; 6th_ 7th_ 8th Grade Band
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6th_ 7th_ 8th Grade Band


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									                                                             Invention and Innovation
                                                                     7th Grade
                                                               Teacher: Jeff Bachus
                                                            COURSE SYLLABUS 2011-2012

                                                       E-Mail:    bachusj@fultonschools.org
                                                                       Help Session:
                                                     Monday- Friday mornings 7:30 – 8:30 (By appointment)

           Each student will need to bring a pencil to class each day. Mechanical pencils or standard pencils are both acceptable. Bring in a portfolio
           notebook that will be used for the Engineering Journal. The student will keep a running journal of all engineering activities. Classroom projects
           may occasionally require some house hold items such clothes hangers, shoe boxes, and recyclable plastic. The two most important things to
           bring to class daily are a curious mind and a positive attitude!

           Invention and Innovation is designed to introduce students to the world of invention and Innovation along with the Engineering Design
           Process. They will examine the impacts of invention and innovation on society and solve problems through research, design, and
           experimentation in one or more of the areas of Engineering and Technology. Students will work individually and in groups to investigate
           solutions to technological problems, using research, data collection, design, prototype development, and working models. Invention and
           Innovation reinforces the areas of math, science, social studies, and language arts through practical application and/or hands on activities. At
           the end of this course, students will be able to evaluate products and systems that they encounter in their daily lives and choose appropriate
           technologies to solve a variety of tasks. Students will be able to produce a functional invention/innovation.

Accommodations and modifications will be made according to the student’s needs.

Classes will be structured using the Georgia Performance Standards which are listed below.
           1.   Students will learn the concept of invention and innovation.
           2.   Students will examine the core concepts of engineering and technology.
           3.   Students will demonstrate engineering design and problem solving skills.
           4.   Students will invent or innovate a technological product.
           5.   Students will examine the impacts of inventions and innovations on society.
           6.   Students will develop leadership skills and work ethics.

           Grades are reported every 4 1/2 weeks and are a culmination of the following:

           Projects/Labs                               35%
           Work Ethic                                  35%
           Tests                                       15%
           Engineering Journal                         15%

           If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get the information missed upon return to school and complete the assignments. Students
           are given one day for each day absent plus one day to complete the work. Failure to gather or complete the assignments may result in a zero
           for missed work. Late assignments will follow the school-wide grading policy.

           Extra credit opportunities will be offered periodically to the entire class. Specialized extra credit will only be offered to those students that have
           followed classroom expectations and completed regular classroom and homework assignments.

           1. Bring agendas, pencils, and supplies to class daily.
           2. Participate in all classroom activities.
           3. Maintain an open, positive attitude about all types learning activities.
           4. Be on time to class.
           5. Strict adherence to all rules as they appear in the student handbook.
           6. Be an active participant in class activities and group projects.
           7. Show respect to your fellow classmates, teacher, and the equipment and materials in the classroom.

           In order to maintain an environment that is safe and conducive to learning, students must follow behavior guidelines. Should a student not
           follow these rules, teachers will use the school-wide classroom discipline cycle which may include: verbal redirection, conference between
           teacher and student, seating change, time-out, detention, communication to parent via telephone or agenda, referral to guidance counselor
           or administrator, conference between parent, teacher, and student, and conference between parent, teacher, student, and administrator.
           Conduct that is considered to be dangerous to yourself or others in the technology lab will not be tolerated. This type of behavior
           will result in the strictest enforcement of the discipline code. Any student engaging in unsafe behavior may be reassignment to the
           safe environment of an isolated desk to complete the course requirements from the textbook.

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