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					Assessment Statistics March 2007 Evaluation - Dr. Milian

Name:                     March 2007 Evaluation - Dr. Milian
Number of Attempts: 18
 Question 1 Multiple Answer
           How many hours did you spend on this discussion during the two
           weeks it was active?

                Answers                                        Percent Answered
                5. 8+                                                       0%
                4. 7-8                                                  11.111%
                3. 5-6                                                  16.667%
                2. 3-4                                                  38.889%
                1. 1-2                                                  16.667%
                0. -1                                                   16.667%
 Question 2 Multiple Answer
           Rate the personal value this discussion board had for you.

                Answers                                        Percent Answered
                5. Very valuable                                        11.111%
                4. Valuable                                             61.111%
                3.A little valuable                                     11.111%
                2. Not valuable at all                                  5.556%
                1. N/A                                                  11.111%
 Question 3 Multiple Answer
           Rate the quality of this discussion board.
           Answers                                        Percent Answered
           5. The best                                               5.556%
           4. Good                                                  72.222%
           3.OK                                                     11.111%
           2. Terrible                                                    0%
           1. N/A                                                   11.111%
Question 4 Essay
          What did you learn from this discussion that you did not know
Unanswered Responses

Given Answers
The new perspective from an experienced researcher.
reinforced concepts we've talked about before
The ethics discussions were really interesting
I gained a whole new perspective on minority issues and how it
can effect research.
It was very interesting to discuss diversity issues. While diversity
issues are gaining in popularity in other educational research
fields, it seems that the same has not happened in visual
impairments. It was interesting to see how this ground-breaking
research was developed and conducted.
I admit I was unfamiliar with the area of research concerning ethnic
families with children with visual impairment. From this discussion I
learned about the results from previous research studies and the
need for further research in this area.
It just reinforced some approaches to being more inclusive with
larger samples of people.
I had not considered as thoroughly as I should have the many
variables related to literacy, especially when learning English as a
second language by a person with a visual impairment.
I learned a lot of general information about inspirations, sense of
responsibility, intellectual curiosity, disappointments, struggles,
and scholarly rewards.
Current issues of state mandates re: English in the classroom
I always learn a lot from these discussions. I really appreciated the
resource that Eric attached.

I also got a lot out of the discussion about negotiating the system.
Sometimes I get so frustrated with parents who aren't taking
advantage of all that they should. I guess sometimes it's tough to
know how to take advantage.
This discussion futhered my knowledge of determining population
for a study including the need to justify why a certain population is
methods of dealing with a very persistent problem - i.e. ensuring
diversity in research
I learned the many issues related to conducting research in
various cultures.
The need for additional research in the area of multicultural
Question 5 Essay
          What did this discussion add to your program of study?
Unanswered Responses

Given Answers
Thoughts that I should investigate this line of thought more
New perspectives on researching within various cultures.
This discussion explosed me to an area of research I was
unfamiliar with up until this point.
It was helpful to look at this approach in the framework of survey
This discussion added to my repertoire of strategies for collecting
not sure
This discussion broadened the scope of my thinking in terms of
English language acquisition and the very important role that
culture plays in educational program planning.
It added a cultural diversity aspect that is important to keep in mind
when designing a study.
While much of the discussion was basic research methods, the
research in the context of diversity was different. It showed an
open area where future research needs to be conducted.
I'm taking a course on Language and Culture, and many of the
things on this discussion board fit right in with what we've been
talking about in class.
I was great to have the opportunity to ask questions of Dr. Milian
about her body of knowledge. I have read her work in the past and
I appreciated the opportunity to talk with her.
The last little bit about the type of studies being funded is in sync
with a running conversation within my coursework.
It adds to the learning experience regarding research techniques
The content was interesting but not very helpful for my personal
program of study.
Dr. Milian gave me new ideas to consider when planning research
and reinforced suggestions that have been shared with us before,
such as focusing research on something you have a passion for.
This discussion added a sense of affirmation about my
understanding of the role of diversity in research.
Question 6 Essay
          Which research concepts were reinforced? Please describe.

           Unanswered Responses

           Given Answers
           Good advice for working with participants from other cultures.
           That in addition to thinking of ways to further the field of research
           in VI we need to remember the areas such as ELLs in that
           Planning for research, collecting data, and how to deal with
           problematic issues in research.
           The concept of survey research was discussed.
           The notions of being sensitive to cultural diversity.
           Awareness of the circumstances in researching within a different

           Perspectives of collaboration and pilot studies.
           Selection processes, reasons why diversity is important, some
           possible barriers to diversity in research.
           The research concepts that were reinforced were the role of
           diversity in research.
           The value of a pilot study and using mixed methods.
           ethical treatment of subjects (IRB), subject selection and how
           difficult that can be, other qualitative issues . . .
           Survey construction is a whole course of study.
           need for research
           Reinforcement of concepts was the main benefit of this discussion.
           The discussion focused on the process of conducting diversity
           research was reinforced many basic concepts.
           Study design and how to choose a specific design that will fit the
           purpose of the study. Also the importance of doing a pilot study to
           test out the design.
           Methodological design
Question 7 Essay
          Were any of your perceptions of research altered through the
          participation of this discussion? Please describe.

           Unanswered Responses

           Given Answers
           I don't think so, but they were defintely reinforced.
           Not really altered, no.
           Yes, my perception of the return rate of surveys was altered.
           no, just reinforced
           No, but I think there were several points that made me think of how
           I would approach the problem in the future.
           Yes, that it is okay if a study design needs to be changed just be
           sure to do it before the actual study.
           The only perception changed was the fact that diversity issues
           needs to be addressed more in our field.
           possibly, if so incrementally
           My perceptions were not altered, but the discussion made me think
           more critically about planning and implementing research.
           Cultural implications of program planning
           None of my perceptions of research were altered through the
           participation of this discussion. My perceptions of research were
           affirmed through the participation of this discussion.
Question 8 Essay
          Which research concepts remained unaltered? Please describe.
           Unanswered Responses

           Given Answers
           The need for meeting the term "scientifically based research".
           Use of pilot studies, mixed methods, and collaboration.
           I can't think of any specifically. None of my concepts were really
           altered in this discussion.
           In all learning experiences, concepts are always altered, even if
           just reinforced.
           The need for further research remained unaltered.
           Inclusive systematic sampling and using alternate ways of data
           gathering for diverse populations is foundational to conducting
           richer more representational research.
           This discussion reinforced the need for research in a variety of
           cultural environments.
           not sure
           The research concepts that remained unaltered were my sense of
           responsibility to acknowledge diversity in my research.
           The need for empirical studies that can also be generalized in our
           Need to be aware of the unique methods which need to be utilized
           in studying different cultures.
           not sure
Question 9 Essay
          What was the strength of this discussion?
           Unanswered Responses

           Given Answers
           Considerations in research for culturally diverse populations
           Dr. Milian's responses to each one of us in turn.
           The welcoming attitude of the presenter.
           She was very responsive to our questions and comments
           The quick feedback from Dr. Millian created the strength of this
           Dr. Milian offered very detailed responses which were very
           applicable to my current program needs.
           Oppenness and willingness of the discussants to offer their
           expertise and advice to us. Timely responses to questions was
           The presenter knowledge
           The amount of feedback provided by Dr. Milian.
           Dr. Milian's quick and detailed responses were a strength of this
           good all around discussion
           The provided resources were great. Everyone seemed really
           The guest disscussant! She was very knowledgeable and very
           Very interesting discussion. Unique research area.
           Dr. Milian was very open and easy to communicate with. She also
           had some very unique perspectives that have not been addressed
           before on the discussion board.
           Dr. Milian seemed eager to share her knowledge and was
           encouraging to future researchers.
Question 10 Essay
           What would have improved this discussion?
            Unanswered Responses

            Given Answers
            Great just as presented
            The two week split was difficult for some reason,
            I can't think of anything.
            I would have liked more time to have an active discussion on the
            If I would have had more time to devote to it.
            Nothing, it was fine.
            not sure
            more time
            Inclusion of other researchers who were conducting research
            with other diverse groups (African-Americans, children with
            albinism, etc.).
Question 11 Essay
           Please add any comments you might with to make. Thank you.
Unanswered Responses

Given Answers
Thank you for your time and knowledge, Dr. Milian!
I spent much of my time this month during the in-active times. Not
because I wasn't interested, just trying to keep up with deadlines
in classes.
Thank you Dr. Milian for your time, I really gained a new insight
into working with minority and English language learners.
I wish I could have had more time with this discussion. I feel I
didn't have the opportunity to take advantage of this discussion
because of limited time. Overall, I'm glad that we have two weeks
to do the discussion board, it's just that these two weeks were
especially bad for me. I'm glad we'll have access to the content
later so I can re-read it.
Thank you!
Thank you Dr. Milian for all the valuable information.
This was a good one.
Great job
Thank you for spending so much time with us this month! I really
appreciate the timely response to all of our questions.

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