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October 2011                                                                        Mrs. Landry
Volume 2                                                                              Mrs. Noth
                                                                                    Mrs. Peasley

                              Welcome Back!
                              Welcome back! It’s hard to           With each new school year
                              believe it is already time for the   come new opportunities. We
                              first progress report. We hope       encourage all students to find at
                              that everyone has had a good         least one club or organization to
                              first few weeks of school. It is     join. This is a great way to make
 Did You Know…                normal to experience several         friends, give back to your school
                              feelings when returning back to      or community, it is important for
 Researchers have             school – excitement,                 your college and scholarship
 found that the Little        nervousness, uncertainty,            applications, and being involved
 Blue Engine was              happiness, etc. If you are           helps students feel more
 onto something               concerned or want to talk with a     connected to their school.
 when he said, “I
 think I can, I think I       counselor, please fill out a         Please see the counselor
 can.” A study found          counselor request form in the        webpage for a list of clubs,
 that positive self-talk      front office, and we would be        organizations, and their
 (telling yourself you        happy to meet with you!              sponsors.
 can) was the most
 effective of several         Who is My Counselor?
                              Your counselor is assigned       regarding testing, grades,
 Every day you need           based on the first letter of yourcourses, credits, college
 to tell yourself, “All       last name.                       information, and with other
 days are good, but                                            questions you may have.
 some are better than         Mrs. Landry              th
                                                A-Z (9 Grade) In order to meet with your
                                                               counselor, you will fill need to
                                                         th th
 Carr, T. (2007) “Quips,      Mrs. Peasley A-L (10 -12 ) fill out a “Counselor Request”
 Quotes, & Quick Starters.”
                                                               slip in the front office and
                                                         th th
                              Mrs. Noth         M-Z (10 -12 ) leave it with Mrs. Lemos.
     Upcoming                                                  Your counselor will call you
                              Mrs. Roberts         Career      in as soon as possible. The
      Events                                       Bridge      counselors will be available
                                                   Counselor   during lunch in the
    Fort Bend
                                                               lunchroom and/or the college
     County Fair Day,
     Sept. 23rd               It is important to know who your and career center. The
    Last day of the
                              counselor is as this person can counselors are also available
     1st 6 Weeks,             help you with questions          most days after school.
     Sept. 30th
   September 2011                                                                   Counselor Corner Newsletter

                                              PSAT Reminder
                                              This year all sophomores will               deadline to register for the
                                              take the PSAT exam on                       PSAT is Wednesday,
                                              Wednesday, October 12th free                September 21st. Taking the
                                              of charge. Juniors who are                  PSAT allows students to
“The world is a great                         interested in taking the PSAT               practice before taking the SAT,
mirror. It reflects back to                   must let Ms. Glover know by                 allows students to compete in
you what you are. If you                      Friday, September 3rd and pay               the National Merit Scholarship
are loving, if you are                        the $14 test fee. A limited                 Program, and provides access
                                              number of fee waivers are                   to various college and career
friendly, if you are
                                              available for students on free or           tools. The PSAT is only offered
helpful, the world will                       reduced lunch. Please see                   once a year. Study guides are
prove loving and friendly                     Mrs. Noth for details. The                  available in the front office.
and helpful. The world is
                                                                            ??? FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ???
what you are.”
     ~Thomas Dreier                                                         1. Why am I a freshman/sophomore/junior
                     DATES TO REMEMBER
                                                                            In high school, classification is based
                                                                            completely on your number of credits. Below is
               September / October                                          the number of credits you must have to be a
 monday           tuesday       wednesday     thursday        friday        certain classification. It is important to do well in
                                                                            ALL of your classes, electives included.
   12              13             14            15            16
                                                           Deadline to
                                                         register for the   Sophomores - 6 or more credits
                                                          October ACT

                                                         Homecoming         Juniors - 12 or more credits
   19              20             21            22            23            Seniors - 18 or more credits
                               Deadline to               School Holiday
                               register for               – Fort Bend
                                the PSAT                  County Fair       2. I am a senior. What college “stuff” do I
                                                                            need to be doing right now?
   26              27             28            29            30
  9th / 10th     11th / 12th                              Last Day of       If a senior is planning to move straight to a four-
Parent Info     Parent Info                                the 1st 6        year college or university after graduation, it is
  Meeting         Meeting                                   Weeks
 6:30pm –        6:30pm –                                                   very important that they begin the college
HS Library      HS Library                                                  application process now. Seniors need to have
                                                                            taken or be registered for the SAT and/or ACT,
    3               4              5            6              7            and by Thanksgiving all college applications,
                                                                            transcripts, and application fees need to be
                                                                            mailed. The counselors can help you with any of
   10              11             12            13            14            these steps. For all seniors, regardless of their
                                 PSAT         College                       post-graduation plans, it is important to make
                                               Fair                         sure your attendance and grades are good!
                                              1-3 pm
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