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Office of The Victim Advocate by gegeshandong


									Office of The Victim Advocate

    Address Confidentiality
  Office of The Victim Advocate

• System based

• Experience in handling confidential
            What Is ACP ?
• Provides a legal substitute address to
  victims of domestic violence, sexual
  assault and stalking
  • A free first-class confidential mail
    forwarding service
  • Protection of State and County
    Government records
• A victim of domestic violence

• A victim of sexual assault

• A victim of stalking

• A person who is a member of the same
  household as a program participant

• Relocated or plans to relocate to a location
  not known to the perpetrator
  Exceptions for Participation
• A released offender complying with
  State or County Probation/Parole

• A convicted sexual offender who must
  register under Megan’s Law Act 25 of
             How to Apply
• Complete the ACP application at a local
  Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Victim
  Service Program

• Provide a written affidavit describing the
  perpetrator’s past abuse as well as any fear
  of future violent acts

• Provide a signature on all documents and the
  ACP authorization card
          Upon Enrollment
• Assignment of the substitute address
  and ACP number

• Issued a laminated ACP authorization

• Enrollment is valid for a period of 3
    Jane Doe, 00345

      PO Box 2465

Harrisburg, PA 17105-2465
      Agent for Service of Process
• Participant designates OVA as their agent for
  service of process

• Legal mail is considered received upon OVA’s

• A victim cannot avoid their legal
  responsibilities by refusing to accept mail ACP
  will forward to them
          Substitute Address
• Has no relation to the participant’s actual

• Is a PO Box Number with the participant’s
  ACP #

• Used for all first class, registered and certified

• No packages, magazines, junk mail etc
   Use of Substitute Address
• State and local government agencies
  must accept the substitute address on
  the ACP authorization card
     • DPW
     • Dept. of State
     • Dept. of Transportation
     • Dept. of Education
   Use of Substitute Address
• Private companies do not have to
  accept the address but may do so if
    • Electric Company
    • Telephone Company
    • Cable Company
    • Mortgage/Landlord
     Cancellation From ACP
• Participant provided false information
  on their application

• Failed to notify ACP within 5 days of a
  name or address change

• Mail is returned to ACP as non-
• Cancels their participation from the

• Fails to renew their participation prior to
  the expiration date

• If cancelled from ACP, a participant can
 Disclosure of Actual Address

• OVA grants the state or local
  government agency a waiver

• In an emergency where a participant
  and/or family member may be in
 Disclosure of Actual Address
• A court order directs OVA to release the
  participant’s address

• If State or Local Law Enforcement is
  conducting a criminal investigation
     • No notice to participant is given
Agency Request For A
                 Waiver Request

                    State/Local Government Agency
                requests actual address of ACP Participant

                                        Waiver form is sent to the Agency
OVA notifies the ACP Participant
                                    requesting the address. The form is returned
    allowing for comment
                                                      to OVA
                       OVA reviews the request

         Waiver Denied
  OVA sends certified mail reasons                       Waiver Granted
            for denial                             OVA sends the address with
                                                  instructions on the limited use
After receipt of denial Agency may appeal                  of the address
              within 15 days

     Ova has 30 days to respond
may request additional information or
           conduct a hearing
  this is OVA’s final determination          Agency is denied- 30 days to appeal
                                                 for review by general Court
                                            OVA is given notice of any action taken
            The Advocate’s Role
• Assist victim to determine if they are eligible
  for ACP services. For example:
   • Location unknown to perpetrator
   • Able to manage a delay of mail delivery

• Assist victim in understanding the limits of
   • Just one part of a safety strategy

• Assist victim in understanding responsibilities
  as a participant
     For More Information

Call the Office of The Victim Advocate


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