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Alor · Belize · CoCos islAnd · Fiji · GAlApAGos · Komodo · mAldives


									                                                           World Wide Adventures

Alor · Belize · CoCos islAnd · Fiji · GAlApAGos · Komodo · mAldives · north sulAwesi
· pAlAu · pApuA new GuineA · rAjA AmpAt · Alor · Belize · CoCos islAnd · Fiji ·
GAlApAGos · Komodo · mAldives · north sulAwesi · pAlAu · pApuA new GuineA
                                        The Dancer Fleet’s conservation efforts strive to promote sustainable diving and marine interactions worldwide.

                                        By supporting marine preserves, education and research efforts and partnerships with like-minded organizations,

                                        we are ensuring that our oceans and ecosystems are there for future generations to explore and enjoy.

   Being Ocean Minded                   Our efforts focus on eliminating destructive practices, pursuing government policy improvements and developing
On behalf of each guest, Dancer Fleet
  will make a donation to selected      programs to inform and educate on the critical symbiotic relationship of every marine life form.
 marine conservation organizations.
Dream, Dive, Discover

The avid scuba diver returns from each underwater adventure         offered consideration for needs such as charging areas and        An array of fabulous meals are prepared by our talented chefs
to Dream of the next exotic sea escape. The Dancer Fleet            spacious work tables. On most cruises, training in underwater     every day. Each menu is carefully planned using a combina-
makes it possible to realize your dreams with 7 to 11-night         photography and video is also available.                          tion of the best traditional and local ingredients and spices to
trips to the best dive spots around the planet.                                                                                       create exceptional flavor. Wherever we anchor, we make the
                                                                    When it comes to personal service, you will Discover LiveA-
                                                                                                                                      dining experience a memorable part of the trip.
Imagine the rainbow-hued corals in the tropical waters of           board Excellence onboard every Dancer Fleet yacht. Our at-
Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Imagine an adrenalin-charged en-         tention to detail, signature amenities and fine dining are what   You may also choose to explore your destination more thor-
counter with a hammerhead or diving with whale sharks and           set us apart.                                                     oughly by enhancing your travels with an extended land tour.
mantas in Cocos, the Maldives and Galapagos. Or imagine                                                                               Our knowledgeable in-house travel professionals can help
                                                                    Dancer Fleet signature amenities include:
photographing unusual marine creatures in Raja Ampat and                                                                              you plan the perfect pre or post LiveAboard cruise tours.
Komodo National Park. Swim with turtles among spectacular           	 •	Morning	hot	beverage	service	delivered	to	your	cabin
                                                                                                                                      Since our first Dancer yacht was built and launched in 1986,
sea fans and sponges and dive the amazing ‘Blue Hole’ in Be-
                                                                    	 •	Sit-down	dinner	service                                       our vision of excellence in LiveAboard diving has remained
lize. Our dive destinations are some of the best available.
                                                                                                                                      consistent: to offer guests world-class diving and world-class
                                                                    	 •	Plush	terry	cloth	bathrobes
Knowledgeable Dancer Fleet guides, dive masters and cap-                                                                              service.
tains have years of combined experience and know their ter-         	 •	Evening	turn-down	service
                                                                                                                                      We invite you to spend your next dive vacation with us, on-
ritories well. Service is always the top priority with our crews.
                                                                    	 •	Fresh	(and	warm)	deck	towels	after	every	dive                 board a Dancer Fleet yacht where you will enjoy the quality
On every trip, the staff works hard so you can Dive, relax and
                                                                                                                                      and service for which we are known. Come experience first-
enjoy a safe, memorable experience.                                 	 •	Mid-week	linen	changes	in	cabin
                                                                                                                                      hand the ethereal beauty, the magical creatures and the spirit
Nitrox is available for those who are certified or receive their    	 •	24-hour	manned	safety	watch	by	our	experienced	crew           of freedom that comes from being underwater. Dream , Dive,
certification while on board. Photography and video buffs are                                                                         Discover on a Dancer Fleet LiveAboard of your choice.

                                                                                                                                                           Dancer Fleet -       1
                                         Since its’ beginning, Dancer Fleet has become a premier
                                         LiveAboard operation with destinations worldwide. Our
                                         core excellence, in delivering a week of unparalleled ser-
                                         vice while you explore the oceans of the world, is why our
                                         guests continue to return charter after charter.

                                                            After an exciting day of diving with whale
                                                         sharks, schooling hammerheads and sea
                                                         turtles swimming among beautiful reefs, a
                                                         relaxing, four-course dinner served with an
                                                         enjoyable glass of wine ends each day. Our
                                                         professional crews delight in anticipating
                                                         your every need to ensure that your charter
                                                         is stress free from the minute you land at
                                                         the local airport until we reluctantly bid you
                                                         a heartfelt farewell at the end of each trip.

                                                             A LiveAboard yacht is the only way to
                                                         reach many of the remote diving destina-
                                                         tions that we visit. Come join us and travel
                                                         in elegant style on an expedition of
                                                         a lifetime.

                                         Our commitment to “LiveAboard Excellence” lives with
                                         every member of the team from the office staff and reser-
                                         vation specialists to the yacht crews. Once you try the luxury
                                         LiveAboard lifestyle, you will understand why so many of
                                         our guests become lifelong LiveAboard addicts!

                                                                            Dream, Dive, Discover

                                                                                    Wayne B. Brown
                                                                                    Chairman & CEO

2			Dancer	Fleet	-
                                      Belize . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

                                      Fiji . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

                                      Papua New Guinea . . . . . . . . . . . 13

                                      Cocos Island . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

                                      Komodo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

C O N T E N T S                       Alor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

                                      Raja Ampat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

                                      North Sulawesi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33

                                      Maldives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37	

                                      Palau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41

                                      Galapagos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45

For booking information, visit Dancer Fleet online at or call toll-free 1-800-9-DANCER 	(1-800-932-6237)   3
                                         A Message from Wayne Hasson

                                         The	beginning	of	a	new	era	of	LiveAboard	diving	began	in	1984	when	my	wife	
                                         Anne and I built our first dive yacht. We worked onboard for five years and
                                                   have been passionate, LiveAboard diving ambassadors ever since.
                                                   Today we have a talented staff of professionals supporting the entire
                                                   “Dancer Fleet” and I invite you to experience “LiveAboard Excellence”
                                                   at its best.
                                                       Today, my job as President is to make sure that your Dancer Fleet
                                                   dive vacation is nothing short of “LiveAboard Excellence.” We have
                                                   assembled a fleet of luxury yachts, which operate varied itineraries in
                                                   exciting, enthralling, exotic destinations that will provide memories to
                                                   last a lifetime. Our topside experience delivers first class service, ex-
                                                   ceptional cuisine and dedicated professionals who enhance the jour-
                                                   ney through the most beautiful, scenic, untouched areas on earth.
                                                      As I travel the world talking to dive travelers who have not yet tried
                                                   a LiveAboard - the freedom, the discovery and the underwater beauty
                                                   are indescribable. It is truly a unique experience that once tried – will
                                                   call to you again and again.
                                         As an active diver and avid underwater photographer & videographer, I love
                                         nothing more than to share my experiences with guests. I want to extend a
                                         personal invitation for you to join me where we can share stories, dive and dine
                                         together in one of our spectacular destinations. Join CEO Wayne Brown and/
                                         or myself on one of our Dive with the Owners Weeks for fun, laughter and lots
                                         of photography.
                                            I invite you to become a Dancer Fleet enthusiast by experiencing “LiveAboard

                                                                                                   Captain Wayne Hasson

4			Dancer	Fleet	-
Belize / Sun Dancer II
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Immerse yourself in the underwater beauty of Belize—home to the world’s second largest barrier reef,
the famous Blue Hole, and three of only four true coral atolls found in the Western hemisphere. Desig-
nated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is home to extraordinary
marine life that includes everything from sea turtles, spotted groupers and stingrays to pink-shelled
conchs and schools of tarpon. The Blue Hole, named for its tantalizing color, appears on many divers’
Bucket	List.	The	perfectly	round	geographical	wonder	stretches	1,000	feet	across	and	412	feet	deep	
with	access	to	a	stalactite-filled	cave	just	130	feet	below	the	surface.		

                                                                           Belize	•	Sun	Dancer	II			5
6 Dancer Fleet -
Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala,
Belize is located on the Central American
coast of the Caribbean. As a tourist desti-
nation, Belize offers an intriguing mix of
tropical rainforests teeming with wildlife,
majestic mountains, mysterious Mayan
temple ruins, and diving and fishing op-
portunities beyond comparison. Here, the
people are as warm and friendly as the

                                              Belize	•	Sun	Dancer	II			7


                                                                                                                                Belize                              Reef

                                                                                                                                                              Long         Blue
                                                                                                                                                              Cay          Hole

                                                                                                                                                          Elbow’s         Half
Join the fun. Travel in style and pampered comfort aboard the Sun Dancer II as you explore the atolls of                             Belize                          Glover’s
Belize on the Caribbean dive vacation of a lifetime. Underwater Belize offers a combination of reefs blan-                                                           Reef
keted	with	a	profusion	of	corals,	sponges	and	walls	that	begin	as	shallow	as	20	to	40	feet.	The	walls	of	
Lighthouse Reef Atoll, the outermost reef in Belize, are our specialty.                                                        Honduras
The	138-foot	Sun Dancer II	is	outfitted	to	accommodate	20	divers	in	Dancer-style	cabins	with	direct	access	      El Salvador
to the dive deck. Fast, agile and comfortable, the Sun Dancer’s 7-day itineraries provide time to experience
the best of Belize’s diving variety.

8 Dancer Fleet -
Fiji / Island Dancer II
Climb	 aboard	 the	 intimate,	 10-passenger	 Island Dancer II for a LiveAboard diving adventure to
paradise. Experience the dazzling underwater colors of Fiji firsthand: brilliant corals, huge sea fans,
eye-catching clownfish, ornate ghost pipefish and brightly pigmented nudibranchs. Called the soft
coral capital of the world, Fiji’s rainbow hues will captivate even the most seasoned photographers
and divers alike.

                                                                             Fiji	•	Island	Dancer	II			9
10			Dancer	Fleet	-
Fiji is also home to schooling pelagics
so keep an eye out for reef sharks, bar-
racuda, giant mantas, yellowfin tuna
and the occasional pilot whale! We’ll
explore the reefs, bommies and walls
of Nigali Pass, Wakaya, Koro and Na-
menalala Islands. Also on the itinerary
are drift dives with eagle rays, mantas,
turtles, sharks and giant groupers.

                                           Fiji	•	Island	Dancer	II			11

                                                                                                                       Hi-8         Namenalala                Vanua Balavu
                                                                                                                       E-6Save-a-Tack        Koro

                                                                                                               VITI LEVU
                                                                                                                                         Wakaya Pass
                                                                                                                                          Golden Rock
                                                                                                                                               Nigali Pass

                                                                                                                                            Jim’s Alley                  Papau New
                                                                                                                                 Ocean                                                Fiji
                                                                                                                        Kadavu                               Australia

“Bula” is the traditional greeting of welcome in Fiji. From the time you arrive in Suva until the day you
depart, you will feel warmly welcomed by both the smiling people of Fiji and the experienced crew
of Island Dancer II.	While	on	board	the	101-foot	yacht,	enjoy	all	of	the	usual	Dancer	Fleet	amenities	
including comfortable staterooms with ensuite facilities, air conditioning, and fine cuisine prepared                                                                        New Zealand
by the chef. Each Dancer Fleet day closes with the crescendo of an expertly prepared meal ranging
in selection from local fish to rack of lamb.

12			Dancer	Fleet	-
Papua New Guinea / Star Dancer
Coral Triangle Location

Crystal	clear	water,	more	than	420	species	of	reef-building	corals	and	900	species	of	fish	make	
Papua New Guinea the pinnacle of the “Coral Triangle” and a dream dive destination. Come
explore the sheer drop-offs, coral walls, reefs at every depth, atolls and lagoons throughout PNG’s
“paradise islands.” Chance encounters with dog tooth tuna, sharks, barracuda and vast schools
of pelagics bring divers back time and again to this enchanted land of volcanoes, rainforests
and	1,000	tribes.	

                                                            Papua	New	Guinea	•	Star	Dancer			13
14			Dancer	Fleet	-
PNG offers some of the best dive sites in the world and has earned the reputation as an
“underwater photographer’s paradise”. Whether looking for macro or wide-angle subject
matter	–	you’ll	find	it	all	here.	Imagine	coral	walls	that	drop-off	to	a	depth	of	1,000	feet	
just steps from the beach? Here in Papua New Guinea, that dream is a reality. From
whales and reef sharks to the tiniest creatures discovered on a black sand dive, much
awaits the curious underwater explorer in Papua New Guinea.

Star Dancer is one of only a few LiveAboards to explore the remote PNG region, so we
extend an invitation to dive unspoiled lush reefs covered in both hard and soft corals in
vibrant health, while gliding through crystalline water with unparalleled visibility. Discover
diversity at its best with an overwhelming abundance of marine life in a pristine sea –
encounter schools of fish in an almost limitless variety of species. PNG offers divers the
chance to experience true underwater beauty beyond compare.

                                                                                                 Papua	New	Guinea	•	Star	Dancer			15
                                                                                                                                                   Papua New

                                                                                                    W                            Australia        Pacific

                                                                                                                                                New Zealand

                                                                                                                               New Ireland

                                                                                                         Sea          Fathers
                                                                                                                          Bay                East New
                                                                                                                 New Britain
                                                                                                                                 South Coast
                                                                                                                 West New
The	120-foot	Star Dancer accommodates up to 16 LiveAboard passengers in comfort and style                                   Papua New
with	a	personal	touch.	The	8	-	10	night	itineraries,	meticulously	planned	by	an	attentive	crew,	
will wander through the PNG waters visiting the top dive spots known to excite and exhilarate
diving enthusiasts. Matched by the exotic backdrop of PNG, the Star Dancer offers all of the        Port
creature comforts associated with “Dream, Dive, Discover” on a Dancer Fleet LiveAboard diving      Moresby                      D’Entrecasteaux
adventure.                                                                                                               Alatau      Islands
                                                                                                                            Milne Bay

16 Dancer Fleet -
Cocos Island / Wind Dancer
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Made famous as the filming location for the dinosaur thriller “Jurassic Park,” Cocos Island is one
of	our	newest	and	most	exciting	dive	destinations.	Join	us	on	a	300-mile	voyage	to	one	of	the	
natural wonders of the world. Declared a Costa Rican National Park in 1978 and a UNESCO World
Heritage	Site	in	2002,	Cocos	Island	is	home	to	the	largest,	most	consistently	reported	schools	of	
hammerhead sharks in the world.

                                                                 Cocos	Island	•	Wind	Dancer		17
18 Dancer Fleet -
Cruise in LiveAboard Excellence comfort on
the Wind Dancer as you explore the waters
of Cocos Island National Park. Exclusively
limited to a very few divers at a time, this
coveted drift-diving destination offers un-
paralleled concentrations of large marine
animal encounters in nutrient rich waters.
The convergence of multiple ocean currents
brings in massive schools of hammerheads,
jacks and tuna. Passing dolphins, whale
sharks, manta rays and sailfish are also fre-
quently sighted, along with octopus, moray
eels, sea turtles and Creole wrasse.

                                                Cocos	Island	•	Wind	Dancer			19
                                                                                         Ocean     W
                                                                                                  Dirty Rock
                                                                                                                            Isla Manuelita
                                                                                                                          Isla Pajara
                                                                                                                  Viking Rock

                                                                                                                   Bahia Wafer

                                                                                                                                            Ranger Station    Rock
                                                                                                                     Waterfall #2

                                                                                                                  Cocos Island

                                                                                     Dos Amigos                       Waterfall #1
                                                                                   Dos Amigos                                                Bajo Alcyone

                                                                                           Bajo                                         Submerged Rock
                                                                                        Dos Amigos                                                                        South
Don’t miss this incredible LiveAboard diving adventure aboard the Wind Dancer.                                                                                Cocos      America
                                                                                                                    Manta Corner                                Island
                                                                                                     Lone Stone
Newly constructed master suites are available to complement the accommodations
offered	for	a	maximum	capacity	of	22	passengers.	During	the	journey,	guests	are	
treated to a visual feast both above and below the water while being pampered
onboard with air-conditioned, well-appointed staterooms, chef-prepared culinary
delights, and first class personal service.

20			Dancer	Fleet	-
Komodo / Komodo Dancer
UNESCO World Heritage Site / Coral Triangle Location

Climb aboard the double-masted Komodo Dancer for a dream diving vacation that includes the
best of surf and turf. Explore a stunning array dive locations between Bali and Komodo National
Park. Underwater, Komodo is truly unique in having two distinct marine habitats, temperate and
tropical, separated by only a few nautical miles. This itinerary includes a trek into the park to catch
a glimpse of the world’s largest land reptile, the Komodo dragon.

                                                                     Komodo	•	Komodo	Dancer			21
22			Dancer	Fleet	-
Komodo National Park sits at the
intersection of five major ocean cur-
rents. Infused with nutrients from the
cold currents of the Indian Ocean,
the	park	is	home	to	more	than	1000	
species	 of	 fish,	 385	 species	 of	 reef-
building	 corals,	 and	 70	 species	 of	
sponges. The underwater terrain of
this UNESCO World Heritage Site in-
cludes everything from thrilling verti-
cal walls and pinnacles to tranquil
sandy flats. From heart-pounding en-
counters with sharks, barracuda and
mantas to the macroscopic wonder
of spotting a tiny pygmy seahorse, the
rich marine life will paint memories to
last a lifetime.

                                              Komodo	•	Komodo	Dancer			23
                                                                                                               W                     Komodo National Park



                                                                                                                      Sunda                           Padar
                                                                                                                                         Flores Sea
                                                                                                                  Bali Sea
The Komodo Dancer	is	a	sturdy	wooden	motor	sailor	built	in	the	traditional	Pinisi	style	that	measures	124	
                                                                                                                                                         Bima     Komodo
feet	 long	 and	 29	 feet	 wide.	 Nineteen	 crew	 members	 stand	 ready	 to	 pamper	 up	 to	 16	 LiveAboard	
                                                                                                                                                                National Park
guests. Whether sailing, cruising, or at anchor for sunset, this yacht provides the perfect setting for a
“Dream, Dive, Discover” adventure through the azure waters of Indonesia.
                                                                                                                          Indian Ocean

24			Dancer	Fleet	-
Alor / Komodo Dancer
Coral Triangle Location

Come experience the allure of Alor, a cluster of small volcanic islands located just east of
Flores Island in southern Indonesia. Your LiveAboard diving adventure begins in Maumere,
the capital of Flores where the elegant, two-masted, wooden Komodo Dancer will meet you.
Climb	aboard	to	explore	the	best	of	more	than	30	different	dive	sites	in	the	fauna-rich	waters	
of	the	Flores	Sea.	Excellent	diving	is	possible	year-round	with	visibility	ranging	from	35	to	100	
feet at most locations.

                                                                      Alor	•	Komodo	Dancer			25
26			Dancer	Fleet	-
Dive spots named “Sharks Galore”
and “The Bullet” hint at the adrenalin
rush of diving the Alor Islands, both
because of the large, toothy critters
encountered here and the ever-
changing currents. From large grey
reef sharks, whitetips, barracuda,
manta rays, and whale sharks, to the
weirdest of small creatures inhabit-
ing the rubble, it’s possible to see
just about anything in this largely un-
discovered biodiversity hot spot. The
Komodo captain and crew know this
area well, so come join us for a super
LiveAboard dive experience!

                                          Alor	•	Komodo	Dancer			27
                                                                                                                        Malaysia                  E
                                                                                                   W                    Indonesia



The	124-foot	motor-sailor	Komodo Dancer accommodates up to 16 guests
who are pampered in “Dancer” style throughout the trip. All diving is done                                             Lembata
from two tenders providing safe, easy access in and out of the water.                  E. Flores   Solor
Vibrant local culture, colorful coral reefs and abundant marine life are per-
fectly paired with superior accommodations and a professional, attentive
crew to make Indonesia and the Komodo Dancer the ideal choice for your            Maumere
next Indo-Pacific diving adventure.

28			Dancer	Fleet	-
 Raja Ampat / Paradise Dancer
 Coral Triangle Location

This Indonesian destination is as stunningly beautiful above water as it is below. Raja Ampat, or
the Four Kings, is located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New
Guinea.	Offering	the	best	of	“frontier	diving”,	this	remote	archipelago	consists	of	over	1,500	small	
islands, cays and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and
Misool. Formerly called Irian Jaya, the area is now part of the newly named West Papua province
of Indonesia – the ultimate destination for LiveAboard diving.

                                                                                                        Raja	Ampat	•	Paradise	Dancer			29
30			Dancer	Fleet	-
Divers, photographers and scientists
alike will delight in the diversity and
abundance of marine life found here,
the most seen anywhere throughout
the Coral Triangle of Indonesia, the
Philippines and Papua New Guinea.
More	than	1,200	species	of	fish,	600	
species of coral, and 669 species of
mollusks inhabit the crystalline wa-
ters of Raja Ampat. Drift dive on mod-
erate currents to see mantas, turtles,
sharks and enormous schools of fish.
It’s even possible to don snorkeling
gear to interact with resident pods
of dolphins or catch an underwater
glimpse of a passing whale.

                                          Raja	Ampat	•	Paradise	Dancer			31
                                                                                                                                           Kawe               Waigeo

                                                                                                                             Raja Ampat                           Kri     Wapak
                                                                                                                                 Islands        Jet Mansaur



The 188-foot Paradise Dancer is the largest yacht in the Dancer Fleet. This stately three-masted wooden                                    Misool          Raja Ampat
motor	schooner	was	modeled	after	the	ornate	ships	built	in	the	late	1800s.		It	features	high-end	Dancer	
Fleet amenities with interiors designed like that of a “floating boutique hotel.” All furniture is unique and                                                 Islands
was designed by a well-known French designer who combined the best of classic and modern styles in
the most tasteful manner. Book the “Master and Commander Suite” at the stern of the main deck and
experience the luxury of space and well-appointed design with a panoramic view.

32			Dancer	Fleet	-
North Sulawesi / Paradise Dancer
Coral Triangle Location

Jump into the warm tropical waters of Indonesia on an 11-day dive trip to North Sulawesi and the
Sangihe Islands where a chain of volcanoes connects North Sulawesi with the Philippines. Here
you can be surrounded by a school of barracuda, inspected by a curious sea turtle, or simply ex-
perience a kaleidoscope of color as you drift past beautiful coral slopes covered with colorful sea
fans	and	sponges.	With	1000	different	species	of	fish	and	more	than	150	dive	sites,	this	region	
offers divers the underwater adventure of a lifetime.

                                                           North	Sulawesi	•	Paradise	Dancer			33
34			Dancer	Fleet	-
Come experience walls of fish in every
shape, size and color, the magnificent
coral gardens of Bunaken Marine Park
and Bangka Strait, and the underwa-
ter volcanoes of the Sangihe Islands.
Bring a camera to capture the rarely
seen “shy critters” of Lembeh Strait
such as pygmy seahorses, mimic
octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, har-
lequin and skeleton shrimp, candy
crabs, pegasus sea moths, and bobbit
worms. Dive into the magical world of
hairy frogfish, snake eels, sea robins,
stargazers and devilfish!

                                          North	Sulawesi	•	Paradise	Dancer			35

                                                                                                                W                        North
                                                                                                                                        Sulawesi               Kalama

                                                                                                                                                      Mahengetang         Kahakitang

                                                                                                                               North                                     Sanggeluhang

                                                                                                                              Sulawesi                                 Bawondeket
                                                                                                                Indonesia                                               Mahoro

                                                                                                                            Australia                        Pasige
                                                                                                                                            Basar             Bangka
Inspired	by	the	majesty	of	the	schooners	built	in	the	1800’s,	the	188-foot	Paradise Dancer is the largest
yacht in the Dancer Fleet. This stately three-masted wooden motor schooner features high-end amenities
                                                                                                                                 Manado Toa
with	interiors	designed	like	that	of	a	“floating	boutique	hotel.”	It	is	even	possible	to	book	the	470-square-
foot “Master & Commander Suite “ at the stern of the main deck that features a king size bed, separate                                  Bunaken                   Lembeh
sitting area with a sofa, and table and chairs reminiscent of the “captains quarters” from days gone by.
                                                                                                                                                                  Tangkoko Reserve
Aye, Aye, Matey!

36			Dancer	Fleet	-
                                 Palau / Tropic Dancer

Plunge into the warm tropical waters of Palau for memorable drift dives with grey reef and white-
tip sharks, Napoleon wrasse, spotted eagle rays, schooling jacks and barracuda. Then at German
Channel watch for manta rays, octopus, garden eels and sharks. Photograph the large pelagics
attracted to Blue Corner where the ocean currents converge to carry you past stunning vertical
walls exploding with fish.

                                                                       Palau	•	Tropic	Dancer			41
42			Dancer	Fleet	-
From warm water lagoons to dramatic
drop-offs, the picturesque island nation
of Palau is considered a premiere dive
destination.       Located       southeast     of    the
Philippines,	      the	       125-mile-long	        chain
of islands is the perfect place to enjoy
a      “Dream,        Dive,     Discover”     vacation.
Here      divers       will     encounter      pristine
soft     and     hard         corals    and    sunken
WWII treasures while experiencing the
tranquility      of     Jellyfish      Lake   teeming
with millions of stingless golden jellyfish.

                                                            Palau	•	Tropic	Dancer			43
So why not escape to paradise? Explore the marine wonders of Palau aboard the spacious Tropic Dancer.
The	105-foot	blue	and	white	catamaran	easily	accommodates	18	pampered	guests.	During	your	“LiveAboard	
Excellence” adventure, you’ll enjoy all of the amenities you’ve come to expect from a Dancer Fleet® yacht,
including first class service, delicious meals, and a diving tender to help you safely access Palau’s best
dive sites.

44			Dancer	Fleet	-
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Year after year, the Galapagos Islands are voted one of the world’s top dive destinations. One rea-
son	is	due	to	their	remote,	well-protected	location	600	miles	west	of	Equador.	Another	is	due	to	
the visionary conservationists who tucked most of the archipelago into Galapagos National Park
and	then	established	the	133,000	square	kilometer	Galapagos	Marine	Reserve,	the	second	larg-
est marine reserve in the world. Protected as a Whale Sanctuary, a United Nations Biosphere
Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage site—all shark fishing is prohibited. The Galapagos
Islands are truly one of the seven underwater wonders of the world.

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Made famous by Darwin’s theory of
natural selection, the Galapagos Islands
provide marine habitat for sea lions, fur
seals, stingrays and golden rays, giant
mantas and a host of invertebrates.
Watch for boobies, algae-grazing ma-
rine iguanas and sea turtles aglow at
night in bioluminescence. More than
300	species	of	fish	ply	the	Galapagos	wa-
ters including schooling hammerheads,
whitetips and giant whale sharks. You
might even see a sperm whale or an
orca during a drift dive.

                                            Galapagos 47

                                          Wolf              Islands

                                                                      Pinta Marchena
                                                                                                             Prince Philip’s Steps

                                                          Cabo Marshall

                                            Punta                                       Bartolome
                                                                                                North Seymour         Ocean
                                                                          Rabida     Baltra
                                            Fernandina                                                                         Punta Pitt
                                                                                    Santa Cruz          Plazas

                                                          Isabela                                                Isla Lobos             San
                                                                                       Puerto Ayora                                  Cristóbal
                                                                                                  Santa Fe
                                                                                                                   Baquerizo Moreno

                                                                              Devil’s Crown

                                                                                              Enderby                         Gardner Bay

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