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intel ivy bridge 2012 by naeem.iqbal


									Latest Intel Processor’s 2012: Ivy Bridge April 2012

As expected Intel is going to release a new lineup of processor based on the “Ivy Bridge” Architecture on
a 22nm die. The main reason of the huge shift from the 32 nm to 22 nm is the 3D tri gate transistor
technology. This 22nm die size is a huge jump by intel as it will tend the processors to be more efficient
and draw lesser power.

Intel for the past few years seems to be going on a “Tik-Tok” Cycle.

The cycle clearly indicates that in the ‘tik’ intel goes to a smaller die size and in the ‘tok’ they change the
processor architecture. And this “tik-tok’’ can be clearly seen over the years starting from 2009 and
carrying on up till now.

Let’s see what intel holds for us in 2012. The ivy bridge is announced to be released in April 2012.

Main Features of Ivy Bridge

       3D Transisitor technology
       PCI Express 3.0 Support
       RAM Support upto 2000MHz
       CPU Multiplier 63 ( previously 57 for Sandy Bridge)
       On chip Intel HD Graphics with DirectX 11 support

The models that are included in the Ivy Bridge family are said to be named after the predecessor Sandy
Bridge only to be in the series 3000 and are said to run on LGA 1155 Chipset.

Now let’s talk about the competition Intel has, for the recent few years Intel has been ruling the
Processor market all over the world. Although AMD seems to come up with new and high performance
processors from time to time but still AMD has failed so far. They have created a processing unit what
they names “APU-Accelerated Processing Unit” which is a combination of CPU and GPU on the same
silicon chip! Last year in October AMD released the long awaited line up of its BULDOZER Architecture.
But as the Processor was reviewed it was proved that it was unable to compete even with the Intel Core
i5 Processors. AMD tends to introduce an updated Bulldozer lineup with PileDriver based on 32nm die
which is similar to the Intel Sandy Bridge Architecture. But still AMD has to make a run from it because
intel is going to hit the market soon in with the 22nm Ivy Bridge.

Suggestion: Please don’t buy anything until April a lot of new technologies are coming to market in the
Q2 (2nd Quarter) 2012. For more information stay tuned!

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