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									                                Grampians Estate Wine Company

                    Grampians Estate News
 Issue 5                                                                                                               Spring/Summer 2007

                                Friends Shiraz Release set for Royal
                                Mail Hotel on February 23rd, 2008
                                 A special night celebrating friendship and superb
                                 food and wine is assured. The highlight of the night
                                                                                              WINE SHOW SUCCESS
                                 at the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld will no
                                 doubt be the release of the Friends Shiraz Collec-            2005 Streeton Reserve
                                 tion: The Shiraz, the Reserve Shiraz and the Spar-            Shiraz wins 2 trophies
                                 kling Shiraz.
                                                                                           The 2005 Streeton Reserve Shiraz has achieved
                                 February 2008 will mark two years since the               some outstanding results at recent wine shows.
                                 Grampians bushfires inflicted such devastation            This wine is now available.
                                 across public and private property. Amongst the
Unlike the Jimmy Watson          carnage was the Grampians Estate vineyard, some           • Trophy - Best Regional Shiraz -
Trophy, this one stays in        90% of which was burnt or roasted.                          2007 Ballarat Wine Show
                                 Fellow wine industry people from Victoria and             • Trophy - Best Shiraz -
                                 beyond made contact to offer grapes or wine to              2007 Murrumbateman Wine Show
         Late News!!             ensure Grampians Estate had a 2006 vintage after
                                 all. This dinner will officially release the wines and    • Gold Medal -
The 2005 Rutherford              at the same time celebrate their generosity.                 2007 Victorian Wine Show
Sparkling just won its           The wineries involved are all small to medium sized       • Gold Medal -
first Trophy—Best Spar-          businesses producing premium wine: Dalwhinnie,
                                 Shay’s Flat, Cobaw Ridge, Brokenwood, Boggy                 2007 Rutherglen Wine Show
kling at Australian Small
                                 Creek, Garden Gully, Dakis Vineyards, and Henty           • Gold Medal -
Wine Makers Show                 Estate.
                                                                                              2007 Aust Small Winemakers Show
                                 At this point in time, only the shiraz has been bot-
Inside this issue:               tled and the wine is superb. Rich colour, some            Winestate Magazine reviewed the wine in
                                 pepper and spice, with vibrant blackberry fruit. It       its Sep/Oct edition awarding it 5 stars:
                                 has been shown in 4 wine shows for 1 gold and 3
                                                                                           “A full-bodied intense and youthful style with
Friends Shiraz Release      1    silver medals.
                                                                                           great peppery fruit and sweet rich oak. Lovely
                                                                                           warm, rich aromas and long, lingering intense
New winery at Grampians     2
Estate                                                                                     flavours from a seamless balance between fruit,
                                                                                           oak and tannins.”
Meet Charee Lowe            2                                                              The 2005 Streeton is now also
                                                                                           available in magnums (1500 ml)
Sarah’s Snippets            2    The Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld has cemented its
                                 reputation as one of the jewels in country
                                                                                          James Halliday awards 2004
                                 restaurant and accommodation destinations. That
Current wine list           3    will be further enhanced with the arrival of head        Streeton Reserve Shiraz 96 pts
                                 chef Dan Hunter, who spent time as Head Chef                                        Halliday’s latest book has
                                 at one of Spain’s most innovative restaurants,                                      given the Streeton 96
Events                      4    Mugaritz, in San Sebastian, which is currently                                      points, just one less than
                                 ranked seventh in the world by Restaurant                                           the 02 Grange and 02
                                 magazine. He will be designing and presenting the                                   Hill of Grace. Sales of
                                 Friends Dinner, matching local produce and fine                                     the wine increased
Garden Gully News           4
                                 food to a range of Grampians Estate wines.                                          almost instantly, unfortu-
                                                                                                                     nately it has now sold
                                 Rooms available for Friday and Saturday night, why                                  out.
Friends dinner details      4    not make a weekend of it. There’s plenty to do; the                                 He also gave the 04
                                 Mt Abrupt and/or Piccaninny walks, Hamilton Art                                     Sparkling Shiraz 93
                                 Gallery, bike riding or just relax by the pool.                                     points.
PAGE 2                                                  G R A MP I A NS E S T A T E NE WS                                                   ISSUE 5

Winery News at Grampians Estate                                                                    Meet the team
                                                                                                   member.. Charee
            New Consultant                               EMS - Environmental                       Lowe
                                                         Management System                         Charee recently joined the Grampians
 Grampians Estate is delighted to
 announce the appointment of Hamish             Grampians Estate has signed up to an EMS           Estate team as the new Marketing
 Seabrook as its Consultant Wine-               (Environmental Management System), as              Co-ordinator. Currently working one
 maker. He will supervise the winemaking        announced in the last newsletter. This             day a week and incorporating a variety of
 operations, with the aim of improving and      provides a mechanism for farmers to                tasks:    organising the “Friends Dinner,
 building on Grampians Estate’s reputation      improve environmental responsibility on a          website maintenance, Western Victoria
 for    premium wines.                                                                             wholesale sales, helping out at wine events
                                                variety of levels.
                                                                                                   and much much more, though she does
 Hamish, a fifth generation winemaker, has      One such example is the planting of                object to sheep marking and working on
 worked around the world, but recently          buckwheat in a few of the mid-rows in              the farm.
 was winemaker at Bests (2000 to 2005)          the vineyard, with the aim of replacing
 and Brown Brothers (2005 to 2007).             chemical control of pests such as Light            Charee has recently relocated to the
                                                Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) with a                     region “tree change” after living and work-
 Hamish judges at many wine shows and           biological control. Several local vineyards        ing in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley for
 now lives in South Australia.                  are trialling this new concept: the                many years. She has a strong background
                                                flowering buckwheat produces nectar                in wine/tourism and events, and is
              2007 Harvest                      from which the native bees attack,                 passionate about shiraz and wooded
 The first vintage in the new Grampians         kill and use/harbour the pests (LBAM) to           chardonnay’s.
 Estate winery is progressing well. The         produce their young. This natural process
                                                                                                   “I’m excited about my role with Grampians
 shiraz is in barrel completing malo and the    will hopefully eliminate some three costly
                                                                                                   Estate particularly working with Tom and
 chardonnay and pinot have been blended         and environmentally damaging spray
                                                                                                   Sarah and sharing their infectious enthusiasm.
 and are going through the methode              events.                                            Grampians Estate is a progressive but tradi-
 champanoise treatment at Blue Pyrenees                                                            tional winery with exciting growth and expan-
                                                Wine Distribution
 Estate at Avoca.                                                                                  sion planned for next couple of years and with
                                                A distributor has been appointed for the           the introduction of myself and Hamish, to-
              The Vineyard                      Melbourne market and GE is currently               gether we hope to achieve the goals set, but
 The vineyard is slowly returning to life.      seeking one in Brisbane.                           also compliment the hard work both Tom and
 We anticipate that 20% of the 8 acre                                                              Sarah have already cemented within the
                                                Sydney distributer David Sayce of                  industry.”
 vineyard will have a reasonable crop this
                                                Boutique Wine Estates is doing a great
 year, mostly chardonnay, but some shiraz.      job, getting our wine into a number of             Hope to see you at the Friends Dinner!!
 Last year all the dead burnt vines were        establishments, headed by none other
 replanted and a reasonable proportion of       than Neil Perry’s Rockpool at The Rocks.
 the fire effected vines trained back to the    Other locations:
 wire on new trunks.
                                                Town Hall Bottle Shop Balmain, Mosman
 Unfortunately over summer, the drought
                                                Cellars, Rose Bay Nth Cellars, Summer
 brought a mini locust plaque (amongst
                                                Hill Wine Shop, Beach Rd Restaurant
 other things) and 700 young vines were
                                                Palm Beach, Elizabeth Bay Cellars, Avalon
 devoured and killed. Those 700 vines
                                                Fine Wine, Ultimo Wine Centre, Glebe
 have just been replanted for the second
                                                Liquor, 60 Darling St Cellars, Balmain
 time.                                          East, Annandale Cellars, Lager Bars Manly

                                                Speaking of Pollyanna                                              Tom’s Jokes….
Sarah’s Snippets                                and     Ford,       they                             One day, a man came home and was greeted
                                                completed their first                                by his wife dressed in a very sexy nightie. "Tie
A listener from Geelong on ABC radio be-        season of netball and                                me up," she purred, "and you can do anything
fore the Grand Final; “I was born on Grand      football     for      the                                              you want."
Final day 1963, the day of Geelong’s last       M o yst o n- W i l la ur a                                 So he tied her up and went golfing.
premiership victory.                            Pumas        in     the ir
                                                respective Under 12                                    And from some Crows supporters…
                       As Polly Farmer was                                                          Q. Two Port Power supporters jump off a cliff.
                       BOG      (Best     on    Polly won a “Most                                                  Who wins?
                       ground) it was sug-      Determined” award and Ford a “metal” to put                        A. Society.
                       gested      to     my    round his neck!
                       mother that I be                                                             Q. If you are driving and you see a Port Power
                       called Pollyanna after   On the farm we have planted 4000 trees, some                   supporter on a bike, why
                                                of which replace those which died in last year’s             should you try not to hit him?
                       Polly Farmer.
                                                drought. Amongst other things, we are                           A. It might be your bike.
                        My     mother           members of the Environmental Farmers
                                                                                                       Q. Why are three Port Power supporters
                       declined…” how-          Network, a group trying to promote more
                                                                                                             going over a cliff in Lexus a
                       ever the idea was        sustainable farming practice environmentally.                          shame?
                       taken up 34 years        Visit today:
                                                                                                          A. Because a Lexus has four seats.
     ISSUE 5                                              G R A MP I A NS E S T A T E NE WS                                                     PAGE 3

                                                 2003 Mafeking Shiraz (1 trophy, 1                   2005 Streeton Reserve Shiraz
Wines                                            gold, 94 pts James Halliday)                        (2 Trophies, 5 gold medals)
                                                 A really good example of cool climate, spicy                              New Release
                                                 peppery shiraz, this wine is all about elegance
With the Spring Racing season upon us            and cool climate style as opposed to big rich                      This is the last Streeton vintage
and Xmas just around the corner, its time        blockbusters from over the border.                                 before the fire and its as good
to stock up your cellar.                                                                                            as any of its predecessors.

2005 Rutherford Sparkling                                                                                           Rich and powerful, yet with
                                                                                                                    elegance and style, its an
Shiraz (I Trophy, 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze                                                                        excellent example of the best
medals, 4.5 star Winestate)                                                                                         of Grampians cool-climate
                                                                                                                    The wine is made exclusively
                                                                                                                    from the ‘Streeton Block’, the
                                                                                                                    original shiraz block planted in
                                                 Awarded the Chairman’s Trophy at the 2004
                                                 Ballarat Show by Ian McKenzie, long time            RRP $65 Wine Club $55
                                                 Senior Winemaker at Seppelts.
                                                 James Halliday: “Medium-bodied, it has very good    The Streeton is now avail-
                                                 balance and integration of ripe—not overripe—red    able in magnums (1500 ml
                                                 and black fruits, fine tannins and oak.”.           bottles) for the first time.
                                                 RRP $30 Wine Club $25                               The 2005            Streeton
                                                                                                     comes in a display box, and
                                                                                                     is ideal as a gift.
                                                 2004 Mafeking Shiraz
The hugely successful 2004 vintage has                                                               The bottle is finished in
                                                 (1 silver, 2 bronze)
run out, but not before collecting its third                                                         a black wax seal.
trophy – Best Red Sparkling – at the 2007                        A big vintage, predominantly
                                                                 made from the younger 10            Price $ 150 each
Royal Queensland Show earlier this year.
                                                                 year old vines.
The new 2005 vintage has just won its
                                                                 The wine is quite rich and
first Trophy, for “Best Sparkling Wine” at                       spicy. Screw cap so drink now
the Aust Small Winemakers Show, and                              or keep for years.
won a Gold medal at the Victorian Wine                                                               Sheepyard Flat Reserve Port
Show. It has been awarded 4.5 stars in                            RRP $24. Wine club $20                          The port is excellent, the label is
Winestate’s current Nov/Dec edition and                                                                           different. The label brings a unique
“Top in Category”.                                                                                                sense of humour to the world of
100% Estate grown, this wine is flavour-
some, full, and mouth-filling. It has a lovely                                                                    “Drink while viewing sunsets, it
dark red colour, rich blackberry fruit                                                                            makes for brighter colours.”
characters and balanced sweetness.               2004 Mafeking Gold Chardonnay                                    “Guaranteed to generate your
                                                 (2 Bronze Medals)                                                own global warming and have you
RRP $30 Wine club $28                                                                                             flat out in the sheep yards or
                                                                A really popular wine, fresh, well                equivalent”
                                                                balanced, peach, melon flavours,
2004 Streeton Reserve                                           lighlty oaked.                       “It has been lovingly fermented in the shearing
Shiraz (96 pts James Halliday, 1 silver)                                                             shed, was checked daily by all the sheep
                                                                RRP $22 Wine Club $18.               dogs…”
James Halliday 2008 Wine Companion:
                                                                                                     A wine that’s fun (and very drinkable), it makes
A typically complex wine in both texture and                                                         for a great Xmas present. (for some).
flavour, blackberry with touches of licorice
and chocolate; excellent silky tannins and                                                           RRP $14 Club Price $13
oak, likewise length. To 2024. Unfortu-
nately this wine has just SOLD OUT.
                                                                                                     Wine Barrels for sale
                                                 2005 Mafeking Unwooded
                                                          Chardonnay (2 bronze)
                                                                                                                                   Stamped Grampi-
                                                               Continues to sell well, a very                                      ans Estate, there
                                                               easy drinking fruit driven wine.                                    are 18 varnished
                                                                                                                                   barrels for sale.
                                                               RRP $16 Wine Club $15
                                                                                                                                   $100 delivered

WINE COMPANY                                              FRIENDS SHIRAZ DINNER
Tom and Sarah Guthrie                                                        To celebrate the launch of the
366 Mafeking Road
Willaura 3379                                                       Friends Shiraz Collection
Phone: 03 5354 6245
Fax: 03 5354 6257                                                          please join Tom and Sarah Guthrie
Email:                     in celebrating the new vintage of wines that was created with the help
Web:                         of local and regional wineries after the devastating fires that affected
Cellar door: Garden Gully                                                   the Grampians region in 2006.
1477 Western Hwy, Great Western.

                                                              This will be the first public release of the collection

                                                                Saturday 23rd February, 2008

                                                                       Parker Street, (Glenelg Highway) Dunkeld
                                                                                     $95 per person
                                                                                Inc. meal and all beverages
                                                                           Accommodation packages available
                                                                    RSVP: Royal Mail Hotel Dunkeld Ph: 5577 2241

                                         winning wines being eligible for the annual
EVENTS                                   awards and entitling that winery to partici-
                                                                                            Garden Gully News
                                         pate in the August Showcase, the biggest of Great excitement for the Garden Gully team
Grampians Estate continues to            the year.                                    at the Western Victorian Wine
participate in a wide variety of                                                      Challenge held in Ararat recently when the
promotional events.                      Some 1400 people tasted wines from 45 2006 Garden Gully Shiraz won the Consumers
                                         wineries at the 2 day tasting event at Fed
In June Sara Black was the star at the   Square, at which consumers get to vote on Trophy for Best Wine of the Show
Melbourne Good Food & Wine               their favourite wines. And the winner of the
Show and also helped out at the          People’s Choice Award for Best Red Wine
Federation Square Wine Show-             was... the 2004 Rutherford Sparkling
case Series Annual Awards.               Shiraz.

                                         Looking ahead
                                         Tom will be taking Grampians Estate to
                                         Brisbane for the Good Food and Wine
                                         Show from 9 - 11 November and the team
                                         will have a stand at the very popular
                                         Werribee Harvest Picnic on the lawns Now in its third year, the Challenge
                                         in front of the Mansion on Sunday 25th empowers every day consumers, the punters
                                         November, 2007.                        who go out there and buy the wine, to pick
                                                                                the trophy winners after the official wine
                                                                                judges have narrowed the field to gold medal
Fed Square hosts these wine events for                                          wines.
the public on the first Wednesday and                            Sarah and Tom at                         The ‘Consumers’ are local
Thursday of each month, featuring dif-                           Sheepvention in                          wine enthusiast whilst the
ferent regions around Victoria.                                                                           judges this year included
Western Victoria have their turn early                           August                                   Sally Gudgeon (wine
each year.                                                                                                writer at “The Age”),
                                                                                                          Peter     Taylor     from
They also run a wine judging                                                                              Fosters     Group, and
competition, silver and gold medal                                                                        Huon Hooke (pictured)
                                                                                                          Sydney Morning Herald.

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