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       The most important
• Vitosha is a mountain massive, on the outskirts of
  Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
• Vitosha is one of the tourists symbols of Sofia and the
  closest site for hiking, alpinism and skiing.
• The territory of the mountain includes Vitosha national
  park that encompasses the best known visited parts.
• Knyazhevo has many mineral springs.
• Vitosha is the oldest national park in the Balkans.
                  The Mountain

• Vitosha has the outlines of an enormous dome.
• The mountain emerged as a result of volcanic activity and has
  been subsequently shaped by the slow folding of the granite
  rock layers and a series of gradual uplifts of the area.
• Vitosha is separated into four main parts whose main ridges
  gather at a crown known as Cherni Vrah ("Black Peak"). This is
  the highest point of the mountain at 2290 m and is one of 10
  peaks of Vitosha over 2000 m in height
       Nature sightseeings
• The Golden Bridges is an amazing phenomenon
  known as The Stone River and consists of a ribbon
  of huge boulders running down the mountainside.
• This scenic spot is located along the Vladayska
  River in an area of mixed deciduous and evergreen
• Their further formation occurred due to the
  spherical erosion of the sienite rocks and their
  gradual movement to down stream valleys by the
  forces of gravity and moving water.
        Climate, Floura, Fauna
• Due to a great variability in elevation, a rich diversity of
  climates, flora and fauna can be found within the park.
• Research has revealed that on the comparatively small area
  of the mountain there are 1,500 species of higher plants,
  500 species of fungi, 500 species of algae, 326 species of
  mosse, and 200 species of lichens.
• Among them 31 species are Balkan endemics and 52 species
  are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria.
• The forests are made up mainly of Norway Spruce and
  Bulgarian Fir, with some Macedonian Pine, Scots Pine, and at
  the tree-line, Mountain Pine, and mixed deciduous forest at
  lower altitudes, mainly beech, birch, aspen and alder.
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