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									                                                    November 16, 2004


RE:           Job No. 04/0411

DUE DATE: November 22, 2004 by 2:00 P.M.

All bidders are required to sign and return a copy of this addendum with each bid for Mobile Satellite Video
Technology Equipment for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. This addendum must be received by the
Purchasing Agent no later than the above due date.

                                             ADDENDUM #2

Vendor questions and answers:
1. Viewing of live video from 2500 will need control of cameras or will 2500 only require viewing of live
video as provided from MCP's? And 2500 will also record video locally as provided by MCP's.
2500 Texas will be viewing only and will also record video from MCPs/COW.

2. How many voice/fax lines are required for an MCP? MCP 1 and 2 each have four voice lines. The same
lines can do fax, only one at a time.

3. Where is the dial tone for MCP coming from, SOLA or SBC? Dial tone currently comes from the
installed Telular Phone lines. New equipment should interface for the dial tone, or however the vendor

4. Are we required to interface with your Motorolla Smart Zone infrastructure? If so, what are the end
solution requirements? Nothing will be needed to interface with the Motorola infrastructure. A channel
bank is in place that will receive a T1 (B8ZF ESF) and this is the same at both ends, 2500 Texas and the


                                                    //s// Jack McCown
                                                    Jack R. McCown, C.P.M.
                                                    Purchasing Agent


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Job 04/0411
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5. Will we be responsible for T1 routing and termination interface equipment for backhaul from
2500 to Tomball? We are unsure at this time, but include this as an option.

6. Are we responsible for internal or external Video encryption or will the encryption be provided
by HCSD? We are unsure at this time, but include this as an option.

7. Is Voice & Data also required to be encrypted? We are unsure at this time, but include this as
an option.

8. Can you provide us with a better understanding of the implementation of the COW? The
COW will need to have a camera with video capability as the MCP that can be controlled from
2500 Texas. The COW will need to have the capability of a dedicated T1 (B8ZS ESF) separate
and above from the video. This speed and format will need to be available when requested and
will need to be a lower cost connect until then. The dish could be something that is set up on the
ground, if needs be, for bandwidth reasons, but needs to have some type of auto acquiring or
aligning capability. The COW could also be used as a relay point for video for the MCP, if
vendors see any reason that this may help in the setup of this network.

9. Opposed to 56k live, will 32k considerable for cost reduction? Possibly, but we are unsure at
this time, but include this as an option.

10. What is the typical dispatch scenario of the MCP's? Should we plan for worst case scenario
if all MCP's were active at the same time? We have had 109 days of deployment to date in 2004
and could possibly have 1,2,3, or 4 units out at one time, depending on the situation or multiple
situations. Sheriff wants basic connectivity for one with capability of all units going active at
one time, in a worst case scenario.

11. Will HCSD be responsible for allowing secure outside WAN connectivity to video via web

12. Is there a need to have T1 connectivity from our Network Operations Center to 2500? There
will need to be some T1 connectivity from the satellite provider to 2500 Texas via SBC for the

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