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Introduction of the PRAXIS Series
Table of Contents
  Overview on PRAXIS I, PRAXIS II, ParaPro
  Assessment & SLS – School Leadership
Registering for the PRAXIS Exam
  Creating an Account, Registration via Online
  & Registration via Mail
Frequently Asked Questions
Study Material Reference
The PRAXIS Series

ETS offers the PRAXIS Series for individuals to receive certification
  in teaching.

The program is broken into various levels of certification:
       Para Professional
       Teacher Certification
       Principal Licensure
       Superintendent Licensure
PRAXIS I: Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST)

PPST are designed to measure basic skills in reading, writing and
  mathematics. The reading, writing and mathematics
  assessments are available in two formats: paper-based or
Colleges and universities may use PRAXIS I: Pre-Professional
  Skills Tests to evaluate individuals for entry into teacher
  education programs. The assessments are generally taken early
  in your college career.
PPST is not required for admissions into the College of Education
  teaching program at Southeast Missouri State University.
  Admission into a teaching program at Southeast requires the
  College-BASE (CBASE) examination. The CBASE exam is
  available through the Office of Testing Services
PRAXIS II: Subject Assessment
Subject Assessments measure knowledge of specific
  subjects that K-12 educators will teach, as well as
  general and subject-specific teaching skills and
  knowledge. There are Subject Assessments,
  Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Tests and
  Teaching Foundations Tests.
Individuals entering the teaching profession take these
   tests as part of the teacher licensing and certification
   process required by many states. A number of
   professional associations and organizations require
   these tests as one criterion for professional licensing
The PRAXIS II: Subject Assessments Include:

 Subject Assessments. These assessments measure
  general knowledge and subject-specific teaching and
  knowledge. They include multiple-choice and/or constructed-
  response test items.

 Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Tests.
  These assessment measure your general pedagogical
  knowledge at four grade levels: Early Childhood, Grades K-6,
  Grades 5-9, and Grades 7-12. These tests use a case study
  approach and feature constructed-response and multiple-choice
     Missouri certification uses the PLT 7-12 to teach for which
      no specialty area test or content knowledge test is
The PRAXIS II: Subject Assessments Include:

 Teaching Foundations Tests. These
  assessments measure pedagogy in five areas: Multi-
  subject (Elementary), English, Language Arts,
  Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. These
  tests feature constructed-response and multiple-
  choice items.
ParaPro Assessment
The ParaPro Assessment measures the
  reading, writing, and math competency of
  prospective and practicing para-
  professionals. It also measures the ability to
  apply these competencies when assisting in
  classroom instruction. The test is designed to
  satisfy requirements of the federally legislated
  No child Left Behind Act.
      In Missouri, the ParaPro Assessment is for individuals
       seeking to be employed as teaching assistants residing
       in Title I schools.
SLS – School Leadership Series
The School Leadership Series offers two assessments: The
  School Superintendent Assessment and the School Leaders
  Licensure Assessment. The assessments are designed for
  licensure and professional development for school
  superintendents, principals and other school leaders.
These tests were developed to provide a thorough, fair, and
  carefully validated assessment for states to use as part of the
  licensure process for principals, superintendents, and school
  leaders. These tests reflect the most current research and
  professional judgment and experience of educators across the
  country, and they are based on both a national job analysis
  study and a set of standards for school leaders indentified by
  the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC).
Registering for the PRAXIS Exam
All PRAXIS tests are registered through (ETS)
  Educational Testing Services.

ETS has divided the registration procedures in
 sections under: PrarPro Assessment,
 PRAXIS I or PRAXIS II and School
 Leadership Series.
 To enter the section for PRAXIS I or II, simply click
 on the link in the left hand column that states
 “Register for a Test”. To enter the section for the
 School Leadership Series, click on the link under
 “Related Links” and select the School Leadership
 Series. Then follow the link to register online.
 Both sections will have you create a profile first
 before selecting an exam. It is recommended to store
 the username and password in a safe place for future
 NOTE: If you already have a profile, you can simply
 click on “Sign-In” to login in either section to select a
 new exam.
Creating Your Account
In your account, you can update your password,
  security question, order exams or score
  reports and print your registration ticket.

For new accounts, you will enter information in
  the required fields, which is displayed in two
Create Your Account: Part I of 2
 Part one includes entering personal
  information: Name, Date of Birth, Gender,
  and Email Address. Before continuing to the
  next page, make sure the information
  provided is correct.

NOTE: ETS will confirm your account and send
 registration information to the e-mail address
 provided in your account.
Create Your Account: Part 2 of 2
 Part two includes creating a Username,
  Password, and Security Question.

 Once you have completed Part I and II, you
  will be asked to complete your personal
  information, which includes providing a social
  security number, address and phone number.
Enter Identifying Information
 Social Security Number – This field is
 optional for ETS. However, some states
 require a social security number (SSN) in
 order to process certification paperwork.
 Check with your state’s requirements to see if
 the SSN is required on the test score report.
       Missouri DESE requires SSN's to be listed on
        materials submitted for certification.
Enter Contact Information
It is required to enter your Country/Location,
    Address, and Primary Phone. All other
    fields are optional.

When you continue from this page, you must
 adhere to the PRAXIS terms and conditions.
 Please refer to the current PRAXIS Bulletin
 for the most accurate information on fee
 payment and score reporting.
Registering for the PRAXIS Exam
There are nine steps to
  complete when ordering
  a PRAXIS exam.

NOTE: No stand-by
  registrations are
  available. You must
  register either online or
  by mail.
Step One: Select a Test
Find a Test. There are three ways to find a test,
    Search by Certifying State or Agency,
    Search by Test Name or Code, and View
It is highly recommended to perform a search
    by certifying state or agency. This option
    allows you to identify the state and select a
    state agency. When you begin the search, it
    will bring up a list of PRAXIS Exams for that
    state agency.
Step One: Select a Test
NOTE: ETS offers multiple tests for any given
 subject. Not all tests apply to each state. To
 ensure you are selecting an approved
 certifying test for Missouri, it is recommended
 to visit Missouri Department of Elementary
 and Secondary Education (DESE) website.
 DESE will list all test(s) associated to a
 particular certification.
Step One: Select a Test
The available list allows you to select the exam(s)
  needed for state certification. The list provides the
  Test Name, Code, Session, Reporting Time,
  Duration, and Price. You may select one or more
  tests in this field.

Your Test(s): Before continuing, your selected test(s)
  will appear along with the Session, Report Time,
  Duration, and Price.

NOTE: If you have scheduled two one-hour tests in the
  same session, you will be told on test day which test
  to take first.
Step Two: Select a Test Date and Test
Select a Test Date: You will
  be given a list of available
  test dates. Only select one
  test date. Please note that
  not all tests are available for
  every test date.

NOTE: Test dates for the
  following testing year are
  posted in late summer.
Step Two: Select a Test Date and Test
Select a Test Center: There are two ways to
  find a test center: Nearest to Zip Code or By
  The Zip Code option will provide a list of test
  centers within 150 miles from the zip code
  The Location option will provide a list of test
  centers in the state indicated for the search.
Choose the test center by clicking on Select
 next to the test center name.
Step Three: Indicate Attending
Tell Us Where You Received Your Relevant
You are to enter the code for the college or
  university where you took classes that most
  closely relate to the test(s) you are taking.
  ETS uses this data for analysis purposes
  only. Your individual score report will not be
  sent to your attending institution unless you
  also list them as a Designated Score
Step Three: Indicate Attending
There are two ways to find your attending
  institution: by Name or Code and by

It is recommended to search by location. Some
    institutions have more than one code
    associated to the school for a particular
 Step Four: Score Recipients
Selecting Score Recipients: ETS allows up to two
  paper score recipients at no additional charge that will
  go to your state agency and a school or institution
  of your choice. Your score report will be available
  online only for 45 days from the posting date.

You may also add additional institutions to receive a
  score report for an additional fee.

NOTE: Southeast Missouri State University
score recipient code is 6655.
Step Four: Score Recipients
Passing Score Information: The
  score report will indicate the
  passing requirements of the test
  for the state or certifying agency.
  You may select a state or agency
  or skip this step.

NOTE: Some states require a copy of
  your score report to complete the
  certification process.
Step Five: Background Questions
 There are 15
 background questions
 ETS would like you to
 answer. These
 questions are optional,
 but you are strongly
 recommended to
Step Six: Test Preparations
ETS Offers test preparation materials for the
   particular subject test you are scheduled to
There is additional cost for the preparation
   materials. Select the preparation materials you
   wish to purchase then continue.
If you do not want to purchase preparation
   materials from ETS, simply continue
   without making a selection.
Step Seven: Review Your Order
 Before ETS will process
 your order, ETS provides a
 detail review of your
 order. From here, you
 may go back and edit any
 of the information selected.

 If all information is correct,
 Proceed to Checkout.
Step Eight: Payment
 To confirm your order with ETS, you must provide
 credit card information along with the correct billing

 ETS accepts American Express, Discover, JCB,
 Mastercard, and Visa.

 NOTE: Before submitting your order, please be
 aware of the various fees associated to changes or
 cancellations of the test, changes to the test center,
 changes to the date, or changes to the score
Step Eight: Payment
 In order to submit the order, you must agree
 to the Policy Agreement concerning test
 administration, fee payment, and score
 Details on the Policy Agreement are available
 through the PRAXIS Series Information
Step Nine: Order Complete
 When you Submit Your Order do not hit the
 “back” button. This may duplicate your order.
 Wait until the confirmation page is available.
 Print out the confirmation page. This serves
 as your registration ticket for the exam.

NOTE: If the page does not reset, close the
 internet page, and re-login into your PRAXIS
 account. If the order went through, it will show
 up in your account as purchased orders.
Registration by Mail
Registration by mail is required for the following
      Paying by Check or Money Order
      Cannot test on Saturday due to:
         Religious Beliefs

         Duties as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces

      Test Taker with Disabilities
      Test Taker Whose Primary Language is not English
         Southeast Missouri State University is not a test
          center for PLNE
Additional paperwork is needed to accompany the
  registration form depending on the situation stated
  above. Review the ETS/PRAXIS website for the
  particular requirements for testing.
Registering for a Monday test date for
Religious Reasons
 Complete the printed registration form. In the section
  under Saturday test date, print “Monday” on the
  line provided for the test center name and below write
  the city and state of the test center.

 Submit a letter of explanation on your cleric’s
  letterhead, signed by your cleric, with your
  registration form.

 Include the name of the agency requiring you to
  take the test.
NOTE: Registration form and letter need to be received
  no later than 6 weeks prior to test date.
Registering for a Monday test date due
to Military Duties
 Complete the printed registration form. In the section
  under Saturday test date, print “Monday” on the
  line provided for the test center name and below write
  the city and state of the test center.

 Submit a photocopy of your orders with your
  registration form.

 Include the name of the agency requiring you to take
  the test.

NOTE: Registration form and letter need to be received
  no later than 6 weeks prior to test date.
Registering Under Test
ETS is committed to serving test takers with disabilities by
  providing services and reasonable accommodations that are
  appropriate given the purpose of the test. Nonstandard testing
  accommodations are available for test takers who meet ETS
When applying for accommodations, ETS requires additional
  documentation to be supplied with the PRAXIS application. You
  are required to follow the procedures corresponding to the
    Documentation Options Include:
          Learning Disabilities
          Physical Disabilities
          Psychiatric Disabilities
          ADHD
Documentation Criteria
Documentation on file for the applicant must:
    clearly state the diagnosed disability or disabilities
    describe the functional limitations resulting from the
     disability or disabilities
    be current - i.e., completed within the last 5 years for LD,
     last 6 months for psychiatric disabilities, or last 3 years for
     ADHD and all other disabilitie (NOTE: this requirement does
     not apply to physical or sensory disabilities of a permanent
     or unchanging nature)
    include complete educational, developmental, and
     medical history relevant to the disability for which testing
     accommodations are being required
    include a list of all test instruments used in the evaluation
     report and relevant subtest scores used to document the
     stated disability (this requirement does not apply to physical
     or sensory disabilities of a permanent or unchanging nature)
ETS Disability Services
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern
  Time (New York)
Phone: 1-866-387-8602 (toll free) from U.S. and
TTY: 1-609-771-7714 Fax: 1-609-771-7165
Mail: ETS - Disability Services
      PO Box 6054
      Princeton, NJ 08541-6054
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to pre-register to take the PRAXIS Exam?
    Yes, Standby registration is not allowed.
Where do I register for the PRAXIS Exam?
  PRAXIS Exams must be registered through ETS either online at
  or by mail. Mail registration requires you to print out the registration form from the
  ETS/PRAXIS website.
How much is it for the PRAXIS Exam?
   There is an annual registration fee of $50 and then a fee for the test. Exam fees vary
   according to test. There are also late fees if the registration is not received by the
   deadline dates.
Where can I find study materials?
  There are numerous reference materials along with websites that offer PRAXIS study
  materials. It is recommended to use the information published by ETS. ETS offers a
  Test at a Glance view of the specific PRAXIS test. The College of Education has
  available some specialized study materials that can be obtained in Scully Room 212,
  as well as copies that maybe reserved in Kent Library.
Which PRAXIS Exam I need to take for Missouri certification?
   PRAXIS Exams for Missouri certification are available through Missouri Department
   of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Website at
Study Material Reference
Reference materials can be obtained through, public library, or any retail bookstore.
ETS offers reference materials for each subject test. Free materials
   include Test at a Glance, Reducing Test Anxiety, and General
   Information and Study Tips. Available for purchase is the subject
   Study Guide.
The College of Education Certification and Assessment office has
   some study materials available that can be checked-out. Please
   visit Scully room 212.
Online resources should be carefully reviewed before considering
   to purchase. It is recommended to use study materials that are
   published by ETS.
Some online resources include:

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