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					                                  MidTerm Exam
                                     GEY 235

                                  March 24, 2000


This a closed book, closed notes exam. Quickly read through all the questions
and then start answering those that you know first. Save others for the end.

The numbers show the points given to each question. They may not add up to
100. Questions come from lectures and reading assignments.

I will stop you in 60 minutes. You will have a 10-minute break. You will then have
15 minutes to discuss the extra credit question as a group. You will have 10 more
minutes to individually write your responses to the extra credit question.

I will tell you when you have ten minutes remaining on the first part of the exam.

Good luck.

                                       A GIS

15     What is a GIS?

5      Why should organizations use a GIS?

10   What are the components of a GIS. Discuss their importance.

5    What is an enterprise GIS? Describe one software package that is an enterprise

10   Describe one work application of a GIS by a government or corporation.

10   Describe the types of GIS in use today. Hint: desktop, professional.

10   Discuss some of the operations you can do with a desktop GIS. Include mention
     of software name, extensions, hardware, printers, scanners, etc.

5    What are the feature types in a GIS? On a map, how would you order them?

                                GIS Data Types
5    What are DRGs?

5    What are DEMs?

5    What is TIGER data?

                                Hardcopy Maps

10   Discuss the ways for ensuring an easy to read and understand hardcopy map.
     Hint: color, patterns, etc.

10   Which one of these features can be left off of a hardcopy map? Explain.
     Your name      (Yes/No)
     North arrow (Yes/No)
     Scale bar      (Yes/No)
     Date           (Yes/No)
     Organization producing the map       (Yes/No)
     Source of data        (Yes/No)
     Price of the map      (Yes/No)
     Grade received in GEY 235            (Yes/No)

                               The Business of GIS

5    Name three companies involved in the manufacture of GIS software. Give one
     example of their products.

10   Design a brochure for your GIS company. It should be a 3-fold format. Use 1700
     Pennsylvania Avenue, Wash. D.C. for the address.

5    What is the difference between a Request for Proposals and a Request for Bids?

                              Cartography and GIS

5    Draw and label latitude and longitude features on a globe. Show the prime
     meridian, equator, and show North and South America for reference.

5    What are polar coordinates?

10   What is a map projection?

5    What is the maximum difference in the distance between NAD83 and NAD27, in

10   Which map projection shows distances, areas, shapes, and directions accurately?
     Explain your answer.

     Check the correct answer.
     a.     Albers equal area
     b.     Universal transverse mercator
     c.     State plane coordinate system
     d.     NAD 1983
     e.     All of the above

     f.     None of the above
     g.     No projection
     h.     All projections

5    What is the geoid?

10   What are the three main classes of map projections? Draw them.

                                  Acquiring Data

10   Describe the process of manual digitization.

10   What is the difference between the distance stream and the time stream modes of

5    What is conflation?

10   Draw a representation of the edgematching problem in GIS.

10   What is the difference between raster and vector data?

10   What is attribute data?


5    What is buffering?

5    What is hotlinking? Name one use for hotlinking.

                          EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION (20)

Your company just received a RFP in the mail for providing GIS consulting services to a
county in Texas. Discuss your analysis of the RFP below.

                                 Request for Proposals
                                Republic County, Texas

Scope of Work:
Republic County, Texas, is considering the implementation of a GIS for its tax assessors
and department of public works. The County has a local area network running on
Windows NT and Solaris UNIX. The GIS department will operate 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
Monday through Friday. The GIS department will also operate weekends and evenings
during elections and tax season and during emergencies in support of the police and fire

The county desires a consultant to install a desktop GIS on 10 personal computers. The
consultant must train county employees to update the GIS, maintain data, and use the
GIS. The consultant must install all software, hardware, and other devices for the GIS.
The consultant must provide on-call, telephone, and e-mail technical support to the
county. The GIS must be fully up and running in two months of the award of the
contract. The county will award the contract on April 1, 2000.

Proposal Evaluation:
The county’s evaluation team will rate responses from consultants on the basis of their
technical approach, management team, project team, experience with similar projects,
client references, and customer service commitment.


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