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					                                                                                                                                                 OCTOBER 2007

              Communicating with the Thinkers, Doers, Movers & Shockers of
            W        I     C      H       I     T A                  S      T A T                E            U      N      I      V      E      R      S       I     T      Y

‘We are Wichita State’ campaign exceeds expectations
Contributions impact WSU
family immediately
  The three-year “We are Wichita
State” fundraising campaign, which
began July 1, 2004, and successfully
came to a conclusion June 30, 2007,
exceeded its $35 million goal with a
total of $48,146,025 of current and
endowed funds for students, faculty
and staff of WSU.
  As a result, student, faculty
and staff support from endowed
scholarships, fellowships and
faculty/staff funds will increase by
                                                                    Speaking at the Oct. 4 news conference announcing the total of the “We are Wichita State” campaign were
nearly $1.5 million each year. Many                                 True Knowles, campaign chair; Brooke Amos, WSU student body vice-president; Elizabeth King, WSU Foundation
lives already have been touched                                     president and CEO; Silvia Carruthers, WSU associate professor of music and president of the faculty senate; and
                                                                    Don Beggs, WSU president.
by these charitable gifts and many
more will be impacted in the years                                Oct. 4 was a full day of                                       and to hear the announcement of
to come. The financial assistance                               celebration. That’s when the formal                              the campaign’s success.
means that Shockers will have one                               announcement was made at a news                                    “This has been an exceptional
less hurdle to clear on the path to                             conference attended by local media                               campaign,” said Elizabeth King,
their success.                                                  and WSU faculty and staff.                                       president and CEO of the WSU
                                                                  The festive atmosphere continued                               Foundation, at the evening event.
                                                                with a reception for faculty and                                 “We are proud and overwhelmed
                                                                staff. That evening the President’s                              at the loyalty to WSU—but not
                                                                Club event shared the stage with                                 surprised. Wichita State’s family
                                                                the campaign, as more than 400                                   thrives near and far and their
                                                                donors gathered to honor new life                                dedication to the university’s
                                                                members of the President’s Club                                  livelihood is poignant.”

                                                  “We are Wichita State” fundraising campaign raises $48,146,025 for students, faculty and staff.
                                                      To learn more about some of the lives touched by the campaign already, please
                                                      continue reading their stories on the following pages.

Working to assure a university of excellence by identifying donors, cultivating and maintaining relationships, securing gifts and managing resources to enable students and faculty to excel.

             A        P U B L I C A T I O N                                   O F           T H E              W S U              F O U N D A T I O N

  Major Gift Highlights
The WSU Foundation received $10,000 or
                                              Alumna’s initiative leads to creation of new scholarship
more from these individuals, corporations,
foundations and estates between
June 1 and August 31, 2007. The projects
funded are listed with their names.             Ettya Fremont, a May 2007 WSU                         Honor’s Program juniors.
We appreciate their contributions.            Emory Lindquist Honor’s program                            Robinson graduated from the
  As of July 1, 2007, the minimum
amount for major gifts was increased.
                                              graduate, was determined that a                         University of Wichita in 1950 with a
Therefore, Major Gift Highlights in           scholarship be created in honor of her                  degree in biological sciences and went
subsequent issues of the Horizon will         late pediatrician and mentor, Dr. G.D.                  on to graduate from the University of
be listed at $15,000 or more.
                                              Robinson. After Robinson’s passing                      Kansas School of Medicine in 1954.
Darlene ’72 & Bob Anderson                    in December 2005, a memorial fund                       After completing a one-year internship
- Bob & Darlene Anderson Heskett              was established at WSU, but Fremont                     and serving in the U.S. Army in Korea
  Center Fitness Support Fund
- Bob & Darlene Anderson Strike ’em out       wanted to see the fund rise to the level for two years, Robinson began his
  Endowed Baseball Scholarship                of an endowed                                                                   practice in 1957,
- Diana Anderson Endowed Medical              scholarship.                                                                    where he continued
  Technology Scholarship
                                                “He was an                                                                    until his retirement
Mickey ’45 & Pete ’42 Armstrong               influential                                                                     in 1999.
- Current Unrestricted Fund (General)
                                              person in my life                                                                 In addition to
Richard A. Batchelor ’66                      and helped me                                                                   those he saw in his
- Richard A. Batchelor Endowment for          through some                                                                    private practice,
  Art Acquisition
- Unrestricted Reserves (General)
                                              tough times,” said                                                              Robinson influenced
                                              Fremont. “This                                                                  many others through
R. Larry Beamer & Deborah G.                  fund was the least                                                              his involvement
Haynes ’76 Foundation
 - Deborah G. Haynes Fairmount Fund for       I could do to give                                                              with WSU, where
   Faculty (Fairmount College of Liberal      back to him. He                                                                 he helped establish
   Arts & Sciences)                           gave so much to                                                                 the learning
 - Deborah G. Haynes & R. Larry Beamer
   Endowed Scholarship Fund (General)         the community.                                                                  disability program,
                                              Dr. Robinson                                                                    behavioral disorders
Mary ’62 & Mike ’63 Beatty                    frequently offered                                                              program and school
- Mike & Mary Nell Beatty Endowed
  Fellowship in Accounting                    pro bono services                                                               psychology program
                                              to families that                                                                in the College of
Nancy & Doug Blackman
                                              couldn’t pay. He                                                                Education.
                                              never turned                                                                      “I was impressed
Shirley Blume ’47                                                    young Ettya Fremont is seen by the late Dr.
                                              down a client, nor A man who would continue to influence her asG.D. Robinson, with how Ettya’s
                                                                   a                                             pediatrician
- George D. & Shirley Scott Bloom
  Endowed Scholarship (General)
                                              was he ever ‘too     and mentor.                                                admiration for Dr.
                                              busy’ to squeeze                                                                Robinson motivated
Boeing Wichita Employees Credit               in an emergency                                                                 her to take on
- GIK - Student Affairs
                                              phone consultation. As a pediatrician,                  such a task,” said Terre Johnson, vice
                                              he gave his time to the children and                    president for development at the WSU
Boge Iron & Metal Co. Inc.                    parents of Wichita.”                                    Foundation. “She did everything she
- Allen Boge Endowed Scholarship
  (General)                                     Fremont began contacting those                        said she was going to do.”
                                              who knew Robinson, asking them to                          Fremont’s determination has ensured
Ilene & H. Russell Bomhoff                    help her reach the endowed level.                       that students for generations will have
 - H. Russell Bomhoff Endowed
   Scholarship in Engineering                 Her efforts were successful, and this                   an opportunity to benefit from the
                                              summer culminated in the formation                      Dr. G.D. Robinson Scholarship and,
Bradbury Company Inc.                         of the Dr. G.D. Robinson Scholarship,                   more importantly, benefit from his life
- Men’s Basketball
                                              which is available to community-                        experiences and philosophies.
Dixie ’68 & Bruce ’70 Bridges                 service minded, Emory Lindquist
- Harold & Pauline Ashton Endowed
  Baseball Scholarship

Charlotte Brown
- Jack & Charlotte Brown Endowed
  Scholarship in Business                      For more information about becoming a member of the Society of 1895, please contact Michael Lamb, vice president
                                             for planned giving and development services at (316) 978-3804 or

                                                                                                                        Major Gift Highlights
Enhancing faculty opportunities benefits students                                                                  James & Catherine Buck
                                                                                                                   Charitable Trust
                                                                                                                   - James & Catherine Buck Charitable Trust
                                                                                                                     Support Fund in French
  When Russ
Widener, professor                                                                                                 Capitol Federal Foundation
                                                                                                                   - Capitol Federal Savings Scholarships in
of trombone,                                                                                                         Business
received a call asking
who to contact                                                                                                     Gayla & Dan ’53, ’04 Carney
                                                                                                                   - SASO
about support for                                                                                                  - Current Unrestricted Fund (General)
his program, he was                                                                                                - Dharma deSilva Scholarship or
                                                                                                                     Professorship in International Business
eager to help. He                                                                                                  - Beta Theta Pi Endowed Scholarship
also thought about                                                                                                   (Student Affairs)
what he would do
                                                                                                                   Cessna Aircraft Company
with a few extra                                                                                                   - Kansas BEST (College of Engineering
dollars; perhaps he                                                                                                  Dean’s Circle)
would get a couple
                                                                                                                   Cessna Foundation Inc.
of compact discs                                                                                                   - Cessna Foundation Engineering
to share with his                                                                                                    Scholarships
students or get                                                                                                    - Del Roskam Scholarship (General)
the audio speakers                                                                                                 Catherine & Jerry ’66 Cohlmia
he needed for his                                                                                                   - Jerry B. Cohlmia Fellowship in Chemistry
teaching studio.                                                                                                   - Men’s Basketball

  However, the                                                                                                     Davis-Moore Auto Group
anonymous donors                                                                                                   - Davis-Moore Current Scholarship
were thinking bigger                                                                                                 (General)
                         Russ Widener, professor of trombone, and Tom Fowler, associate professor in music         - Davis-Moore Endowed Scholarship
than that. They gave education/director of jazz, were the recipients of faculty fellows from an anonymous donor.     (General)
$100,000 to create
                                                                                                                   Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation
two faculty fellows for                               His students also learn from                                 - Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation
Widener and Tom Fowler, associate                     participating in the International                             Endowed Scholarship in Dental Hygiene
professor in music education/director                 Trombone Association’s Internet
                                                                                                                   Larry Detienne ’80 Creative
of jazz.                                              broadcasting of performances. The                             - GIK - SASO
  Widener and Fowler were chosen as                   faculty fellow will allow Widener to
recipients of the fellows because they                                                                             Devlin Family Foundation
                                                      continue these innovative projects.                          - Gertrude W. Devlin Scholarship Fund (W.
had enriched the life of the donors’                    “I feel extremely honored to be                              Frank Barton School of Business)
son, who had studied under both                       offered such generosity,” said Widener.
professors.                                                                                                        Barry ’72 & Paula Downing Foundation
                                                      “This faculty fellow enables me to                           - Downing Faculty Support Fund for the
  “Needless to say, I am overwhelmed, purchase equipment that will greatly                                           Asmat Art Website
yet grateful for the opportunity to be                enhance the quality of my research                           - Men’s Basketball
part of this incredible experience,”                  and the benefits my students will                            Deborah & Mark ’68, ’70 Eveans
said Fowler. “The faculty fellow will                 enjoy.”                                                      - Eveans Family Endowed Scholarship in
mean the realization of ideas, projects                 Dr. Rodney Miller, dean of the                               Business
                                                                                                                   - W. Frank Barton School of Business
and plans that, until now, were only                  College of Fine Arts, was moved by                             Operating Fund
dreams.”                                              the donors’ kind gift.                                       - Current Unrestricted Fund (General)
  The opportunity will help expand                      “Faculty fellows are critical because
                                                                                                                   Dee Anne & George ’69 Fahnestock
and stabilize the jazz program. For                   they are used in ways that will best                         - Men’s Basketball Margin of Excellence
Fowler, the faculty fellow helps make                 enhance the college, be it equipment,
long-range planning a reality.                        scholarships or professional                                 Joyce & Hank ’51 Farha
                                                                                                                   - Hank & Joyce Farha Endowed Business
  Through many years of research,                     development,” he said. “This gift                              Scholarship
Widener has digitally recorded                        demonstrates both the generosity
his students and manipulated                                                                                       Zack & Leilah Farha Charitable
                                                      of our donors and the excellence of                          Foundation
those recordings to demonstrate                       our faculty, while greatly benefiting                         - Zack & Leilah Farha Scholarship
performance problems and solutions.                   students.”                                                      (W. Frank Barton School of Business)

 Major Gift Highlights
Laverne Gates
 - Harold P. “Hal” Gates Memorial
                                      The successful journey of the ‘We are Wichita State’ fundraising
   Fellowship (College of Health

William Graham Charitable
 - William L. Graham Scholarship
 - Marjorie Lois Graham
   Scholarship (College of Fine

Hawker Beechcraft
 - Kansas BEST (College of
   Engineering Dean’s Circle)
 - Industrial & Manufacturing
   Engineering Department
 - Engineering Open House
 - Aerospace Engineering
 - Design Build Fly Competition

Hayes Company Inc.
- Hayes Company Faculty Fellow
  in Business

Frank & Betty Hedrick
Scholarship Fund
 - Frank E. & Harriet E. “Betty”
   Hedrick Scholarship (General)

Johnson Controls
- Eck Stadium Skyboxes

Anita ’53 & Larry ’53 Jones
- Larry Jones Faculty Fellow in
- Larry Jones Faculty Fellow in
  Corporate Governance
- Anita Jones Faculty Fellow in
  Fine Arts

Kansas Scottish Rite
 - Scottish Rite Speech-
   Language-Hearing Clinic

Jacqueline ’01 & Sammy H.
’01 Kouri
 - Eck Stadium Skyboxes

Irma Lindquist Estate
 - Irma Lann Lindquist School
   of Nursing Endowed Student
   Emergency Fund
 - Emory Lindquist Faculty Award
   Fund (College of Education)

Lubbers Brothers Ford-

Barbara & John ’59 McCune
- Baseball Indoor Practice

Kay ’72 & John ’72 Morse
- Baseball Indoor Practice Facility

                                                                        Major Gift Highlights
campaign for students, faculty and staff (July 1, 2004-June 30, 2007)   Murfin Drilling Company
                                                                        - Men’s Basketball

                                                                        David & Janet Murfin
                                                                        - GIK – Athletics

                                                                        Oatman Family Charitable
                                                                        - Mike Oatman Endowed
                                                                          Scholarship in Entrepreneurship

                                                                        Oral Health Kansas Inc.
                                                                        - Advanced Education in General
                                                                          Dentistry Recruitment Fund

                                                                        Patricia & Dwight Oxley
                                                                        - Baseball Indoor Practice Facility

                                                                        Marge Page
                                                                        - Marge & Bob Page Library Fund

                                                                        Pepsi Bottling Group
                                                                        - President’s Designated Pepsi
                                                                          Fund (Athletics)

                                                                        Preferred Health Systems Inc.
                                                                        - Eck Stadium Skyboxes
                                                                        - Dental Hygiene Renovation

                                                                        Rock Island Studios Inc.
                                                                        - GIK – SASO

                                                                        Rudd Foundation
                                                                        - Rudd Foundation Fellow
                                                                          (W. Frank Barton School of

                                                                        Delma Sampson ’56 Trust 1
                                                                        - Professor Fran Jabara Endowed
                                                                          Scholarship in Entrepreneurship

                                                                        Kristin & Charles Schalon
                                                                        - Eck Stadium Skyboxes

                                                                        Norma & James Sellers
                                                                        - James R. & Norma J. Sellers
                                                                          Land (Fairmount College of
                                                                          Liberal Arts & Sciences)

                                                                        George E. & Blanche Sterling
                                                                        Scholarship Trust
                                                                         - George E. & Blanche Sterling
                                                                           Trust Scholarship (College of
                                                                           Health Professions)

                                                                        Sullivan Higdon & Sink Inc.
                                                                        - Sullivan Higdon & Sink
                                                                          Scholarships for Advertising

                                                                        Coralyn ’54 & Ron ’54 Summers
                                                                        - Klepper Family Endowed
                                                                          Scholarship in Education

                                                                        Tallgrass Country Club
                                                                         - GIK – SASO

                                                Total: $48,146,025
                                                                        Twentieth Century Club
                                                                         - Twentieth Century Club
                                                                           Endowed Music Scholarship

                                                                                      Cont’d on page 7

      Charles Brungardt: Passing it on                                                                         Charles L. Brungardt established
                                                                                                               the Charles L. Brungardt Endowed
                                                                                                               Scholarship in 2002 for students
                                                                                                               majoring in Spanish.

      In 1979, Charles L. Brungardt became the first                                        to Wichita in 1937.
    WSU freshman to receive the A.J. and Jean Bachus                                        He founded A.J.
    Scholarship. An honor student, Brungardt graduated                                      Bachus Company,
    in 1983 with a bachelor of arts in Spanish and                                          which dealt in scrap
    received a four-year teaching fellowship to the                                         metals, but was
    University of Iowa, where he earned his master’s in                                     equally successful
    1985.                                                                                   in real estate and
       “Mrs. Bachus and her husband were my role                                            investment ventures.
    models in generosity,” said Brungardt. “I hoped to                                      He and his wife,
    someday follow in their footsteps and do the same       Jean, decided they wanted to do something for the
    for someone else.”                                      community by supporting WSU. Bachus believed in
      Brungardt, who has a similar desire to support        the value of education, even though he was unable
    higher education, is now a project manager for          to attend college.
    Pearson Government Solutions near Iowa City, Iowa.        In 1979, they established the A.J. and Jean Bachus
    He began giving back to Wichita State immediately       Scholarship, which was at that time the university’s
    after graduation through the annual fund and, in        largest scholarship awarded purely on academic
    2002, established the Charles L. Brungardt Endowed      merit.
    Scholarship for students majoring in Spanish. His         “He was able to live his dream of a college
    goal for the fund is to see it grow as large as the     education through the achievements of our
    Bachus scholarship.                                     students,” said Mrs. Bachus of her husband.
      Brungardt’s ambition to make a real impact on the       By continuing the Bachuses’ legacy of giving,
    lives of WSU students continued during the “We          Brungardt has created one of his own at WSU.
    are Wichita State” campaign, when he established a      He wants this legacy to be two-fold: to help someone
    planned gift through his estate.                        else receive a degree from WSU and to act as a
      Abraham Jacob Bachus, a native of Russia, came        challenge for others to support the university.

    The ‘We are Wichita State’ campaign is over, but the dreams continue
      The seeds planted during the past three years of
    the “We are Wichita State” campaign will continue
    to impact lives for years to come. Each semester, new
    students walk through our doors hoping for a quality
    education and dreaming of success for the future.
    And each semester, faculty and staff hope for better
    ways to enhance the university experience for those
    students, helping them to achieve those dreams.
      WSU is the answer to their hopes. Your support
    can be the answer to their dreams. Continue giving
    to the WSU Foundation.

                   Invest in Success.
                   Support a Shocker.

      Call (316) 978-3040 or visit our Web site at          From 1975 to 2007, the percent of the WSU budget funded by state support has
                                                            decreased from 78.2% to 61.8%. In this same period, the percent of the university                                 budget funded by student tuition has increased from 21.8% to 38.2%. This shift
                                                            reflects the continued need for private support of student scholarships and

                                                                                                                          Major Gift Highlights
Capitol Federal Foundation demonstrated faith in student                                                                 Jennifer & Klee ’01 Watchous

with repeat scholarships
                                                                                                                         - Eck Stadium Skyboxes
                                                                                                                         - SASO
                                                                                                                         - Men’s Basketball

                                                                                                                         Marvel White ’35 Estate
                                                                                                                         - Marvel Nordyke White Scholarship
  Dustin Self graduated from WSU this                                                                                      in Aerospace Engineering
past May with a Bachelor in Business                                                                                     - George E. White Endowed Student
Administration and minors in marketing,                                                                                    & Faculty Support Fund in Nursing
management and entrepreneurship.                                                                                         Wichita Dental Hygienists
What was his motivation?                                                                                                 Association
  Self was a three-year recipient of the                                                                                  - Wichita Dental Hygienists
                                                                                                                            Association Endowed Scholarship
Capitol Federal Savings Scholarship in                                                                                      in Dental Hygiene
Business and credits his ability to do so
much to the faith that Capitol Federal
placed in him.

  “The Capitol Federal Savings                                                                                           Memorials
Scholarship in Business was an enormous                                                                                  New memorials were established
                                                                                                                         in honor of the following deceased
encouragement when I really needed the                                                                                   friends of Wichita State through
                                                                                                                         the WSU Foundation between July
funding to even be able to afford to go to              Dustin Self, who graduated from WSU this past May with a
                                                                                                                         1 and Aug. 31, 2007. To contribute,
                                                                                                                         please call the Planned Giving
                                                        Bachelor in Business Administration and minors in marketing,
college. The bonus is that it allowed me to             management and entrepreneurship, was a three-year recipient of
                                                        the Capitol Federal Savings Scholarship in Business.
                                                                                                                         Office, (316) 978-3809, toll-free
                                                                                                                         (888) 316-2586, or e-mail Michael
focus on my education and really diversify                                                                               Lamb, vice president of planned
                                                                                                                         giving and development services,
my degree in a way that I know will pay off                         his first house at the end of his senior year        at
                                                                    and began remodeling it.
in the working world.”                                                Self was introduced to John B. Dicus,              Marvin D. Gile
                                                                                                                         J. Keith Graham
   – Dustin Self, 2007 graduate, W. Frank Barton School of Business president and CEO of the Capitol Federal
                                                                                                                         Evelyn Middelstadt
                                                                    Financial Company and Capitol Federal                Ralph S. Phillips ‘66
                                                                    Savings Bank, at the annual scholarship              Jerry D. Rayl ’78
                                                                    luncheons.                                           Elenore Rudd
  “Capitol Federal gave me an opportunity “Each luncheon John Dicus visited with                                         Jack D. Tucker ’94
to do more than what I would have been me about my academic progress,” said
able to do if I’d had to work more or                               Self. “I was so pleased with his continued
worry about loans,” said Self. “I’m so                              interest and encouragement. I received
grateful for that and I plan to make them correspondence from him. It was so personal
proud of me.”                                                       and demonstrated to me how he actually               Society of 1895
  In addition to attending academic                                 cared.”                                              These individuals were named
classes, Self was a senior student in the                             The Capitol Federal Foundation began               to the Society of 1895 between
WSU Kung Fu Club and will return this                               funding scholarships at WSU in 2002 and              July 1 and Aug. 31, 2007, by
fall to help instruct.                                              has generously agreed to continue for at             establishing a deferred gift
  To gain business experience, Self                                                                                      through the WSU Foundation.
                                                                    least the next five years, ensuring that future
                                                                                                                         To do the same, please call
continues to work part-time for a                                   students will benefit from that same faith.
                                                                                                                         Michael Lamb, (316) 978-3804,
real estate office managing properties                                “Establishing scholarships is the most             toll-free (888) 316-2586, or e-mail
with subcontractors, learning office                                encouraging way to give students the       
administration duties and fine-tuning his confidence to attend school,” said Self.
organizational skills.                                              “Reducing students’ financial burdens is the         Joyce Cavarozzi
  A firsthand, personal real estate                                 most beneficial thing private donors can do          Lynn ’64, ’92 & Don ’59 Stephan
experience occurred when he purchased                               to urge students to keep going.”

                                             Key Construction continues legacy at Wichita State
    A publication of the WSU
    Foundation for supporters of                Brothers Ken and David Wells                like we did, it can pull you away from
    Wichita State University. For            have many ties to Wichita State,               finishing school. We want students to
    change of address or other               including time as students and as              be able to finish their education, so
    information about Horizon, please        builders of the Marcus Welcome                 they’re really prepared for the work
    call (316) 978-3040 or write WSU
    Foundation, 1845 Fairmount St.,
                                             Center through their company, Key              of being an entrepreneur.”
    Wichita, KS 67260-0002.                  Construction. Consequently, it was                 “This campaign will really help
                                             a natural extension of
    Editor: Belinda Venters                  their involvement to
    Designer: Deena King                     create a scholarship in
    Photographers: Johnie Cook,
     Courtesy photos                         entrepreneurship for the
    Contributing Writers:                    “We are Wichita State”
     Sharon Miles, Jessica Seibel            campaign.
                                                “We’re proud of our
    For a list of WSU Foundation staff,      work on campus and
    please visit our Web site at              we always look forward
                                             to the opportunity to
    Notice of Nondiscrimination:             improve the facilities,”
    Wichita State University does not        said Dave ’82. “But we
    discriminate on the basis of race,
                                             want to help students,
    religion, color, national origin,
    gender, age, marital status, sexual      too —we remember what
    orientation, status as a Vietnam-        it was like to go to school David and Ken Wells, owners of Key Construction, created the Key Construction
    era veteran or disability. Any           and still have dreams of     Endowed Scholarship in Entrepreneurship.
    person having inquiries concerning       building our business. It
    this may contact the Office of
                                             was tough sometimes.”                          students and we need that —we
    Equal Employment Opportunity,
    Wichita State University,                   That’s why they created the Key             need good, smart people to continue
    1845 Fairmount St., Wichita, KS          Construction Endowed Scholarship               to grow businesses in Wichita
    67260-0145, (316) 978-3001.              in Entrepreneurship, which will                and Kansas,” said Dave. “If our
                                             be awarded to a student from                   scholarship helps students keep
    Produced by University Relations
                                             the Wichita area majoring in                   reaching for that dream, that’s the
                                             entrepreneurship in the W. Frank               best thing we can do for WSU.”
                                             Barton School of Business. The                     Like the Marcus Welcome Center,
                                             scholarship will be reserved for those the Key Construction Endowed
                                             students who have financial need.              Scholarship in Entrepreneurship
                                                “The cost of tuition keeps rising,”         becomes a permanent part of Wichita
                                             said Ken. “It makes it hard for                State, a lasting legacy and tribute to
                                             students to work, keep up with their           a family who believes in the mission
                                             studies and really focus. And if you           and future of the university.
                                             have dreams of your own business,

                                                                                                                                        NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                          WICHITA KS
                                                                                                                                          PERMIT 940

1845 Fairmount St. • Wichita, Kansas 67260-0002
(316) 978-3040 •

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