Chapter 7 Cell Structure

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					  Chapter 7
 Cell Structure

Section 1 – Cell Intro
         Importance of Cells to Life

   Recall seven properties of life
       Cellular organization
          All life forms are made up of cells.
          All cells have same basic
                     Discovery of the Cell
   What piece of scientific
    equipment was required for
    the cell to be discovered?
   Robert Hooke, 1665
       Studied cork at 30x mag
       Looked like tiny boxes
       Reminded him of monks rooms
            Cells
   Anton van Leeuwenhoek, 1675
       Studied pond water at 300x mag
       Saw first living, single celled
                   Cell Theory
              (I am very important!)
   Over the next 150 yrs, several scientists
    collaborated to devise the cell theory.
       Schwann and Schlieden (primarily)

     1) All living things are made up of cells.
    2) Cells are the basic unit of structure and
              function in all organisms.
       3) All cells come from existing cells.
              Fun Facts about Cells

   Different cells have different shapes.
       Shapes reflect function.
            See pg. 152
   At least 200 known types of cells
   100 trillion cells in the human body
     Cell Features: All cells have
      some common features
   Cell membrane
       Outer boundary
       Holds in the cytosol (fluid inside the cell)
   Cytoplasm
       Cytosol and all structures inside the cell
   Ribosomes
       Structure inside the cell that makes protein
   DNA
       Genetic material
       Contains instructions for making proteins, regulating
        cellular activity and reproduction
                 Two Types of Cells
   Prokaryotic Cells                    Eukaryotic Cells
       Ex. Bacteria                         Ex. almost anything you
       Single stranded DNA                   can think of
        free-floats in a tangle
                                             Double stranded DNA is
        near center of cell.
                                              housed in a nucleus
       DNA, enzymes and                      (enclosed in a
        ribosomes share
        cytoplasm.                            membrane).
       A cell wall surrounds the            Other organelles carry
        cell membrane for extra               out special functions.
        support.                             Eukaryotes are single
       Some also have a                      OR multicellular, but
        capsule; to stick to teeth,           ALL multicellular
        skin and food.                        organisms are
       Prokaryotes are single                eukaryotes.
        celled organisms.
   Discovery of the Cell
       Hooke and Leeuwenhoek
   Cell Theory
       Can you think of a mnemonic to remember the
        three parts?
            ABCC  All – Basic – Cells from cells
   Common features to all cells
       Can you think of a mnemonic to remember the
        three parts?
            Many Clowns Ride Donkeys
   Two different types of cells
       Eu Pro!!  Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic

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