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									                                                                                                                  IRL ETS 001/3

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permit Application Form for New Entrants
Pursuant to S.I. No 437 of 2004 and Amendments.


Applicants should refer to the accompanying Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permit Application Guidance Notes (IRL ET S 002/3) as
provided by the EPA when completing this form.

T his form should be completed by operators of certain specified activities (Schedule 1 of Statutory Instrument No 437 of 2004
[European Communities (Greenhouse Gas Emissions T rading) Regulations 2004] and amendments) which emit specified
Greenhouse Gases (presently CO2 only) as from 1 January 2005. Forms IRL ET S 003 (T he monitoring and reporting plan template)
and IRL ET R 013 (Registry Information) must also be completed by all applicants for a permit. Form IRL ET S 006 (set-aside request
form) may also be completed if the applicant is an eligible new entrant and wishes to claim allowances from the New Entrant or CHP

For EPA Use Only
ET Reference Number
CCU Date Receiv ed


T he information submitted in respect of this application will be placed on public file, unless specifically requested otherwise on
grounds of confidentiality. Any request for confidentiality must be justified and will be subject to acceptance by the board of the EPA.
For details on how to submit confidential information please see:


In this section please provide a non-technical summary of the application pursuant to Article 5(f) of S.I. No 437 of 2004 and
amendments. At a minimum the summary must include a description of:
- the installation and its activities including the technology used.

- the raw materials and auxiliary materials, the usethewhich is likely to lead to emissions of carbon dioxide.
- the sources of emissions of carbon dioxide from of installation.

- the measures planned to monitor and report emissions in accordance with the guidelines adopted pursuant to Article 14 of Directive
                   Attachment Details
                   The attachments listed below are mandatory and must be submitted to the EPA.

                                                                              Mandatory Attachments
                            Attachment ref:                                                                                  Attached
                   IRL ET S 003                        T he monitoring and reporting plan template
                                                       Evidence of capacity and commencement
                                                       Non-technical summary
                                                       Site Map
                                                                   Additional Attachments
                   IRL ET R 013
                                                       Registry Information
                   IRL ET S 006
                                                       Application for allowances from NESA or CHP set-aside

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Section 1 Company Details:

B 1.1 Company Details:

                Trading /
                business name
                                   Name of Company Secretary


                                   Registered Office Address



                                   Principal Office Address


B 1.2 Legal Status:
                Please select one of the following options:

                                   Indiv idual (sole trader) or group of indiv iduals


                                   Company / Corporate Body

                Applicants that have current IPPC licences may move directly to Section 2.

                                                                                        Attachment Reference

                Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
                Company's Number in Company's Registration Office
                Particulars of Registered Office of the Company

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Section 2 Operator Details:

B 2.1 Operator Details:
                  Please give the details of the Operator as defined in the section B2.1 of the guidance note.

                  Operator Name



                  Phone number
                  Fax number

Section 3 Site and Installation Details and Description

B 3.1 Site and Installation Details:

                  Site Name
                  IPPC Reg.
                  or other env ironmental licences if applicable.



                  Local Authority

                  National Grid
                  Reference (8 digit 4E,4N) of main entrance.

B 3.2 NACE Code:

                  Please provide NACE codes for the relevant activities conducted at the Installation listed in
                  Section B3.1 above.
                                                      NACE Sub-Section
                   NACE Section

B 3.3 Application Type:

                  Is an application for allowances from the New Entrant Set-Aside / CHP Set-Aside associated with this


                  CHP SA

                  NEITHER OF
                  THE ABOVE

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B 3.4 Site Contact Details:





                   Phone number
                   Fax number
                   Email address

Section 4 About the Installation

B 4.1 Activities at the Relevant Site:

                                                    Brief Description                                       Activ ity Code (Appendix I)




B 4.2 Technical Detail for Activities listed in Appendix I:

All applicants are required to provide independent confirmation of the plant capacity and proposed commencement date(s), this
report should be attached with this application.
Note: If your installation requires further rows of this table please contact the Environmental Protection Agency (See Section 7 for
contact details) and a customised form can be provided.

 Emission Point        Emission Point Description           Plant Type/ Technology                          Capacity     Commencement
   Reference                                                                                                 Units           Date

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Section 5 Directly Associated Activ ities

B 5.1 Technical Detail for Directly Associated Activities:

                 List the DAAs, the technology used and the capacity for the installation.

                 Note: DAA emissions will not be considered for allowance allocation.

                       Directly Associated Activ ity (DAA)              Plant Type / Technology     Capacity of
                                                                                                                    Capacity Units
                                  Description                                                          DAA

Section 6 Material Use
B 6.1 Material Leading to Carbon Dioxide Emissions:

                             Material                               Action Leading to Emissions of Carbon Dioxide

Section 7 Application Instructions

                 Please return one electronic copy by email and a further two signed and stamped hard copies by post, together
                 with all supporting information to:


                 By Post:

                 Permit Applications
                 Climate Change Unit,
                 Env ironmental Protection Agency,
                 Regional Inspectorate, McCumiskey House,
                 Richv iew, Clonskeagh Road, Dublin 14.
                 Note: We may request further information needed to determine your application.

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Section 8 Declaration

B 8.1 Declaration:

                 I hereby apply for a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permit, pursuant to the provisions of S.I No 437 of 2004 and

                 I certify having regard to Section 13(5)(c) of the Environmental Protection Act 1992*, that the information given
                 in this application is truthful, accurate and complete.

                 I have no objection to the provision by the Environmental Protection Agency of a copy of the application or parts
                 thereof to any person.

                 Signed by :
                 (on behalf of the Operator)

                 Print signature name:

                 Date :

                 Position in organisation :

                 Company stamp or seal:

         * EPA Act - Section 13(5) -
               “(5) Any person who—
                      ( a ) refuses to allow an authorised person to enter any premises or to
                      take any person or equipment with him in the exercise of his powers
                      under this section,
                      ( b ) obstructs or impedes an authorised person in the exercise of any of
                      the powers conferred on him by this section,
                      ( c ) gives, either to an authorised person or to the Agency, information
                      which is false or misleading in a material respect, or
                      ( d ) fails or refuses to comply with any requirement of this section,
                 shall be guilty of an offence.”

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1. Installations or parts of installations used for research,
   development and testing of new products and processes are
   not covered by this Directive.

2. The threshold values given below generally refer to
   production capacities or outputs. Where one operator carries
   out several activities falling under the same subheading in
   the same installation or on the same site, the capacities of
   such activities are added together.

 Activity        Activity
              Energy activities
 E1.1         Combustion installations with a rated thermal input exceeding 20 MW
              (except hazardous or municipal waste installations)
 E1.2         Mineral oil refineries
 E1.3         Coke ovens
              Production and processing of ferrous metals
 E2.1         Metal ore (including sulphide ore) roasting or sintering installations
 E2.2         Installations for the production of pig iron or steel (primary or secondary
              fusion) including continuous casting, with a capacity exceeding 2.5 tonnes
              per hour
              Mineral industry
 E3.1         Installations for the production of cement clinker in rotary kilns with a
              production capacity exceeding 500 tonnes per day or lime in rotary kilns with
              a production capacity exceeding 50 tonnes per day or in other furnaces with
              a production capacity exceeding 50 tonnes per day
 E3.2         Installations for the manufacture of glass including glass fibre with a melting
              capacity exceeding 20 tonnes per day
 E3.3         Installations for the manufacture of ceramic products by firing, in particular
              roofing tiles, bricks, refractory bricks, tiles, stoneware or porcelain, with a
              production capacity exceeding 75 tonnes per day, and/or with a kiln capacity
              exceeding 4 m3 and with a setting density per kiln exceeding 300 kg/m 3
              Other activities
 E4.1         Industrial plants for the production of pulp from timber or other fibrous
 E4.2         Industrial plants for the production of paper and board with a production
              capacity exceeding 20 tonnes per day

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