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              For Our Home at Shadow Rock Church, For Our Families, For Our Blessings

Family Night a Success                                                                                                Develop an
                                                                                                               “Attitude of Gratitude.”
We are always grateful to
our incredible families. As                                    _
                                                                                                               Volume 1,Issue 3
                                 tasted, felt, listened to             Because you asked…
Thanksgiving approaches
                                 music and renewed friend-              Playdough Recipe
and we count our blessing,                                                                                     November/December 2004
                                 ships.                                        Mix together:
the fact you share your
                                 Mrs. Thurman and Mrs. Bu-                      2 cups flour
children with us is at the                                                    1 cup salt
                                                                                                               Parenting Tips:
top of our list.                 fano in the Rainbow Room
                                                                        4 t. cream of tartar                   ☺ One child in the car
                                 felt especially lucky, as
Thank you for supporting                                           Mix & pour over flour mixture:                backseat hollers, “She
                                 they hosted an entire dele-                2 cups water                         pinched me!” A parent
our Family Night. In Smith
                                 gation from Samantha                          2 T. oil                          can blow a kiss their way
Hall we sniffed and tasted
                                 Fisher’s family. The Fish-        Food coloring/extract for smell               and say, “Here’s a long-
popcorn, played with Gunk
                                 ers had four generations in       Cook on medium stirring for 2-3               distance kiss”. (end of
(cornstarch, food coloring                                                                                       discussion)
                                 attendance. (See photo.)           mins., form ball, cool 5 mins.,
and water), danced,                                                knead smooth. Store in airtight
painted,                         We are ever grateful for                                                      ☺ Offer choices, but only
                                 your loving support.                                                            choices you are willing to
                                                                                                                 accept. For example, “Do
                                                                                                                 you want to wear this
                                                                                                                 outfit or this other one?”
                                                                                                               In side this issu e:

                                                                                                                 instead of
                                                                                                               Inside Story “What do 2 you
                                                                                                                 want to wear?”
                                                                                                               Inside Story            2
                                                                                                               Inside Story            2
                                                                                                               ☺ Read about your child’s
                                                                                                               Inside Story            3
                                                                                                                 developmental stage.4
                                                                                                               Inside Story
                                                                                                                 (books in our library) It
                                                                                                               Inside Story            5
                                                                                                               Inside Story your con-
                                                                                                                 may relieve           6
Playground Maintenance                                                                                                                cerns!

For the last five years our     mer preschool student Barry                                    Thanks to all
preschool playground has had    Holland chose us and our           Bob and Brian Ballou                    Andrew Russell
assistance from Boy Scout       playground as his Eagle Pro-       John and Will Banks                     Mitchell Rutherford
troops.                         ject. Boys and leaders from        Michael Baranowski                      Nora, Robbie and Tim Hart
                                troop 323 dug deep holes           Connor, Dave & Travis Christiansen      Chris, Tim and Kevin Hawk
Troop 820 organized and led                                        Sam Clements                            Vaughn Hillyard
by Jeff King has twice a year   under landings, filled them
                                                                   Liz Curry                               Barry, Jeff and Lisa Holland
faithfully moved sand,          with sand, removed two dead
                                                                   Matt Dumas                              Shane Jones
trimmed trees and bushes,       trees, and moved ten tons of       Paul and Scott Eastman                  Matt Marks
and cleaned up our infamous     sand. More than half these         Willie Fahy                             Jeff Miller

hill of a playground.           families were a part of SR         Mark and Matt Golab                     John and Joseph Replogle
                                Preschool’s past.                  Dean and TJ Grandlienard                BJ and Dave Whitmire
On November 12 and 13 for-                                         Thomas Gruetzmacher                     Max and Joe Wingert
Used Book Sale Approaching
Will you be cleaning out closets and
bookshelves for the holidays?                                                     If you missed the booksigning
Shadow Rock Preschool has its Annual
                                                                                     and still want a copy of
Used Book Sale January 23. Please
gather up any gently used books, CDs                                                   Everyone’s a Storyteller
and videos that you no longer want
                                                                                           by Eileen Hoard,
and hold on to them.
The Preschool will be collecting items                                                copies are in our office and
for the sale starting January 3 and                                                          cost $27.95.
appreciates all donations. Because of
                                                                                  This is a great book for gift-
limited storage, we request that you
wait until then to deliver your treas-                                             ing parents, grandparents,
ures..                                                                            teachers, nannies, aunts and
                                              Oliver Owl plans to bring 14
In the past we’ve had folks donate a                                              uncles, and all the storytell-
                                              paperbacks and 3 videos on
box of books only to turn around and                                                     ers in your life.
                                                      January 3.
shop for some new-used books. It’s
                                                His wife says “Hooray!”
great fun and promotes literacy.

                                           Still Playing after 30 Years
                                Shadow Rock Preschool
On March 5 Shadow Rock Preschool          quent or are affiliated with, we’d be   nered space at
will celebrate our Thirtieth Year with    excited to receive a donation of        Shadow Rock              March 5
a Reunion Auction at Moon Valley          goods or services.                      Church. Circle the
                                                                                                        Moon Valley CC
Country Club. Plans are underway for      Watch for notes coming home about       date today!
a wonderful Starry Night of fun and                                                                     A Starry Night
                                          the event. Our events help us keep
bargains.                                 tuitions competitive and affordable.                              Auction
We hope that you will help us obtain      We also work to pay our teachers a                                  and
items to be auctioned that evening.       reasonable wage for their hard work,
If you have a business that you fre-      as well as usage fees for our part-

Perry Study
The 40-year Highscope Perry Pre-              program                                  had to repeat a grade (21% vs.
school Project recently released the          females                                  41%)
following findings:                           required                            •    The group who received high-
•   More of the group who received            treat-                                   quality early education on average
    high-quality early education              ment                                     outperformed the non-program
    graduated from high school than           for                                      group on various intellectual and
    the non-program group (65% vs.            mental                                   language tests during their early
    45%), particularly females (84%           impair-                                  childhood years, on school
    vs. 32%)                                  ments                                    achievement tests between ages
                                              (8% vs.                                  9 and 14, and on literacy tests at
•   Fewer females who received high-
                                              36%) or                                  ages 19 and 27.
    quality early education than non-

Page 2                                                                                                       GRATITUDE
Book Review—The Peace Book, Todd Parr
This delightful and thoughtful book is    lead you astray, for the concepts         book and see!”
available in hardcover and as a board     work with early elementary children,
book. Todd Parr both illustrates and      as well. We’ve even seen it used with
writes the book and his simple, ethni-    adults.
cally diverse, colorful drawings draw     Todd Parr has also written Underwear
in the child                              Do’s and Don’ts about manners, The
Quotes about peace include:               Mommy Book, The Daddy Book, and
Peace is listening to different kinds     The Family Book, as well as fifteen
of music.                                 more titles. Each breaks down stereo-
                                          types in a humorous, accessible way.
Peace is giving a friend a hug.
                                          His website address is
Peace is being free.             You’ll also find his    *********************************
Peace is traveling to different places.   books online at Barnes and Noble and
                                          Amazon.                                      DONATE TO EDUCATE
Peace is everyone having a home.
                                          The jacket states: “There are lots of      Recycle your inkjet, laser or toner
They are great springboards for con-
                                          different kinds of peace. Open this        cartridges and cell phones today!!
versations. Don’t let the simplicity

An Attitude of Gratitude is a             dance, “Often people attempt              who you
                                                                                                     In December
way to live. Focus on what                to live their lives backwards:            really are,      Shadow Rock
one has instead of what one               they try to have more things,             then do          Church sponsors a
wants. Focus on blessings and             or more money, in order to do             what you         Blanket Drive for
                                                                                                     homeless families.
anticipate more. Live out of              more of what they want so                 need to do,      You will find a large
love rather than fear.                    that they will be happier. The            in order to      box in the Parlor

As Margaret Young so beauti-              way it actually works is the              have what        where you can place
                                                                                                     a new or gently used
fully states in Simple Abun-              reverse. You must first be                you want.”       blanket to share.

Holiday Schedule
In December our children will have        suming the 3rd. Remember that             Before you were conceived
several holiday special adventures.       there is no afternoon KDO on the
                                                                                            I wanted you.
As he does each month, Mr. Jim will       17th.
lead singing December 8-9. Then on
                                                                                    Before you were born
                                          Your children pick up on your stress.
the 14th and 15th, Eileen Hoard will      Simplify the holidays where and when
                                                                                            I loved you.
regale us with holiday stories. That      you can, so that their memories,          Before you were here an hour
last week of preschool Santa himself      which you and we are building every               I would die for you.
(also known as Mr. Pabst) will make an
appearance and pass out candy canes.
                                          day, are happy ones.
                                          This is the season of love, hope, peace
                                                                                    This is the miracle of       life.
Our holiday runs from December 20         and joy. May it be so with you.           —Maureen Hawkins
through January 2, with school re-

Volume 1,Issue 3                                                                                                    Page 3
                              Building with Blocks
Balance—why is it harder, but not impossible, to build with smaller or
rounded blocks on the bottom?
Stability—difference between placing blocks carefully or carelessly—
building on a hard surface vs. carpeting.
Can the cars go faster down a ramp?
Small Motor
Control of hands, wrists and fingers
Social Skills
Negotiation, cooperation, sharing and taking turns (one of life’s most important phrases—“Could I have
that when you’re done?”)
Math Skills
Counting, sorting, matching, weight, measurement, size, comparison, shapes, symmetry, categorizing
Rebuilding after a fall…or 2 or 3
Cause and Effect
“Why did it fall? Do hard hats help? What happens if I just move the bottom one a little bit?”
Eye-Hand Coordination
“It looks like this block will fit right there if I’m really, really careful.”
Comparisons, describing what I built with words, telling a story about my creation, playing together.
“How can I connect this bridge? How do I make a round castle?”
Self-Esteem and Creativity
“This is the pen for the pigs, now I’m building a garage for the tractor.”
            ory Headline
Back P age St

Part of every day’s schedule and one of those invaluable life skills.

                           Happy Holidays from Shadow Rock Preschool

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