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                            Baguettes Gourmet Sandwiches $9.9
                                   All served with a handful of Pommes Frites

            Baguette Charcutière or Baguette de la mer or Baguette Végétarienne

 French people do like their food, but they also are as health, time and budget conscious as anyone else. So in
  line with the great tradition of the French “Menu du Jour”, Chez Olivier is introducing its Lunch deal. Our
commitment is to deliver some great healthy food, at a budget price and the lot in less than 20, 30 or 40 minutes
 from order to payment. That is if you are time conscious or on a short lunch break… Otherwise you can stay
 and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere for a lot longer, and you may even order from our Gourmet Menu as well.

                             Menu du Jour à Prix Fixe:
  Entrée - Main or Main - Dessert for $25.0 (inl Gst) - Entrée, Main & Dessert for $30.0 (inc Gst)

                                          Les Entrées @ $10.0
                                       Onion Soup                 Soupe du Jour
                                       Charcuterie du jour        4 Oysters à la naturelle
                                       Entrée(s) du jour          3 Oysters au Champagne

                                             Les Mains @ 18.0
                                           all served with Pommes Frites

                                       Coq au vin                 Boeuf Provençale
                                       Salade Niçoise             Beef & Vegetable Pie
                                       Ravioli du Jour            Plat(s) du Jour
                                       Beef Noisettes             Poisson du Jour
                                       Salade du Jour             Steak Sandwich

                                           Les Desserts @ 10.0
                                       Fondant au Chocolat        Baba au Rhum
                                       Ile Flottante              La Patisserie du Jour
                                       Ice Cream                  Mousse au Chocolat
                                       Vanilla or Chocolate
                                       Or Coffee Pistachio        Dessert du jour

                                               Feel like Wine?
                 Get ONE glass of le Rouge, le Blanc or le Rosé de Chez Olivier @ $5.0 only

                                             Bon appétit !
                                 Cannot be combined with any other sort of discount