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					                   Association of

                                    AOCDS proudly welcomes the newest
                                    members of the Orange County Sheriff’s
                                    Department. Academy class 198
                                    graduated December 1, marking the first
                                    time since 2009 a Sheriff’s basic academy
                                    has included deputy sheriff recruits. A
                                    total of 37 Sheriff’s deputies graduated
                                    as part of the 56-member class. Photos
                                    by Professional Services Responder
                                    Randy Frager.
                                    See Page 3 for more information.

Members of
Class 198 salute
during their
December 1
Orange County
Deputy Sheriff’s
took four of the
six honors given
to class
                                                                                                               AOCDS maintains membership in the following organizations:
                                                                                                                      F.O.P. – Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #18
                                                                                                             C.C.L.E.A. – California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations
                                                                                                               S.C.A.L.E. – Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement
                                                                                                                OC COPS – Orange County Coalition of Police and Sheriffs
                                                                                                                      P.E.S.O. – Public Employee Staff Organization
                                                                                                             C.H.C.R.S. – Californian’s for Health Care and Retirement Security
                                                                                                                           Public Employee Staff Organizations

                                                                                                                         POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (PAC)
                                                                                                                                Chairman – Roger Hilton
                                                                                                                                  Committee members:
            Tom Dominguez,                                Herb Siegmund,                                                         Investigator Ray Wert,
               President                                  1st Vice President                                                      Sergeant Rich White,
                                                                                                                                Sergeant Jason Danks,
                                                                                                                                  Deputy Mike Walters,
                                                                                                                             D.A. Investigator Eric Akerlind.

                                                                                                                         2011 AREA REPRESENTATIVES

                                                                                                           MIKE CARRE                  AREA REPRESENTATIVE
                                                                                                           BARILLA, JOE                CJC DETENTION
                                                                                                           BRADY, AARON                WARRANT SERVICES
                                                                                                           BULL, JOE                   SAN CLEMENTE
                                                                                                           CHATWIN, ROBERT             THEO LACY
              Roger Hilton,                                Bill McGovern,                                  DANKS, JASON                MENS JAIL
            2nd Vice President                                Treasurer                                    DOUGLASS, PAT               HARBOR PATROL-SUNSET
                                                                                                           FRANCO, RICH                SOUTH OPS- ALISO VIEJO
                                                                                                           GARDUNO, GINA               LJC
                                                                                                           HACK, ROBERT                IRC
                                                                                                           HORNER, TIMOTHY             SOUTH INVESTIGATION- ALISO VIEJO
                                                                                                           HOWELL, JASON               THEO LACY
                                                                                                           ILFELD , JAMES              TRANSPORTATION
                                                                                                           LEE, ALBERT                 JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT
                                                                                                           LONGNECKER, SANDRA          INVESTIGATION
                                                                                                           MARTINO, CORY               TRAINING
                                                                                                           MOODY, GREG                 LJC
                                                                                                           OATES, RICHARD              SOUTHEAST OPS-RANCHO SANTA
                                                                                                           NELSON, IVAN                TRANSPORTATION
             Scott Baker,                                                                                  PAGE, SI                    IRC
                                                                Ed Yee,
           Sergeant-at-Arms                                                                                PARKER, SHANNON             STANTON
                                                                                                           PYKE, DAVID                 NJC
                                                                                                           SCALISE, MIKE               HARBOR-NEWPORT
OUR STAFF                                                                                                  SCHMIER, DON                CIVIL PROCESS SERVICES
MARK NICHOLS                         Executive Director                                                    SIEMENSMA, RICHARD          NORTH OPERATIONS
MIKE CARRE                           Assistant Director
SUE CATRON                           Secretary                                                             SMITH, JIM                  WJC
SHIREE COLTON                        Executive Assistant                                                   SONGER, JACK                THEO LACY
KIMBERLY EDDS                        Director of Communications                                            SPAULDING, TOM              MUSICK
                                     and Public Affairs                                                    TERHORST, ANDY              DISTRICT ATTORNEY
GOLDWASSER & GOLDWASSER General Counsel                                                                    THOMMEN, CLINT              THEO LACY
SHANNON MAUS                         Insurance Benefits Coordinator                                        TORRES, STEVE               THEO LACY
HEATHER SCHAUB                       Medical Benefits Coordinator                                          VANOVER, SCOTT              THEO LACY
DANIEL STANTON                       Webmaster                                                             VINCENT, CURTIS             IRC
JIM VOGTS                            Legislative Advocate                                                  VIRAMONTES, JUAN            OCTA
     1314 West Fifth Street, Suite A – Santa Ana, California 92703
                 (714) 285-2800 – FAX (714) 954-1156                                                       WALTERS, MICHAEL            CJC
                  Insurance Benefits: (714) 285-9900                                                       WEAVER, JEFF                MUSICK
                        Website:                                                             WINGER, MICHAEL             CJX
         Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 0730 to 1730                                                 WINOVICH, JOHN              HJC
                   All county holidays are observed.
The views expressed in any article published are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the
 official opinion of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs, the Editor of this publication or
                         that of the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner’s Department.
                                  you hope the next year will      membership                  was    working on putting it online
                                  hold.                            overwhelming – from the            in a more-user friendly
                                     I am honored to be your       participants in the focus          format. We are also
                                  president and I am thrilled at   groups to the 980 survey           redesigning our website to
                                  all we have accomplished         responses we received. I           make it easier for you to get
                                  together and what we will        want to thank everyone who         the information you need and
                                  achieve going forward as an      weighed in with their              the information you want.
                                  Association. There have been     thoughts.                          And we are working to unveil
                                  big changes here at AOCDS            Based on what you – our        a new AOCDS blog focused
                                  over the last seven months       members – told us, we came         on what the Association is
                                  since I was elected your         up with an innovative              doing for you and how we are
                                  president and there are many     strategy aimed at improving        serving the community on
                                  more exciting ones to come.      our communication with our         and off duty.
Tom Dominguez, President             The AOCDS hired               membership and the public.            The newly instituted
                                  professional consulting firm     We are preparing for contract      retiree member program
   The end of the year always     Jordan LLC out of Newport        negotiations in October and        brought back 350 dues
seems to be a time to sit back    Beach to do a comprehensive      getting      out      accurate     paying retirees back to the
and reflect on the past 12        survey of our membership to      information to you and             association and we are
months and all of the things      see what we are doing well       educating the Orange County        excited to have them as
you are thankful for, the goals   and what we could do better.     taxpayer in a timely manner        members.
you have reached and what         The response from our            is vital. A critical part of our      Sheriff’s Basic Academy
                                                                   communication strategy was         198 graduated December 1,
                                                                   hiring a full-time Director of     marking the first time since
     MISSION VIEJO                                                 Communications and Public          2009 Sheriff’s deputies were
                                                                   Affairs.                           among the graduates.
 ORNAMENTAL                                                            After a thorough search        Congratulations to the
      29702 Avenida de las Bander                                  we hired Kimberly Edds,            newest members of our
                                                                   formerly an investigative          department!
       Rancho Santa Margarita,                                                                           Our first lunchtime site
                                                                   reporter with the Orange
            CA 92688-2614                                          County        Register        in   visit was a huge success. It
                                                                   December. Kimberly spent           was great spending some
              949.858.1444                                         nearly 14 years as a reporter
                                                                   covering everything from
                                                                                                      quality time with our
                                                                                                      members at the Harbor
                                                                   minor league baseball to           Justice Center and listening
                                                                   presidential elections for the     to what they had to say over
                                                                   Orange County Register, The        lunch. Our next site visit is
                                                                   Washington Post and The            scheduled for January 5 from
                                                                   Los       Angeles       Times.     11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. with the
                                                                   Kimberly is well known in          District          Attorney’s
                                                                   Southern California media          Investigators outside 401
                                                                   circles for her high ethical       Civic Center Drive. Come
                                                                   standards, honesty, and            enjoy lunch with the AOCDS
                                                                   enthusiasm. We must stop           staff. I look forward to seeing
                                                                   standing idly by while             you!
                                                                   politicians through the local         Our strength is in our
                                                                   media attack our profession        unity. Together we will
                                                                   on a daily basis. These are        persevere.
                                                                   trying times for            law       May you and your loved
                                                                   enforcement and public             ones enjoy a safe, healthy and
                                                                   employees and we’re excited        prosperous New Year!
                                                                   to have Kimberly on board to
                                                                   help focus our message and
                                                                   educate the Orange County
                                                                   taxpayer with the facts.
                                                                       The Courier is back in
                                                                   publication and we are

                                                                                                            THE COURIER 1
Class 198 By the
1 - Class 198 graduate who served as an Orange County
Sheriff’s Community Services Officer

3 - Graduates with Masters Degrees
11- Graduates with military experience

14 - Former Sheriff’s Special Officers who graduated with
Class 198                                                      Premier Dental of South Orange County

19 - Former Correctional Services Assistants who                                    Marian S. Bradford, DDS
graduated with Class 198                                                            T. Duc Pham, DDS
26 - Weeks of training

37 - Orange County Sheriffs Deputies in Class 198

56 - Graduates in Class 198
The OCSD deputies who graduated in Class 198 are:
                                                                D                   24541 Pacific Park Dr., Suite 240
                                                                                    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
                                                                                    Tel: (949) 831-0051
                                                                                    Fax: (949) 831-0037
Arman Asarian, Jacob Bieker, Andrea Bogdanovich,
Daniel Bruno, Sergio Castro, Scott Charette, Paulino                  POWER MOVERS
Chavez, Olivia Coco, Alex Flynn, Stephan Harder, Chad
Hernaez, Brian Howlett, Cody Imboden, Austin Kaesman,
Michael Kobel, Brandon Koenig, Maximiliano Montano,             Proudly Supports the Association of
Matthew Moulson, Marco Munguia, Phuong Nguyen,                    Orange County Deputy Sheriffs
Jordan Plano, Francisco Prado, Ricardo Prado, Christopher
Quenault, Nathan Rivas, Anthony Sambrano, Eduardo
Serrato, Daniel Sieber, Justin Smallwood, Christina Strunk,                  1607 Calle Lago
Steven Tidwell, Roberto Tomasko, Jonathan Trujillo,                      San Clemente, CA 92672
Nicole Vargas, John Villanueva, Maria Ward and                                949.429.2815
Alexander Wong.
Honors given to Orange County Sheriff’s Department
members of Class 198:
                                                               Morley Group, Investigations
                                                                   & Consulting, Inc.
Physical Fitness - Christopher Quenault
Communications Skills - Christopher Quenault                    Proudly Supports the Association of
Practical Application - Matthew Moulson.                          Orange County Deputy Sheriffs
Firearms Proficiency - Brandon Koenig.                         PO Box 80037, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
“We are entering onto a battlefield where we are on the                      949.713.0293
front lines of an ever changing world with new challenges
every day. We are now part of that thin line that serves and
protects society from those who prey on the innocent. We
should never become complacent and lose the fighting
attitude that we developed through receiving the finest
Law Enforcement Training in the world.”

– Deputy Jordan Plano, Class 198 President, from his
graduation speech

                                                                                              THE COURIER 3
   1.      When any public safety officer is under investigation and subject to interrogation
        the interrogation shall take place under the following conditions:
        • Must take place during reasonable hours.
        • If during the off-duty hours, the employee must be paid overtime.
        • Must be informed of who is conducting the interrogation prior to the interrogation.
        • No more than two interrogators at one time.
        • The interrogation shall be for a reasonable period of time.
        • The Deputy shall be allowed to attend to personal physical necessities.
        • The Deputy shall not be subjected to offensive language.
        • No promise of reward can be made as an inducement to answer questions.
        • No statement made under duress, coercion, or threat of punitive action can be
           admitted in any subsequent civil proceeding.
        • The interrogation may be taped.
        • If taped, the Deputy shall have access to the tape prior to any additional
        • If prior to or during the interrogation it is deemed that the Deputy may be charged
           with a criminal offense, the Deputy must be informed of constitutional rights.
        • The Deputy has a right to be represented.

   2.    No Deputy can be subjected to punitive action, or denied promotion, or threatened
      with any such action because of the lawful exercise of rights under the bill of rights or
      any grievance procedure.
   3.    In most cases, the investigation must be completed within one year.
   4.    No Deputy can be compelled to submit to a polygraph and cannot face adverse
      action for refusing a polygraph.
   5.    No Deputy’s locker can be searched without consent or a search warrant except in
      the Deputy’s presence.

   “Weingarten” rights are derived from a United States Supreme Court case NLRB v.
   Weingarten, 420 U.S. 276 (1975). The case interpreted Section 8 (a)(1) of the National
   Labor Relations Act. It held that you have a right to a union representative present during
   any interview, meeting or interrogation which you reasonably believe could lead to
   discipline against you. You must request a representative. The people questioning you
   have no obligation to tell you that you have a right to a representative. Once you request
   a representative, the meeting cannot continue until you have a representative present.

          24 HOUR HELP
          AOCDS has an after hours answering service that will contact Executive Director
          Mark Nichols, Assistant Director Mike Carre, or President Tom Dominguez 24 hours
          a day. If you need help from the Association or our attorneys for a problem on or off
          duty, call (714) 285-2800 and request an immediate call back.

Representation. Do I need it?                                     may have witnessed.
                                                                  AOCDS                 strongly
                                                                                                    statement        limits      the
                                                                                                    admissibility of the statement
By Mark Nichols, AOCDS general manager                            recommends that you               in any subsequent criminal or
                                                                  immediately request to speak      civil proceedings.
    The information in this      REQUEST TO TALK TO               to        your        AOCDS           It is also critical to know
article is provided as a brief                                    representative if you are         whether you are the “focus
                                 AN                   AOCDS
overview of the issue of                                          contacted with regard to a        “of the investigation or a
                                 REPRESENTATIVE PRIOR
representation. This is the                                       criminal investigation.           “witness” to the incident
                                 TO                   BEING                                         giving       rise     to     the
first in a series of AOCDS       INTERVIEWED.” Once you           Unlike an administrative
Courier articles that will                                        investigation, the Department     investigation. You may have
                                 speak to an AOCDS                                                  greater exposure as the focus
provide information to           representative that person       generally cannot compel you
further your understanding of                                                                       of the investigation, but you
                                 can review the circumstances     to submit to a criminal
your rights when you are                                                                            are not immune from
                                 and make a recommendation        investigation. Providing a        punitive action because you
involved in an investigation.    on how to proceed.               voluntary statement in a          were simply a witness to the
    As an individual in our         It is extremely important     criminal investigation simply     incident.
society you are afforded the     to know what type of             may not be in your best               When it comes to
right to representation in all   interview and investigation      interest at the time requested    enforcing the law out in the
criminal        and      civil   you are dealing with before      and may create unnecessary        community or within our
proceedings. As a peace          you become involved.             criminal or civil liability in    facilities our members are the
officer you do not waive this    Different       types       of   the future. Conferring with       experts. That is not generally
right. Peace officers are also   investigations have different    legal counsel will help to        the case when it comes to
given an additional right to     possible consequences. Ask       determine the best course of      internal investigations. Most
representation         during    the investigator whether the     action.                           of our members may never be
administrative proceedings       investigation is criminal,           The most common type of       the focus of an internal
under Government Code            civil or administrative. They    investigation our members         investigation during their
3300, commonly referred to       should tell you. Any             face is an administrative         careers. Those who find
as AB 301 or the “Peace          unwillingness or inability to    investigation, which looks        themselves involved in
Officers Bill of Rights.” Your   do so should raise an            into possible violations of       internal investigations are
right to representation is                                        Department policies and           often                uncertain,
                                 immediate concern.
reinforced in the AOCDS                                           procedures. Administrative        uncomfortable               and
                                    Members have told me
Memorandum                  of                                    investigations are conducted      unprepared to properly
                                 more than once that they                                           represent themselves in such
Understanding under Article      were contacted by an             by the Sheriff’s Department
XVI, EMPLOYEE RIGHTS,                                             Professional Standards            matters. AOCDS has hired an
                                 investigator from the                                              extremely competent and
Section 3. That section states   Homicide Unit to schedule an     Division or the Sheriff’s or
that “prior to answering any                                                                        experienced group of
                                 interview in connection with     the DA’s Bureau of
questions posed by an                                                                               attorneys to represent our
                                 an           administrative      Investigation management          members when the need
investigating          officer   investigation.             An    personnel.                        arises. If you are unsure
conducting an investigation      administrative investigation         The Department can, and       whether          you       need
that could reasonably lead to    looks into possible violations   routinely does, compel you to     representation, call the
punitive action, or being        of Department policies and       participate         in       an   association - day or night -
required to submit a written     procedures. Needless to say      administrative investigation.     and talk it over with someone
report, an employee, upon        the members were a bit           The Bill of Rights requires       who is well versed in such
request, will be given the       surprised and a little more      that you must be advised of       matters. It may be the case
opportunity to contact           concerned when I advised         your right against self-          that you don’t need
AOCDS to determine his/her       them that our homicide           incrimination and to              representation and a phone
representational rights.”        investigators do not conduct     representation (Miranda)          call will confirm that. Don’t
    The question most often      administrative investigations,   when the possibility of           find yourself in a situation
asked by members contacted       and that the investigator was    criminal misconduct exists.       where you would have been
by the Department to             actually conducting a            You are often advised of your     better off with representation
participate in an internal       criminal investigation to        rights as a precaution because    and you didn’t call to find
investigation is, “Do I need     determine if the member had      nearly every act performed        out.
representation?” It is always                                     by a peace officer could              But what if you do need
                                 violated any laws!
better      to     ask     for                                    involve possible criminal         representation. ……………..
                                    As a general rule,
representation and not need it   investigators from the           misconduct. When you
than to not ask for              District Attorney’s Office,      refuse to waive those rights,
representation only to wish      the homicide unit, or another    you are ordered to participate    MARDIS JEWELRY DESIGN
you had later. The answer to     law enforcement agency           in the investigation interview.
the question from our            conduct             criminal     This may seem adversarial,
prospective is “YOU              investigations into your         but it is to your advantage       PRESTIGE AUTO COLLISION
SHOULD             ALWAYS        conduct or conduct that you      because a compelled

                                                                                                          THE COURIER 5
                                           A Bookkeeping & Tax Service

                                           Sada Anne Haugsness

                                           25422 Spring Glen
                                           Lake Forest, CA 92630
                                           949-305-0750 Phone
                                           949-305-0750 Fax
                                           949-683-ABTS Cell

        23412 Moulton Parkway
               Suite 200
      Laguna Hills, CA 92653-1744        at Rancho Santa Margarita

    Proudly Supports the Association
    of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs




            SUN AUTOMOTIVE

           DIANE ASKEW, PHD.



        END OF WATCH

      Bruce Frederick Stanley
   May 15, 1948 –December 16, 2011
Retired Investigator Bruce Frederick Stanley passed away December 16 after a long battle with brain cancer.
                       His wife Elena and his dog Sam were by his side. He was 63.
        Born on May 15, 1948, Bruce spent 30 years with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.
                         He retired in September 2002 as an auto theft investigator.
                      Bruce was assigned to OCATT for much of the end of his career.
                     Bruce and Elena moved to their dream home in Durango, Colorado
                               after he retired from the Sheriff’s Department.
                         He was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 13, 2008.
       The family returned to California in October to be closer to family and his medical treatment.
                          Bruce lost his long courageous battle on December 16.
                         He was loved and respected by all his family and friends.
                                  Memorial service information is pending.
          Condolences can be sent to Elena Stanley,17127 Broken Rock Ct. Riverside, CA 92503

                                                                                        THE COURIER 7
                                Bruce Van Vranken, M.D.
                                         A Medical Corporation

                                  24400 Muirlands Boulevard, Suite F
                                              Lake Forest, CA 92630
                                               (949) 581-0400-Phone
                                                  (949) 581-0694-Fax
        Angel G. Varela

     Phone # (949) 362-2220

      Fax # (949) 362-0806

                14 Journey
       Aliso Viejo, CA 92656    Diplomate, American Board
                                         of Family Practice

                               WENDT LANDSCAPE
                                SERVICES, INC.

                                 Proudly Supports
                                  Orange County
                                  Deputy Sheriffs

     Dana Point Nursery
      proudly supports         29714 Avenida de las Banderas
            the                   Rancho Santa Margarita,
                                     CA 92688-2606
       Orange County                  949.589.8680
       Deputy Sheriffs
“The following article          sound of bagpipes in the
was first published in the      morning?). Officers of the
November, 2011 edition          associations benefitting
of Thunder Press.”              from the ride made their
                                brief remarks followed by
                                an invocation and blessing
   OC Guns and Hoses            of the bikes.
Motorcycle Ride and Poker          Taps was played in
Run                             memory of fallen heroes,
   By Rob Justus                the names of which were
   DANA POINT, CA,              solemnly intoned as the
SEPTEMBER 25 —                  bugle mournfully played.
Under gloomy skies more         After that, it was fire ‘em
typical of June along the       up, and minutes later the
Southern California coast       bikes were underway.
rather than late September,        Groups of thirty riders,
bikers from all over So Cal     each led by a road captain,
congregated at the Ocean        set off from the Ocean
Institute in Dana Point for     Institute on two-minute
the 11th annual running of      intervals.       Of      the
the OC Guns and Hoses           complement of road
2011 Motorcycle Ride.           captains on hand, seven
Proceeds from the charity       were representatives of
ride and poker run go to        Orange Coast HOG, also
benefit fallen Orange           winners of the chapter
County peace officers,          challenge awarded to the
firefighters, and military      best-represented club on
personnel represented by        the ride. All intersections
the Fallen Fire Fighters        on the route through Dana
Relief       Fund,        the   Point were blocked off by
Association of Orange           OC Sheriffs which made
County Deputy Sheriffs          navigating 300 bikes onto
(AOCDS) Memorial Fund,          the freeway a couple miles
and the Laguna Niguel           away a breeze. The route
Military            Support     comprised legs southbound
Foundation, respectively.       on I-5 to the north gate of
While the June-Gloom-in-        Camp Pendleton, a
September may have              southbound excursion
dampened the photo ops, it      through the base, a
did nothing to dampen the       northbound return to the
spirit of the riders and the    camp exit, a long run up I-
event. An enthusiastic          5 to Lake Forest, followed
throng of 300 bikers turned     by a short romp over to the
out for the event.              Irvine Auto Center and the
   After rider registration,    end of the ride. The length
pre-ride festivities included   of the route totaled 83
presentation of the             miles.
American flag by the OC            There were bikes from
Sheriff s Honor Guard, an       all walks of life. The
inspired rendition of the       majority, of course, were
National Anthem sung by         Harleys of the usual mix of
Ron Lummus, and                 touring models, Dynas, and
bagpiping by OC Fire            Sporties. But there were
Pipes and Drums (is there       also healthy
anyone who doesn’t dig the             Continued on page 32

      10 THE COURIER
DOCTOR’S CORNER                                                     pain treatments. Only one in
                                                                    four respondents said non-
                                                                                                       different exercises to adjust
                                                                                                       the spine and restore lost
By Dr. April A. Lopez                                               prescription medications were      mobility.
                                                                    effective and supplements          Your doctor may also
                                                                    were rated even lower.             consider adding acupuncture
Sleep Away Your Pain!             endurance simultaneously          Some preliminary studies           to your treatment plan if you
If you already suffer from        decrease back pain. Deep          suggest         that     spinal    aren’t finding relief with more
back pain, sleepless nights       tissue massage, acupuncture,      manipulation or mobilization       traditional therapies. Another
will make it worse. If you take   and yoga can also be              when combined with exercise        option is transcutaneous
care to position yourself so      extremely effective when used     can significantly reduce neck      electrical nerve stimulation
your spine is in a neutral        in conjunction with other         pain.                              (TENS) which delivers mild
position and you sleep on a       therapies. Patients have also     Doctors once prescribed bed        electric pulses to the nerves
firm and comfortable              reported that acupressure and     rest for back pain, but current    to block incoming pain
mattress, sleep can become        meditation have been helpful      studies indicate that laying       signals.
part of your therapy. Try         in reducing lower back pain,      still is one of the worst things   There is no thing as a quick
placing a pillow between your     although there are fewer          you can do for a bad back. It      fix and back surgery should be
knees if you sleep on your        scientific studies on that        can make back pain worse and       considered only as a last
side. If you must sleep on        matter compared to more           lead to other complications.       resort. If a bulging disc is
your back, slide a pillow         traditional medical care and      Don’t rest an aching back for      putting pressure on a nerve,
under your knees. Both will       physical therapy.                 more than a day or two. It’s       your       surgeon          might
relieve the strain on your        It’s Better to be Safe Than       important to get up and slowly     recommend a discectomy to
back.                             Sorry                             start moving again. Exercise       remove some disc material. A
Proper Posture, Less Back         Always see a doctor if your       has been found to be one of        laminectomy might be
Pain                              back pain is accompanied by       the most effective ways to         recommended to decompress
Slouching is bad for you – and    fever, numbness, weakness, a      quickly relieve back pain. Try     an area where there is
it can make existing back pain    change in bowel or bladder        swimming, walking, or yoga.        pressure on the nerves or
worse. People who spend an        function, leg muscle atrophy,     Running is not recommended         spinal cord. Spinal fusion can
inordinate amount of time in      a history of cancer, or pain      for back pain sufferers.           be performed to help stabilize
a sitting position are            associated with a recent          Ice initially …then heat           the spine. Like all surgeries,
particularly vulnerable. The      trauma.                           after a few days                   these treatments carry risks
computer keyboard is not          What the Research Says            Regular applications of ice to     and aren’t always successful.
always our friend. If your        Source: Consumer Reports          painful areas on your back           I’ve provided general
livelihood depends on sitting     Health Ratings Center             may help reduce pain and           information to make you
in front of a keyboard, sit       Patients with lower back pain     inflammation from an injury.       aware of the issue of back
upright        with     relaxed   are faced with a confusing list   Never put ice directly on the      pain. The information that I
shoulders and with your body      of options. Consumer Reports      skin. Try this several times a     have provided is not specific
supported against the back of     tackled the problem over the      day up to 20 minutes each          to the medical needs of any
a chair. If necessary, put a      course of a year. Testers tried   session. When the swelling         individual. Consult your own
pillow or rolled towel between    out five to six different         has decreased over the next        medical professional if you
your lower back and the back      treatments during the trial and   few days, switch to heat.          have questions about your
of the chair. Always keep your    Consumer Reports rated 23         Apply a heating pad or warm        specific situation.
feet flat on the floor. You may   different treatments. Here are    pack to help relax muscles         Doctor’s Corner is geared to
need to have your workstation     some highlights from the          and increase the blood             educating peace officers with
evaluated to ensure it is         Consumer Reports findings:        flowing to the affected area.      updated studies and to
ergonomically correct. A          · Lower back-pain sufferers       Warm baths or a hot tub may        highlight rights in health
properly set up workstation       rated hands-on treatments as      also help with relaxation          related areas.                 Law
will help avoid having            very helpful. Survey              ONLY AFTER SWELLING                enforcement personnel should
cumulative trauma to your         respondents rated chiropractic    IS DOWN. To avoid burns            be certain to understand laws
back.                             as the number one treatment       and tissue damage, never           and regulations applicable to
See        Your       Favorite    (58 percent), followed by         sleep on an ice pack or heating    them. I’ve provided general
Chiropractor                      massage and physical therapy.     pack.                              information but strongly urge
Competent chiropractors           See the entire report here.       Does massage really ease           you to consult your
focus on a combination of         h     t    t   p    :     /   /   back pain once you leave the       Association with any workers
therapies, including an           table? A recent study found        compensation questions
ergonomic assessment of the       health/conditions-and-            that one weekly massage over       regarding your rights as an
work setting, training on ways    treatments/back-pain/hands-       a ten week period alleviated       AOCDS member. If you have
to sit, stand, and move to keep   on-therapies/hands-on-            pain        and      improved      a suggestion for upcoming
the spine in proper alignment     therapies.htm                     functioning for people with        articles, please feel free to
and reduce back strain.           Six out of ten patients who       chronic back pain. Benefits        email            me               at:
Chiropractors can also teach      used chiropractic or deep         lasted about six months but
specialized exercises which       tissue massage for neck pain      dwindled after a year. Another
strengthen the core muscles       rated both therapies as           hands-on approach is spinal
which support your back.          helpful. Swedish massage and      manipulation. This treatment,
Studies show that increasing      prescription medication were      performed by a licensed
strength, flexibility, and        also ranked very high as neck     chiropractic doctor, includes

                                                                                                            THE COURIER 11
German Head Protection Company, Schuberth,                                                                                      Renato Benz Service
Introduces P100F Law Enforcement Crowd Control Helmet                                                                      27822 Aliso Creek Rd Ste C160
                                                                                                                            Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-3845
Aliso Viejo, Calif., November 1, 2011
Last month German helmet manufacturer,
Schuberth, introduced their P100F law
                                                                                                                                Family Therapist Art
enforcement crowd control (riot) helmet in
                                                                                                                                  Resources, Inc.
North America. The state-of-the-art P100F                                                                                      24800 Chrisanta Dr.
Helmet protects users against impact,                                                                                         Mission Viejo, CA 92691
penetration of sharp objects, chemicals and                                                                                       949.586.3913
fire; offering the highest level protection
available for violent situations.                                                                                            Jolanda’s Cafe & Catering
                                                                                                                                Proudly supports the
“Schuberth engineers have spent decades                                                                                        Orange County Deputy
following trends in crowd violence, quickly                                                                                           Sheriffs
adding innovations to the helmets to keep law
enforcement officers and agents protected                                                                                          Aquatic Rehab
against all known potential attacks,” reports                                                                                       & Consulting
Randy Northrup, Schuberth North America's                                                                                        18 Sunnydale Lane
General Manager. “The P100F and its
                                                                                                                            Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
predecessors are already in use in police and
military forces around the globe, and we are
proud to offer the pinnacle of head protection in
                                                                     P100F Law Enforcement Crowd Control Helmet                Living Greens Catering
North America.”
                                                                                                                                     Lake Forest
The P100F features a shell and expanded polystyrene combination that is resistant to impacts, penetration, fire and
chemicals. Even the 6mm face shield will stop a bullet. The materials used for the inner liner and chin strap are  
fire-retardant and the helmet is coated with a self-extinguishing paint. Integrated push-button fasteners facilitate a
chin/mouth guard or respirator mask.                                                                                        TOP NOTCH MOTOSPORTS

The Schuberth P100F Crowd Control helmet is available only to verified government law enforcement entities.                         SJC PILATES
Please contact Schuberth North America directly for more information and specifications.
949-215-0893                                                                                                                   EXECUTIVE PURSUIT
                                                                                                                             US GLASS GLAZING INC.
Schuberth North America is a branch of Schuberth GmbH in Magdeburg, Germany, providing innovative, protective
Head Protection Systems. Made in Germany.
                                                                                                                                   TEJV JEWELRY

                                                                                                                                BASKETS BY LINDA

                                                                                                                                PACIFIC CAR WASH

                                                                                                                                  DR. LOIS B. YEH

                                                                                                                               ANONYMOUS DONOR

                                  8352 Katella Avenue
                                                                                                                  12075 Beach Blvd.
                                   Stanton, CA 90680
                                                                                                                  Stanton, CA 90680
                                                                                                                   (714) 893-1928
                                        (714) 995-9020

       12 THE COURIER
                                   Agency shop                       represented the Association.
                                                                     The transition to an agency
                                   “Fair Share”                      shop became final Oct. 14
                                                                     with the decision of arbitrator
                                   upheld to be                      Philip Tamoush.
                                                                     An excerpt from Tamoush’s
                                   fair                              ruling reads:
                                                                     “The Association has
                                                                     complied        with       the
                                   AOCDS moved to create an          requirements of the law and
                                   agency shop arrangement           courts, providing notice to all
                                   earlier this year following an    nonmembers of their right to
                                   overwhelming vote by our          challenge the fees charged,
                                   membership. The agency            has provided an adequate
                                   shop arrangement was              basis for them to do so, has
                                   necessary to compel               made            appropriate
                                   members of the bargaining         presentation justifying its
                                   unit who declined to be           expenditures, and has placed
                                   members of AOCDS to pay           the challengers’ fees in an
                                   a “fair share” for services       escrow account that meets
                                   received        from       our    the constitutional standards
                                   association. AOCDS has the        and provides an adequate
                                   obligation to represent           safeguard        for       the
                                   everyone in the bargaining        challengers’             First
                                   unit as the exclusive             Amendment rights. The
                                   recognized representative of      challenges in this case are
                                   the bargaining unit. Under        denied, and the Associations
                                   agency shop, all are required     calculations sustained.”
                                   to pay for those services.        The Association spent more
                                   The transition to an agency       than $20,000 fighting the
                                   shop arrangement was a long       legal challenge. AOCDS
                                   and arduous journey,              wishes to welcome back the
                                   governed by case law and          many nonmembers who
CAPISTRANO VALLEY                  statutes enacted to protect the
                                   nonmembers’ constitutional
                                                                     chose to rejoin the
                                                                     Association shortly before
 MOBILE ESTATES                    rights to free speech and
                                   association. A very small
                                                                     and after the arbitration
                                                                     hearing. Our strength is in
                                   group of non-members              our unity – a message taught
                                   challenged the computation        in the academy and
 2600 Avenida Aeropuerto #135      by AOCDS of the “fair
                                   share” amount they are
                                                                     reinforced throughout our
                                                                     careers. We have been faced
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675      required to pay.                  with many adverse situations
                                   The challengers were given        in the past. We anticipate
                                   a hearing on Aug. 11 before       confronting more adversity in
                                   an impartial arbitrator to        the future. Staying focused
          949.493.4411             address their concerns.           and united, we will continue
                                   Attorney Adam L. Marangell        to prevail and preserve the
                                   represented the challengers       rights and wellbeing of the
                                   and AOCDS General
 Dr. Brian I. Watanabe             Counsel Charles Goldwasser
                                                                                     and        the

    Proudly Supports the
      Orange County                                            NumisMedia
      Deputy Sheriffs
                                                               26895 Aliso Creed Rd
                                                               Suite B #327
  24956 Paseo de Valencia Ste 7A                               Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

  Laguna Woods, CA 92653-4342                                  949-362-3786

                                                                         THE COURIER 13
                                    PAYROLL DEDUCTION LIFE
                                       Life insurance can be an     benefits at an affordable
                                    important component in          cost. The minimum policy
                                    planning for your family’s      size for our payroll
                                    financial security. It will     deduction product is
                                    deliver tax free benefits       $250,000.
                                    that can be used to replace     Universal Life
                                    lost income, payoff a           Insurance
                                    mortgage or guarantee a             Whereas term insurance
                                    child’s education. It is also   is an excellent way to
                                    a useful tool when              provide for “short range”
                                    planning        for    your     needs, universal life
                                    retirement. AOCDS offers        insurance is designed for
                                    members and their families      long term needs. Universal
C A L L US F OR ASSIS TA NCE WITH   access to competitive           life is more expensive than
    YOUR UPCOMING EVENT!            products as well as             term insurance because it’s
                                    professional planning           meant to be there for your
          949.218.9037              through our insurance           entire life. This product
                                    broker,          Samantha       features a flexible premium
                                    Meredith Curtin, MBA.           and accumulates equity
                                    Samantha is a Financial         that is generated by “fixed”
                                    Advisor who specializes in      interest rates.
                                    life     insurance       and    Variable Life
                                    investment planning for         Insurance
                                    law          enforcement            This product is also a
                                    personnel. She is available     type of universal life
                                    to meet with AOCDS              insurance, the main
                                    members and their spouses       difference being how
                                    either in the privacy of        policy equity accumulates.
                                    their home or at the            As opposed to the fixed
                                    AOCDS office. There is no       interest rates credited to a
                                    charge for her services.        universal life policy,
                                    Samantha can be reached         variable life features a
                                    at 949-833-5840. The            selection of investment
                                    remainder of this article is    options similar to those of
                                    intended a brief overview       a mutual fund. As with any
                                    of the payroll deduction        “securities-oriented”
                                    products that are available     investment, the equity in a
                                    through the AOCDS.              variable life policy could
                                    Level Term Life                 experience significant
                                    Insurance                       gains or losses (there are no
                                       This policy is designed      guarantees).
                                    to provide level death              Please call Samantha
                                    benefits at a guaranteed        Curtin if you have any
                                    cost for a fixed period of      questions or would like to
                                    time, typically 10, 15 or 20    schedule an appointment.
                                    years.      Most young
                                    families      would        be
                                    financially devastated if
                                    they lost their main source
                                    of income. Term insurance
                                    will provide maximum

                              Voted #1
D: 949.729.9200 #247           Mortgage
C: 714.743.9909               Company for        Law
CA DRE License 01157066


                             THE COURIER 15
Waiting for                     Service this may be possible

                                but if you are a member of
                                the CaliforniaCare HMO,
                                you would use the hospital
Enrollment                      that Monarch is affiliated            TECHNOLOGIES
                                with.                                   940 CALLE AMANEDER #K
                                    Now if you are thinking
By: Chad Cihlar @               of changing to Kaiser
                                                                        SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92630
Brown Insurance                 Permanente, that is
Services                        something that has to be
                                done at your group’s                          949.366.1470
    It always seems like        renewal.        If you are
when you want to make a         currently a member of
change to your insurance,       Kaiser, you are well aware
it’s not open enrollment.       that you can only use Kaiser
The       most     common       facilities and you may
complaint I hear I that         request to see the same PCP
someone doesn’t like their      every time. For those of you
doctor and wants to switch      who have been thinking
but they can’t until open       about giving Kaiser a try,
enrollment. Unless you are      now may be a good time to
currently being treated for a   revisit that idea. You’ve
major medical condition,        probably noticed a number
you can change primary          of brand new medical
care doctors (PCP) or           groups being built in SoCal.
medical groups on a             Among the new groups               TRABUCO HIGHLANDS
monthly basis without           include Bakersfield, Oxnard
having to wait for open         and San Diego. There are              APARTMENTS
enrollment.                     also ton a of new Medical
    Not only do you have the    centers about to open
ability to change doctors on
                                                                   Proudly Supports the Association of
                                including; a massive 6-story
a monthly basis, you can put    hospital/medical group off           Orange County Deputy Sheriffs
each family member with a       the 91 freeway in Anaheim,
different doctor or medical     a 314 bed facility in              31872 Joshua Drive, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
group. The best way to          Fontana, a medical office in
select a PCP is definitely by
                                Lake Forest, state of the art
word of mouth. Check with       hospital in Ontario, and a
co-workers, neighbors or
people are happy with their
physicians. A doctor that
                                remodeled medical office
                                building in Tustin Ranch.                     “DR. MJ”
                                All of the new additions to
truly cares about you and       Kaiser       show         their
your health is priceless.       dedication to the Southern                G.T. MRUTHYUNJAYA, M.D.
Choosing a doctor that fits     California area.                        27800 MEDICAL CENTER RD.
your family’s needs is              So when the idea of
crucial and fortunately you     changing doctors comes up                    BLDG. #1, STE. 300
may not have to wait for        in your household don’t feel           MISSION VIEJO, CA 92691-6049
open enrollment to change.      trapped, you have options.
    When choosing a doctor,     Switching carriers is
                                                                       949-364-2229 / FAX 949-1104
make sure you are also          something done at open
aware of the medical group      enrollment but switching                 ENVIRECO, INC.
they’re with and what           doctors          can         be
hospital that group is          accomplished in the middle                 Midway City
assigned to. For example:       of the year by just calling the
you may have a doctor you       Anthem customer service
want to use that is part of     line on the back of your           Proudly Supports the Association of
Monarch medical group but       card. If you have any                Orange County Deputy Sheriffs
you may want to use Saint       questions, we recommend
Joseph if you are               calling your association or
hospitalized. If you are part                                     8281 Bolsa Avenue, Midway City, CA 92655
                                contact Brown Insurance at
of the Anthem Point of          714-460-7744.                                   714.891.6888

                                                                                             THE COURIER 17
1225 N. LANCE LANE • ANAHEIM, CA 92806 • 714.632.9653

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Compare our complete selection
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of quality name brand tires

             * Show us a lower priced tire in a current, local ad and we'll meet it.
                        Excludes clearance, close-outs and catalogs.

          Any Oil Change
          Keep your engine running
          smooth and clean.
         We’ll install new oil filter and refill up to
         5 quarts Kendall® GT-1 motor
         oil. Most vehicles. Includes oil filter
         disposal fee. Savings off current
         in-store point-of-sale price.
                                                                                                                  $7 Off                                                      Save thru 12/31/12
         See store for complete service description and details.Redeem coupons at your participating Firestone Complete Auto Care store.Not to be combined with another offer on
                                     same product or service and not to be used to reduce outstanding debt.No cash value.Offer void where prohibited.

     • Oil Change • Tune Ups • Batteries • Radiator
    • Suspension • Brake Service • Air Conditioning
 • All Manufacturer’s Scheduled Maintenance Services
                                                              $249 minimum purchase required. Interest will be charged to
                                                              your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is
                                                              not paid in full within 6 months or if you make a late payment.
                                                              Minimum monthly payments required.

93 Stores In Southern California To Serve You
               Call 1-800-LOCATE US
  Or visit us online at
Shop supply charges in the amount of 6% of labor charges will be added to invoices greater than $35.These charges will not exceed $25 and represent costs and profits.Shop supply charges not applicable in CA or
NY.Non-mandated disposal or recycling charges,if any are disclosed above,may also represent costs and profits.Specific product offerings and tread designs may vary.Prices,warranties,car service,credit plans and
other offers available at Firestone Complete Auto Care; see affiliated for their competitive offers and warranties.*If you do not achieve guaranteed mileage,your Firestone retailer will replace your tires on a pro-rated
basis.Actual tread life may vary.All warranties apply only to original owner on originally installed vehicle.See retailer for details,restrictions and copy of each limited warranty. †MINIMUM MONTHLY
PAYMENTS REQUIRED. Applicable to purchases made January 1st through December 31st,2011.APR:22.8%.Minimum Finance Charge $1.00.CFNA reserves the
right to change APR,fees and other terms unilaterally.

                          Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs,

       We wish to acknowledge the Orange County Sheriffs Deputies for their professional,
                                  diligent, and kind service.

Please accept this small token of appreciation from us on behalf of the Capistrano Business Center /
               Ortega Ranch, LLC., and especially Seligman Western Enterprises Ltd.

      Please be safe in your duties protecting and assisting us as members of the community.

   To all deputies of the      executive and advisory
Association of Orange          boards. Approximately 30
County Deputy Sheriffs -       officers graduated with
                                                                    CHRISTANE CO. INC.
   Your Association’s          their degrees in Criminal          28281 Crown Valley Pkwy, Ste 250
Board of Directors has         Justice Management in                  Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
graciously allowed me this     August 2011.
forum to get out the word          So why get a degree?
on a great Bachelor’s          There are numerous                          949.582.6200
Degree program offered at      reasons that officers seek a
the AOCDS offices. You         higher education degree.
are not required to already    With respect to AOCDS
                               members having your
                                                                ALISO BAKERY & DONUTS
have an AA degree to
participate.                   bachelor’s degree takes
   My name is Corina           four years off the time you
Smith and I am a retired       need to wait to obtain your        23411 Aliso Viejo
law          enforcement       Advanced Officer’s Post              PK WY Unidad
lieutenant. I am the new       pay. Currently, an officer       Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
site coordinator for the       needs 10 years of service            949.425.8216
Union Institute and            with their agency to apply
University’s (UI&U) site at    for their Advanced Post
the AOCDS offices. Union       Certificate. With a
Institute and University is    Bachelor’s Degree, an
a private, non-profit          officer may apply for the
university and is fully        Advanced Post pay at six
accredited by the same         years of service. This
institution that grants        means that you will be
                               collecting your advanced
                                                                       (714) 248-9173
accreditation to schools
such as Notre Dame, Ohio       post pay four years before
State, and Michigan State      everyone else. So how               11763 Beach Blvd. • Stanton, CA 90680
universities. We serve law     much money is this? The
enforcement officers           Advanced Post salary
across Los Angeles,            bonus pay equates to about               G A TOWING
Ventura, Orange, and San       5% or roughly $4,500 per
                               year based on a $90,000 a                10820 VIA JACARA
Bernardino counties. All of
our classes are located at     year salary. Even with the             STANTON, CA 90680-1928
law enforcement facilities     cost of the degree, which
and attended only by law       is significantly offset by the
enforcement officers and       $3,000 discount UI&U                         714.826.9249
their families.                gives to law enforcement
   UI&U is growing leaps       officers and the $2,000 per
                               year reimbursement that                                   DAVID M. LECHUGA, PH. D.
and bounds in the law
enforcement community          you as an OC Sheriff ’s
and is fully supported by      deputy will receive,
numerous sheriffs and          officers who obtain their
police chiefs. We have         degree will still be over two
sheriffs, police chiefs,       years ahead of the game in                              13 ORCHARD ROAD, SUITE 103
deputies and officers of all   receiving their additional                            LAKE FOREST, CALIFORNIA 92630
ranks on both our                                                                                    949.837.3358
                                  Continued on page 38
                                                                                         THE COURIER 23
       ALL ABOUT HOME IMPROVEMENT, INC.                             RITZ CLEANERS

                WADE & JANET KEITH                           JUDY’S CUSTOM WORKROOM

                    DE LA CORP                                  ANTIQUES OF LAGUNA

                FRAMING ARTISTRY                              CAPISTRANO UPHOLSTERY

  Pet Sitters of San Juan
       PROUDLY SUPPORTS THE AOCDS                 44 Feather Ridge
                                                  Mission Viejo, CA 92692
                                                  Also at:
                                                  3115 Rancho Viejo Rd.
27261 Via Capri • San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675   San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
                949.240.4440                      949.922.5777

    Brent Bowling, D.D.S.                                 TRIA SYSTEMS
         24400 Muirlands Blvd.
                                                          Proudly Supports the
                Suite A                               Association of Orange County
         Lake Forest, CA 92630                               Deputy Sheriffs
     HENRY’S IND.                                                ODD BALL
“IMPORT AUTO SERVICE”                                            8470 CERRITOS AVE
                                                                 STANTON, CA 90680
        7525 CERRITOS AVENUE                                       (949) 278-3170
         STANTON, CA 90680
           (714) 220-9166                                  Proud Supporter of AOCDS

                                                   Creative Conception, Inc.
                                                                 25108 Marguerite Pkwy
          24601 Raymond Way #10                                       Suite A-457
          (Corner of El Toro Road)                                      Viejo,
                                                                Mission Viejo, CA 92692
           Lake Forest, CA 92630                                      949.597.3191

Henna Threading                                                   SENECA
     & Beauty Studio                                  Structural Engineering Inc.
                                                      23276 S. Pointe Dr., Ste 209
           21701 Lakeforest Dr.                      Laguna Hills, CA 92653-1435
          Lake Forest, CA 92630
              949.587.0459                                   949.595.8182
                                                   HARLAND L. BURGE
                                                   23193 La Cadena Drive, #101
                                                     Laguna Hills, CA 92653
27184 Ortega Highway            By Appointment
San Juan Capistrano            (949) 496-5990             949.699.4162
California 92675

                                                                  THE COURIER 25
                                                3% at 50                      competitive meant either
                                                                              increasing pay and benefits
                                               By Tom Dominguez,              or lowering standards and
                                                AOCDS president               hire less than desirable
                                                                              candidates to carry badges
                                                   The terrorist attacks of   and guns out in the
                                               September 11 changed the       communities.
                                               fabric of America, killing        While law enforcement
                                               nearly 3,000, including        agencies struggled to fill
                                               hundreds of police officers    their ranks with quality
                                               and firefighters who died      cops, pension systems
                                               trying to save lives. The      were overflowing with
                                               perception of America’s        assets after decades of
                                               public safety personnel        double-digit returns on
                                               suddenly changed. They         investments. Pension funds
                                               were once again America’s      were so over funded that
                                               heroes willing to sacrifice    many cities, counties and
                                               it for others.                 state agencies were
                                                   But years before the       allowed to skip or
                                               first plane hit the World      significantly        reduce
                                               Trade      Center,      law    employer contributions, for
                      26711 Aliso Creek Rd     enforcement agencies           years in some cases. Public
                                Suite 100A     were struggling to recruit     employee agencies saved
                                Aliso Viejo,   young men and women to         billions of dollars by
                                                                              making greatly reduced or
                                 CA 92656      sign up for a career in law
                                               enforcement. “3% at 50”        no contributions to
                                               evolved as a much needed       pensions at all. I cannot
                         ph: 949.421.KNOT                                     recall a single voice of
                                               tool to recruit and retain
                        fax: 949.421.5669                                     opposition warning of the
                                               peace officers. The
                                               economy was humming            consequences of the
                                               along on the heels of the      reduced or eliminated
                                               dot com boom and the sub-      employer contributions. In
                                               prime mortgage industry        fact, governments and
                                               was in full swing. Earning     politicians quickly came up
                                               a six-figure salary was easy   with ways to spend the
                                               without putting your life      money being saved. New
                                                                              communities,          social                   on the line or working
                                                                              programs,               and
                                               nights, weekends and
                                               holidays. Besides, cops        redevelopment projects all
                                               had become a four-letter       benefited from the excess
Dr. Todd C. Snyder, DDS                        word following the
                                               Rodney King incident.
                                                                                 Public       employees
 25500 Rancho Niguel Rd., Ste 230                  Law       enforcement      continued to make their
  Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-7373                 agencies          launched     full, fixed rate pension
                                                                              contributions         while
         949.643.6433                          exhaustive searches for
                                                                              employers put off or
                                               qualified – and willing -
                                               candidates, but those were     reduced making their
   Proud Supporter of AOCDS                    few and far between and        contributions. Public
                                               departments could not          employee representatives
                                               keep up with the normal        asked the state Legislature
                                               attrition for the job. The     for a similar reduction in
                                               industry was market driven     their contributions. The
                                               – and competition for a        request was rejected with
                                               quality workforce was
                                               intense.            Staying     Continues on next page

3% at 50...                     least you would have a
                                good retirement in your
                                                                     Then       the
                                                                  economic times stopped
                                                                                        good     enforcement, as supported
                                                                                                 by the Association of
the explanation that the        golden years.                     rolling. The U.S. stock        Orange County Deputy
employer alone would               The benefits of “3% at         market collapsed in 2008       Sheriffs, continues to be
receive the contribution        50” were clear and the best       and the economy tanked,        attractive in recruiting
rate reduction because the      benefit of all is it would        resulting in alarmingly        candidates and keeping
employer assumes all the        cost employers - and              high         rates        of   good officers on the job.
risk of asset fluctuation       taxpayers - very little. Any      unemployment,                  But finding qualified
along        with         the   cost incurred would be            foreclosures and personal      applicants who can pass
corresponding contribution      deferred to sometime in the       bankruptcies.                  the stringent written,
rates. The argument was a       future - or at least that is         Now “3% at 50”              physical and background
sound one – and ended           what actuarial reports told       appears too rich a benefit     requirements continues to
discussions.                    us. It seemed like the            in today’s market.             be a difficult task for the
   A significant portion of     perfect solution - at the         Accordingly, some public       Department – even in these
the law enforcement work        time.                             employee groups have           trying times.
force, hired after the             There was no nefarious         been modifying pension            3% at 50 and similar
                                conspiracy to pull the wool       formulas and picking up        retirement formula benefits
Vietnam        War,      was                                                                     will continue to serve as a
preparing to retire –           over taxpayers eyes as            more of the costs by
                                                                                                 much needed tool to attract
leaving even more               many would like to believe        increasing      employee
                                                                                                 and retain the highest quality
positions to fill. Police pay   or would like others to           contributions.                 law enforcement personnel
had increased, but simply       believe.      The      good          “3% at 50” was a            available.
could not stay competitive      economic times were               negotiated benefit with a
with what could be had in       continuing to roll and it         legitimate purpose to
the private sector.             was a good decision based         address the needs and the
                                                                                                     Pac West Land Care
   Enter “3% at 50.” The        on the information                safety of the public at the
                                                                                                      24351 Via Albeniz
concept was heaven sent.        available.                        time. Those same needs
                                                                                                   Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Officers planning to retire        The solution to law            will continue to be there
put those plans on hold –       enforcement’s staffing            tomorrow. But those needs
and postponed the               woes proved to be a good          cannot be met by under-
                                one for several years. Law        staffed departments and              Auto Cosmetics
immediate problem of                                                                                 30800 Golf Club Dr.
mass retirements with no        enforcement agencies kept         abandoning          hiring
                                experienced personnel a           standards. Who will              San Juan Capistrano, CA
one waiting in the wings to                                                                                92675
take those jobs. And it gave    few years longer, allowing        enforce societal justice in
                                departments to gear up and        our communities if the                949.496.5038
recruiters a vital tool to
entice young people to join     recruit the much-needed           number of cops and
                                young people into the             sheriffs are reduced?                 TR Anton Inc.
the     public        safety                                                                       668 N. Pacific Coast Hwy
profession. The message         profession         without           Our economic reality
                                completely compromising           has changed but the                      #1386
was simple: You may have                                                                           Laguna Beach, CA 92651
to deal with the worst          hiring standards.                 importance of law
                                                                  enforcement has not.                 949.276.8822
society has to offer but at
                                                                  Fortunately a career in law

                                       943 Avenida Pico, Ste. D
                                      San Clemente, CA 92673
                                (Between Wal-mart & Michaels)

                                                                                                      THE COURIER 27
Essoe’s killers set free
   The killers of an Orange    served nearly nine years of    against Knick, now 54, and         Essoe’s name was
County Sheriff’s sergeant      a 16-year sentence.            Strong, 55.                     enshrined on the California
were released this month          Essoe, the father of the       The two men were re-         Peace Officers’ Memorial
after an appellate court       father of Sheriff’s Sgt. Ira   arrested in November 2010       Foundation memorial in
sided with the two ex-         Essoe and two other law        and held on $1 million bail.    Sacramento                  to
convicts who argued the        enforcement officers,             Defense        attorneys     commemorate his death in
statute of limitations had     survived the shooting, but     Frederick Fascenelli and        the line of duty. Essoe is the
expired based on the law       suffered constant pain,        Dan Greenburg argued in         ninth member of the
at the time the crime was      kidney failure, colon          Orange County Superior          Orange County Sheriff’s
committed.                     cancer and the loss of both    Court that California law       Department to die in the
   David Michael Knick         his legs. When Essoe, 69,      as it existed in 1980, when     line of duty.
and Robert Duston Strong       died in February 2010, the     the crime was committed,           His shooting prompted
were convicted in 1981 of      Orange County Coroner’s        barred murder charges if        Gates to initiate what has
the attempted murder of        Office determined his          the victim did not die          become “Project 999,”
Sgt. Ira Essoe, Jr. who was    death was the result of        within three years and one      which assists wounded
shot and paralyzed after       being shot twice, including    day of being harmed.            police officers and the
interrupting a car burglary    one shot that severed his         Prosecutors countered        widows and orphans of
on Nov. 6, 1980 at the         spinal code.                   that statute of limitations     peace officers killed in the
Orange Mall.                      Sheriff Brad Gates          on murder was erased by a       line of duty.
   Strong, the shooter,        delivered Essoe’s eulogy,      1997 change in the law.            “The few comfortable
served 10 years of a 17-       paying tribute to a fallen        Superior Court Judge         years Knick and Strong
year sentence for trying to    hero at an emotional           Frank Fasel ordered Knick       spent in prison is nothing
kill Essoe during the          memorial service.              and Strong to stand trial for   compared to the lifetime
botched car burglary.             Arguing Essoe’s injuries    murder after hearing            sentence of pain and
Knick, the accomplice          caused his death nearly 30     evidence in April.              suffering they gave to Ira
who picked up Essoe’s gun      years later, prosecutors          The 4th District Court       Essoe and his family,”
after the sergeant was shot,   filed murder charges           of Appeal reversed Fasel in     Dominguez said.
                                                              a 3-0 ruling, saying the
                                                              defendants had to be held       THE AOCDS
                                                              to the standards of the law     FAMILY
                                                              when the crime was              You are part of our
                                                              committed. Charging them
                                                              with murder would be a
                                                                                              family. Please send
                                                              violation        of    their    us your birth and
                                                              constitutional rights.          end of watch
                                                                 The California Supreme       announcements and
                                                              Court refused to hear the       we will include your
                                                              case and Knick and Strong       news in a future
                                                              were ordered released Dec.      issue of the Courier.
                                                                 “The law is the law,”        Please email the
                                                              said AOCDS President            information to
                                                              Tom Dominguez. “We              Kimberly Edds,
                                                              don’t like it that two cop      Director of
                                                              killers are free today, but     Communications
                                                              we as peace officers are        and Public Affairs,
                                                              sworn to uphold the law
                                                              and as frustrating as it is,
                                                              we have no choice but to
                                                              accept it and continue to do    Call her at
                                                              our jobs.”                      714-357-4654 with
                                                                                              any questions.

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                                                                                                             THE COURIER 31
Guns & Hoses . . .             Pendleton-based fire trucks      captains spurred their         announced, and three
                               along the road roaring their     groups on to the final poker   checks totaling $10,000
   representations        of
                               sirens as the groups passed.     stop two miles down the        were donated by the
Goldwings and other
                                   Speed limits are             road, where the ride ended     Fladeboe dealership to the
Honda models, sport bikes,
                               generally low — and              at the Irvine Auto Center.     aforementioned funds and
some BMWs, Victories,
                               strictly enforced — on all       There, Fladeboe                foundation. The big daddy
dirt bikes, trikes, a couple
                               the base roads, so when it          GMC         generously      of the raffled stuff, a 2011
of Boss Hosses, custom
                               says “15 mph”, that’s            provided its time, space,      HD Heritage Softail®,
choppers, and some very
                               exactly the speed the road       and monetary donations to      went to a lucky winner,
cool semi-vintage Indians.
                               captains led their groups        the Guns and Hoses cause.      who, of course, was not in
And with that diverse
                               until the limits were lifted        The         end-of-ride     attendance for the local
portfolio of bikes should
                               to, say, 25. It was a slow go,   festivities       included     press to record his shock
have come an equally
                               but that gave the riders all     barbecue lunch, beverages,     and awe in winning the
diverse range of skills in
                               the more time to take in the     vendor exhibits, and a live    bike.
group riding technique,
                               sights the base has to offer     band. The California State        After all the riding,
from those who ride every
                               ... such as road signs           Firefighters’ Association      lunching, singing, raffling,
weekend in a HOG to those
                               pointing directions to           exhibited an immaculately      and tributes, as the crowd
who have never before
                               countless shooting ranges        restored 1902 horse-drawn      finally began todissipate,
ridden in a group. What
                               situated on the base.            steam-powered pumper,          the afternoon sun finally
could have been pure chaos
                               Among the core values of         sans its Belgian draft         burst through the day’s
behind each of the road
                               the Marine Corps, right          horses replaced by a pair      stubborn marine layer,
captains instead turned out
                               after Honor, Code, and           dalmatians, one inevitably     better late than never,
to be, in each case, orderly
                               Semper Fi, shooting              named “Dottie”. The            putting an exclamation
processions of two-column
                               proficiency must surely be       Orange County Sheriffs         point on the conclusion of
staggered formations on all
                               ranked next as evidenced         went the other way and         this year’s Guns and Hoses
of the ride legs. In all, it
                               by the number of ranges on       exhibited a new, fully-        ride. It occurred to me later
was testimony to the
                               the base. Other services         equipped, quasi-military       the day’s dreariness, rather
brotherhood of bikers, no
                               commonly thought of as           Humvee cop car, all black      than having cast a pall on
matter where they come
                               “civilian” dot the base          and white with a light bar     the ride, instead set a tone
from or what they ride, the
                               where the groups rode by:        you never want to see in       altogether appropriate for
only thing in common
                               chapels,          apartment      your rear-view mirror.         paying homage to fallen
among them all being a
                               housing, landfills, fire         Island Boy, Sergeant at        law          enforcement,
passion for motorcycling,
                               houses, gas stations, and        Arms for Hired Guns, So        firefighting, and military
riding as one for a single
                               even a McDonalds, the site       Cal chapter, a law             heroes, and the sudden
noble cause.
                               of the first poker stop of the   enforcement MC, belted         emergence of the sun
   A ride through Camp
                               ride.                            out spot-on renditions of a    provided a perfect
Pendleton always elicits
                                   Once off the base, the       couple of Elvis songs          metaphoric smile for the
strong patriotic emotions.
                               ride route turned a tad          accompanied by the band.       cause and a ride well done.
My dad was a marine, and
                               pedestrian: a 19-mile run           Prizes were raffled,
I remember as a kid him
                               up I-5 through weekend           silent auction winners were
telling me how American
                               Orange County traffic and
flags on Marine Corps
                               a couple turns put the
bases are always oversized
                               groups into the Hooters
— way oversized — to
their respective poles. Sure
enough, the flags flying on
                               parking lot in Lake Forest
                               for the second of three             BEACON BAY
                               poker stops. I’ll bet this
Camp Pendleton were
huge, almost hanging to the
ground it seems on this
                               was the first
                                   time in the history of
                               Hooters 300 bikes
                                                                   AUTO WASH
breezeless day. Clusters of                                                   23581 Rockfield Blvd.
                               descended on one of their
marines in uniform                                                            Lake Forest, CA 92630
                               franchises only to watch all
lounging on the base this
                               300 vacate the premises ten
Sunday morning returned
                               minutes later. But a
all waves and thumbs-up
from the passing riders.
                               schedule had to be                             949.770.9376
                               maintained, and the road
There       were      Camp

      32 THE COURIER
Friends, Family, Associates and Orange County Business Community,

Jimmy Pequeno, the son of an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy, remains in a coma after being badly injured in a car accident
on July 1. Jimmy, a senior at El Toro High School, suffered multiple brain traumas, broken bones and other internal injuries.
He has endured multiple surgeries and procedures in his fight towards recovery but six months later he has yet to regain
“full consciousness.”

Please consider joining us in the community outreach to fund the effort to bring Jimmy home to continue his recovery
surrounded by his family.

His father, Rob, a retired Marine who now serves the city of Lake Forest as a deputy, and mother Angela, have been by his
side around the clock since the accident. Their bedside vigil has shown an unbelievable amount of love, faith and courage
while enduring an unimaginable emotional roller coaster. Neither parent has been able to return to work.

Rob joined the Sheriff’s Department after a 20-year career with the Marines, including serving two tours in Iraq. Rob has
also coached and mentored hundreds of children in our community through years of volunteering with the local Pop Warner
football program and Saddleback Little League. The Pequenos’ older son Robbie is a Marine who was deployed to Afghanistan
last month for a nine-month tour of duty for our country.

We are reaching out to give back to the Pequeno family, which has unselfishly given so much to each of us for so many

This initial effort for Jimmy is to raise the necessary funds for construction improvements to the Pequeno home so that
Jimmy can be cared for and move forward with his rehabilitation. The current layout of the family’s 1,066 square foot home
makes it nearly impossible to care for Jimmy’s needs. Being able to bring their son home is next to impossible without our

Donations would transform an existing patio to a room that would be fully equipped with the necessary rehabilitation
equipment, lift systems, and bed & bath to accommodate Jimmy at home. Insurance benefits are severely strained and the
Pequenos may be facing a lifetime of home care for Jimmy.

Their lives are changed forever. They need all of us to become part of their family.

Time has been donated to survey the home site, draw up plans and retain construction management. We are reaching out to
friends, family, businesses, co-workers, churches and peers to raise the initial $100,000 in construction costs. Please join
“Team Jimmy” in the effort to bring Rob, Angela and Jimmy back to their newly equipped home for the next chapter in
Jimmy’s recovery.

Your donations are tax deductible through AOCDS (Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs) Memorial Fund, an
IRS 501(c) 3 Charity, Tax ID #33-0917425. Please consider contributing to this fundraising effort and may God bless
each of you richly for stepping up to join in the effort to “Bring Jimmy Home”. For more details, updates on the project,
upcoming events and links to contribute, please visit the website Donations by check should
be payable to “AOCDS Memorial Fund” 1314 West Fifth Street, Suite A, Santa Ana, CA 92703. Please reference Jimmy
Pequeno in the memo section or on the face of the check. 100% of your donation will be used directly for this cause.


Tom Dominguez
AOCDS President

                                                                                                   THE COURIER 33
                 6 Orchard, Suite 150
                           Lake Forest
                     California 92630
                      (949) 470-0500
                 Fax: (949) 829-0100

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Proudly Supports the Orange County
          Deputy Sheriffs
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                         DOUG ROSA
                     949-859-1028 PHONE
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                                                                                              THE COURIER 35
                                     Robert Casola

                      24901 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Suite 200
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                 (949) 661-1389 EXT. 12 Fax: (949) 496-0266
                                        Cell: (949) 289-2119

 Bel Esprit Builders, Inc.
 Construction Consulting Engineering
 CA Lic # 709903

                                                  30336 Esperanza
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                                                       THE COURIER 37
BACHELOR’S                          There are so many
                                fantastic aspects to this
                                                                  If you would like a free
                                                               assessment to determine                    WALGREENS
DEGREE...                       program. Classes at the OC     how long it would take you                   #06446
                                Sheriff ’s Association         to get through the program              11900 Beach Blvd.
post pay. Is this worth it to   offices are offered on         and at what cost, I just need           Stanton, CA 90680
you if you only have to give    Tuesday nights at 5:30 pm      the following documents:                  714.890.1094
up one evening a week,          and run every 8 weeks.            • Transcripts (e.g.
every other week? If you        Students only attend 5 out     college,          military,             DR. FRED RUNDALL
think it might be, read on!     of the 8 Tuesday nights        A A RT S ) — u n o f f i c i a l    27800 Medical Center Rd.
    Many officers find that     allowing them to complete      copies will suffice to                       Suite 310
they want to do other things    class assignments in           generate an estimated              Mission Viejo, CA 92691-6461
in the criminal justice arena   between. This innovative       assessment                                949.364.1252
when they retire. However,      degree program was                • Copy of Basic POST
many have found that they       designed         by      law   Certificate                         OAMI Japanese Restaurant
cannot do so with a             enforcement professionals,        •Training        profile/         23532 El Toro Rd., Ste 18
Bachelor’s Degree. I am         for law enforcement            Training hours (to                 Lake Forest, CA 92630-4703
currently helping many of       professionals and is taught    determine if an officer                  949.770.6147
these officers obtain their     by law enforcement             qualifies for certified
degree so that they can         professionals.            We   learning credits)                        SCHULTE CORP.
achieve their post-             understand how hard it is         If you are interested in            1005 Calle Sombra
retirement goals. Getting       to work full-time and go to    the program, please feel             San Clemente, CA 92673
your degree provides an         school. Officers who have      free to e-mail at                         949.481.2233
example to your children        an AA degree can finish
and grandchildren that          their Bachelor’s degree in     or call me at 818-388-6278            Osborne Development
higher education is             as little as 8 months. An AA   with any questions. I look              30001 Comercio
essential to success in         degree is not required. We     forward to helping you             Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
today’s competitive job         encourage officers to bring    succeed.                                    92688
market!                         their credits from all                                                  949.888.3822
    Money is often one of       colleges and the military.     Best Regards,
the biggest reasons officers        Another outstanding        Corina Smith, Lieutenant              Mollies Country Kitchen
don’t go back to school.        aspect of the UI&U             Retired                               27932 La Paz Rd Ste M
With mortgages, car             program is that officers       Site       Coordinator,              Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
payments, and life’s other      receive 32 credits for their   Association of Orange                     949.643.9174
essentials to take care of,     POST certificate and           County Deputy Sheriffs
most officers just can’t        apprenticeship at no                                                   Davalos Mechanic
afford huge out of pockets      charge, and up to an                                                  223791 La Rosa Dr.
expenses for school. When       additional 28 credits for                                            Lake Forest, CA 92630
I discuss student loans with    other advanced POST                                                     949.678.7479
officers, they almost           training. UI&U also
always think that they          provides a $3,000 tuition
make too much money to          discount for this B.S.
qualify for a federally         program to officers, and
funded student loan. This       personalized support
simply is not true. Most of     throughout the educational
the officers in our program     experience.
finance their degrees               Military officers who
through student loans.          have served post 9/11, have
These loans do not have to      the real possibility to have
be paid back right away.        their degree fully paid for
Payback generally starts 6      free depending on the
months after the officer        amount of their active duty
graduates and the officer       time. UI&U is a Yellow
has five to ten years to pay    Ribbon Certified Program
back the loan.                  for Veterans.

      38 THE COURIER

                  THE COURIER 39

                 PROUDLY SUPPORTS
                  THE ASSOCIATION
                 OF ORANGE COUNTY
                  DEPUTY SHERIFFS

1314 West Fifth Street, Suite A
Santa Ana, California 92703

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