A Ministry to People With Money by yangxichun


									A Ministry To People
    With Money
Helping Them Love It
And Love
Giving It Away!
 Reality of Our World

 People want to support mission of church
 Church is uneasy talking about money
 They give the money to someone else!
Reality of Our World

          $41 trillion-$136 trillion
           will change hands
          $16 trillion-$53 trillion
            will go to charities
           --Schervish and Havens, Boston College
Reality of Our World

            When dealing with money,
             we are ruled by our fears
             more than our faith.
Reality of Our World
We work as if there is
  a limited amount of
  money to support
  our ministries.
This assumes that
  everyone is giving
  as much as they can
  or will.
Reality of Our Faith
God has given to us
 more than enough
 resources to fulfill
 the missions we are
 called to do.
God is calling people
 to support mission
 with time and
Reality of Our Faith
Our members are asking:

  “How can I be a better steward
   With what God has given me?”
A Ministry For People
With Money

We help the church
 talk about finances
 within context of faith.
Funds Development:
The New Frontier
 Traditional stewardship is important
 New approach to empower individual
 Freedom to choose and support
 Emphasizes Values
 Encourages Involvement
 Funds mission that is important to members
  and church
Funds Development:
Not Fund Raising!
            Ministry
            Donor-oriented
            Friendly
            No pressure
            Money is tool—not idol
            Funds valuable mission
Earned Income and
Accumulated Wealth

 Traditionalapproaches address income
 Tithing seen as ten percent of income
 Many people give from assets
 Campaigns and Special Gifts
 Deferred Gifts
Four Types of Gifts
              Annual   Gifts—
               operating budget
              Campaign Gifts—
               capital, offerings
              Special Gifts—
               donor’s values
              Deferred Gifts—
               designated in estate
Called to Minister

 Volunteers who feel called
 Undergo Training
 Select 3-5 People
 People agree!
 Continuing Support
Steps in Funds Development
 IdentifyPeople Who Would Benefit
 Nurture Relationship
 Understand Values
 Research Appropriate/Shared Missions
 Invite Support
 Say Thank You
 Continue Nurturing Relationship
This is a Team Effort!
 Clarify mission
 Identify possible mission projects
 Define criteria/procedures for new gifts
 Support ministry with energy and gifts
 Not equal gifts—equal support
What Are the Risks?
              Wrong volunteers
               can offend people
              Money can gain
               more power
              Some people will
               not understand
              Gifts for unplanned
              Too many gifts!
              Too much energy!
Next Steps
 Pray
 Approve Ministry
 Pay Money
 Pray
 Identify Potential Team
 Volunteer
 Encourage
 Enjoy
 Pray!
For More Information
   Bob Sheldon
   Synod of the Rocky Mountains
   252 Mountainview Ln.
   Estes Park, CO 80517
   970-577-0111 (O)
   303-588-3409 (C)

       We’re all in this together!

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