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					                                                                                                     November 2003

                     PIPERS’ and PIPE BAND SOCIETY
                          of ONTARIO, OTTAWA BRANCH
                                      **** ****
                                President:        Graeme Ogilvie        (613) 830-9160
                                Vice-President:   Charlie King          (613) 830-7418
                                Vice-President:   Bruce Hewat           (613) 733-0552
                                Treasurer:        Jack Yourt            (613) 774-3622
                                Secretary:        Douglas Heyland       (613) 821-2505

Saturday 06 December 2003… ALLAN QUINN MEMORIAL CONTEST

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that an Allan Quinn Memorial Trophy (see page 5 for Allan Quinn bio)
has been donated to the Ottawa Branch and will be awarded annually to the winner of the Ottawa Branch Open
Amateur Contest. This competition, to have first been contested in April 2003 in conjunction with the Ottawa
Branch Open Solo Piping Contest, was unfortunately pre-empted by the untimely snowstorm which swept
through Ontario that weekend. The 2003 contest will therefore be run as the “A” Division piping contest
scheduled for 06 December 2003. The tune requirements are a March, Strathspey, Reel set of the competitors
choice. The MSR is to be a minimum four parts each tune (two-parted tunes will be accepted). As well as the
trophy to the winning competitor, medals will be awarded to the top three place finishers.

December Knock-Out Recitalist…. Andrew Hayes. It is our extreme pleasure to have Andrew back again
this year as our piping judge and recitalist. It has been an incredible year for Andrew, placing third in the Gold
Medal at the Northern Meeting (Inverness), winning the Piobaireachd Society (Canada) Gold Medal, winning
the Former Winners MSR Contest, and winning the invitational Canadian Police Professional Solo Piping
Championship. This is a great opportunity to hear a piper who is obviously at the very top of his profession.

Date… Saturday 06 December 2003. Time… 7:30 pm. To keep the evening from running too late, all competitors are
asked to be registered by 7:15 pm. If you can’t make it by 7:15, please contact any of the Ottawa Branch executive in
advance to reserve a spot in the draw. Place… the Walkey Road Armouries, 2100 Walkley Road, between St. Laurent
Blvd and Conroy Ave (the Armouries are on the south side of Walkley Ave, right beside the Walkley Bowling Centre
parking lot). *** NOTE: do not park in the reserved parking spots, the Armouries are a 24/7 facility ***.

Judges: Piping… Andrew Hayes Drumming… Dave Yeo.

Tunes: “A” Division Piping… March, Strathspey, Reel (minimum four parts each, can be one or two tunes)
       “A” Division Drumming… Strathspey/Reel (minimum four parts each)
       “B” Division Drumming… Strathspey/Reel (minimum two parts each)

                                    PPBSO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS
DON’T FORGET…. If paid by 01 January 2004, the PPBSO membership is $53.50 (GST included). The membership
          fee goes up $5.00 every month after that, so make sure you pay your membership early!!!
                                                                                           November 2003

November Ottawa Branch Knock-Out Contest Results
Another good turnout marked the November contest. With the piping and
drumming contests being held in separate Messes, those who are there tend to be
scattered and the crowd looks a bit smaller, but the final tally for those coming
through the door was close to one hundred!! The results from each of the
knock-out contests are listed below. Our thanks go out to Jake Watson and
Drew Duthart of the 78th Fraser Highlanders who not only did the adjudication
for the night, but also put on a commanding recital following the knock-outs.
The playing was absolutely exceptional and enthralled those who were there in
the audience. And as always, our many thanks to all the competitors - we
couldn't hold these contests without you!!!

Piping B Division                Drumming A Division          Drumming B Division

1st   Allie MacDonald            1st     Trevor Stevens       1st    Marielle Lesperance
2nd   Amanda Morgan Pulling      2nd     Brendan Kelly        2nd    Daryl Fowlie
3rd   Dave Zarboni               3rd     Rob MacLeod          3rd    Devin Roberts
4th   Christian McCartney        4th     Chris Munroe
5th   Jenna Holz
6th   Murray Bleakney

Future Ottawa Branch Dates

10 January 2004 Maj (Ret’d) Archie Cairns Cup/Drumming Knock-Outs
Piping "B" slow air, four parts of a 6/8 March
Drumming "A" MSR (min four parts each)
Drumming "B" MSR (min two parts each)

07 February 2004 Knock-Outs
Piping "A" Slow Air, Hornpipe/Jig
Drumming "A" Hornpipe/Jig (min four parts each)
Drumming "B" four parts of a 4/4 March

06 March 2004 Knock-Out Contest Finals
Piping/Drumming "A" & "B" Divisions… medley (competitor's choice)

03 April 2004
Ottawa Branch Piping Workshop
Open Solo Piping Contest (Professional and Amateur Divisions)
Judge: Jim McGillivray

08 May 2004
Winchester In-Door Highland Games

14 February 2004
Kingston Pipefest… contact Taylor Donaldson (613) 389-1645

27 March 2004
Almonte Spring Fling… contact David Clyde (613) 256-3023
                                                                                                  November 2003


Plans are well underway for the 8th Annual Robbie Burns Night sponsored by the City of Brockville Pipe Band.
This coming year, the event will be held in the Auditorium of the Royal Canadian Legion, Brockville Branch 96,
150 Park Street, Brockville on Saturday, January 24th, 2004. Doors open at 5:00 pm with bar & food available
beginning at 6:00 pm. While there is no sit down meal, those interested may purchase a Scotch Pie for $3.00
each and the usual turnip & massed potatoes are served free of charge as well as Haggis, coffee & tea.

The gala evening begins with the entrance of the Pipe Band & the playing of O Canada by the Band followed by
three pipe sets. Once everyone is seated, The Haggis is piped in and the "Address to the Haggis" is colourfully
done to everyone's delight. Following the "Address to the Haggis" a variety of Wee Scottish Dancers perform.
Members of the Pipe Band show & explain the basic movements to the dance "Strip the Willow". Dancing for
everyone in attendance is encouraged to the music of "Antrim" a group of musicians from the Stormont/
Glengarry area. The group also plays a couple of "Gay Gordon" dances to encourage all to get up and dance
and enjoy themselves. Later in the evening, around 9:00 pm, a draw is made for a huge Scottish Basket with a
usual value of over $400.00, then more dancing and finally the Pipe Band is brought back out for another couple
of sets then the evening is wrapped up by more dancing to "Antrim" till the 10:00 pm closing.

Tickets for the event go on sale in mid December at $10.00 per person and are not sold at the door that
evening. The event has been sold out every year well in advance of the event. Tickets are on sale at the
Legion in Brockville and at "All Things Scottish by calling (613) 342-3330. Only 200 tickets are available for

2004 Glengarry Invitational Piping Extravaganza
Glengarry Invitational Professional Piping Competition
Saturday 31 January 2004, Ottawa Conference Centre
        1:30 PM March, Strathspey & Reel
                   (2 Marches, 2 Strathspeys, 2 Reels - own choice)
        7:30 PM Free-4-All
                   (10 minutes of anything you can dream up, a bagpipe must be one
                   of the instruments played)

Prizes (Combined Results will be tabulated for an Aggregate Prize):
             1st - $2000         2nd - $1000         3rd - $500

    Invited Competitors:
        Andrew Berthoff                  Ann Gray                          James P. Troy
        Andrew Bonar                     Colin Clansey                     John Hugh MacDonald
        Andrew Douglas                   Ed Neigh                          Michael Gray
        Andrew Hayes                     Glenn Brown                       Peter Aumonier
        Andrew Smith                     Ian K. MacDonald                  Rob Crabtree
        Andy Rogers                      James MacHattie                   Stuart Liddell
                                                                                                        November 2003

The Sons of Scotland Pipe Band wish to thank everyone who attended their show at Centrepointe Theatre on November
2nd- once again, 'Scotland Tonight' was a huge success. The band is very fortunate to have the support of so many friends
in the celtic community, and they wish to thank their families who came out to see the 2 tremendous shows. A special thank
you to the performers who gave of their time and energy to make a showcase come together so well, and to Jake Watson
and Drew Duthart who travelled from afar and put on a performance that was unbelievable and inspiring! The band looks
forward to another show next year with more guests and surprises. And a thank you to all of the sponsors who so kindly
gave to the door prizes-over 30 in total! From all the members of the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band, Thank You.


Kansas City, Missouri… The Midwest Highland Arts Fund and Tone Czar Bagpipes proudly announce the inaugural
Tone Czar Bagpipes – Midwest Highland Arts Fund North American Gold Medal Drumming Championship, and North
American Amateur Drumming Championship, both to be held 16 January 2004 at the Marriott – Country Club Plaza in
Kansas City, Missouri.

The new North American Gold Medal, 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) in diameter of gold-plated silver, featuring the MHAF logo on
the obverse, and the Tone Czar Star logo on the reverse, will be awarded to the Winner in Scottish snare drumming. Prize
moneys include First winning USD $750, Second $500, and Third $250. Generous support by Icelandair bolsters the First
Prize to include two round-trip tickets from the US to Scotland, for the Champion and his/her piper to compete in the
World Solo Drumming Championships in October, 2004. The Gold Medal Contest is Open to drummers graded one or
open by their regional pipe band associations, the drummer must submit two March – Strathspey - Reel and two Hornpipe -
Jig sets, and be accompanied by a piper.

The Amateur Drumming championship is Open to drummers graded One, Two, or Three by their regional pipe band
associations, drummers graded One and Two must submit one March – Strathspey - Reel and one Hornpipe - Jig set, and
the Grade Three contestants must perform an M-S-R. All competitors must be accompanied by a piper. The Grade One
Champion will win a custom-labeled Premier HTS-700 snare; drummers placing First through Third in the three grades will
win the new North American Amateur Drum Medal. Minted with the Gold Medal, the bronze replica is 2.5 inches (6.5 cm)
in diameter, featuring the MHAF logo on the obverse, and the Tone Czar Star logo on the reverse.

The judges are award-winning drummers Reid Maxwell of Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, John Fisher of the 78th
Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band, and Jim Kilpatrick of House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band.

The new contests will be held just before the Third Annual MHAF Winter Storm Weekend, January 17 - 18, and that
Saturday evening's WINTER STORM III: The Pipes & Drums Concert, performed by the workshop faculty; the
Champion will also be invited to perform with the winners of the MHAF & MWPBA US Silver Medal Piobaireachd
Competition, and the new KC St. Andrew Society – MHAF US Gold Medal Piobaireachd Competition.

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                                                                                                             November 2003

LIVES LIVED Allan Quinn                                                                                Globe and Mail
                                                                                                    November 10, 2003
Veteran, Mason, jeweller, piper, teacher and mentor
Born November 27, 1916 in Ottawa.
Died March 3, 2003 in Ottawa of stomach cancer, aged 86

One might have thought that Allan was born with bagpipes in his hands. Instead, he
started taking chanter lessons from his uncle, Alex McBain, at the age six, moved up to
the pipes at age eight, and by age 11, won a gold medal for piping in Banff, Alberta.

Allan’s father, George, was born in China but became a restauranteur, first in
Montreal, and then in Ottawa. Here he met Margaret Helen, from Moose Creek,
Ontario. They had six sons, and one daughter. All the children worked in the St.
James Café, George’s fish and chip shop in Ottawa. As a boy, Allan also delivered
candy by wagon for Short’s Candy Store, worked as paper-boy for the Ottawa Citizen,
delivered for a drug store, and worked in a radiator shop and garage.

In 1931, Allan joined the Ottawa Highlanders, later the Cameron Highlanders, as a
piper. He went on active duty in 1939 when the “Camerons” were mobilized, then
moved to Camp Borden, and to Iceland and Scotland in 1941. He was posted in
England until D-Day when he went to France, Belgium and Germany until he was
released from the army in 1945. From 1943 to 1944, he studied piping at Edinburgh
Castle with the renowned Pipe Major Willie Ross. Allan’s father was proud that all six
sons served in World War II, and happy that they all returned home.

Allan met his first wife, Sophia, in a social club the troops would frequent in Edinburgh while on leave. They were married
in 1944 and she came to Canada as a “war bride.” Allan and Sophia had four children, George, Allan, Margaret and
Heather, and eight grandchildren, one of whom predeceased him. Sophia passed away in 1986 from breast cancer.

Allan entered watch-making coincidentally, when a fellow soldier threw his broken Timex against the Nisson hut wall.
Allan picked it up and repaired it in a day or two. Soon everybody, including a Brigadier General from 3rd Division
Headquarters, was bringing him their watches for repair. This led to a watch-making course in 1943 in Brighton, England,
courtesy of the military. Following the war, Allan worked for Jack Snow Jewellers in Ottawa, then acquired Elgin
Jewellers. In 1974, Allan handed Elgin Jewellers over to his son, Allan, who still operates it.

Allan was an excellent piping instructor, referred to by some as a “student’s teacher.” He taught hundreds of students,
some up until one month before he was diagnosed with cancer. He was an inspiring mentor, a demanding musician, and a
good friend.

One of Allan’s best students was Bev Fedorchuk from Dauphin, Manitoba. They met at a chanter practice with the Sons of
Scotland pipe band in Ottawa in 1991. Bev fell in love with his laugh, his beautiful smile, his sense of humor and his
quality as a true gentleman. Two years later, they were happily married.

Allan formed two pipe bands, the Sons of Scotland in 1980, and the Highland Mist Pipe Band in 1993 where he was Pipe
Major until 1995 and Music Director until 2000. In 1996, Allan won the “Over 50” Champion Supreme award in the
Ontario Highland Games circuit in “Open Solo” piping with the same event (March, Strathspey and Reel) he had won some
60 years earlier.

On New Year’s Day, 2003 and during his last hospital stay, Allan was visited by three “Cameron” pipers who gave him a
“levee” since he was the oldest living “Cameron”. It was during this period in hospital that Allan remarked that his biggest
regret was that people don’t realize the sacrifices that he and his fellow soldiers made for them in the Second World War.

Lest we forget.                                                          Bev Quinn, Allan’s wife, best friend and piping student
                                                                                          Arch Ritter, Allan’s student and friend
                                                                                                        November 2003

Canadian Forces Pipe Major Postings - January 2004
* P/M Jim MacIntyre from 2 CMBG Petawawa to 8 Wing Trenton
* P/M Colin Clansey from Royal Military College Kingston to 2 CMBG Petawawa
* P/M Jeff Donnelly from CFB Gagetown NB to Royal Military College Kingston

*** Congratulations to John Hugh MacDonald on his commission to the rank of Lieutenant. He takes over the
    position of Administration Officer for 429 Squadron at 8 Wing Trenton. Well done, John!!!


                     PPBSO (Ottawa Branch) Financial Statement
              Category Description                     01Oct01    - 30Sep02          01Oct02    - 30Sep03


                     Advertising                                 80.00                        0.00
                     Banquet Tickets                         3,260.00                         0.00
                     Donations                               1,303.50                    1,450.00       note 1
                     Door Receipts                           2,966.00                    2,310.00       note 2
                     Memberships                             2,900.00                    2,810.00
                     Travel Reimbursement                      883.46                      835.82
                                                              ----------                  ----------
              TOTAL INCOME                                  11,392.96                    7,405.82


                     Bank Charges                                47.93                       46.98
                     Banquet Expenses                        3,570.71                         0.00
                     Gifts/Donations                           245.00                      100.00
                     Hall Rental                             1,065.48                      950.00
                     Internet                                  152.27                      201.04
                     Judging, Recital                        2,589.04                    1,787.45       note 2
                     Medals                                    661.05                      415.79
                     Misc (Winchester)                            0.00                       65.00
                     Postage, Copying                        1,434.44                    1,289.18
                     Prize Money                             1,450.00                      675.00       notes 1,2,3
                     Social, Entertainment                       50.00                       75.75
                     Travel                                    874.34                    1,187.69
                                                              ----------                  ----------
              TOTAL EXPENSES                                12,140.26                    6,793.88

              INCOME vs. EXPENSES                             -747.30                       611.94
                                                              ----------                   ----------

Notes:   1.      Donations and Prize Money do not include $300 presented by the MacLeod Society for the Ottawa
                 Branch Open Solo Contest first place prize, which is paid directly to the winner of the event.

         2.      Incomes/expenses impacted by the cancellation of the Ottawa Branch Open Solo Piping Contest Apr 03.

         3.      Prize Money decrease also reflects 2003 Winchester Grade 4/Grade 5 contests only (no Grade 2/3).

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