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					                      [PARALLEL OPERATION] 1

Speaker: Seeing how the parallel configuration is
         similar to non-hybrids was pointed out
         in the configuration video. The next
         step is to compare the modes of

Speaker: The first mode of operation for a
         parallel configuration HEV is called the
         “electric only” operation.

Speaker: As described before, this is the most
         fuel-efficient mode because the IC
         engine is not used at all, but unlike the
         series configuration if the electric
         motor is too small this mode may not be
         possible because of power demands,
         which will be described shortly.

Speaker: The battery pack sends the electrical
         signal to the power inverter, which
         converts it into a form the motor can
                     [PARALLEL OPERATION] 2

Speaker: When the motor receives this power, it
         then drives the wheels to propel the
         vehicle down the road.

Speaker: This version of the parallel
         configuration is called a “full hybrid”
         version. If it was a “mild hybrid”
         version, then the motor would be less
         powerful and would not be able to drive
         the vehicle without assistance from the
         IC engine.

Speaker: The next mode only uses the IC engine
         and transmission.

Speaker: This mode is how standard non-hybrid
         vehicles drive today.

Speaker: The IC engine sends mechanical power
         to the transmission. The power is then
         directed to the set of gears that will
         propel the vehicle.
                      [PARALLEL OPERATION] 3

Speaker: Whether the parallel configuration is a
         “full” or “mild” hybrid, the mode that
         both versions utilize is having the IC
         engine and motor power the vehicle

Speaker: The battery sends electrical power to
         the motor, which is transformed to
         mechanical power output.

Speaker: At the same time the IC engine
         generates mechanical power and sends
         it through the transmission.

Speaker: Both of these power sources then turn
         the final gear set to transport the
                      [PARALLEL OPERATION] 4

Speaker: Similar to the series configuration,
         when the vehicle slows down, it will
         gain energy back through regenerative

Speaker: This power is sent to the inverter, which
         then converts it back into a form the
         battery pack can store for a later time.

Speaker: The blue arrows show the power path
         that can send power both ways, and the
         red arrows show the path where power
         can be transferred in only one direction.

Speaker: The main difference from a non-hybrid
         vehicle, besides the electric motor and
         battery, is that the IC engine is smaller
         than a standard vehicle of that size.

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