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					          Organisational Structure of the NEA

                 The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) is a semi-autonomous body of the Organisation for
                 Economic Co-operation and Development. OECD member countries wishing to participate
                 in the activities of the Agency must make a formal request to join. Of the 30 OECD member
                 countries, 28 are members of the NEA:

                         Australia            France          Japan                   Slovak Republic
                         Austria              Germany         Luxembourg              Spain
                         Belgium              Greece          Mexico                  Sweden
                         Canada               Hungary         Netherlands             Switzerland
                         Czech Republic       Iceland         Norway                  Turkey
                         Denmark              Ireland         Portugal                United Kingdom
                         Finland              Italy           Republic of Korea       United States

                    The NEA is governed by the Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy. This committee is
                 primarily made up of senior officials from national atomic energy authorities and associated
                 ministries. It oversees and shapes the work of the Agency to ensure its responsiveness to
                 member countries’ needs, notably in establishing the biennial programmes of work and
                 budgets. It approves the mandates of the seven standing technical committees.

                    The current members of the Bureau of the Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy are
                 (as of its autumn 2006 meeting):
                                          Mr. Richard STRATFORD (United States), Chair
                                          Ms. Sylvana GUINDON (Canada), Vice-Chair
                                          Dr. Walter SANDTNER (Germany), Vice-Chair
                                              Mr. Kenji SEYAMA (Japan), Vice-Chair
                                           Dr. József RÓNAKY (Hungary), Vice-Chair

                    The standing technical committees are primarily composed of member country experts
                 and technical specialists. These committees constitute a unique feature and important
                 strength of the NEA, providing flexibility for adapting to new issues and helping to achieve
                 consensus rapidly. Their main areas of work are listed in the chart.

                    The Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy and the Agency’s seven standing technical
                 committees are serviced by the NEA Secretariat, composed in 2006 of 69 professional
                 and support staff from 19 countries. Professional staff are often specialists from national
                 administrations and research institutes, bringing their experience to the Agency for two to
                 five years on average.

                    Participation in the work of the Agency by non-member countries is an established
                 practice. At the end of 2006, the Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy and subsequently
                 the OECD Council approved the text of a Joint Declaration on Co-operation between the
                 Government of the Russian Federation and the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency in the Field
                 of the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy. Starting on 1 January 2007, the Russian Federation
                 will hold regular observer status in all of the Agency’s standing technical committees and
                 their working groups, after having participated in the NEA nuclear safety committees for
                 roughly a decade. Slovenia participates as a regular observer in all seven standing technical
                 committees. Selected other countries take part in NEA activities on a more ad hoc basis.

NEA Annual Report 2006                                                                                           41
     NEA Committees in 200

                                                                        OECD Council

                                                                      STEERING COMMITTEE
                                                                      FOR NUCLEAR ENERGY

       Committee          Committee           Radioactive          Committee                Nuclear                                 Committee              Nuclear
     on the Safety        on Nuclear             Waste            on Radiation              Science                                for Technical            Law
       of Nuclear         Regulatory          Management         Protection and            Committee                              and Economic            Committee
      Installations        Activities          Committee          Public Health                                                     Studies on
                                                                                                                                  Nuclear Energy
                                                                                       l   International          DATA             Development       l   Nuclear
 l   Safety           l   Operating       l   Stakeholder       l   Evolution              nuclear data           BANK             and the Fuel          legislation
     research             experience          confidence            of the system          evaluation                                  Cycle
                                                                    of radiological        co-operation                                              l   Nuclear
 l   Integrity of     l   Inspection      l   Integration           protection                             l   Computer                                  liability
     components           practices           of the safety                            l   Scientific          program and    l   Analysis of            regimes
     and structures                           case              l   Processes of           issues of           nuclear data       the nuclear
                          Public                                    stakeholder            reactor             services                                  Nuclear law
     Human and
                                                                                                                                  option             l
 l                        communi-        l                         involvement            systems                                                       information
     organisational       cation              sioning and                                                  l   Joint          l   Technology             and education
     factors                                  dismantling       l   Nuclear            l   Scientific          evaluated          evolution and
                      l   Regulatory                                emergency              issues of the       fission and        resources
 l   Risk                 effectiveness                             matters                fuel cycle          fusion data
     assessment                                                                                                library        l   Global energy
                                                                l   Occupational       l   Nuclear                                and the
     Analysis and                                                   exposure               criticality         Thermo-
                                                                                                           l                      environment
                                                                                           safety              chemical
     of accidents                                                                                              database       l   Economics
 l   Fuel safety                                                                                                              l   Interactions
                                                                                                                                  within the
 l   Fuel cycle
                                                                                                                                  OECD family

                                                              Provision of expertise

42                                                                                                                                              General Information
  NEA Secretariat in 200

                                                     Luis Echávarri

                                                      Gail Marcus
                                                 Deputy Director-General

        Takanori Tanaka                                                                      Thierry Dujardin
         Deputy Director                                                                     Deputy Director
      Safety and Regulation                                                             Science and Development

                            Karen Daifuku            John Hembury           Julia Schwartz
                                 Head                    Head                     Head
                          Central Secretariat,        Management                 Legal
                          External Relations          Support Unit               Affairs
                           and Public Affairs

          Hans Riotte           Javier Reig             Stan Gordelier     Akira Hasegawa    Claes Nordborg
        Head of Division      Head of Division          Head of Division        Head         Head of Section
      Radiation Protection        Nuclear                  Nuclear               Data           Nuclear
     and Radioactive Waste        Safety                 Development            Bank            Science

NEA Annual Report 2006                                                                                            4

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