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					                         Division: Applied Technology Education                                 Department: Computer Information Systems

                                    Using Assessment Results at the Course Level

                     Course: CIS2152 Cisco Internetworking 1-2

Mission Based                      Assessment Measures                   Assessment Results                   Action Taken
Learning Outcomes
Students will…
                                                                                                              1) Change methodology to focus on
                                                                                                              student centered, lab oriented
…pass the Cisco Certified          Students will achieve passing         1 student in 3 years has passed this environment 2) Encourage
Networking Associate exam.         scores on the CCNA exam.              exam.                                participation in exams

                                                                                                               1) Continue to provide the hands-on
                                                                         The majority of students have         project opportunity. 2) Continue the
…demonstrate employable skills in Students will participate in a         demonstrated excellent skills in this use of the Cisco Internetworking
telecommunications wiring.        telecommunications wiring project.     exercise.                             Academy program.

                                   Students will score better than 70%   Over 80% of students who take this   1) Continue to require CIS1140 as a
…demonstrate a working             on the section exams in the Cisco     course as part of the AAS degree     prerequisite to this course. 2)
knowledge of the Open Systems      Internetworking Academy Semester      score very well in Semester 1        Continue to use the Cisco
Interface (OSI) Network Model      1 content                             content.                             Internetworking Academy program.
                            Division: Career and Technical Education                                   Department: Drafting Technology

                                                                    Course: DRFT 2380 AutoLISP                         Bruce Erickson

                                          Using Assessment Results at the Course Level
Mission Based                            Assessment Measures                    Assessment Results                     Action Taken
Learning Outcomes
Students will…

                                   Students will be given basic                 Students are expected to
                                   assignments and a test that will             comprehend basic AutoLISP              Students will be provided necessary
learn and understand the basic     evaluate their understanding of              expressions to enable them to          assignments and problems to
elements for creating and          thebasic use of elements to create           construct AutoLISP programs that       master the creation and evaluation
evaluating an AutoLISP expression. and evaluate AutoLISP expressions.           will accomplish assigned tasks.        of Auto LISP expressions.

                                         Students will be given simple tasks                                           Tasks should accomplish AutoCAD
understand the concept of, and be        from the text book and they should     Programs created should                functions and perform simple
able to create program files to          write appropriate programs to          accomplish the appropriate             operations. Students having
accomplish assigned tasks and be         accomplish these tasks and pass        assigned tasks and any errors          difficulty are given easier tasks and
able to identify and correct errors in   the related test over simple program   should be identified and corrections   should create the appropriate
these prograqms.                         material.                              made.                                  program to accomplish the task.
                                                                                Created programs will be evaluated
                                         Problems will be assigned that         according to how may advanced
learn and demonstrate the                require the use of more advanced       functions they involve and if they     Students having problems will be
concepts of more advanced                AutoLISP functions. Students will      accomplish the assigned task.          assigned simpler problems that
AutoLISP programming to create           be expected to build advanced          Additional problems are avaliable to   utilize only one or two of the more
programs to accomplish a variety of      AutoLISP programs to accomplish        accomplish single tasks for students   advanced concepts until they are
tasks.                                   the requirements of the programs.      having difficulties using functions.   more experienced.
                                   Students will be expected to develop
                                   files and interface procedures to                                            Each student will be allowed to use
                                   apply developed programs to            Students should be able to file and   developed programs in performing
learn how to manage, store,        AutoCAD functions. This will include   access created programs and utilize   AutoCAD functions of their choice
access, and manipulate different   using AutoCAD programs                 them in AutoCAD functions. They       and use appropriate file interface
AutoLISP programs to accomplish    customized to meet individual          are expected to be proficient, and    techniques in applying AutoLISP
desired AutoCAD functions.         requirments and pass a written test.   pass the test with 80% proficiency.   programs.

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