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					                   Oral Presentation Rubric : Bone Building Project
 Student Name:      ________________________________________

   CATEGORY        15                         10                      5                   1
Name of the bone Student presented and        Student presented       Student only gave   Student did not give
                   pronounced the             the scientific name     the common          any information in this
                   scientific name of their   of the bone(s)          name of the bone    section
                   bone(s) and the
                   common name
Origin of the name Student presented the      Student gave the      Student gave no Student gave no
                   origin of the bone(s)      origin of the name of origin of the bone information in this
                   name and what the          the bone(s)           but did give what section
                   name means in that                               the bone means

Location            Student used the          Student used the        Student did not     Student did not give
                    directional terms to      directional terms to    use the             any information in this
                    describe the location     describe the location   directional terms, section
                    of the bone(s) in         of the bone(s) in       but did describe
                    relationship to the       relationship to the     the location of the
                    body correctly            body incorrectly        bone(s) in
                                                                      common terms

Function            Student describe in       Student describe in Student breifly         Student gave no
                    detail the function of    detail the function of described the        information in this
                    the bone(s) and how       the bone(s)            fuction of the       section
                    without the bone(s) the                          bone(s)
                    body would not
                    function correctly
Draw                Student drew the          Student drew the        Student drew the Student did not give
                    bone(s) to the right      bone(s) to the right    bone but not to    any information in this
                    length in proportion to   length in proportion    proportion to the section
                    a victim that was 5'7"    to a victim that was    size of the victim
                    and female. The           5'7" and female.
                    student labeled the
                    various parts of the
Listens to Other    Listens intently. Does Listens intently but Sometimes does            Sometimes does not
Presentations       not make distracting   has one distracting not appear to be           appear to be listening
                    noises or movements. noise or movement. listening but is not          and has distracting
                                                                distracting.              noises or movements.

Uses Complete       Always (99-100% of        Mostly (80-98%)    Sometimes (70-           Rarely speaks in
Sentences           time) speaks in           speaks in complete 80%) speaks in           complete sentences.
                    complete sentences.       sentences.         complete

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