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					ABA Insider                                                                                                 August 16, 2010 | Issue Number 78

                                            The Most Accurate News Source for the Motorcoach, Tour, and Travel Industry

                                            ABA Tells DC New Bus Curbside Fee Scheme Illegal
                                                       BA has filed comments in

 In This Issue:
            TRB Conference More
                                            A          opposition to an
                                                       unconstitutional proposal
                                                       introduced by the DC
                                            government that would charge
                                            intercity scheduled service
                                            operators who pick up at curbsides
                                       2    tens of thousands of dollars per
                 FMCSA to End               coach to do so.                          DC’s plan would favor cars at
                                              The proposed regulation would          parking meters over buses
      Registrant-Only Numbers                                                        mitigating congested streets.
                                            require all intercity bus service
                                       2    operators who load and unload passengers on a DC street to submit an application
                                            to the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT), requiring both a separate
  New ABA/GoToMeeting Pact                  application and a separate fee for each location requested.
           Saves You Money                    The proposal’s application process would require a variable application fee, which
                                       4    ABA analysis shows to be astronomical when calculated as written. The application
                                            fee of $2.50 multiplied by the total number of hours per week permitted for
                                            occupancy, then again multiplied over 52 weeks of the year, reveals that one bus
                                            company asking for one space for a 24-hour period (necessary for multiple hourly
                                            arrival/departures) would have to include more than $21,000 in the application.
                                            Coupled with the DC City Council’s recently enacted Public Space Permit
                                            Enhancement Emergency Act of 2010 levying a 10 percent technology fee related
                                            to public space permits, an intercity bus operator is looking at paying at least
   Did You Know?                            $24,000 for the space, and as much as $31,200.
                                              “While the broad outlines of the proposal violate the U.S. Constitution, it is also
   Marketplace tote bags each delegate      clear that the details of the proposed plan are likewise illegal and certainly vague to
   receives at registration offers the
                                            the point of uselessness,” ABA wrote. Individual carriers also submitted comments.
   chance to showcase your company
   both during and after the show in
                                            Meanwhile, ABA is urging the U.S. DOT to weigh in, as it is critical to pre-empt
   Philadelphia January 8-12, 2011. For     possible future moves aimed at blocking charter buses from parking along the curbs.
   more details on this opportunity, call
   Jana Fields at (800) 283-2877 x213
   or e-mail
                                            Coalition Message Aims to Minimize Idling, Cutting
                                            Emissions & Fuel Costs
                                                       BA has partnered with the DC and Maryland local governments in an effort

 Individual Highlights:
 Member Services
 In The States
                                            A          to help reinforce the benefits of diesel idle reduction, which will cut
                                                       emissions and cut operator fuel costs. Increased awareness of idling
                                                       reduction will also help bus drivers avoid fines.
                                              While new diesel emission control technologies, such as particulate filters, urea,
                                            SCR, and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel introduced over the past few years have made
 Travel Tracks                        6     diesel cleaner than ever, wasting clean fuel is still wasting fuel, and could result in a
 Passings                             7     hefty fine. Idle only when necessary, and save money, slash emissions, and cut fuel
 New Members                          8     use all at the same time.

    TRB Conference Bringing Operators, Planning Officials Together
    Operators considering enhancing or venturing into fixed route service are
    urged to attend the 19th Transportation Research Board Rural Public and
    Intercity Bus Transportation Conference slated to take place in Burlington, Vt.
    October 23-27. The program promises more opportunities than ever to
    participate in sessions on working with State DOTs, operating a diverse fleet of
    service offerings and the chance to talk to the FTA Program Manager for the
    53ll(f ) program.
       The conference kicks off October 25, but rural tourism will be offered in the
    finest Green Mountain State fashion starting October 23 with visits to Ben and
    Jerry’s, Champlain Chocolates and a maple farm, or the alternate choice of a trip to
    Montreal. ABA will be hosting an operator dinner with a cruise on Lake Champlain.
    Sign up now for the tours and register for the conference online.
       Highlights include ABA Chairman Jim Jalbert discussing the Boston Express, ABA
    President & CEO Peter Pantuso speaking on a panel addressing transportation
    legislation, examples from Missouri and Washington State of successful planning
    projects turned into operating programs; how Public Private Partnerships have
    worked in Indiana and West Virginia; Greyhound and the National Bus Traffic
    Association offering insights on participation; and the chance to meet with several
    FTA staffers and DOT managers from across the country.

    FMCSA Set for Next Phase of CSA 2010
    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rollout of CSA 2010
    will soon offer motor carriers—including motorcoach operators and truckers—
    online access to a database showing how they would fare under the pending
    Safety Measurement System. The agency is strongly urging carriers to visit its
    website to get familiar with how the new system will work and preview their
    data. Starting today, carriers will be able to see how they are performing in each
    of the seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories, or BASICs.
      The agency also said that warning letters will go to carriers that do not make
    the grade by year-end, and that roadside inspectors will start using the new data
    system to identify carriers for inspection. The program will be implemented state-
    by-state throughout 2011.

    Registrant Only USDOT Numbers Set to End
    FMCSA will on September 1 eliminate “registrant only” USDOT numbers as part of
    the Performance and Registration Information Systems Management (PRISM)
    program, a system introduced in the early 1990s to collect safety and crash data
    on motor carriers throughout the country as a means of improving their safety
    records. During an inspection or crash investigation, motor carriers are required to
    provide law enforcement with their motor carrier number so FMCSA can track
    their safety compliance. Motor carriers are then required to improve any safety
    deficiencies or face fines and sanctions.
      FMCSA began its “registrant only” number system to identify registered owners
    of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) that are not motor carriers but lease their

    CMVs to entities that are motor carriers. Motor carriers that lease vehicles from
    owners of “registrant only” CMVs are required to give their own motor carrier
    number to law enforcement officials during an inspection or crash investigation—
    not the number of the leasing company. FMCSA found motor carriers often
    illegally provided law enforcement officials with the “registrant only” number in an
    attempt to evade FMCSA oversight.

    Keppler Named New CVSA Chief
                  The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has tapped Stephen A.
                  Keppler as its new executive director. Keppler has been with CVSA for
                  the past decade. He previously worked at the Intelligent
                  Transportation Society of America and the U.S. DOT FHWA Office
                  of Motor Carriers (now FMCSA).

    Revised ADA Motorcoach Pocket Guide Available Now
    Easter Seals and the motorcoach industry have improved the usability of the
    Americans with Disabilities Act pocket guide in an effort during the 20th
    anniversary of ADA passage to help operators, drivers and facilities staff to provide
    seamless travel experiences to all passengers with disabilities. Contact Robin
    Phillips at to learn more. Easter Seals has scheduled a
    motorcoach ADA implementation teleconference for September 22 and 29.
    More information will follow.

    MCI Webinars Now Offer Earning While Learning
    MCI Webinars offer operators educational opportunities designed to help
    them and their staffs maintain and service their fleets using the
    manufacturer’s “best practices” protocols. Now the company has added MCI
    Learn programs offering rewards.
      Attend any single webinar and become an MCILearn Bronze partner. Attend
    any two of a particular 3-part platform and earn rewards when you become
    an MCILearn Silver partner. Attend all three of particular 3-part platform and
    earn rewards when you become an MCILearn Gold partner. And, if you attend
    at least three of the four 3-part platforms occurring in 2010, you will attain
    MCILearn Platinum membership for 2010. Awards will be made by March
    31, 2011.
      The next webinar in the MCILearn series is: “Electrical Systems 101: Preventative
    Maintenance,” and is slated for August 18 at 2 p.m. CT. Your electrical system is
    essential to your coach’s operation, so make sure you know how to keep it
    running smoothly. In this webinar, you'll learn how to inspect electrical systems
    such as those used for starting and charging, interior and exterior lighting, wires
    and connectors, and motors. “Electrical Systems 201: Service Procedures” is
    scheduled for September 8, and “Electrical Systems 301: Troubleshooting” will take
    place September 22. To RSVP please e-mail.

    Did You Know?
    NJ-based Stout’s Transportation
    is marking its 50th anniversary
    this year.                          MEMBER SERVICES: ABA Partnership with GoToMeeting Saves Members Time
                                      GoToMeeting is ABA’s newest Premium Partner designed to maximize member
                                      time efficiency and cost savings. GoToMeeting allows you to host an online
                                      meeting with up to 15 people—so you can do more and travel less. Using their
                                      Web conferencing tool you can share any application on your computer in real
                                      time. Attendees join meetings in seconds; hold unlimited meetings for one flat fee;
                                      collaborate with colleagues remotely; host and attend from either a Mac or PC;
                                      and save with integrated audio conferencing (via computer and telephone). For
                                      more information, contact ABA’s Director of Membership & New Business
                                      Development Roderick Lewis at or (800) 283-2877.

                                        MEMBER SERVICES: The Adventures of Flat Pete
                                                                                Flat Pete is still out on the road visiting
                                                                                destinations all across North America.
                                                                                Recently he spent time in Pensacola, Fla.
                                                                                visiting their pristine white-sand beaches.
                                                                                Then it was off to Albuquerque, NM for a
                                                                                trip in a hot air balloon. Most recently, he
                                                                                stopped in Milwaukee for a tour of the
                                                                                Harley-Davidson Museum. Vrooom!

                                        IN THE STATES: Jersey Sure Situation on Delaware Bridge Requires More Lanes
                                      New Jersey and Pennsylvania officials recently announced a plan to replace a
                                      heavily-traveled bridge carrying Interstate 95 over the Delaware River between
                                      the two states using a public-private partnership, financed in part with commuter
                                      tolls of up to $2 and tolls of $4 per axle for heavy-duty vehicles.
                                        The bridge, which was designed in the late 1950s, has two lanes in each
                                      direction and no shoulder. It handles 60,000 vehicles daily, a number that is
                                      projected to rise to 77,500 by 2030. During peak travel hours, vehicles wait an
                                      average of 27 minutes to cross. Under the plan, the bridge would be widened to
                                      three lanes in each direction with three more auxiliary lanes and a wider median.
                                      Tolls would cover the $132 million tab.
                                        The bridge is classified as functionally obsolete under the Federal Highway
                                      Administration System and has the lowest level-of-service grade on the rating
                                      scale used by highway engineers.

                                        IN THE STATES: Niagara USA Opens New $2.4M Visitor Center
                                      The Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation (NTCC), joined by local business
                                      leaders, civic activists and tourism partners, welcomed visitors to the new $2.4
                                      million Niagara USA Official Visitor Center July 30.
                                        “Being in such a highly visible location is a great benefit to visitors to our region
                                      as it allows us to better serve our guests by marketing and promoting all that
                                      Niagara USA has to offer,” said John Percy, president and CEO of the NTCC, and

    Turning the engine off is                                             2011 Philadelphia Marketplace Chairman.
    one of the easiest steps                                              “This new development and construction
    for drivers to take to help                                           right in the downtown corridor is the
    improve air quality.                                                  result of the generous support from our
                                                                          public sector partners, and it provides our
    This simple act will help
                                                                          region with a solid foundation to grow
    drivers and companies
    avoid costly fines, save
                                                                          and enhance the tourism industry.”
    money and curb fuel use.
                                                                            The NTCC was the recipient of a
                                                                          $1,044,000 grant from the Federal
                                                                          Transportation Enhancement Program,
                                  administered by the New York State DOT. The application for the grant was
    For more information, visit   sponsored by USA Niagara Development Corporation, which committed a portion        of NTCC’s required non-federal matching funds for the project. For more
                                  information, visit

                                    IN THE STATES: Arlington, Va. Bus Parking Fees Produce Revenue
                                  The Arlington County, VA government has brought in about $3,300 in the first few
                                  weeks since requiring that tour buses use newly-metered parking spaces in the
                                  county. The proposal adopted as part of the budget package enables the
                                  government to charge a $3-per-hour fee (with the hours of operation dependent
                                  on the location) and give county officials the ability to levy fines against violators.
                                    At the same time, county staff emphasized that they are eager to maintain good
                                  relations with the tour-bus industry, which provides both economic impact and
                                  tax revenue in Arlington. Parking areas for buses are designated in Pentagon City,
                                  Shirlington, Crystal City, and Ballston.

                                    IN THE STATES: West Virginia Eyes New Motor Carrier Fees
                                  West Virginia is looking at allowing ad valorem tax issues. Previously, operators
                                  were obligated to file Annual Reports with the Property Tax Division (PTD), which
                                  does appraisal work for the WV Board of Public Works. When the PSC lost
                                  governing authority, numerous state providers left without offices in the state
                                  continued to file regularly with the PTD.
                                    The situation led several operators to believe that because they had
                                  apportioned plates on their coaches, they no longer had to file. But apportioned
                                  plates are only applicable for vehicles over 26,000 pounds, and on fixed routes.
                                  Apportioned plates in West Virginia are not applicable for charter services. Bus
                                  companies that operate in and across border areas adjacent to West Virginia need
                                  to file Annual Reports with the PTD.
                                    This is done similarly with railcars. If an operator ships something from Seattle to
                                  Pittsburgh, and it runs through Wheeling in Ohio County, that operator files an
                                  Annual Report to the PTD on the value of that railcar activity and the miles
                                  operated in WV.
                                    Annual Reports are filed each May 1 based on the previous calendar year
                                  activities. The PTD sends out appraisal notices to operators generally in mid-
                                  September. Between October 1 and the end of December, there are scheduled WV
                                  Board of Public Works (BOPW) meetings featuring contentious discussions over
                                  appraisal amounts. During this time, operators may also advise the PTD on

                                             possible errors made in the appraisal process, leading to the potential that
                                             appraisals may be amended. If the amending efforts are not satisfactory to the
    Did You Know?                            operator, the operator then may schedule meetings with the WV Board of Public
                                             Works. At the end of December, the BOPW finalizes the appraisals. Those notices
    Diesel’s national average retail price
    rose for a third straight week, jump-
                                             are then sent to the operators.
    ing 6.3 cents to $2.991 a gallon, its      The appraisals are also sent to the WV Auditor. The WV Auditor sends the bills
    biggest increase in four months, the     out the next July. If an operator operates in or through 5 or 10 counties, he only
    Department of Energy said.               gets one bill from the WV Auditor, who allocates the taxes across those counties.
                                             That keeps the operator from being billed by the separate assessors.

                                               TRAVEL TRACKS: TravelCenters of America Reward Bus Driver Loyalty
                                             TravelCenters of America, operating in 41 states and Canada under the
                                             TravelCenters of America and Petro brands, has launched its new UltraOne Coach
                                             Rewards card for professional motorcoach drivers. The new card allows
                                             professional coach drivers to earn and redeem points at more than 230 TCA and
                                             Petro Stopping Centers-branded sites as well as to earn benefits.
                                               UltraOne provides drivers with non-expiring points for all members; year-end
                                             savings points bonuses; free meals, beverages and preventive maintenance; and
                                             other benefits. TCA and Petro offer customers diesel and gasoline fueling services,
                                             full and quick-service restaurants, maintenance services, 24-hour convenience
                                             stores, Wi-Fi and other services all within large, high traffic facilities.

“We are so bus                                 TRAVEL TRACKS: Carmine’s Opens 670-Seat Restaurant in DC
friendly. We greet                           Group-tour-friendly Carmine’s family-
                                             style Southern Italian restaurant came
hungry group                                 to Washington earlier this month
tours with heaping                           opening a 670-seat venue that makes
                                             it the largest Carmine’s to date.
helpings of home-                            Located in the Penn Quarter District
made hospitality.”                           in Washington, DC, at 425 7th Street
      —Carmine’s spokeswoman                 NW, between D and E, the new
              Joanne DeSantis                establishment offers, among other
                                             amenities, a motorcoach-dedicated
                                             entrance portal for group tours. DC
                                             Carmine’s includes a 40 seat wrap-
                                             around bar equipped with USB connections along with free WiFi; a 50-seat
                                             cocktail lounge; nine rooms for special event flexibility that use moveable walls to
                                             meet each group’s needs; and other features. For more information, call Joanne
                                             DeSantis at (212) 221-3800 x 250, e-mail her at

                                               TRAVEL TRACKS: Los Angeles Mulls New Hotel Fee to Promote Tourism
                                             Hotel owners in Los Angeles are pushing a plan to add a new 1.5 percent fee to
                                             hotel bills that would generate an estimated additional $10-11 million annually to
                                             promote the city as a worldwide tourist destination. The city already spends $11.4

           group travel
    Moving group travel into the fast lane.

                                                                                                          million a year to attract tourists, but proponents of the new fee say Los Angeles
                                                                                                          spends far less to promote itself than Las Vegas, San Diego and Orlando.
                                                                                                            The city already levies a 14 percent transient occupancy tax, or bed tax, on hotel
                                                                                                          guests. The new proposed fee of an additional 1.5 percent would be levied only
                                                                                                          on guests at the 192 hotels in Los Angeles with more than 50 guest rooms. The
                                                                                                          assessment would be added only to the room rate, not to the cost of meals or
                                                                                                                                                          other hotel services.
                                                                                                                                                            The charge must be approved by
                                                                                                                                                          the Los Angeles City Council and the
                                                                                                                                                          hotel owners. The proposal is
                                                                                                                                                          scheduled for a vote of a City
    Winner’s Circle Race                                                                                                                                  Council committee later this month.
    (Aug 1 - Oct 29)
                                                                                                                                                          Under the proposal, the City Council
    Win a laptop                                                                                                                                          must approve the creation of a
    Be the first 20 tour planners
                                                                                                                                                          citywide tourism marketing district.
    crossing the finish line and earn                                                                                                                      Hotels with 50 rooms or more would
    a FREE LAPTOP.                                                                                                                                        then vote to adopt a 1.5 percent fee
    The race is on!                                                                                                                                       added to the daily hotel room rate. A
    Toll free 1.866.644.1664 or
                                                                                                                                                          committee of the council is
                                                                                                                                                          expected to vote on the proposal in
                                                                                                          two weeks, followed by a vote of the city's 192 large hotels in late August or early
                                                                                                          September. Tourism leaders hope to begin collecting the fee as early as this fall.
                            MCA Company
                                                                                                          Hotel and tourism leaders say creating a tourism district would be an easier way
                                                                                                          to raise money than increasing the bed tax, which would require approval of city
                                                                                                          voters. The money raised by the assessment would be collected by a nonprofit
                                                                                                          group called the Los Angeles Tourism Marketing District Management Corp.,
                                                                                                          which would handle the funds.

       CHECK OUT
        THE LATEST
                                                                                                            TRAVEL TRACKS: New Enhanced Tribal Card Issued By Pascua Yaqui Tribe
     DESTINATIONS                                                                                         The Pascua Yaqui Tribe of southern Arizona last month began issuing an Enhanced
           ONLINE                                                                                         Tribal Card (ETC), which operators are urged to be aware is compliant with WHTI
                                                                                                          identification document stipulations. This ETC is only available to members of the
                                                                                                          Pascua Yaqui Tribe who are United States citizens, and shall be considered an
                                                                                                          acceptable stand alone document for purposes of entry into the U.S. by land or
                                                                                       July/August 2010

                                                                 RECOVE L
                                                                  In search
                                                                                                          sea by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). When the card is presented by a
                                                                 Coast volunto Gulf

                                                                                                          Pascua Yaqui traveler, no other documentation is required for the purposes of
                                                                   opportu     urism
                                                                 Look here
                                                                           to start.
                                                                    Page 13

                                                                                                          establishing identity and citizenship. Operators could begin seeing travelers with
                                                                                                          the Pascua Yaqui ETC immediately. For more information on this new ETC, please
                                                                                                          contact CBP’s Bryan Kegley at (202) 344-2525.
       DISTINCT FLAVOR                                                                TRAVEL
                                                                                GREAT LAKES
       GETTYSBURG GEARS                                                         & SOUTHEAST
       UP FOR CIVIL WAR                                                                    Page 39
                                                                                                            PASSINGS: Bill Peppers, All West Tours Owner, 93
                                                                                                          The motorcoach, tour and travel industry is mourning the loss of Bill Peppers, who
     The Official Publication                                                                             passed away last week at age 93. Peppers, the original owner of All West Tours, was
                                                                                                          universally beloved throughout the group travel community. He was an icon of
     of the American                                                                                      the industry, and represented everything good about it in his demeanor as both
     Bus Association                                                                                      businessman and friend. He will be missed by those who knew him.

                                          New Members—Print and Add to
                                          Your 2010 ABA Motorcoach Marketer
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                                          Buttonwillow Church Civil War Dinner Theater           Karen Drozdyk, Dir. of Sales & Mktg.
    Can’t wait for the                    Steve Gipson, Owner
                                          P.O. Box 37/1155 Incline Rd.
                                                                                                 88 Ridge St.

    ABA Insider to make                   Whitwell, TN 37397
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    the office rounds?                    PH: (423) 658-7478 Fax: (423) 658-0050
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    it automatically by                                                                          Lodging, Food Service
    e-mail every other week.              Fremont/Sandusky County Convention & Visitors Bureau
                                          Connie Durdel, Exec. Dir.                              Park Place Hospitality Group
                                          712 North St., Ste. 102
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    to the ABA Insider                    PH: (419) 332-4470 Fax: (419) 332-4359                 1014 S Tryon St., Ste. 207
    distribution list.                                        Charlotte, NC 28203
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                                          DMO - Convention & Visitors Bureaus

                                          Naperville Convention & Visitors Bureau      
                                          Christine Jeffries, Pres.                              Lodging, Management Group
                                          212 S Webster St., Ste. 104
                                          Naperville, IL 60540
                                                                                                 Historic Shopping & Dining Attractions of the East Coast
                                          PH: (630) 305-7701 Fax: (630) 305-7793
                                                                         Carolyn Feimster, Pres.
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                                          DMO - Convention & Visitors Bureaus                    North Brunswick, NJ 08902
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                                          Jamin Clemente, Admin. Assistant             
                                          633 Third Ave.                                         Shopping
                                          New York, NY 10017
                                          PH: (212) 803-3764 Fax: (716) 846-8262
                                                                                                 Salmon Berry Tours
                                                                        Candice McDonald Kotyk, Owner
                                          DMO - State/Prov./Regional Promotion Ag Govt.          527 W Third Ave.

     ABAInsider                           Holiday Inn Atlanta Downtown -Centennial Park Hotel
                                                                                                 Anchorage, AK 99501
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                                          101 Andrew Young International Blvd.
            Pat Jones, Associate Editor   Atlanta, GA 30303                            
                                          PH: (404) 604-2031 Fax: (404) 221-0702                 Sightseeing
       Ali Brewer, Membership Editor
    Brian Parker, Advertising Director    Lodging
    Judith Whitt, Circulation Manager                                                            ASSOCIATE INDUSTRY
                                          Holiday Inn Inner Harbor                               S.H. Smith & Co. Inc.
                                          Jessica Greene, Sales Mgr.                             Weston Day, Program Mgr., Public Automotive
                                          301 W. Lombard St.
                                                                                                 20 Church St., Ste. 1500
                                          Baltimore, MD 21201
                                          PH: (410) 637-4625 Fax: (410) 727-5238                 Hartford, CT 06103
                                                                      PH: (860) 656-1246 Fax: (860) 656-1146
                                          Riverside Inn Pigeon Forge
                                          Stephen Foley, Sales & Mktg.
                                          2492 Parkway                                           QUALIFIED OPERATORS
                                          Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-1403
                                                                                                 The following Motorcoach & Tour Operators have submitted
                                          PH: (865) 428-5500 Fax: (865) 429-8984
                                                    application(s) for membership between July 24, 2010
                                                        through August 9, 2010 and have met all membership
                                          Lodging                                                requirements. They are currently in the mandatory 30-day
     700 13th Street NW, Suite 575                                                               period for member comments.
                                          Super 8 Savannah (K&S Hospitality LLC)
            Washington, DC 20005          Prakash Patel, Owner/Mgr.
                   (202) 842-1645         387 Canebrake Rd.                                      Stylus Transportation Inc.
                                          Savannah, GA 31419                                     (DOT #774211)
              FAX (202) 842-0850          PH: (912) 925-6996 Fax: (912) 925-6896
                                                                                                 Paul Tabachow, Sales Manager
                                                                                                 Orlando, FL


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