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2010 Annual School Report
Airds High School

NSW Public Schools – Leading the way
                                                         The school fosters a strong sense of personal best
Our school at a glance                                   in the classroom, on the sporting field and in the
                                                         cultural and performing arts.
Airds High School is a public comprehensive,
coeducational high school in the Campbelltown            The school is part of the Priority Funded Schools
School Education Area. It is a school which offers       Program (PFSP) and Priority Action Schools
every student a place to learn, lead and achieve         Program (PASP) and has a 5 class support unit.
their personal best.                                     This funding support will continue for 2011 and
                                                         2012. In 2011 Airds HS will become part of the
Students                                                 National Partnerships Low SES Communities.
                                                         Airds High school is renowned for its
Airds High school has an enrolment of                    organisational structure and focus, which strongly
approximately 500 students. It has a multicultural       aligns school resources with clearly articulated
mix with 20% Aboriginal students, 32% Pacific            values and learning platforms.
Islanders, and 54 cultures represented across the
school population.                                       I certify that the information in this report is the
                                                         result of a rigorous school self-evaluation process
Staff                                                    and is a balanced and genuine account of the
                                                         school's     achievements      and      areas     for
All teaching staff meets the professional                development.
requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.
                                                         Maxwell Foord
The school has 49 permanent staff and 14
supplementary staff under the PSP, PAS and               Principal
National Partnership programs.
                                                         P & C and/or School Council message
Significant programs and initiatives                     OUR P&C Association is comprised of a small but
Airds High is committed to improving the literacy        growing and dedicated number of parents,
outcomes of students and thus Accelerated                grandparents and community members, who
Literacy and Prioritising Grammar are major focus        work to provide all students with increased
areas for staff Training and Development.                educational opportunities and additional
Additional targeted stage classes also support the       resources.
transition of students into high school and to           Two major fundraising sources were the catering
work readiness.                                          for school functions and a Trivia Night, which
                                                         involved considerable planning, shopping and
Student achievement in 2010                              hours of canvassing local businesses.
Details concerning school performance on                 Staff truly appreciates the results and efforts of
external test measures (NAPLAN, ESSA, School             catering and Trivia Night involves the whole
Certificate, Higher School Certificate) are              school community who enjoy a sociable and
reported on further into the document.                   profitable evening.
                                                         P&C also supports and works with the SRC to
Messages                                                 assist in their fundraising, as well as organising
                                                         and operating the BBQ at the Athletics Carnival.
Principal’s message                                      P&C members offer support at vaccination days,
Airds High School is committed to personal and           providing reassurance for nervous students as
academic achievement and offers a broad                  well as cold drinks and ice blocks after the event.
academic and vocational curriculum. There is a           On Parent/Teacher Evening P&C members assist
strong emphasis on effective leadership at all           in distributing reports, directing parents to staff
levels including the classroom. Training and             areas and refreshments.
development of all staff is seen as integral to
delivering high quality lessons to all students.         P&C have instituted special memorial awards to
                                                         be presented to deserving students, recognising
                                                         their special qualities.

P&C supports and is consulted about new                  and family support. Referrals and connections
policies and changes to school organisation which        with other services and stakeholders is an
are discussed at meetings. This results in the           important aspect in this role. Some of the
wider community being accurately informed of             programs I have supported include gardening
school matters.                                          group, support unit girls & boys groups, sport
                                                         groups, study groups, parent courses, camps and
Our current President, Theresa Clark, has for
years made successful submissions for funding
which have enabled P&C to purchase equipment             AHS is a caring school community with a strong
for catering and shelter for volunteers. This            P&C involvement and a wonderful staff providing
equipment can also be utilised at other school           great opportunities for students. It is a privilege,
events.                                                  for me, to be part of this team. I would like to
                                                         thank the whole school community for the
In 2010 she arranged for our parents to complete
                                                         continued support of the Pastoral Carer position
a 2 day First Aid Course with Surf Lifesaving NSW
                                                         during 2010.
at no cost. Some places in the course were
allocated to senior students and some staff.
There will be another course offered in 2011,            Student representative’s message
enabling further school community members to             The Student Representative Council (SRC) is
benefit from an Airds High School P&C initiative.        comprised of the School Captains, Vice Captains,
 Several parents also gave considerable time, on a       Year Group Representatives, Support Unit
voluntary basis to be readers and writers for HSC        Representatives, SRC Advisor (neutral member of
& SC exams for students who required special             staff), Deputy Principal and Principal.
provisions.                                              In 2010, the SRC held numerous fundraising
Robyn Culbert                                            activities and raised money for nominated
                                                         charities. We held two discos; shaved and
CLO/Secretary P & C                                      coloured hair in support of the Leukaemia
                                                         Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave and gave up
Chaplaincy Program Report                                food for the World Vision 40 Hour Famine.
                                                         In 2011, we are nominating a ‘Charity of the
The position of Pastoral Carer at Airds High
                                                         Term. ’ This will involve 2-3 fundraising activities
School is funded by the Commonwealth
                                                         and the money raised will be donated to the
Department of Education Employment &
                                                         chosen charity. The SRC is also endeavouring to
Workplace Relations (DEEWR) under the National
                                                         introduce its own Welfare Days to enable the
School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP). The sponsor
                                                         representatives to further develop their
(employer) is GenR8 Ministries a combined
                                                         leadership skills, work together in a team
churches      organisation    responsible      for
                                                         environment and network with other students.
administering the Federal Government funding.
The supervision of the Pastoral Carer is shared by
the School Principal and the Sponsor within              School context
DEEWR guidelines. The program is available to
the whole school community as a voluntary                Student information
option without any obligation to participate. My
background is from the welfare sector; I have            It is a requirement that the reporting of
Diploma’s in Youth Work and Community Welfare            information for all students must be consistent
Work and TAFE Teaching qualifications.                   with privacy and personal information policies.

My role at AHS is to provide welfare & pastoral          Student enrolment profile
support to the school community and I focus on                        2006     2007     2008     2009       2010
the needs of students, staff & families. The tasks        Male         267      257      253      256        269
and issues can be very diverse within a school            Female       252      253      236      225        212
that is central to the community, and this is
where early intervention can be achieved.
Strategies include student contacts, staff liaison

                                                         Average attendance for all students declined in
                                                         2010 from 83.1 % in 2009 to 82.5% in 2010. It is
                                                         interesting to note that the decline occurred in
                                                         Year 7,8, 9, and improvements to attendance in
                                                         Years 10,11,12. Measures to address this junior
                                                         attendance issue in 2011 will be investigated.
                                                         The introduction of flexible learning time and
                                                         positive intervention programs should make an
                                                         impact on these figures.

The enrolment of boys has slightly increased each
                                                         Management of non-attendance
year for the past three years; however, the same
cannot be said about the girls with a 5% decrease        Management of poor and non attenders presents
per year over the past couple of years. This is a        a major challenge. Whilst students make every
reflection of the cohort of students arriving from       attempt to arrive at school on time, many have
local primary schools. The total school population       external carer commitments which inevitably
has stabilised with numbers hovering around 501,         lead to lateness. In 2011 attendance
which is slightly up on previous years.                  management and associated initiatives as noted
                                                         above will be coordinated by a HT Engagement
Student attendance profile                               and Enrichment and aligned with Year Advisors
                                                         and closely monitored by DPs and the
                                                         administrative staff. Where necessary the local
                                                         HSLO will be engaged to assist in ensuring chronic
                                                         non-attenders are addressed and DET attendance
                                                         requirements administered.

                                                         Structure of classes
                                                         Every attempt is made at Airds HS to ensure that
                                                         the placement of a student in a particular class is
                                                         ascertained on student ability, interest and/or
                                                         level of support required to ensure success of the
           Year    2007    2008   2009    2010           student at all levels of schooling. As students
 School    7                      87.5    86.7           progress to stage 5, electives are undertaken
           8                      84.2    82.8
                                                         which provides opportunities for engagement
           9                      83.5    80.7
           10                     81.7    82.0
                                                         and extension. As a result student retention into
           11                     79.7    80.9           Yr 11, stage 6 has improved greatly in recent
           12                     83.0    83.0           years.
           Total   84.9    88.8   83.1    82.5
 Region    7                      92.9    93.7
           8                      90.9    91.5
           9                      89.4    90.4
           10                     88.9    89.1           Retention to Year 12
           11                     89.6    89.6
           12                     89.6    90.0                     SC04-        SC05-   SC06-    SC07-    SC08 -
                                                                   HSC06        HSC07   HSC08    HSC09    HSC10
           Total   90.3    90.7   90.1    90.7
                                                          School    50.0         46.5    45.0     60.0      54.8
 State     7                      92.3    92.6
                                                          SEG       53.3         56.6    52.9     52.7      58.1
           8                      90.0    90.5
           9                      88.8    89.1            State     61.1         60.8    60.3     61.0      62.7
           10                     88.7    88.3
           11                     89.4    89.1
           12                     89.4    89.8
           Total   89.9    89.9   89.7    89.9

                                                            Year 12 students attaining HSC or equivalent
                                                            vocational educational qualification
                                                            The percentage of Year 12 students attaining HSC
                                                            or equivalent vocational educational qualification
                                                            in 2010 has also seen a pleasing upward trend
                                                            over recent years.

                                                            HSC Year                  2007       2008    2009

                                                            True SC      to    HSC 53.1%         57.0%   65.8%
                                                            retention         (any

Post-school destinations                                    HSC Awards                40         45      54
Out of the 63 students that attended school in
2010, 62 received a HSC.                                    Staff information
1 student left and enrolled in TAFE
                                                            Staff establishment
22 students are enrolled in a TAFE course
                                                            Position                                     Number
4 students are attending ‘Australian Careers                Principal                                      1
Business College’.                                          Deputy Principal(s)                            1
                                                            Assistant Principal(s)                         0
1 student is enrolled in the Army                           Head Teachers                                  1.2
1 student is enrolled in the NAVY.                          Classroom Teachers                            27.5
                                                            Teacher of Emotional Disabilities              0
1 student has taken up a scholarship in Football.           Teacher of Mild Intellectual Disabilities      5
                                                            Teacher of Reading Recovery                    0
1 student is undertaking an online Psychology
                                                            Support Teacher Learning Assistance            1.8
course                                                      Teacher Librarian                              1
5 students are attending University                         Teacher of ESL                                  .2
                                                            Counsellor                                     2
10 students are working                                     School Administrative & Support Staff         14.082
1 student gained an Electrical Apprenticeship               Total                                         63.882

Year 12 students undertaking vocational or                  The National Education Agreement requires
                                                            schools to report on Indigenous composition of
trade training
                                                            their workforce.
The percentage of Year 12 students undertaking
                                                            Airds High School Indigenous workforce is
vocational or trade training or transitioning to
                                                            comprised of: an AEO; DP Aboriginal Ed for the
TAFE in 2010 has steadily increased.
                                                            ‘Community of Schools’; a Teacher’s Aide Support
 Transition to                                              and a School Learning Support officer. The school
 TAFE                      2007        2008         2009    is also well supported by local Aboriginal workers
 TAFE AQF III +                                             and services.
 (t+1)                       10             9         12
                                                            Staff retention
 % at TAFE AQF III        20.4%       22.5%         26.7%
                                                            Airds High school has had a substantial
                                                            changeover of staff in the past three years. In
                                                            fact, 60% of the staff have transferred, gained
                                                            promotion or retired since 2008. This has created
                                                            many challenges with all new staff being
                                                            graduates or re-trainees thus leadership density
                                                            across the school has been greatly depleted.

Certainly some positive aspect of this is their high            School performance 2010
level of willingness and enthusiasm to make a
difference, their preparedness to adopt school
                                                                In 2010 the school was involved in a range of
practices and learn from T & D opportunities.
                                                                academic, cultural and sporting events that
Teacher qualifications                                          assisted the development of individual student’s
                                                                skills and further developed our community of
All teaching staff meet the professional
requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.
Qualifications                       % of staff                 Achievements
Degree or Diploma                      100
Postgraduate                            10                      Sport
                                                                The year 2010 has been a busy year with many
Financial summary                                               outstanding sporting achievements by many
                                                                students here at Airds High School.
This summary covers funds for operating costs
and does not involve expenditure areas such as                  We have had students represent Fisher zone,
permanent salaries, building and major                          Sydney South West and NSWs teams along with
maintenance.                                                    many participating in knockout teams and
                                                                demonstrating pride, commitment and team
                                                                work abilities.
  Balance brought forward                      692 078.30
  Global funds                                 389 253.52
                                                                School Sport
  Tied funds                                   629 006.69       This year we have seen a change to the
  School & community sources                    63 422.46       organisation of sport. Years 7 to 11 will
  Interest                                      38 590.56
                                                                participate in two periods per cycle of sport.
  Trust receipts                                77 321.19
  Canteen                                            0.00
                                                                Students will compete in round robin
  Total income                               1 889 672.72       competitions in a variety of sports across the
                                                                year. Some of the sports include: rounders, vidi
  Expenditure                                                   ball, indoor soccer, volleyball and endzone
  Teaching & learning                                           vortex.
       Key learning areas                       76 326.96
       Excursions                               13 016.84
                                                                Swimming Carnival
       Extracurricular dissections              39 357.87       In week 5, all students were invited to participate
  Library                                            0.00       in our school swimming carnival. The rain held off
  Training & development SASS                      636.47
                                                                and the sun came out to provide us with some
  Tied funds                                   590 891.03
                                                                great weather. The students participated in a
  Casual relief teachers                        17 525.01
  Administration & office                      154 425.03
                                                                variety of swimming events throughout the day
  School-operated canteen                            0.00       including some fun novelty events. This year was
  Utilities                                    136 161.33       a little different as it introduced safety wrist
  Maintenance                                   71 089.16       bands, which allowed students to participate in a
  Trust accounts                                84 354.53       safe free time swim at the end of the day. The
  Capital programs                              21 065.60       majority of the students passed a number of
  Total expenditure                          1 204 849.83       swimming tests which permitted students to
  Balance carried forward                      684 822.89       swim anywhere in the outside pool.
                                                                Students who need to be congratulated are
                                                                Katelyn Ferderer who competed at the regional
                                                                swimming carnival producing some great results
                                                                and Aidan Ferderer who competed at the State
A full copy of the school’s 2010 financial                      Championships at Homebush.
statement is tabled at the annual general
                                                                Cross Country
meetings of the School Council and/or the parent
body. Further details concerning the statement                  Our School cross country was held during periods
can be obtained by contacting the school.                       1 and 2. We had Katelyn Ferderer take out the

female race and Adam Akbas winning the males              Rossalina Poaru-Tatira was successful at the
race. The following students were successful at           Fisher Zone carnival playing outstanding and
Zone and competed at the regional cross country           made the Sydney South West volleyball team.
championships. Katelyn Ferderer, Adam Akbas,
                                                          Jackie Faiaoga in year 10 also represented Sydney
Aidan Ferderer, Kimberley Gimbert, Zachary
                                                          South      West     at   the    State   Volleyball
Jessen, Dylan Mahon, Leah Richardson, Emma
                                                          championships. Jackie played extremely well at
Nash, Mahdi Saleh and John Alley.
                                                          the Sydney South West championships. She is
Athletics Carnival                                        without a doubt, one of the most promising
                                                          young players in NSW at the moment! Jackie was
The school’s athletics carnival was held on Friday
                                                          the first setter to be selected in the Open Trans
the 7th of May at Airds High School. It turned out
                                                          Tasman team, while still eligible for selection in
to be a beautiful warm day and many school
                                                          the State U16s team. She is also the first Airds
records were broken by gifted students.
                                                          female to be selected in any CHS team.
In week 3 of term 3 the Regional athletics carnival
was held at Campbelltown Stadium on the 4th
and 5th of August. The following students need to         This year Aidan Ferderer’s achievements have
be congratulated on their performance and effort          been outstanding in the swimming pool. He
at the carnival. Milly Turaganivolo, Ashleigh             received Age Champion at the Fisher Zone
Vidovic-McCarthy, Alisha White, Iesha Wright,             carnival where he won the 12 years boys 50m
Aidan Ferderer, Jason Phoumivong, Adam Akbas,             freestyle, 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 100m
& John Alley. Our best performance came from              backstroke, 100m Breaststroke and 100m
Elijah Sa in the 13 years boys’ Discus event where        Butterfly. With these fantastic results Aidan was
he received third place and is a reserve for the          off to the regional swimming carnival to be held
State Carnival to be held later this term. Well           at Birrong swimming centre. I am very proud to
done to all the competitors.                              say that Aidan was successful here and made it to
                                                          the State Swimming Carnival to be held at
Knockout sports
                                                          Homebush later that same term.
This year we have had many teams compete in
                                                          Fisher Zone Blues Presentation
the State wide knockout competition. Sports
have included soccer, touch, hockey, table tennis,        On the 15th of September a selected number of
rugby league, tennis, basketball and volleyball.          students represented Airds High School at the
Our most successful team was the female                   annual blue presentation which was held at
volleyball team who made it to the state finals.          Ambarvale High School. The students were well
                                                          behaved and looked absolutely amazing in their
Sydney South West representation
                                                          school uniform. The following students were
The following students need to be congratulated           successful in achieving year 12 recognition
on their continued participation and achievement          awards.
                                                          The All Star Volleyball team received awards for
Tennis                                                    their outstanding achievement this year with
Congratulations to Saterlee Van Stralen who               volleyball. The girls are the 5th best team in NSW.
represented Airds High School and Fisher Zone on          What an achievement girls, we at Airds are very
the 12th of February at Panania for the Sydney            proud of you all. The team consisted of: Serita Sa,
South West tennis trials. Saterlee played                 Mekita Loli, Rossalina Tatira Poaru, Talauula
outstanding on the day and was successful in              Akeripa, Henrietta Nauer, Christina Sivao, Rachel
making the Sydney South West representative               Manase.
side.                                                     The following students achieved their awards for
Volleyball                                                their constant contribution to a number of
                                                          sporting teams and adventures across the school
Jared No in year 12 who represented Sydney                year: Ross Leifi, Raven Nicholls and John Alley.
South West boys Volleyball team in March. This            The following students received awards for
team was highly successful and won the NSW                representing Fisher Zone in a variety of sports:
CHS State Championships.

Fisher Zone soccer                                      Our final award went to Saterlee Van-Stralen who
                                                        made the Sydney South West team for tennis.
      Adam Akbas
                                                        Saterlee is a gifted player who has worked well as
      Ryen Edmond Hughes
                                                        a team leader to share and teach her knowledge
                                                        of the game to her knockout tennis team mates.
Fisher Zone volleyball
     Talauula Akeripa
     Rachel Manase                                     Eat It Work It Move It Program
     Zerina Muratovic
     Henrietta Nauer                                   Eat It Work It Move It (EWM) is now in its second
     Jackie Faiaoga                                    year of implementation into Airds High School.
                                                        We have continued to implement new and old
Rugby League                                            strategies to improve and maintain students and
    Raven Nicholls                                     staff members overall health. This year (2010)
    Sou Kamatu                                         saw the official launch of EWM.
    Ross Leifi                                         We had a number of special guests that shared
    Varu Varu                                          their expertise in their chosen fields, many
    Paul Vaai                                          activities to inform Year 7 about healthy eating
                                                        habits and physical activity lessons to ensure
Fisher Zone Hockey team                                 students were exercising on a regular basis.
                                                        Throughout the year EWM have been providing
      Katelyn Ferderer
                                                        students, staff and parents with school
Airds High School had two students who received         newsletter updates that were informative
age champion across a variety of carnivals. Aidan       towards their health and wellbeing.
Ferderer received Fisher Zone champion in 12            In term 3 we ran an indoor soccer competition to
year boys swimming and 12 year boys cross
                                                        increase the level of physical activity for both our
country. Adam Akbas also doubled up in the 16
                                                        staff and students. This was held three lunch
years boys’ age group in both cross country and
                                                        times a week due to the extensive number of
athletics. Well done boys, what an achievement.
                                                        teams competing. Well done to our Year 12 boys
The Zone Blues awards are the most prestigious          who were the successful winners of the whole
awards of the presentation day and we were              competition.
lucky enough to have 4 students accomplish
                                                        Year 8 students were involved in the EWM Gala
these outstanding results.                              day which seen them competing against schools
                                                        that were outside their zone. This was a great day
Our First student to achieve this award was Aidan
                                                        in which all Year 8 students competed to the best
Ferderer. He obtained his award for all his
                                                        of their abilities. Our Year 8 girl team went
excellent achievements in swimming this year
                                                        through the whole day undefeated which is a
where he reached the State Championships to be
                                                        great achievement.
held at Homebush in Term 1.
                                                         This year we have had a closer look at the
Our second student was Jared Noa who won the            products that are sold in the canteen. We are in
Blues award for his participation in the Sydney         the process of changing to a healthy canteen to
South West volleyball team. Jared’s team went           improve our students as well as the staff’s eating
on to win the State championships. What a great         habits here at school.
result Jared.                                           Finally we wanted to educate our students on the
                                                        importance of a healthy breakfast and how that
Our next student was Jackie Faiaoga who won the         would help them throughout each and every day.
Zone Blue’s award for volleyball. Jackie has            So we held a healthy breakfast orienteering
played in the opens Trans Tasman team who               course. This involved students running around
went to New Zealand and the U16’s NSW team              the school answering question on nutrition and
who recently played in Canberra.                        the importance of a healthy breakfast. The three
                                                        winning teams were awarded with medals on

assembly and they were very excited with their             ranging from Performance Band 1 (lowest) to
awards and success.                                        Performance Band 6 (highest).
The Duke of Edinburgh Award                                Literacy – NAPLAN Year 7
                                                           The cohort that entered Yr 7 in 2010 recorded
The Duke of Edinburgh Award became
                                                           the following results: 18 % of our students
operational at Airds High School in 2010.
                                                           attained the lowest Band: Band 4 and a further
Students in Year 9 and 10 (aged 14 and over)
                                                           43% of our students achieved Band 5. Thus the
were able to pick the Duke of Edinburgh Award
                                                           Year 7 cohort for 2010 has 61% of its students in
program as their interest elective. The Award is a
                                                           the lowest two performing bands in ‘Reading’.
self-development program available to all young
                                                           This is a slight improvement on previous years ,
people. The Award is non-competitive and
                                                           but will present many challenges and a whole
encourages young people to set and achieve
                                                           school focus on basic skills in literacy should be
goals at a level appropriate to their needs.
                                                           maintained to address the specific skills that
There are four sections that must be completed             individual students will be required to develop in
for a young person to qualify for an Award:                order to move into the proficient bands and to
Volunteering, Skills, Physical Recreation and              enhance their performance in 2011.
Adventurous Journeys. These activities provide
an opportunity for students to acquire and
develop skills and build initiative and self-esteem
which will help them become more confident and
contributing members of the community. The
Award is highly regarded by many employers.
Participants design their own program by
selecting activities they are interested in, setting
their own goals and striving to achieve their own
potential. The Award has three levels – Bronze,
Silver and Gold. Year 9 and 10 students will be
starting at the Bronze level.
In 2011, we hope to attract more students aged
14 years and over to explore their potential and
achieve success through access and participation
in The Duke of Edinburgh Award program.
In the National Assessment Program, the results
across the Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 literacy and
numeracy assessments are reported on a scale
from Band 1 to Band 10.
The achievement scale represents increasing
levels of skills and understandings demonstrated           Numeracy – NAPLAN Year 7
in these assessments.                                      It is pleasing to note that the cohort that entered
Yr 7: from Band 4 (lowest) to Band 9 (highest for          Yr 7 in 2010 presented with a higher level of
Year 7)                                                    numeracy skills than previous years. Despite
                                                           having 47% of students in the lowest two bands,
Yr 9: from Band 5 (lowest) to Band 10 (highest for
                                                           there were a greater number of students in the
Year 9)
                                                           proficient to higher bands.
                                                           Average overall literacy growth in Year 7 was 67.4
In the School Certificate the performance of               compared to a state wide average growth of 55.2.
students is reported in performance bands                  Overall boys performed better than girls
                                                           improving on average by 68.4 to 66.0.

                                                     Numeracy – NAPLAN Year 9

Literacy – NAPLAN Year 9
Students performed better in the Reading
component of the NAPLAN assessment than they
did in the Writing component. Overall average
growth in Reading was 32.5 compared to a state
wide improvement average of 35.1 In Writing a        Progress in literacy
score of 18.7 was well below state average           Year 7 Naplan results were slightly above the
growth of 29.4 These two components will be          school average for recent years, though still well
addressed in 2011.                                   below state average. Year 9 Naplan results were
                                                     very poor and against the trends of recent years.
                                                     There was low growth in all areas. A re-
                                                     assessment of writing strategies should be a
                                                     focus as the reluctance of this cohort to attempt
                                                     writing tasks in class has been noted by staff, and
                                                     could explain their aberrant result compared to
                                                     other cohorts.
                                                     Progress in numeracy
                                                     Students undertaking the NAPLAN assessment in
                                                     Year 9 2010 have shown considerable
                                                     improvement in comparison to state growth. All
                                                     students (boys and girls) improved at Airds by
                                                     43.8 compared to a state average improvement
                                                     of 39
                                                     Specifically boys at Airds achieved an average
                                                     improvement of 69.9 compared to state average
                                                     improvement of 41.0. Girl’s improvement
                                                     averaged out at 49.8 compared to state average
                                                     of 35.1.

School Certificate                                        School Certificate relative performance
Year 10 School Certificate English results were           comparison to Year 5 (value-adding)
pleasing. They continued the trend in recent
years of eliminating lower band results, although
not as many students achieved the highest bands.
Growth was marginally lower than the average of
recent years; however, the gap between the
performances of the cohort in English compared
to other subjects increased. Approximately two-
thirds of the cohort had English as their best
subject and for 96% it was one of their two best
The Mathematics results for 2010 for School
Certificate showed a reduction in the lowest
band, Band 1. Therefore, a greater number of
students performed in Band 2 and 3. Much
greater focus was given to the Literacy and
Numeracy skills this year. Also, the introduction
of Mathletics and 3 weeks of intense School
Certificate exam style/past paper questions:
should see an even improvement in results.
The Science results saw two students achieve
Band 5 and over 60% of students attaining Bands           Higher School Certificate
3, 4. Great improvements were made in the
lowest bands with no students represented in
Band 1 and only 17% of students in Band 2.
The HSIE faculty delivers the two mandatory
courses of Australian History and Australian
Geography. The Australian History course results
for 2010 were lower than for other years as the
exam demands sophisticated skills in source and
question analysis and written responses.
Successful historical writing expects students to
understand what brought about or followed from
events through time and the multiple causes
leading to events. Much greater focus is currently
being given to the literacy skills that support
success in writing responses to History questions.
The Accelerated Literacy pedagogy together with
appropriate streamlining of some content areas
will improve test results to previous levels.
Student interest in Australian History is lower
than for Australian Geography but it is hoped that
improved literacy skills will boost engagement

                                                         the extremely poor attendance of the group.
                                                         Advance English results were comparable to
                                                         recent years and similar school groups, with a
                                                         number of students unlucky to miss out on a
                                                         higher band by one or two marks. Overall
                                                         Advanced English was the strongest HSC subject.
                                                         The results for General Mathematics HSC were
                                                         consistent as compared to the last year: showing
                                                         a slight improvement in the higher bands.
                                                         However, 2 unit Mathematics was very
                                                         disappointing, which was below state average.
                                                         The numbers of students who sat their HSC in
                                                         science courses increased from previous years. In
                                                         Biology 25% of students achieved a Band 3, 4 or
                                                         5. There has been a noticeable positive upward
                                                         movement of students from the lowest bands to
                                                         the middle bands.
                                                         Small numbers of students studied Chemistry and
                                                         Physics    making     comparisons       to   state
                                                         performance almost superfluous. It is pleasing to
Higher      School     Certificate      relative         note that physics was back in the curriculum mix.
performance       comparison      to     School          The Australian Geography results continue to be
Certificate (value-adding)                               more satisfactory than Australian History results
                                                         as the initiatives stated above have been trialed
                                                         in this course. Our students are genuinely
                                                         interested in geographic issues, particularly those
                                                         related to the local area, and this allows students
                                                         to be deeply engaged with course content and
                                                         achieve success. Practical field work and our
                                                         school’s participation in Georges River research
                                                         studies further support student learning. In
                                                         recent years, teachers have prioritised supporting
                                                         the particular literacy requirements of geographic
                                                         written responses and this has had some success.
                                                         The senior Geography course is now a very
                                                         popular choice for students who enjoy the mix of
                                                         skills and knowledge and practical work that it
                                                         Minimum standards
                                                         The Commonwealth Government sets minimum
                                                         standards for reading, writing, grammar and
                                                         punctuation, spelling and numeracy for years 7
                                                         and 9.
                                                         The performance of the students in our school in
                                                         the National Assessment Program – Literacy and
HSC results in English Standard were below the           Numeracy is compared to these minimum
average in recent years, though English continued        standards. The percentages of our students
to be one of the cohort’s strongest subjects. The        achieving at or above these standards are
poor performance of the cohort overall reflects          reported below.

Percentage of Year 7 students in our school                 additional learning needs and coordinate whole
achieving at or above the minimum standard in               school enrichment initiatives.
                                                            The employment of School Support Learning
 Minimum Standard Information                               Officers to provide Literacy and Numeracy
 Percentage of Year 7 students achieving at
                                                            support to Year 7-9 students who are priority 1 &
        or above minimum standard                           2 students in school based data. The use of STLA’s
 Reading                                   81.9             to provide programming support and team
 Writing                                   77.1             teaching to improve the literacy and numeracy
 Spelling                                  75.7             outcomes of students.
 Punctuation and grammar                   61.4             PAS/PSP also provided for:
 Numeracy                                  83.3
                                                            An Enrichment Program – Law firms Encouraging
                                                            and Assisting Promising Students (LEAPS)
Percentage of Year 9 students in our school                 program - 18 Targeted Year 9 Students are
achieving at or above the minimum standard in               mentored by a practicing lawyer and go on
2010                                                        fortnightly excursions to their workplace in the
                                                            city. The target group incorporates students from
 Percentage of Year 9 students achieving at                 across the learning spectrum, including extension
        or above minimum standard                           and at risk students.
 Reading                                 56.2
 Writing                                 56.3
                                                            PSP also funded an after school homework centre
 Spelling                                67.6               to allow students to get tutoring after school with
 Punctuation and grammar                 64.8               their homework and assessment tasks and give
 Numeracy                                73.2               them access to computers/internet and printers.
                                                            It was staffed with a variety of teachers from
                                                            different KLA’s. This has increased the submission
Significant programs and initiatives                        rate of assessment tasks across all KLA’s. As part
                                                            of the school’s enrolment process students are
Priority Action Schools /Priority                           also identified as to who requires homework
Funded Schools Programs                                     support and parents are encouraged to sign off
                                                            attendance at the homework centre as part of
In 2010 PSP and PAS funded a range of programs
designed to improve student and community                   the enrolment process.
literacy, numeracy and engagement in school.                PAS funding was used so that a full time teacher
The PAS program allowed for the employment of               could be timetabled to supervise senior students
a Deputy Principal and two Head Teachers.                   in the senior study. This means that there are no
                                                            free periods for senior students, they have ready
Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning with an            access to computers and printers for their
aim to improve student engagement in learning,              assessment tasks and there is close monitoring of
higher expectations and improved learning                   attendance and work completed. The teacher is
outcomes in the classroom. The role will be to              also responsible for the development of study
oversee and implement whole school teaching                 resources and organising study seminars for all
and learning with a focus on literacy, numeracy &           senior students.
                                                            The school provided staff training and
Head Teacher Curriculum - to coordinate whole               development in Accelerated Literacy. This has
school numeracy and literacy plan and staff                 allowed staff to be supported in their
professional learning in the area of Numeracy               development and implementation of more
and Literacy to ensure the explicit teaching of             explicit and dynamic approaches to the teaching
literacy and numeracy.                                      of literacy in their subject area. All staff
Head Teacher – Engagement and Enrichment To                 completed 36 hours of accredited training by
facilitate effective learning support strategies for        Accelerated Literacy tutors based in the school.
targeted student groups and individuals with                This will ensure the Whole School Writing
                                                            Strategy focused on the writing of different text

types across different KLA’s, will continue to be           insight into the potential for dance and
successful. Accelerated Literacy develops                   performance to develop bodies and minds!
background and conceptual knowledge, spelling
                                                            Staff from NSW University Nura Gili Indigenous
strategies, an understanding of language features
                                                            Centre visited the school to encourage our senior
and the joint deconstruction and modeling of
                                                            students to access the vast Winter School
texts, thus improving the outcome of student
                                                            Program at the university. Students were able to
independent writing.
                                                            live on campus for the school holidays and
                                                            experience the real life of a university student
                                                            and some of the range of courses that are
Aboriginal Education                                        offered.
 Airds High School continues to maintain positive           Year 7 & 8 Indigenous students continued to
and productive working relationships with                   work with the Work Ventures program IKINNECT.
Campbelltown Art Gallery, the Aboriginal                    They are involved with after school activities and
Employment Service, Tharawal Aboriginal                     excursions focused on strengthening student
Corporation, Work Ventures and AMP and the                  engagement with their cultures and with the
University of Western Sydney. Our students                  school environment. The students are also able
benefit from the passion and expertise that these           to access extra literacy and numeracy support at
institutions provide in the form of further study           school, both in their classes and in withdrawal
opportunities and mentoring.                                mode with a specialist tutor.
Year 10 students experienced many visits to UWS             A major presentation by South Western Sydney
campus as well as other campuses. They had                  Local Health network for showcasing careers in
guest lecturers to demystify the world of tertiary          health for our Aboriginal students occurred in our
education and mentors to support them                       school hall and every individual accessed this
throughout the whole process. The mentors and               valuable opportunity. Questions were answered
the Airds High School Creative and Performing Art           for many about the traineeships and jobs
Faculty worked closely to facilitate the                    available and the possibilities for school leavers.
production of art works that students created to            Areas of Nursing, Mental Health, Trades and
acknowledge their heritage and personal                     Ambulance Services were examined and most
journeys.                                                   students came away with very positive ideas for
                                                            their futures.
Year 10 students were also highly successful in
their applications for Department of Housing                Multicultural education
Scholarships. These funds allow students to                 In 2010 the school continued to develop
support their school activities and strive for their        opportunities for our students to explore and
personal best in all areas.                                 celebrate the cultural diversity which is very
Stage 6 students continued to succeed with their            much the fabric of our school community. The
traineeships with the AES in the local area. Both           ‘Culture of the Term’ ceremonies highlighted the
Year 11 and Year 12 students managed their time             diversity of our school population and developed
and personal agendas to attend workplaces each              awareness amongst all members of the school
week and participate as genuine members of                  community the need to be tolerant and treat all
workforce teams. Some students have now                     people with respect and dignity. These events are
moved to full time employment with their                    a highlight on our school calendar.
traineeship employers.                                      Our students were invited to several local schools
Our dancers and performers continued to work                to help them celebrate Harmony Day by
with the local Art Gallery and participated in the          providing performances of dance, singing and
annual Campbelltown Art Gallery/NAISDA                      traditional music.
project. Two of our senior students participated            A number of parents participated in a Macarthur
in a major performance work at the Eveleigh Rail            Schools Leadership Conference for parents of
performance space. The girls were hosted in the             various cultural backgrounds. Our students were
city and worked with people from all over the               also involved in this event as performers and
state, an experience that gave them deeper                  caterers.

PBL Report (School Values)                                     Links to Learning 2010
In 2010, the entire school community revamped                  The Links to Learning Program is run at Airds High
the PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) matrix.              School by Macarthur Diversity Services. This
Students, parents and staff were given the                     program is based on students who come from
opportunity to contribute their ideas towards our              culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
new matrix – the platform of expectations for all              (CALD). This program uses strategies to re-engage
staff, students, parents and community members                 and motivate young people to reach their full
of Airds High School. The finalised matrix is:                 potential both academically and personally.
                                                               There are 16 students in the Links to Learning
                                                               program which takes place every Tuesday periods
We are SAFE              Listen carefully and follow          1-5 throughout terms 1-4. The program has four
when we:                  instructions                         themes:
                         Are in the right place at the        Term 1 – Teamwork and Communication
                          right time
                                                               Term 2 - Tolerance and Respect
                         Use equipment
                          appropriately                        Term 3 – Change

                         Say “no” to bullying and             Term 4 – The Future and Me
                          harassment                           Along with the themes above the students in this
                                                               program also attend four excursions and go on
We are                   Bring equipment and are              one camp in order to complete the program.
LEARNERS                  prepared
when we:                                                       Excursions: Sydney Jewish Museum, Wooglemai,
                         Accept the challenge and             Powerhouse Featherdale and Powerhouse.
                          ‘have a go’
                                                               Vocational Education Program 2010
                         Strive to do our personal
                                                               Senior students are encouraged to undertake
                                                               Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses
                         Co-operate and work well             both here at school and at TAFE (TVET). These
                          with others                          courses give them the opportunity to gain dual
                                                               accreditation:    an    industry     recognised
We are                   Care for others and the              qualification and a HSC, thus increasing their
RESPECTFUL                environment                          employment opportunities.
when we:
                         Use manners and                      In 2010 we had a total of 59 senior students
                          appropriate language                 studying VET courses at school and 35 students at
                                                               TAFE. Of these, 11 students studied two VET
                         Value other cultures
                                                               courses at school and 9 students studied a VET
                         Take pride in ourselves,             course at school and one at TAFE. This high
                          school and community                 participation rate highlights the popularity of
                                                               such “hands-on” courses.
Executive staff also modified the Consequences
                                                               At school, students in Year 11 opted to study
Chart and School Welfare and Discipline Policy in
                                                               Certificate II Hospitality Kitchen Operations
line with the new matrix.
                                                               (commercial cookery strand), Certificate II Metals
National Partnership Low SES Communities                       and Engineering and Certificate III Information
Programs                                                       Technology. Year 12 students continued their
                                                               studies in Certificate II Hospitality Kitchen
This will commence in 2011. A report relating to
                                                               Operations (commercial cookery strand) and
the situational analysis appears later in the report
                                                               Certificate II Construction. Students must
under key evaluations.
                                                               complete 70 hours of mandatory work placement
                                                               over the 2 years of the course.

The 2009 Year 9 Work Education class began the            Technology
Certificate II Retail Services course in year 10,
2010. This course is an early commencement of             Airds High School has embraced technology and
Stage 6 VET course in Stage 5. This means that            has made great progress in this area. The school
the by the end of Year 11 in 2011, these students         installed 17 Interactive White Boards (IWB) at the
will complete one full HSC and VET subject.               end of 2010 which increased the total of IWB’s to
                                                          33, which are being widely used in the delivery of
All school based VET courses are taught by our
                                                          quality lessons in a range of subjects. As part of
staff, who are accredited to teach VET subjects at
                                                          the BER Science Laboratory install the school
school. This accreditation is a very stringent
                                                          received another Interactive Classroom this has
process, including appropriate training, industry
                                                          given the school a second video conferencing
experience and Certificate IV in Workplace
                                                          facility and provided another Interactive white
assessment. Due to changes to the training
                                                          board. To coincide with the install of this
package in Hospitality, the Hospitality trained
                                                          technology a number of staff have been trained
teachers have had to undergo further training
                                                          and will be continued to be trained in the use of
and assessment in 2010 to meet the new
                                                          Interactive White Boards.
benchmark requirements.
                                                          The Digital Education Revolution continues with
35 students studied at TAFE in subjects such as
                                                          Year 9 students receiving their laptops in June. As
Accounting, Animal Care, Automotive -
                                                          part of this process Year 9 students participated
Airbrushing, Automotive - Detailing / Dismantling,
                                                          in workshops for the Educational use of the
Children’s Services, Construction, Hairdressing,
                                                          laptops. The purpose of these workshops was to
Primary Industries - Horticulture and Retail
                                                          ensure that students are using the laptops to
Services. The courses range from 120 hours over
                                                          their full potential to access technology for use in
1 year, 240 hours over 2 years and for some
courses (Skills Pathway for Youth), 240 hours
over 1 year. Students studying Construction or            As part of the Digital Education Revolution
Retail Services at TAFE must complete 70 hours            Program all Year 10 students’ laptops received an
of work placement over the duration of the                upgrade. This is an important process as it
course.                                                   provides students with the latest software and
                                                          with fixes to known problems on the laptops. The
One student in Year 12 completed a School Based
                                                          School also received another 14 teacher laptops
Traineeship in Business Services and a Year 11
                                                          for use in the classroom to enhance teaching and
Student began a School Based Traineeship in
                                                          learning. The training of Faculty Technology
Business Services both as part of the Aboriginal
                                                          Coordinators continued this allowed those that
Education Strategy. One Year 10 student
                                                          were trained to act as facilitators of technology
commenced a School Based Apprenticeship in
                                                          information to the rest of the staff. An outcome
Automotive. Students who do a School Based
                                                          of this training has been the development of Year
Traineeship / Apprenticeship must study the
                                                          9 & 10 units of work for each KLA.
appropriate VET course and complete 100 days of
paid work per year with an employer who will              The Digital Education Revolution Program
take them on as a trainee or apprentice.                  completed Phase 2 of the wireless infrastructure
                                                          early in Term 2 to support the student laptops.
2009 saw the completion of the refurbishments
                                                          This has given all classrooms a wireless network
of the kitchen for Hospitality classes. The
                                                          for students and staff to access with their
Hospitality kitchen has been classified by the RTO
                                                          laptops. This enables students and teachers to
as a Category ‘A’ Kitchen, allowing our trained
                                                          access the technology for use in lessons.
Hospitality staff to teach the Certificate II
Hospitality Kitchen Operations course in 2010.            Two Parent Technology Workshops were
Ambarvale High School Year 12 Hospitality                 conducted in Term 3. The parents learnt how
students have used our kitchens for a practical           technology was used in the high school; useful
assessment task to ensure they have had access            websites to assist with their children’s learning
to the appropriate commercial equipment in a              and also developed some technology skills
class situation. We envisage that other local high        themselves.
schools may also utilise our kitchens in 2011.            The Digital citizenship program was introduced in

Term 4 this is part of the Digital Education                  begun attending this year, making our current
Revolution NSW. The program contains lessons                  enrolment at 22 students.
on aspects of digital citizenship and a Mystery
                                                              Best Buddies
Matters interactive game on social networking
for students. It also includes resources for                  Best Buddies is a program that aims to create
parents on digital citizenship and how they can               long lasting friendships between mainstream and
support children at home. There are also links to             support students. This program is highly
relevant videos and online resources to support               successful in breaking through the social barriers
positive digital citizenship which are of interest to         and nurturing budding friendships. The program
anyone.                                                       also gives the student access to leadership roles
                                                              and allows the students to be in the fore front in
Students will learn about: staying safe and
                                                              running Best Buddies meetings and organising
healthy while using digital technologies;
                                                              fundraising events. 2010 was a busy year filled
appropriate and inappropriate online behaviour;
                                                              with regular Best Buddies meetings and
and being a positive contributor in an online
                                                              friendship updates, fundraising and excursions.
                                                              The buddy pairs organized and ran a successful
iKINNECT                                                      sausage sizzle, a chocolate drive and a guessing
                                                              competition. It was great seeing all the buddy
 The iKINNECT Program is a pilot project, funded              pairs supporting each other and working so well
by AMP Foundation, aiming to develop a holistic               together throughout all these events.
framework that improves education and
                                                              Many solid friendships were created with buddy
employment outcomes for Indigenous youth
                                                              pairs regularly meeting up inside and outside of
identified ‘at risk’. The program offers school and
                                                              school to spend time socially and support one
non-school based activities that work to enhance
                                                              another throughout the school year. It was
the educational outcomes and achievements of
                                                              fantastic to see at the beginning of 2011 to see so
Indigenous students at Airds High School. The
                                                              many of last year’s pairs had continued to work
Program commenced in May 2009, in partnership
                                                              on their friendships over the school break and
with Airds High School and a number of
                                                              had returned to the program for another year as
community based partnerships.
                                                              well as some new faces who are keen in getting
2010 was a great year for iKINNECT and its                    involved. This year is panning out to be another
participants. The program is in a constant state of           busy year with students attending the Best
change and last year was no different. The tuition            Buddies Conference in term one, followed by
of participants moved from external sessions to               events planning and Best Buddies pairing
in class assistance alleviating issues of                     meetings.
participants missing class therefore maximising
their time in school. The after school program on             Progress on 2010 targets
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, was quite
productive. Participants visited the Botanical                Target 1
Gardens and took part in cultural talks and walks,            To improve the Literacy and Numeracy outcomes
learning about the seasons and how everything is              for all students
connected. The participants then created a mural
depicting what they had learnt about the seasons              Strategies to achieve this target include:
and displayed it for the parents at the end of year                  Continue with whole school literacy and
barbeque. Participants also took part in a number                     numeracy days.
of IT, art and culture, cooking activities and
excursions.                                                          Staff development in Accelerated Literacy
                                                                      and NAPLAN marking.
This year the participants are continuing on with
their various IT, art, culture and cooking activities,               Delivery of weekly timetabled numeracy
with the addition of planting and tending to their                    and Literacy workshops with a specific
own vegetable gardens and creating their own                          KLA focus.
indigenous t-shirt designs. There have been 6                        Maintain the Transition Program’ with
new indigenous students from year 7 that have                         feeder primary schools – middle school

        initiative with focus on stage 2/3 Literacy        engagement and enrichment activities to ensure
        and numeracy skills.                               that students had a say in their learning and drew
                                                           relevance from the curriculum.
Our achievements include:
                                                           Parent, student, and teacher satisfaction
    -   Continued value added in external
        testing.                                           As part of the 2010 situational analysis the school
                                                           undertook a number of surveys to gage student,
    -   Improved delivery of Literacy and
                                                           parent and teacher satisfaction. Generally the
        Numeracy within KLAs across the school.
                                                           findings were very positive, with improved
    -   Increased student engagement in Stage 4            communication being the major area to address
        and Stage 5.                                       between the school and the broader community.
Target 2                                                   Future directions
To improve student engagement and retention.               The school will implement its recommendations
                                                           as per school management plan and complete a
Strategies to achieve this target include:
                                                           situational analysis and evaluation of the
       Improve quality of lesson delivery                 effectiveness of the 2010 recommendations. This
        through improved teacher pedagogy.                 will enable the school to refine its program
       Creation of a broader curriculum to meet           delivery and effectiveness.
        the needs of a diverse range of student            Curriculum
        ability and interest.
                                                           As part of the SA, a Stage 4 and 5 transition
       Maintenance of a range of support                  classes will be developed as part of the
        structures for students at risk.                   engagement and enrichment component of the
                                                           National Partnerships Low SES Communities.
    Our achievements include:
                                                           They will support both transitioning into high
    -   Increased student attendance           and         school Stage 4, and ‘School to Work’ program
        participation in classroom learning.               requirements for Stage 5.
    -   Retention of students from stage 5 to 6.           Professional learning
    -   Greater number of students accessing               Professional Learning at Airds High School is
        student support systems.                           coordinated by a team who survey staff
                                                           professional learning needs then develop a plan
Key evaluations                                            in align with school direction that caters for these
                                                           needs and assists in meeting the school targets.
It is a requirement for all NSW public schools to
                                                           In 2010 the Professional Learning Team
conduct at least two annual evaluations – one
                                                           implemented a revised structure that closely
related to educational and management practice
                                                           coordinated the Staff meeting structure and the
and the other related to curriculum. In 2010 our
                                                           format of the Strategic committees. In 2011,
school carried out evaluations of our whole
                                                           further refinement of the structures will be
school through the National Partnerships Low SES
                                                           undertaken with the focus of the strategic
Communities situational analysis requirements.
                                                           committees being on PBL, Literacy and
Background                                                 Numeracy. Whole school training will also be
The school undertook a situational analysis (SA)           undertaken in Accelerated Literacy and
in 2010 for the preparation of involvement in the          Prioritising Grammar.
National Partnerships Low SES Communities
program commencing in 2011.
                                                           School Development 2009 – 2011
Findings and conclusions
                                                           Continued training for all staff in Accelerated
The situational analysis reaffirmed the need for           Literacy, Prioritising Grammar and lesson delivery
the school to continue to address literacy and             and coding based on the Quality Teaching
numeracy development and supplement this                   Framework will be fundamental to enhancing
learning with a number of support structures and           staff effectiveness in the classroom.

Targets for 2011                                           committee have determined targets for the
                                                           school's future development.
Target 1
                                                           Mrs Catherine Angel: HT HSIE, ASTI program
To improve student literacy and numeracy                   coordinator
outcomes in 2011 with a focus on:
                                                           Ms Vicki Williamson: School Council
Minimum standards;
                                                           Ms Robyn Culbert: CLO/ P&C secretary
Proficient standards; and
                                                           Mr Sam Rossete: Sport Organiser
Attendance through engagement
                                                           Mr Michael Adams: HT English
Strategies to achieve this target include:
                                                           Mr John Kennedy: DP
       Whole school writing strategy led by
        Teaching & Learning faculty                        Mr Jeff Miezio: PASP DP
                                                           Mr Stephen McGuire: DP
       Whole school T & D in Accelerated
        Literacy and Prioritising Grammar                  Mr Maxwell Foord: Principal
       Online student newsletter
                                                           School contact information
       Continuation of using NAPLAN data to
                                                           Airds High School
        identify students requiring additional
        literacy and numeracy support                      Briar Road, Airds, 2560
       Maintenance of ‘Counting On’ program               Ph: 0246255811
       School’s Gifted and Talented Strategy              Fax: 0246264374

       Increased use of ICT in the classroom              Email:

Target 2                                                   Web:

To improve        student     engagement        and        School Code: 8493
enrichment:                                                Parents can find out more information about
Strategies to achieve this target include:                 Annual School Reports, how to interpret
                                                           information in the reports and have the
   Development of a Stage 4 class to assist in            opportunity to provide feedback about these
    transition to high school.                             reports at:
   Development of a Stage 5 school to work      
    transition class.
                                                           Parents can find out more information about
   Provision of a broader curriculum including            Annual School Reports, how to interpret
    interest electives.                                    information in the reports and have the
   Greater provision of and access to VET and             opportunity to provide feedback about these
    TAFE courses.                                          reports at:

   HT Engagement and Enrichment                 to
    coordinate recognition and attendance.

About this report
In preparing this report, the self-evaluation
committee has gathered information from
evaluations conducted during the year and
analysed other information about the school's
practices and student learning outcomes. The
self-evaluation committee and school planning


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