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					fcad            FACULTY OF
                COMMUniCATiOn & Design                                                                                e-newsletteR / maY 2010

               MAY ‘10
                  Fashion / GRaPhiC CommuniCations manaGement / imaGe aRts / inteRioR DesiGn / JouRnalism/ RaDio anD television aRts /
                                        RoGeRs CommuniCations CentRe / theatRe / PRoFessional CommuniCation

                                  news from the Deanery
                                   often, one of the first qualities that comes to mind             FCaD is equally proud of the research being done
                                   when anyone mentions FCaD is the creativity that                 by some of our newest faculty members. in image
news from the Deanery     1        is so inherent to everything we do. what most                    arts, Bruno Lessard received one of the univer-
                                   people are less aware of, however, are the large                 sity wide new Faculty sRC Development awards.
          FCaD news       2        number of awards and other grants such as shRCC                  his research looks at the emergence of digital
                                   and nseRC grants that faculty are receiving for                  video and its impact on film and documentary. in
          sRC activity    2        their scholarly and research activities - and the                our theatre school, Caroline O’Brien’s research
                                   increasing number of scholarly publications and                  investigates the relationship between the prima
    international news    2        presentations they make on a wide and vast array                 ballerina and her costume. Both Bruno and Caro-
                                   of cutting edge and fascinating topics.                          line received FCaD sRC travel grants this spring
     Community news       3
                                                                                                    to present papers on their research in los angeles
                                   this year, three of our faculty members received                 and italy respectively.
      Kudos & awards      4        recognition by the university for their outstand-
     upcoming events      4        ing scholarly, research and creative activity at the             these are just samples of the amazing work that is
                                   inaugural Faculty sRC awards. Congratulations                    being done by our faculty and indeed are remark-
                                   to Martin Habekost (Graphic Communications                       able achievements.
                                   management), isabel Pedersen (Professional
                                   Communication), and ivor shapiro (Journalism) -
                                   we are incredibly proud of the recognition given
                                   to you by the university.                                       Dr. Daniel Doz
                                   Both isabel and ivor received substantial shRCC
                                   grants this year. isabel’s work in the area of wear-
                                   able computers (exploring the way language acts
                                   as a catalyst in the emergence of these devices) ad-
                                   dresses a new and intriguing aspect of technology.
                                   ivor’s research tackles the increasing challenges
                                   faced by journalists who are now competing with
                                   the general public in a web-dominated informa-
                                   tion marketplace.
                                   in addition to being recognized by the university,
                                   martin also received FCaD sRC grants this spring
                                   to support presentations of his research on both
                                   metallic inks and print quality at the taGa (techni-
                                   cal association of the Graphic arts) conference in                Greta hodgkinson as Princess aurora in “the sleeping Beauty” .
                                   san Diego.                                                        Photo by Cylla von tiedemann, courtesy of the national Ballet of Canada.
fcad                FACULTY OF
                    COMMUniCATiOn & Design                                                            e-newsletteR / maY 2010 / PaGe 2

FCAD neWs                                                             Bill Reymolds
                                                                      vinita srivastava
                                                                                                     image arts, and Andrew Furman, school
                                                                                                     of interior Design both travelled to spain to
                                                                      Joyce smith                    present their research. in Barcelona, Robert
                                                    Professional Communication                       spoke at “selected: Graphic Design from
DeAn’s LeCTURe seRies WeLCOMes                                        susan Cody                     europe” about the making of visual music.
MeDiA CeLeBRiTies                                                     wendy Freeman                  the conference was organized by index Book,
                                                                      Jean mason                     publisher of Robert’s latest publication About
this semester, FCaD hosted two highly                                 Carolyn meyers                 Time: A theory of design, music and the play
acclaimed individuals for the Dean’s Lecture        RTA               marion Coomey                  instinct which is not yet available in Canada.
Series. in January, Jian ghomeshi - host            Theatre           Cynthia ashperger
of CBC Radio’s Q - talked candidly about                              Caroline o’Brien               in april, andrew also presented his paper
his career as a broadcaster. interviewed by                                                          Urban filaments: from passageways of leisure-
suanne Kelman of the school of Journalism,          Project Grants                                   oriented space to emergent urban form at
Jian also spoke passionately about his              Fashion             David Brame                  the international Conference on urban
involvement in Canada’s art and music scene,                            lucia Dell’agnese            Regeneration and sustainability in la Coruña.
including his role with the award winning           Image Arts          steve Daniels                the paper will also be published by the
folk-rock band moxy Früvous. later in                                   vid ingelevics               wessex institute (wit) in the sustainable City
march, one of Canada’s most prominent and                               Don snyder                   vi. (ecology and the environment vol. 129).
respected journalists, Peter C. newman, sat         Interior Design     Jana macalik
down to share stories and insights based            Journalism          april lindgren
on many of the leading political figures he                             ivor shapiro
has written about. in this candid and rare
opportunity, audience members caught a
                                                                        michael Coutanche
                                                                        sholem Dolgoy                inTeRnATiOnAL neWs
glimpse of the wry humour and unique style
that have made mr. newman one of Canada’s
most established political writers.                 intra-faculty Project Grants                     FCAD ALUMni AnD sCHOOLs in HAiTi
                                                    Fashion / Graphic Communications
                                                    Management          Joseph medaglia              Following the devastating earthquake in haiti
                                                                        Richard adams                this past January, several FCaD alumni have
ALUMni sCReen TRiLOgY On CAMPUs                                         martin habekost              been involved in following the aftermath.
on march 9th, FCaD hosted a screening of                                                             as a staff reporter for the Toronto Star, Jesse
the film trilogy by award winning alumni                                                             McLean (Journalism ’09), accompanied a
                                                    FCAD 2009-2010 BOOK PUBLiCATiOns                 Globalmedic team as it transported a relief
Kazik Radwanski (ima ’08) and Daniel
Montgomery (ima ’08). the mDFF trilogy              every year, FCaD faculty members transfer        shipment from toronto to haiti. Tashauna
(named after their production company               their knowledge and talent into published        Reid (Journalism ’09), a former recipient of
medium Density Fibreboard Films) includes           print - devoting their time to write, edit and   the Joan Donaldson scholarship, reported
the films Princess Margaret Blvd, Assault           contribute to books on their respective          from haiti for CBC’s The National. and
and Out in That Deep Blue Sea. the short            interests. here are a few examples from this     Dominic nahr (ima ’08) captured some
film trilogy was also recently presented at         academic year:                                   striking photos of the disaster and relief
the Canadian embassy in Berlin where The                                                             efforts for the Wall Street Journal. a number of
Deep Blue Sea screened as part of the Berlin          gerda Cammaer (image arts)                     faculty members at the school of Journalism
Film Festival. after the Ryerson screening,           Chapter 11 – Cities for Change: The            have also been sought out by media to
magali simard, tiFF’s Canadian programming            Housing Challenge in Challenge for Change      discuss the situation in haiti, including chair
coordinator, interviewed the filmmakers who           Ava Cross (Professional Communication)         Paul Knox, associate professor suanne
shared insights into the making and success           Excellence in Business Education 4th edition   Kelman and assistant professor Janice neil.
of their films, and their experiences in the film     Filiz Klassen (interior Design)
festival circuit in Canada and internationally.       Snow, Rain, Light, Wind: Weathering            ten students from the school of interior
                                                      Architecture                                   Design have also been volunteering their
                                                      Dana Lee (Radio and television arts)           time to provide relief in the aftermath. the
                                                      Television Technical Theory: Unplugged         group has been designing sturdy bamboo-
sRC ACTiViTY                                          Katy McCormick (image arts)
                                                      Essay: Emergence/Legacies
                                                                                                     framed units to act as temporary classrooms
                                                                                                     and shelters for soPuDeP, a school that was
                                                      in emergence: Contemporary Photography         structurally damaged from the earthquake.
                                                      in Canada                                      with the help of the sawatzky Family
FCAD sRC COMMiTTee AWARDs PROJeCT                     Pierre Tremblay (image arts)                   Foundation and the direction of second-
AnD TRAVeL gRAnTs                                     Ensemble Ailleurs, Together Elsewhere          year interior design student Kathlene
                                                      (conference proceedings with multiple          Mcguinness, the haiti Project consists of
each term, the FCaD sRC Committee meets                authors from the school of image arts)
to review applications from faculty to cover                                                         shelters that are affordable and resistant to
                                                      Jeremy shtern (Rogers Communications           hurricanes and earthquakes.
their travel and project costs for scholarly,          Centre) co-author
research and creative activities. this spring,         Media Divides: Communication Rights and
the Committee awarded 24 travel grants and            the Right to Communicate in Canada
11 project grants, including one intra-faculty                                                       ALUMni sHine AT LOnDOn FAsHiOn WeeK
project. Congratulations to all.
                                                    FACULTY ReseARCH TAKes THe                       During London Fashion Week in February, two
travel Grants                                       inTeRnATiOnAL sTAge                              school of Fashion alumni took centre stage as
Fashion          David Brame                                                                         their collections graced the london runways.
                 alice Chu                          Year after year, faculty members are selected    erdem Moralioglu (Fashion ‘01) is celebrated
                 osmud Rahman                       to present their research and activities at      for his feminine, floral designs, which have
Graphic Communications Management                   academic conferences around the world. in        been praised by numerous celebrities
                 ian Baitz                          october, Barbara Vogel, school of interior       including michelle obama, Chloë sevigny,
                 Jason lisi                         Design, not only presented her paper The         and sarah Brown, wife of the British Prime
                 abhay sharma                       Rise of Leisure during the Third Conference on   minister. in contrast, Todd Lynn (Fashion ‘91),
Image Arts       Gerda Cammaer                      Housing Environment in Krakow, Poland, but       is renowned for his androgynous, rock star
                 steve Daniels                      she was also granted the Bene Merentibus         designs. he has previously produced stage
                 Bruno lessard                      Medal from the Krakow university of              wear for bands such as u2 and the Rolling
                 wieslaw michalak                   technology’s Department of architecture for      stones. Both designers currently live in
Journalism       Gene allen                         her outstanding professional merit.              london, england.
                 marsha Barber                      more recently, Robert Appleton, school of
                 april lindgren
fcad                FACULTY OF
                    COMMUniCATiOn & Design
                                                                                                      e-newsletteR / maY 2010 / PaGe 3

COMMUniTY neWs                                     that explores life in the biblical times. with
                                                   history professor arne Kislenko as host, David
                                                                                                       FlashForward became the basis of aBC’s
                                                                                                       hit tv series by the same name. the series
AnD LeADeRsHiP                                     travelled to israel and Jordan to shoot the
                                                   three-part series Everyday Life in the Bible. as
                                                                                                       premiered last september. since graduating,
                                                                                                       Robert has obviously put his storytelling
                                                   the creative producer, David was responsible        talents to good use and has authored
FAsHiOn sCHOOL geTs [FAT]                          for directing the series. the doc will air on       twenty books. he is the only Canadian and
                                                   vision tv in Canada and on the national             one of just seven people to win all three of
Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week          Geographic Channel in the u.s.                      the globe’s top science fiction awards: the
[FAT] continues to grow every year. Known                                                              hugo, the nebula and the John w. Campbell
as a platform for inventive, pioneering and                                                            memorial award.
contemporary expression, the event was
founded by Vanja Vasic (Fashion ‘07) and           JOURnALisM PROF sHARes insigHTs
has grown into a 15,000 square feet space at       WiTH LOCAL BOOK CLUBs
liberty village - playing host to |Fat| runway                                                         FACULTY CAUgHT BY THe MeDiA
shows, exhibitions, installations, bands, social   suanne Kelman, associate professor at the
spaces, and live photo shoots. this year, under    school of Journalism, is frequently consulted       this past January, professor Kamal Al-
the guiding eye of professor Tasha Lewis,          by the press on such subjects as the media’s        solaylee ‘s(Journalism) touching personal
7 fashion students participated in a school        depiction of haiti and the television battle        account From bikinis to burkas for The Globe
of Fashion segment at the event while 9            between Canadian networks and service               and Mail attracted lots of attention and we
other fashion students and 10 fashion alumni       providers. But what most people don’t know          hear it has been one of the Globe’s most-read
showcased their own individual collections         is that suanne regularly appears as a guest         articles. Kamal wrote about the changes he
independent from the school.                       at local book clubs, presenting her insight         has observed in his own Yemeni family since
                                                   on various fictions and authors. this year, she     his solo move to Canada. Kamal’s article also
                                                   reviewed a wide range of books including            prompted a lively discussion on the Globe’s
                                                   Sea of Poppies and Through Black Spruce for         website.
sTAFF PARTiCiPATes in ART eXHiBiTiOn               various clubs including the Cricket Club. For
                                                   the heliconian Club, suanne also interviewed        among the many other faculty members
when she isn’t working in the Chair’s office       author anne michaels on her newest novel            quoted in the media over the past months
at the school of the interior Design, Mary         The Winter Vault, and led a discussion on the       were:
Dykstra is busy putting her own creative           biography of v.s naipaul who was awarded               greg elmer (RTA) has been a regular
talent into action. she recently exhibited         the nobel Prize in literature in 2001.                 voice on the advent of social media
her work in a multi-artist show at the                                                                    platforms. Toronto Star, Hamilton
o’Connor Gallery during its 15th anniversary                                                              Spectator, Ctv national news.
celebrations. in her art, mary creates a world                                                            James nadler and Clive Vanderburgh
where characters from film, cabaret and            iMAge ARTs sPOTLigHT AT COnTACT                        (Rta) speaking on the impact of sesame
circus interact with such themes as desire and     PHOTOgRAPHY FesTiVAL                                   street which celebrated its 40th birthday.
delusion. this upcoming november, look for                                                                Toronto Star, TVOs The Agenda
mary’s solo exhibition at the o’Connor Gallery.    over 24 faculty, students and graduates from           Wayne MacPhail (Journalism) on why
                                                   the school of image Arts are involved in               the iPad might become a classroom
                                                   this year’s Scotiabank CONTACT Photography             staple The Vancouver Sun
                                                   Festival being held from april 30th to may             Jeffrey Dvorkin (Distinguished visiting
RTA sTUDenTs CReATe 3D PRODUCTiOn                  28th. whether as festival staff, exhibiting
                                                   artists, volunteers/interns, or panel members,         Professor, Journalism) on numerous
a group of fourth-year students from the           the annual involvement of these talented               topics including military and media
school of Radio and television arts became         artists and staff continues to be a source of          conflict. The StarPhoenix.
the first students in Canada to produce            pride to our Faculty. in addition to individual        Paul Knox ( Chair, Journalism) about the
a digitally shot 3D production that was            participation, the Ryerson gallery at 80               auction of Canwest. CBC News Network
distributed on 3D Blu-ray Disc. Jon shelson,       spadina will be showcasing In Her Presence:            Jean Mason (Professional
Corey Peck, Ross Hayes Citrullo and Krystal        Selected Photographs by Women in the Mira              Communication) on the use of hand
DiMarca created the epik Productions               Godard Research Centre, an exhibition curated          gestures in public rhetoric. Global News
Practicum Group and produced .moneen.              by 3rd and 4th year students in the Curation           Morning.
Live At The Mod Club as part of their final year   and exhibitions course in the school of image
project. they shot a live concert in 3D and        arts. The Ryerson gallery and Research
high definition, then mixed in surround sound      Centre, in partnership with ContaCt and             sTUDenTs COVeR WinTeR OLYMPiCs
and, using the new Cineform 3D suite in the        the French Consulate General will also co-
Rogers Communications Centre, exported it          present the lecture Photographs of Thought:         Despite the 2010 winter olympics taking
onto Blu-ray media. the show is universally        An Alphabet of Invisible Rays at the Gladstone      place during the academic year, it didn’t
accessible and can be viewed on tvs and            hotel with Clément Chéroux, Curator of              stop six students from the schools of
computer monitors.                                 the Photographic Collection at the Centre           Journalism and Radio and television arts
                                                   Pompidou.                                           from heading west to vancouver to cover
                                                                                                       the Games. Fourth-year journalism students
AnnUAL PODCAMP sUCCess                                                                                 stephanie Wiebe, Julie MacRae and natalie
                                                                                                       Duddridge reported for CTV Television
in February, the Rogers Communications             ALUMni sHOOT MAgAZine PORTRAiTs                     Network as part of their final-year internships,
Centre hosted the 4th annual PodCamp               Joseph Paget and Jaime Maddalena (ima -             while first-year journalism student nicole
toronto, once again bringing together              photography 2001) have been very busy with          Clark blogged for Thomas
journalists, bloggers, social media whizzes        their company Joseph + Jaime Photography.           Ludwick, a fourth-year Rta student, covered
and new media experts. more than 1,300             in addition to snapping shots for weddings          the hockey events as a camera assistant for
people registered for the weekend-long             and special events, their work frequently           Olympic Broadcaster Services Vancouver and
event. Participants had a vast array of sessions   appears in well recognized magazines                Mike Hillman, a third-year Rta student, shot
to select from - including tutorials for iPhone    such as Toronto Life and Wedding Bells. in          skiing events for the video board crew at the
users, podcasting on a budget and even             the February issue of Report on Business            whistler olympic Park.
dating tips on twitter. Participants were also     magazine, they also captured a portrait shot
invited to record their experiences via social     of tony arrell, chairman and Ceo of Burgundy
networking sites, blogs and photos.                asset management - and in the may issue of          iMAge ARTs PROF’s FiLM sCReens in
                                                   Fashion Magazine, you will see their protraits      WAsHingTOn AnD neW YORK
                                                   of both linda lundstrom and miki tanabe.
FiLM insTRUCTOR PRODUCes nATiOnAL                                                                      Professor Wieslaw Michalak (school of image
geOgRAPHiC sPeCiAL On BiBLiCAL TiMes                                                                   arts) together with Polish contemporary
                                                                                                       artist, Józef Robakowski have created the
make sure you tune into your television this       FLAsHFORWARD TO TV sUCCess                          film Attention: Light! the experimental film
fall. David Langer, a film instructor in the       Robert J. sawyer (Rta ’82) has become               uses Chopin’s compositions to accompany
school of image arts, has been producing a         renowned as Canada’s most successful                a blend of changing colours and lights. the
documentary series for national Geographic         science fiction writer and his 1999 novel           film screened at the lincoln Center in new
fcad               FACULTY OF
                   COMMUniCATiOn & Design                                                           e-newsletteR / maY 2010 / PaGe 4

York City on april 10th as part of the Chopin      York’s Parsons new school for Design and         montreal as a mellon senior Fellow at the
bicentenary celebrations. this is the first time   Rhode island’s school of Design. Chair Annick    study Centre of the Canadian Centre for
any Ryerson faculty member has had their           Mitchell and associate chair Barbara Vogel       architecture (CCa). During his two-month
work showcase at the leading performing arts       were also highlighted in the issue as star       residency, Bob will have the opportunity to
venue. Attention: Light! will also screen at the   faculty.                                         conduct research,- taking advantage of the
national Gallery of art in washington, D.C. on                                                      CCa Collection (archives, library, photographs,
may 29th. as part of Iconic Sound: Chopin in                                                        prints and drawings). he will also give a
Recent Film and Video, a program in the the        A gReAT POinT OF VieW                            public lecture and present one item from the
gallery’s films series Moving Compositions:                                                         CCa Collection on the web.
Aspects of Chopin.                                 in their spring 2010 issue, Point of View
                                                   magazine touts Ryerson’s Master of Fine
                                                   Arts (MFA) in Documentary Media as               ALLiAnCe PiCKs UP ALUMni FeATURe FiLM
THeY’Re One OF A KinD                              a distinctive, one-of-a-kind programme
                                                   in Canada. with a curriculum that blends         they are at it again! April Mullen (theatre
once again, students and faculty from the          together interdisciplinary studies in            ‘04) and Tim Doiron (theatre ‘04) have
school of Fashion installed a booth at the         photography, film and new media technology,      teamed up for their second feature film
Spring One Of A Kind Show held at exhibition       the programme is applauded for its               Gravytrain. april directed and tim wrote the
Place. the booth sold fashion accessory            commitment to offer students studio practice     film. they also both co-produced and played
pieces and framed fashion sketches designed        alongside theoretical studies in documentary     the lead characters. the film screened at the
by fashion students. it also provided an           filmmaking. the article was written by           Yonge/Dundas amC theatre april 23rd - april
opportunity to showcase information on the         Janis Cole, who was also part of the first       29th and also starred five other theatre grads
upcoming master of Fashion programme               graduating class of the programme and            Chris Baker (‘05), Ryan Churchill (‘04),
being launched in fall 2010.                       who currently teaches at oCaD. the same          Melissa Lynn Dozois (‘04), Peter Pasyk
                                                   issue also surveyed film programmes across       (‘04) and Ryan Tilley (‘04). other Ryerson
                                                   Canada - highlighting the school of image        grads involved were Daniel grant (iMA ‘ 05),
nAB sHOW A LeADeR in TeCHnOLOgY                    arts undergraduate programme alongside           cinematographer, and Luke Higginson (iMA
                                                   sixteen others.                                  ‘05), editor. the comedy follows two police
Faculty, staff and students from both the                                                           detectives as they attempt to put an elusive
Rogers Communications Centre and                                                                    criminal behind bars.
the school of Radio and Television Arts            THe CUP, THe CUP, THe gOLDen CUP
got actively involved at the 2010 National
Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show held        they have done it again ! twelve                 sTUDenT LeADeRs snAg Dennis MOCK
in las vegas in april. the event is the major      students from the school of graphic              AWARDs
technological show for the industry. about         Communications Management competed
40 Ryerson students, under the guidance            against nine other student chapters from         ten final year FCaD students were recipients
of Richard grunberg (Rta), got caught              around the world to bring home the               of awards at this years Dennis Mock Leadership
up on the latest technological advances            prestigious Grand Prize Helmut Kipphan Cup.      Awards ceremony. Receiving individual
in broadcasting and got to network with            During the 62nd annual technical Conference      program awards were Daniel Raftis and
industry leaders, including academy award          of taGa (technical association of the Graphic    Marta Wajda (Graphic Communications
winner Frieder Hochheim (Rta’77) who               arts) in san Diego, Ryerson’s student chapter    management), Amy Barbour and sarah
founded the Kino Flo flourescent lighting          ryeTAGA presented a 160 page publication         glynn (interior Design), Ronak ghorbani
system. hockheim also provided some                containing student research and technical        nejad (Journalism), and susan Ready
sponsorship for the students’ trip.                production on printing processes. Faculty        (theatre - Production) also receiving
                                                   advisors Martin Habekost and Jason Lisi          awards in the university Recipient category
Ryerson faculty and staff also participated in     having been working with the group over the      were Melissa Brizuela (image arts - new
the international Research Park with a booth       past year to produce the report. students        media Design) and naomi Cowan, Patrick
highlighting research and advancements             Rebecca Dykopf, gloria Leung, and                Daggitt, and Aisha Porter-Christie (Radio
from three of our leading researchers:             Pauline Wut also won the Harvey Levenson         and television arts). the awards are given
Richard grunberg; Michael Murphy;                  Undergraduate Student Paper Award. this is       to students in good academic standing who
and Rob Carver. the displays focused on            the second time in 3 years that the school       have made an extraordinary contribution to
broadcasting live hD interviews, new tools         has won the cup for best student publication     their program or to the university through
for collaborative design and communication         and the third year in a row that GCm students    their extra-curricular activities.
including 3D, and educational applications         have won the top prize for best student paper.
for Blu-ray DvD technology. we hear that the
Ryerson booth got its lion’s share of attention
and that the researchers were busy answering       ALUMni Wins inAUgURAL BRiTisH AWARD
lots of questions. a two day Digital Cinema
Summit, led by Paul Hearty in his capacity
as smPtes editorial vice President, preceded
                                                   since graduating, erdem Moralioglu               UPCOMing eVenTs
                                                   (Fashion ‘01) has been winning awards and
the naB show - drawing more than 600               catching the attention of the fashion elite
registrants.                                       around the world - including celebrities such    exhibition
                                                                                                    may 13th - June 5th
                                                   as Kiera Knightly, sienna miller and michelle    Ruth Kaplan: Some Kind of Divine
                                                   obama. in march, erdem was awarded               mFa thesis show (Part 1)
                                                   the inaugural British Fashion Council’s
KUDOs AnD AWARDs                                   Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, a £200,000
                                                                                                    Ryerson Gallery, 80 spadina
                                                                                                    Year end student show - image arts
                                                   prize that includes access to director level
                                                   mentors across the industry. the award           may 14th - 16th
                                                                                                    RUFF Ryerson University Film Festival
inTeRiOR Design in THe sPOTLigHT                   was established as part of the BFC’s 25th        Royal Cinema, 608 College st. west
                                                   anniversary legacy programme to further
the school of interior Design has lots to be       enhance the reputation of london’s rising        FCAD Convocation
proud of. in its 25th anniversary issue, Azure,    stars and assist in the development of their     June 11th
the highly acclaimed design magazine,              businesses. if you are wondering where you       Ryerson theatre 9:30 a.m and 2:30 p .m.
ranked Ryerson’s school of interior Design         might see some of his work - head over to the
(RsiD) as one of the top three interior design     Room at the Bay or visit .       Year end student show - image arts
schools in the world. the magazine surveyed                                                         June 9th - 19th
                                                                                                    DOC NOW Festival
more than 100 industry professionals                                                                mFa thesis show (Part ii and iii)
and leading designers to weigh in on the           sUMMeR AT CAnADiAn CenTRe FOR
best design schools around the world in            ARCHiTeCTURe FOR iMAge ARTs PROF
architecture, landscape, industrial design,                                                         For full detailed event listing of all FCAD related
and interior design. Gracing the coveted spot      Professor Bob Burley from the school of          events, please visit our website at www.ryerson.
for interior design alongside RsiD were new                                                         ca/fcad or contact
                                                   image arts will be spending his summer in

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