblance of an           highly emotional life testimonies of the rollistas            of God, moving in and possessing the
authentic religious movement approved by the        (presenters) [their conversions through Mahal                 body of Salve Carreon, speaking and
Catholic Church. In reality, these activities are   Na Ingkong. The success of a rollo is measured                acting through her. Supposedly, she has
used primarily by the BNP as occasions to teach     by the amount of tears shed and loud                          no control of the phenomenon
their followers the doctrine of the “Mahal Na       manifestations of guilt uttered by the candidates.         2. that the birthday of Jesus Christ/Ingkong
Ingkong” (beloved old man). This doctrine is        Some rollo run for two of more hours. There is                is celebrated on October 23rd, and Salve
referred to as the “phenomena”.                     no time for quiet reflection. The atmosphere is               in the guise of Ingkong is seen as Jesus
    According to this phenomena, the Mahal Na       one of darkness, quiet and fear. The candidates               Christ’ second incarnation on earth.
Ingkong is god manifesting and revealing            are allowed only two to three hours of sleep each          3. That the Twelve Tribes of Israel
himself through the person of Mrs. Salvacion        night,                                                        according to Salve/Ingkong are: the
(Sister Salve) Aguillon Carreon, AKA Mrs.                The central point of all the rollos is the               Blessed Tribes are: Judah = Philippines;
Remedios Rios Stuart, the foundress of BNP.         experience of Mahal Na Ingkong. The                           Simeon = Israel; Levi = Catholic Priest;
When this happens, Mrs. Salve Carreon               candidates are brainwashed into believing that                Issachar = Finland; Joseph = USA and
becomes god himself. This phenomena demands         Mahal Na Ingkong is God Himself or Jesus                      Britain; Benjamin = Iceland and
complete surrender of the BNP followers’ will to    Christ                                                        Norway. The cursed tribes are: Rueben

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